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The Skeptical Psychic - Nancy du Tertre - "Trust and Verify"
"I met Nancy at a Mediumship workshop. I was instantly drawn to her calm and grounded nature. She Spoke  with an elegance and clarity that put me immediately at ease. During my reading she gathered information quickly, providing accurate accounts of my Spirit Guides and she spoke to my deceased grandfather directly. She is a powerful Psychic Medium and Healer. If you are looking for guidance, truth and a strong heart please book a reading with her. I highly Recommend Nancy in every capacity."
Rocco Distefano
Psychic.Medium, Channel
New York, NY
"Thank you so much for your help finding my Nintendo DSI XL which I use to monitor my walking and other brain training activities. I t totally disappeared on the Thursday 23 February 2012. It had absolutely disappeared into thin air. I had been upset that day and sometimes things disappear, but usually I find them pretty quickly. This was different. Gone.  I got in touch with you late in the evening UK time on Friday the 24. We then spoke soon after. You suggested it might be with some boots or perhaps under the bed, or in bedding. That thought had crossed my mind and I had torn the bed apart and also some the chairs in the living room by that time. I went to the hallway to check the boots but nothing.  I left it the next day, but then Sunday morning as I was sitting on my bed looking at some colourful serapes that I own, that sit in a shelving unit; I had a little inspiration. I went up to them and felt closely in the folds. There it was.
Not close to anything or anywhere  I had looked at before. Nowhere I would have looked or even put it there. The shelving unit sits next to a freestanding wardrobe. I looked inside just for fun; only to find lots of shoes and boots that I keep just there,  at the same level of the serapes where I found the DSI.  I was so proud that you got it so right! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your remote viewing skills are awesome!!!"
Jennifer Leighton, DC
"Thank you for the inscription you entered in my copy of your book 'Psychic Intuition'.  Having had some psychic experiences in my life, certainly, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it resonated deeply with my work.  I am writing a book entitled 'Along Spiral Threads'.  Nevertheless, I was stunned to read that you noted, 'I hope this book helps you to continue circling in on the power that you possess.'  I write about  'spiral threads' in my book, saying, 'In the course of reflecting on my life, I often found myself coming round, or back, to a previous position, but in a new and different way. Imagine moving horizontally in a coiled pattern, spiral-like; as you circle forward, you reach a certain point, and then circle back.' In another chapter on memories, I wrote, 'To be sure, as I have circled back through my memories, I have found them often recorded in my poems ….'  Such neat stuff!  I am so grateful for having met you and for the 'Ah, but YES!' exclamations you have given me in my skeptical moments."
Gladys Smith
Denville, NJ
"I met Nancy in 2010 at Phenomenology 102 in Gettysburg, PA.  I made an appointment with her for a psychic reading.  After the reading, I inquired about her "energy healing."  She did a "healing" on my right foot which I had been suffering with pain for the past year.  Nancy very intently used her hands on my right foot.  Within three days, I no longer had any pain in my foot.  A year later, the pain remains a distant memory.  I would recommend Nancy to anyone seeking energy healing.  Thank you very much!"
Shirley Clark, R.N.
"I had surgery to remove some torn meniscus from my right knee.  Some months later, I had a conversation with Nancy du Tertre in which I explained to her that the knee keeps swelling, making it increasingly difficult to bend or straighten the leg.  Although I was convinced the problem in the knee was directly under the small surgical incisions, Nancy indicated that it was actually at the upper, outer "corner" of my knee.  I recall only feeling some warmth while Nancy "examined" and then "treated" my knee.  Nothing really changed, except that the knee was somewhat less painful for several days after.  However, when I saw my orthopedist the following week, his PA (physician's assistant) explained that the knee capsule was full of fluid, and that the knee capsule surrounds the entire knee joint.  In fact, when she removed the excess fluid from my knee, she inserted the syringe into the upper, outer "corner" of my knee, exactly where Nancy had indicated the problem was located."
Ellen C.
Landing NJ
"At work, I spend most of the day standing and operating heavy machinery.  One day, I experienced some very sharp pain behind my knee to the point where I couldn't even stand up on my own.  My employer sent me to medical to check out the problem.  They did x-rays and referred me to therapy.  The therapist thought maybe there was a piece of broken bone in my knee.  My girlfriend mentioned to Nancy that I was having problems with my knee and couldn't walk without crutches.  Nancy said she would "work" on my knee.  I don't really know what this means.  We don't even live in the same state, so I don't know how she could work on me.  My girlfriend didn't tell me that she had this conversation with Nancy.  They hung up.  About 20 minutes later, my girlfriend asked me how my knee was feeling.  I said it was really weird but I had this weird tingling feeling in the back of my knee and for the first time since I got injured my pain had subsided.  In fact, I was feeling good enough to walk without my crutches for the first time in two days.  My girlfriend started laughing.  That was when she told me Nancy had been working on my knee right after they hung up with each other.  She told me Nancy told her she "saw" a big, squishy sack filled with fluid with three "tenticles" inside my knee.  I thought that was pretty weird and I didn't know what to think about it.  The next day I had an appointment with the doctor, and he told me what the problem with my knee was.  He told me that the Bursa Sac was filled with fluid inside my knee and this was causing all the swelling and pain.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  Nancy was correct!  There is no way she could have known this.  My knee has been getting better now that they are finally treating the correct problem.  Thank you Nancy."
Frank R.
Baltimore, MD
"My name is Jamie. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting a reading from Nancy at the end of March 2010. She needs a question to start off with. As that gets her going. I had asked her how Andy was. This is my ex-husband who took his life in 2007. She was spot on!!! She even said to me the EXACT thing that we always said! Which was that we loved each other, but we couldn't do it together. She knew (just as I and our children do) that he is with me. At the end of the reading, she said "You're not done yet.". Again, she was spot on as I had tons of things that I wanted to ask her about. But there was no time left in my reading session. She also picked up on numerous things that I had been told in readings from others. I intend on getting another reading from her in march of 2011 when I will see her again in person. Nancy is a lovely lady. One that you will be very comfortable with.  I highly suggest getting a reading from her! She will AMAZE you!!!"
Jamie L.
Pittsburgh, PA
"I first met Nancy du Tertre in January, 2009 while on a wknd. 'ghost quest' with Mark Nesbitt's group.  Nancy & I paired up that wknd. to do some experimenting with equipment trying to communicate with spirits.  We were amazed with the results.  Nancy decided too, that we should keep in touch; which, we have.  We attended Phenomenology 101, sharing a room that weekend.  I had just had a triple level fusion on my back the end of January of the same year.  My back was a complete mess and, I was in severe pain the entire time except, when I agreed to let Nancy 'work' on my back.  She had me lay on my stomach and didn't want to see my back or know anything.  Turning my head the other way and trying to relax, I began to feel heat in areas of my back.  There was a sensation of my skin 'crawling' as if it was moving all over the place.  It was strange to say the least.  There were sensations of 'pins and needles' too and the heat became more intense.  When Nancy would ask if I could feel anything and I would answer no, she would tell me to look at her.  She didn't have her hands anywhere near my back; this is why I didn't 'feel' anything at all.  She placed her hands over my back working slowly; the heat became more intense but, I felt very relaxed.  I suddenly noticed the pain was gone and, I could move about much better.  And, without my cane!
After Nancy was finished, I lifted my shirt to show her my back.  She had hit every spot that I finally told her was bothering me and how I felt something wasn't quite right.  Nancy picked up a 'hole or gap' between my discs so, I made a mental note of this.  Well, imagine my surprise upon going to my follow-up appt. and seeing the x-rays at my surgeon's office.  As I looked at the film more closely, I could see an empty space between my discs and, the screws didn't look correct either.  As I questioned my doctor about this, his mouth almost dropped to the floor.  Sure enough, Nancy was 100% correct about everything concerning my back!  Yes, there was a definite gap and two of the screws were loose, two weeks after my surgery. 
We have continued our friendship and, she works on my back when we get together and, remotely.  I have been the receipient of 'electrical shocks' from her working on my back to the point of it making me jump and flinch.  I don't know how she does this; but she does.  She is definitely an amazing woman with many gifts and abilities and, I'm proud to call her my friend."
Patricia E.
Baltimore, MD
"In December, 2009, I was told by a good friend that Nancy is a medical intuitive and and energy healer.  I figured I would ask if there was anything she could do for me with regard to a medical problem I had.  Nancy agreed and she asked me not to tell her anything.  I laid on the bed with my head turned away from her and closed my eyes.  Amazingly, I began to feel heat over my back and hip and suddenly it was gone.  Nancy asked if I had felt anything.  When I said yes, she asked me to open my eyes and look at her.  She didn't have her hands anywhere near me or touching me.  She had no way of knowing that I had had back surgery and lots of problems with my back which has also affected my hip.  I am in constant pain and have severe problems.  After she "worked" on me, the pain had gone and I felt great.  I am skeptical but I do keep an open mind as to the possibilities pertaining to the unknown.  I usually have Nancy "work" on me whnever she's in town.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  She definitely has many gifts..."
Leslie M.
Glen Burnie, MD
"Thank you Nancy for the reading!  The more that I reflect on your reading the more it makes sense.  You made me think of the hurdles and the people in my life in a way that I had never thought of... and I have a psychology background and I felt that I had analyzed everything inside and out.  I was very impressed reading your bio tonight... wow! It's not every day that you run into someone in this field as educated!"
Laura, K.
Eerie, PA
" In March of 2010 I was working an event called Phenomenology 102, being held in Gettysburg. During the first day of the event I was on my feet for hours upon hours and more hours lol, because we were working on registration. There was a point to when I started feeling my back was locking up on me and I decided I needed to sit for a little while. Well once I sat down I was done. My back completely just went out. I had to have a friend help me to her hotel room (thank god it was right down the hall). I was having trouble walking not to mention the extreme pain I was feeling. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting Nancy as of yet and my friend said she was gonna get someone to help me. I was like, "are ya freakin kidding"? She said, "no, seriously". So I said, ok. Well here comes Nancy. Neither my friend nor I informed her of what was going on. When she walked in I was laying across a stool trying to keep pressure off my back. Nancy came over and told me not to say anything so I didn't. She started to move her hands up and down my back (I assume, because I couldn't see her with being on my belly). But I then started to feel heat in my back. Thinking to myself "wow". And then the heat became more intense to the point it actually felt like it was burning. During the whole ordeal no words are spoken. Now its been maybe 15 mins but no more than 20 mins. This burning was getting so hot that it was actually making me want to ask Nancy to please stop. Lol. But she ended up stopping on her own. I have never felt that kind of burn, I actually thought there has to be burn marks on me after that, it was extremely hot! Now the pain that I felt was in my lower back, the burning feeling that I experienced was in the middle and top of the back. Then Nancy proceeded to tell me to get up and try to walk. (Seriously I was scared because I know the pain I was in just moments before her coming in the room). So I got up carefully and "waiting for the pain to hit me" and wow, that pain was gone, atleast 90 percent of it was gone. I started to walk the room and my friend and I was like "oh my gosh". Lol. My chin hit the floor out of amazement. Not only was almost all of the pain gone, but I was able to walk comfortably. I couldn't thank Nancy enough for helping me out. She is an amazing woman!! I will love her always! Psss. If Nancy reads this, thank you so very much! With your help I was able to continue working the entire 4 day event, and you gave me a whole new light to look at. I love ya!"
Michelle, N.
St. Thomas, PA
“I was working at Walmart and I feel on my knee and twisted it.  I had knee surgery in 2002, so when I fell on it in 2004, the pain was really bad.  I was doing some housecleaning for Nancy and when I showed up, the pain was so bad I could not even walk up the stairs.  She offered to do energy healing on my knee.  I agreed.  She put her hands above my knee and said she could feel heat and told me where te pain was, and she was right.  I was wearing blue jeans so she could not see anything and she did not touch me at all.  I felt heat too.  Her hands felt like hot irons.  After that, the pain was much better.  It did not disapepar, but I was much better and I was able to work.  I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the kitchen, and did my normal job.  I am sure that if she did not workon my knee I would not have been able to work at all.  Over the next few days, every day my knee got better and better."
Isaura Rivas
Boonton, NJ
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