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This week's guest on "Hot Leads Cold Cases" on April 27, 2012,
is Keith Charles, perhaps the best-known psychic detective in
Great Britain.  Keith is not only a sensitive and psychic medium,
but he is also a bone fide former police officer and detective with
more than 30 years on the force.  Keith has been assigned to
the Fraud Squad, Hotel Burglary Squad and Murder Squad.
It was a natural fit for him, after working hard to convince his
skeptical police colleagues of his psychic abilities, to start
working on some of the more difficult violent crimes cases in his
department.  Keith works with law enforcement in several other
countires including the United States, Australia and Japan. He is
a staunch member of the Spiritualist National Union and delivers
public medimship demonstrations and gives private readings. 
Many of you may remember my guest on Hot Leads Cold Cases who appeared twice on the show last year (April 1 and October 7), William Troy Greene, a Native American seer and visionary from the Six Nations Bear Clan (in Southern Canada).  The Canadian Television, CTV, did a several-part series on Native healing techniques and featured Troy, his healing techniques, attitude toward modern conventional medicine, and near-death experience.  To listen,click here. 
THEME:  Psychic detectives, Paranormal Investigators, Law Enforcement, Spiritual Mediumship,  Scientific, Medical, Historical, Archeological Mysteries.
HOST: Nancy du Tertre
Nancy du Tertre is an attorney specialized in securities litigation and corporate law.  She is also a trained psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive, energy healer, and paranormal investigator.  She was apprenticed to a well-known television psychic detective for nearly a decade.  Nancy now works with law enforcement officials and victims’ families on missing persons and homicide cases.  She also studied with some of the top British and American spiritual mediums for many years, as well as alternative health care practitioners and energy healers from all over the world.  She is also certified and trained in Intuitive Gestalt Psychotherapeutic dialoguing.  Nancy, a resident of New Jersey, is the medium for New Jersey Ghost Investigations, and has worked with several other paranormal investigatory groups around the country.  Nancy has performed remote viewing for Pat’s out-of-state paranormal investigations on several occasions.  A frequent radio and television guest, she is the author of a new book called “Psychic Intuition” which explains psychic ability in neuroscientific and psychological terms.  She believes these abilities are trainable and anyone can learn them.  Her official website is
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