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January 1, 2021 -  Despite all the hopes and expectations for a year that will forever eclipse 2020 as being one of the worst years on record, I feel that 2021 will actually be worse.  I say this because there are too many aspects of this year's bizarre global pandemic - including government responses, international reactions, "peculiarities" of both the COVID "virus"and its various mRNA vaccines, that just don't make sense to me or add up.  I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but the confluence of events and reactions feels incredibly "wrong" - for lack of a better word.  

Few people seem to realize we are at war.  The United States, in particular, is under attack from China and Russia to unseat us from our global position as a world leader - and we have only begun to see the tip of the iceberg.  This is being accomplished "indirectly" through new types of "germs" of biowarfare and hacking of critical infrastructures, government agenices, and banking reorganization.  So far, given our own national tendency to self-combust, we have been too focused on our own internal disputes and have failed to recognize these external dangers.  Therefore, I do not see military attacks.

So I believe in 2021 we will experience a year-long plunge into an explosion of COVID cases, despite the (slow) administration of vaccines, and a horrible plunge in our economy starting in April.  I don't see recovery for many years.  Assets have been rearranged.  Certainly the stock market will continue to flourish due to Boomer senior retirement funds with nowhere else to go.  Real estate values will drop.  I have the unpleasant feeling there will be a sudden attack on our digital/electric structure.  This will disable all communications and business progress during this period of universal isolation.  This will seriously aggravate our brick-and-mortar economic collapse.  I believe that by March nations around the world will be enforcing COVID-vaccine passports for all international travel and between states.  There will be a rise in draconian measures to enforce vaccinations among reluctant populations in the face of growing protests and lockdowns.  I am also concerned about long-term DNA/genetic consequences of the current vaccines.

Beyond this, I feel there will be some major disclosures of ET presence and government interactions.  While many experiencers will rejoice, it will send shockwaves through the population, and will be timed to exercise control during our time of weakness and confusion.  I feel mind control of the masses will be enormously intensified to generate passivity, fear and panic.  The goal for this year, in my opinion, is simple.  To survive, we must revert to our human skills of discernment and empathy.  We must understand the "middle game" is the time to buckle down and remain highly disciplined.  This year won't be pretty... and it will make 2020 pale by comparison.
(Nancy du Tertre)

September 30, 2020 - "Sept. 29th, Attack on Tourists or Military by Nove 2020. Missles pointed at US from 2 different Countries. Volcanic eruption (Mexico?). Sept. 30th. Kept dreaming of the #43. Woke up several times and each time I got back to sleep '43' came up in bold. I could see black smoke or black clouds surround this number, had an ominous feeling associated with the dreams. This happened 5 times."
(Patricia Roller)

Updated October 13, 2020 - Patricia's prediction above of a volcanic eruption in Mexico came true and on October 2, 2020, Popocatepetl Volcano near Mexico City erupted.  See YouTube link here.

August 28, 2020 - Everyone I know is having strange dreams this month. 

Last night I had a different type of dream:  I was married to someone who symbolically represented the United States.  We were in some place of business and were working on negotiating a deal with various players.  My "husband" (America) whispered to me that he had finally reached a deal with Russia.  I was delighted that a deal was done and offered my hand to shake hands with the person representing "Russia."  My husband quickly pushed my hand away and snarled under his breath, "Under no circumstances should you publicly acknowledge that we have struck a deal!  It will ruin everything!"  So I withdrew my handshake.  Then a third player entered the room.  It was a man dressed in traditional martial arts attire, and he represented China.  He had witnessed the American-Russian secret deal because he had overhead the negotiations and partly because I had inadvertently exposed it.  He laughed because he said he would destroy everyone.  Russia looked visibly pale and my "husband," America, cowered.  End of dream.
(Nancy du Tertre)

August 25, 2020 - As I warned more than four years ago, the United States seemed headed for another civil war.  Sheltering in place due to COVID does strange things to the mind, body and soul.  COVID, as a manufactured and patented "disease," is a plague brought upon us by political manipulation and corporate greed.  I believe it is a social experiment.  We are being herded together into the ramp toward species slaughter and/or AI enslavement.  All signs point to this.  No exaggeration.

I recall a famous prediction that Obama would be the last American president.  And now - as if on cue - American generals publicly call for military intervention in the event that Trump loses the election and refuses to leave office!  Trump, for his part, defunds the Post Office and then, despite the uniqueness of the COVID pandemic, publicly announces that voter fraud will be a "given" if voters are allowed to mail in their ballots - thus setting the stage for his refusal to leave office in the event he loses the election. So the battle lines are set. And it has barely made headlines.

So here we are today: the new American Civil War has been announced at the highest levels!  Trump will either be the first American dictator or the American military will conduct its first fascist overthrow. Perhaps this will be the end of the American presidency as we know it per the prediction...

Despite loud debates, Facebook screaming matches, and morally righteous arguments, your beloved political party is completely irrelevant today!  Corporations already control our elections and therefore our politicians, and thus our laws and legislation.  They have siphoned off our government's private property - namely our personal data.  Next step: They will control our police and law enforcement. It is all orchestrated for the coming Military/Political/Industrial Complex Coup.  This is a game being played at high levels that are beyond moral authority or fake/real news.  The latter is simply a distraction to divide the masses while the operation continues behind the scenes.  Our obsession with politics and hatred are just a premeditated part of this plan. United we stand, divided we fall.

I feel there will be a massive, unprecedented disclosure of Alien Presence in the very near future.  It feels this may occur in October - but within the coming year.  I no longer know if this will be Project Blue Beam, as a false flag, or the real deal, as our first real glimpse on a global scale of alien presence on this planet.  It has an ominous feel to it because of alliances with our military and  also the fact that we have all been sequestered and isolated in our homes due to COVID.  I feel this is a time to pray for spiritual assistance, forgive each other for our lack of understanding, and realize that we don't need to be pawns in someone else's game. United we stand.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 15, 2020 -  My prediction above and from 2016 are being revealed.  Today the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services, Michael Caputo, is echoing the call of President Trump's recently pardoned former ("dirty tricks") advisor Roger Stone, in his belief that a left-wing army will attempt to remove President Trump if he wins the election.  Stone called upon Trump to impose martial law (See my prediction from 2016), and Caputo is urging Americans to buy as much ammunition now as they can for the armed insurrection (Civil War) that is on the horizon with the upcoming election that he assumes will be disputed.  See New York Times article here.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 30, 2020 - The first presidential debate between Trump and Biden was televised last night.  The last question posed by Fox News' Chris Wallace (who embarrassingly had to repeatedly beg President Trump to stop interrupting Biden during Biden's response times which has now prompted the Presidential Debate organization to rethink its rules for the first time ever) was whether Trump would ensure a peaceful transfer in the event he loses the election - contrary to Trump's statements last week - to which the President responded he could not make such a promise due to fraud foreseen in mail-in ballots and delays in ballot-counting - setting the stage for a Civil War I have predicted above and previously. (See BBC link; CNBC link).
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated October 8, 2020 - And here it is, confirmation of my prediction above and from four years ago - the first attempt at "civil war."  This was announced one day after the Vice Presidential debate.  During the debate, Republican Vice President Pence refused, as did President Trump, to confirm a peaceful transfer of power should President Trump lose the upcoming presidential election.  Likewise, Democratic Senator Harris refused to commit to a policy that the Democrats would not "pack the court" by adding justices should the Republican nominee, Conan Barrett, be placed on the US Supreme Court only days before the upcoming presidential election.  This is based on the Democrat's concern about the transfer of power if former Vice President Biden wins the election.  The chess strategy is to install the Republican nominee in the US Supreme Court before the election date so she might, theoretically, tip the Court's majority in favor of any Republican challenges to mail-in voting for the election. Michigan State Governor, Gretchen Witmer, was the target of an alleged right wing plot by 6 suspects who allegedly plotted to engage in armed attacks and kidnapping of the Governor.  The Governor has been repeatedly attacked by President Trump for her COVID-related state policies. See Washington Post link here.  And the nightmare begins...

Updated December 21, 2020 - My predictions about "martial law" and "civil war" have begun to materialize.  Yesterday, major news outlets reported that there had been "heated" discussions at the White House with President Trump present in which "martial law" was seriously discussed and considered with lawyer Sidney Powell and former national security advisor General Michael Flynn. (see link here and here).  Considering Trump has still, at this late date and post-Electoral College declaring Biden the winner of the election, refused to acknowledged Biden's victory, it would appear that this "new" discussion of martial law might be, in fact, to create a military lock-down to stay in power.  Trump's silence this past month has been deafening and unprecedented. Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh warned seriously two weeks ago to his 15 million listeners that the country was headed toward secession - it sounded more like a not-so-veiled threat. (see link here). 

I have heard this "warning" reverberating among many of my conservative friends.  Suddenly, the "rumblings" a year ago were not mere posturing, but putting pieces in place and "setting the stage" - from former Trump advisor Roger Stone's call to action against voter fraud that hadn't happened yet (!) and urging imposition of martial law (see link here), Trump's claims in late spring about an election hoax before anyone had actually voted, Trump's decision to defund the Post Office in August knowing that mail-in ballots were about to flood the Post Office during the COVID pandemic and would make the voting process more difficult (see link here), to liberal generals, led by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, publicly and weirdly announcing in August, their right to remove Trump from office if he should decide not to transfer power if he lost the election that hadn't been lost yet (!).  (See link here).  

All the pieces for mounting a "civil war" were being carefully established nearly a year ago.  I  have never before witnessed such frightening behavior or public statements by my government and military in my (very long) lifetime!  Do I believe election fraud occurred?  I have no doubt - it always has!  Was it worse this year due to ad hoc and/or sloppy state mail-in ballot systems?  Probably so.  And, in retrospect, not surprisingly mail-in ballots were favored by Democrat supporters like social-distancing supporters and immigrants.  Do sloppy or hackable voting systems need to be eliminated?  Yes, absolutely - but only during times of non-election!  Does the federal government have the power to make choices for the states? No, the states must individually make this commitment to truth over politics. Or, we must change the Constitution at our peril.  

There is also something important that both sides have overlooked in all their partisan sabre-rattling - the "myth" of America is the most powerful emblem we all share.  We must understand the concept of of "peaceful revolution through voting."  Also, the myth of an eternal democracy.  That can only be accomplished by "an agreed-upon transition" to the next group of people who govern our country.  Will all of us come out "winners" every time?  Absolutely not!  We will ALL be "losers" at some time or another.  This is reality.  All of this requires compromise and recognition of our higher good.  This, in turn, requires that we not see each other as The Enemy. Nor should "armies" of people who think alike be formed.  Does ANYONE really want Civil War?  Haven't we learned from our own history? So, will there be Civil War or Secessation?  I confess, as an American and a seer, I don't want to see.  I choose not to see what I more than four years ago.
(Nancy du Tertre)

August 14, 2020 - "The cause of our national destruction is an astrological phenomena called a pluto return. Trump is no mistake.He is a representation of all the last messenger came to tell us NOT to be . Who ever is left after the cull will be "imprinted" with what is needed as mankind shifts into the Aquarian age. There's a good chance the new avatar arrives in Dec. I believe a female this time. The good thing about a pluto return is the phoenix rising from the ashes transformation . Put your seat belt on!"

June 19, 2020 - Doesn't ANYBODY realize that this type of in-fighting - based upon self-righteous OPINIONS - is the entire cause of our national destruction? We have been "programmed" specifically to disintegrate our society!  Your self-righteous "outrage" has been pre-planned and organized.  You are nothing but a pawn.  The only way to free yourself is to shut your mouth and stop fighting...  

Why?  Because under cover of "darkness"" (media lunacy, isolation due to COVID 19, economic disaster, international trade wars and accusations, etc.) there semi-covert wars being started because our enemies are attempting to take advantage of the global and internal-US chaos (China in Hong Kong, India, North Korea, as well as Iran, Russia, etc.) which is a typical and well-known tactic usually used during political election times or with a new, untested political leader - but I have never seen it done on this scale in my lifetime.  With the US temporarily (perhaps permanently) paralyzed globally, the mice will play.  World powers are attempting a global coup of leadership.  That is why it is so IMPORTANT that we stop our internal bickering.  But we are too busy pointing internal fingers at WHO/Bill Gates/Dr. Fauci as seeking a global New Order takeover or Trump/conservatives/law enforcement/military as seeking a private dictatorship and denial of Constitutional rights; or, the terror versus economic benefits of 5G development.  We are all locked into our internal fight and haven't noticed the larger threat standing right behind us as we argue.  TIME TO WAKE UP.

Another thing that has bothered me tremendously.  Very few people seem to be aware that ALL of the observatories in the world were strangely - WEIRDLY - simultaneously shut down a couple of months ago.  The reason given was COVID precautions. (See link).  However, this included all the major as well as minor observatories - many of which are small, barely manned, with little risk from COVID.  How is it that you can COORDINATE the GLOBAL shutdown of ALL observatories in every country in the world?  Isn't that peculiar?  Who has that authority?  It certainly has the unbelievable appearance of being "orchestrated" by a single source.  Furthermore, the observatories stated that even if they were able to reopen tomorrow it would still take them at least six months (!!!) to get back online.  Why so long?  WHAT ARE WE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE?

Let me add a more personally disturbing fact.  I live in New Jersey only a half hour away from New York City.  For the last six weeks, I have looked out my window every night in the wee hours of the morning when I wake up.  I have only been able to see the stars - and only very vaguely - on a SINGLE night out of 45 nights in a row!!  I've lived here for 20 years and never have experienced anything like this. Strangely, it has not been due to cloud cover.  I can generally see the moon.  Why?  It is like a weird haze or murky blackness in the night sky.  Most nights I cannot even see a single star!! I've been able to see two stars in the sky on roughly three occasions.  That's is. Why?  WHAT AM I NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE?

So, this leads me to my more psychic/predictive mode.  I have been hearing from friends in New York about UFO sightings there.  I am reading about significant UFO sightings in other major cities around the globe.  I have seen an increased number of amateur YouTube videos/photos of unusually large UFOs flying around the moon.  Trump just approved our new Space Force.  SpaceX is suddenly launching satellites and rockets at incredible speed.  If the skies suddenly went "black" and you weren't allowed to see what was coming to or leaving from planet earth because our observatories aren't watching and we are all herded into our isolated homes, what would you think might be going on?  I feel we are in the middle of an even larger interplanetary "war" right now.  I feel we are being visited and a battle is being fought.  We are being purposely blinded.  

I have experienced weird "time glitches" recently - and I'm not the only one I know who is having this experience.  Like the scene in the movie "The Matrix" where Neo sees the same black cat twice like deja vu.  I began to notice some bizarre "repetitions" of people and insects reappearing in the same exact place and doing the same exact thing.  For a few months I have been disturbed to notice that on many TV shows and movies the film seems to have been ever-so-slightly edited - as if individual film cells have been removed.  The net result is that people move in a subtle jerky fashion - it looks robotic.  It was so disturbing I recorded some and sent them to friends to see if they could see it - and yes, they can.  Originally I thought perhaps this was a delicate way to shave time off the films to make space for more advertisements.  However, a good friend and colleague has told me this is being done INTENTIONALLY to make humans comfortable with robots controlling our lives. We're not too far away.  This morning I saw advertisements for Chinese police robots to replace our human police force which is already being pushed out or voluntarily retiring in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement. (See link). Top world scientists with whom I am in touch have also voiced extreme anxiety about the IMMINENT coming changes in artificial intelligence combined with surveillance.  Simultaneously (what authority delivered this mandate?), Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social media giants are suddenly clamping down and changing the rules of the formerly free internet.  And all this is happening at lightening speed and UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS.

I believe part of this "war" involved tampering with our TIME FRAME.  It is not a simple 3D war.  That is why we are being manipulated into discord and simultaneously prevented from "seeing" the outer-space maneuvers around our planet.  Do we have a "dome" around our planet?  Are we being "transported" in space and time to a different location?  Do we live in a robotic "Matrix" virtual society already?  These questions won't seem so outlandish in just a few years.

A good friend contacted me two days ago to ask me if I ever heard of the 2016 movie "Arrival" which she was reading this week with her book club.  Yes, I was invited by Columbia Studios for the pre-screening in New York years ago, and found many, many unusual relationships between myself and the movie characters. (See link to my blog here).  It is about the arrival of 12 gigantic UFOs that hover over 12 major cities all over the world and dominate the planet.  As humans try to decipher their "language" we ultimately learn the "message" is to disarm our weapons.  It is a kind of BLIND TRUST.  "Blind" is when you cannot SEE.  Learn our psychic skills - a natural part of human consciousness - in order to SEE what cannot otherwise be SEEN by our human eyes.  It is a very important moment in time to develop this skill...
(Nancy du Tertre)

May 25, 2020 - Last night I dreamed that I had been working very cooperatively with the Chinese on some technology exchanges.  We did business in my very large warehouse.  Things were going fine until we got into a dispute over a particular piece of technological equipment, it appeared to have the shape of a trident or three "heads."  I refused to back down on the agreed-upon price.  The Chinese negotiated and argued ferociously.  Finally, the Chinese gave up and walked away from the deal.  I felt vindicated and kept my "trident."  I felt pretty good until I looked out the window and saw that the Chinese had set my entire warehouse on fire!  The entire thing was quickly going up in flames along with all of my carefully acquired technology.  I immediately called 911 to tell them to send a fire engine to the location to put out the flames which were now burning out of control.  For some strange reason, the 911 operator argued with me and refused to send the fire truck.  Dream ends.  I suppose I would interpret this to be a predictive dream about our being in a trade war with China and on the verge of - or perhaps better said, in the middle of - an actual war that does not appear to be a war in any traditional sense of the term.  America will have its technology destroyed in this war.
(Nancy du Tertre)

April 20, 2020 -  "During the night, I kept waking up after having the same recurring dream three times.  Buildings were collapsing and people were floating dead in rushing water.  Some people were bloated from being in the water for so long.  I kept getting the sense that it may be Japan or India...I actually woke up shaking from this."

Updated April 21, 2020 - Prediction correct.  A 4.8 magnitude earthquake was felt in northern India yesterday just 53 miles from Tibet.

April 13, 2020 - I have felt for several days that the COVID-19 medical mystery will be divided into 6 parts.  It is clearly an asphyxiation/suffocation caused by a failure of red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the appropriate locations.  I am a bit unsure what this means except that it feels like perhaps it has the capacity to operate differently on 6 different human genetic structures or aspects of DNA.  It feels like it is unnaturally "complex" in this regard in its ability to attack different aspects of the human species.  As a bioweapon, this designer aspect would not surprise me.  But it almost feels like it has the ability to do a lock-and-key or flip the switch on 6 different sequences and cause major internal disruption by unleashing an avalanche of biochemical transactions that, in turn, escalate white blood cell response. And perhaps this "unleashing" in done in sequences of 3. Perhaps 3 months is the required time to discard such cells damaged by this "virus."  None of this would seem far-fetched if you consider that only 3 years ago, scientists developed semi-synthetic organisms by giving E. coli bacteria an expanded 6-letter genetic code, thereby creating an alien life form to a bacteria that already has the power to kill a human being.  All life forms have 4-base pairs of DNA (A,G,T and C).  Scientists added two new DNA bases (X and Y) which are artificially developed in the laboratory.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated April 21, 2020 - My prediction above has been partially vindicated.  Nobel Prize winning French scientist Luc Montagnier has gone public this week stating that the COVID-19 virus is man-made, not a natural virus.  COVID-19's RNA has been artificially manipulated by implanting elements into the genome from the AIDS virus.  This is not good news for all of us.  Montagnier has stated his belief that the Chinese were likely trying to create a vaccine for AIDS and used a corona virus as the "transport system" to bring the AIDS virus to the host's immune system.  However, it seems to have backfired terribly.  Montagnier has stated his firm belief that the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, which has worked on corona virus research for decades, is the only obvious source of this synthetic AIDS-corona virus Frankenstein.  (See link).

Interestingly, Montagnier's public comments have resuscitated research produced by researchers in India in December.  Their research showed highly "unnatural" inserts in the RNA of the COVID-19 virus.  The Indian research was immediately attacked and dismissed when it came out as "shoddy" and not worthy.  

My predictions above correlate well with the Indian research.  I stated my belief that COVID-19 is man-made.  Their research confirms this.  The Indian research has now become a legitimate source of data.  See the scientific abstract here.  I predicted the virus contained "6" unnatural factors, but the Indian research shows "4" unnatural factors in the RNA of the virus.  I also predicted an "unleashing done in sequences of three."  The Indian research demonstrates that three of the four "inserts" work together in tandem to facilitate better virus-host receptivity for the delivery of the virus.  
(Nancy du Tertre)

March 20, 2020 - Today we are suddenly living in a radically different world.  All nations around this planet are dealing with COVID-19 and there is such a horrific increase in cases requiring hospitalization that the Mayor of New York City has declared that in two weeks the entire supply of medical supplies, oxygen machines, masks and other medicines needed will be completely exhausted in every single one of the hospitals in NYC.  This is beyond horrific.  Anyway, every day brings some new fierce response to the exponential growth of the virus among the American population.  

I predict that by next week the entire country - the United States of America - will be quarantined just like Italy.  Our economy is in free fall, we have lost our production capacity over the decades to the Chinese, we have no medical ability to preserve lives, and everything looks like the perfect storm.  

The only "bright" side to all this is that I now see mothers walking with their kids and actually talking to them.  I see kids outdoors playing with their siblings.  I see a greater kindness in people's eyes when we pass on opposite sides of the sidewalk.  I see a planet that is feeling a tiny bit of relief from human greed and expansionism - a break in the damage that humans have imposed at ever-faster rates.  People can learn to live with less.  People can learn to value things we have increasingly taken for granted like food, toilet paper, jobs, love, our elders, our lives.  This is the good news out of this human catastrophe.  

I predict this rocky road will continue for another year.  We need to permanently alter our ways.  This is our opportunity.  I predict while this pandemic will eventually effect every single person on earth, we must learn through this global experience not to weaponize the "cures."  We are all interconnected.  There is no hierarchy that will not ultimately crumble and be destroyed if we don't learn to love our neighbor like ourselves.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated April 21, 2020 - I was not correct about the country being quarantined by the end of March.  However, yesterday, President Trump has announced his decision to temporarily stop all immigration into the country, in the name of preserving jobs for Americans in this troubled economy.  Although the President is not taking this measure to prevent further spread of COVID-19, it has the dual goal of helping Americans get jobs and stopping all foreign immigration - one of his long stated political goals.  (See link).
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 29, 2020 -  In the last three days or so, the issue of the bioweaponized coronavirus with ground zero in Wuhan, China, allegedly originating at the Seafood Market for exotic animals for food but increasingly certain to have come from a nearby Chinese bioweapons laboratory, has become front page news.  Seeing that the virus has, after three days, spread to 18 to 20 countries depending upon which source you read, and that the official counts of those sickened with the virus in Wuhan have unofficially been estimated at closer to 44,000 not 3,000, is enough to give pause even if you want to discredit conspiracy theories and hype.  I have listened to reports by Chinese nationals as well as read numerous reports, and even if it is the result of spreading of Russian and Syrian conspiracy stories (especially the one about a Chinese employee of a Canadian bioweapons lab selling the coronavirus illegally to China), as reported by sources like (See link to article entitled "The Wuhan Virus is not a Lab-made Bioweapon" dated 1/29/20) and others.  Why then would the Chinese government suddenly decide to quarantine 45-50 million of its citizens living in multiple cities if it thought this was some ordinary kind of virus???  (See link).

I admit to being extremely concerned about the global spread of this nasty virus which causes pneumonia, liver and kidney failure, fever and difficulty breathing.  I don't claim to know the extent of its warfare origin if any.  

However, something else occurs to me.  About three weeks ago several remote viewers and psychics began sharing very disturbing dreams of major urban catastrophes on various chat sites and social media, and wondering if others had experienced them.  I had not.  However, I asked a number of my very talented friends if they had recently had any such dreams and almost every one of them said yes.  Then I got contacted by a remote viewer out of the blue (hadn't spoken for a few years) who said he wanted to report what felt like an imminent "attack" on a major urban city in the United States.  Another remote viewer reported viewing a major, catastrophic earthquake in Japan wiping out a major urban center.  So, in other words, there is something "in the air" about a catastrophic "attack" on one or several urban centers.  It occurs to me now, in retrospect, having been made aware of the coronavirus that perhaps all these people were tuning into the possibility that the coronavirus may "attack" and potentially wipe out entire urban centers or cities.  These viewers and psychics "saw" this occurring mostly in the United States, but perhaps they were sensing Chinese cities?

Whether or not this becomes a reality, it also suggests to me it is possible to psychically tune into a future massive global hysteria as much as it is possible to tap into a future physical reality.  This is more a compilation of the predictions of others than it is my own.  I remain deeply concerned.
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 12, 2020 - "Meghan is not villain . Harry never follows anyone . He wants to be free for years. They both have book deals . Harry going with production company . Book deals and acting deals . They create own financial independence. Be young millions . Children they help a great deal I. World . Both."
(Troy Greene)

December 31, 2019 - It is hard to believe we have arrived at the year 2020.  For some reason, it feels like we just entered the second millennium.  But here we are already marching forward toward the middle of the brand new century.  It feels to me that time continues to move faster and faster.  Since time is subjective, I don't know if this is just my experience, or if it is truly moving faster.  Certainly information moves faster and attention spans are vastly reduced.  Since time is faster, there is less time to think, consider, analyze or meditate on anything.  Everything has been reduced to a snap judgment, a five-word meme, a shocking insult, pictures without words, an infantile distillation of thought.  Well, that's progress. So this year, in considering "predictions" for the New Year, I decided to simply listen to the one-word auditory sounds in my ear instead of feeling my way into more complex trends or scenarios.  I don't know if this is an effective method or not.   Obviously (or not) none of this is researched.  But here's what I get for 2020:

1.  Cloud formations that represent cymatics patterns and frequencies - both man-made (think climate modification) and natural disturbances.  Clouds will begin to look "unnatural" - tessellations and fractal patterns.  The developing nations will steal global rainwater and third world nations will suffer.

Updated February 9, 2021 - Prediction confirmed.  I have just learned that on June 21, 2020 it was reported that extremely unusual clouds were documented over London and other parts of Britain.  These clouds are known as "notilucent" clouds - the highest clouds in the sky at 50 miles above the surface of earth.  They are extremely rare and since 1885, when first sited, they have been seen almost exclusively located over the polar regions only.  They indicate problems with climate change since they are formed by methane gases.  See link here.
(Nancy du Tertre)

2.  Artificial intelligence will benefit from quantum teleportation of data before the human race.

Updated February 9, 2021 - Prediction confirmed.  The US Department of Energy Office national laboratory Fermilab and partner institutions took a "significant step toward realizing a quantum internet" by developing sustained, long-distance teleportation of qubits of photons for the first time.  The article, in, dated December 21, 2020, states: "If successfully implemented, quantum internet would transform the fields of data storage, precision sense and computing, ushering in a new era of communication."  See link here.
(Nancy du Tertre)

3.  India - I see 100 men swallowing swords.  I don't know what it means.  Sword swallowing is not so much battle as it is a magic trick.  Feel India, or a small group inside India, may pull off a major deception.

Updated February 9, 2021 - Prediction confirmed.  I just discovered an article from the Times of India reporting that on March 16, 2020, a major arrest was made of a major arms dealer in India and a cache of 100 swords was seized.  See link here.
(Nancy du Tertre)

4.  Jordan - A pivotal announcement.  Feels like changing alliances or a shift in balance of power in the Middle East.

Updated February 9, 2021 - Prediction confirmed.  I have just had the opportunity to review the news from Jordan during the year 2020 and it very clear that, as early as May, 2020,  Jordan-US relations deteriorated dramatically due to Trump's reorganization of Israeli-Palestinian priorities, and the fear that pro-Palestinian Jordan might now become subject to being designated a Palestinian territory.  See link here. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

5.  Sweden - A change in the royal line.

Updated February 9, 2021 - Prediction confirmed.  Although I have just learned that the entire laws regarding succession of the royal line were actually radically revised in 2019, restricting and changes the rights of some of those who were next in line, in 2020 Prince Carl Philip (who was slated to be the next king until in 1980 the rules of succession were changed to permit women to rule and thus his older sister Victoria is now the Crown Princess) and his wife Princess Sofia announced that they were expecting the birth of their third child.  See link here.
(Nancy du Tertre)

6.  New Zealand - Will face some difficult bottom line decision in a toxic clean-up with political consequences.

Updated February 9, 2021 - Prediction confirmed.  There was one particularly newsworthy and egregious act of failure to clean up toxic waste in 2020 in New Zealand that forced the government to intervene in a very public way.  This involved the multinational mining conglomerate, Rio Tinto, being accused of nearly inciting a national disaster - "ecological and human tragedy" - for its failure to clean up 10,000 tons of toxic waste (capable of generating poisonous ammonia gas when combined with water) from its aluminum plant in Mataura.  There were a series of massive South Island floods in February, 2020, that, if the water levels had been 6 inches higher, would have breached the facility.  The government has now threatened to sue the company if it continues to fail to clean up the waste.  See link here.
(Nancy du Tertre)

7.  Namibia - It will become known there is a growing "stockpile" - of what?  Weapons seems unlikely.  Perhaps it is a private sequestration of wildlife or property through covert means.

Updated February 9, 2021 - I didn't know anything about Namibia or even its geographic location on the map when I wrote my prediction in 2019.  I couldn't imagine what it might be "stockpiling."  It is interesting to now discover that it is the fourth largest producer of uranium in the world and has had a traditionally very close relationship with North Korea since the country's independence in 1990.  The Namibian government has apparently been regularly investigated for flouting UN rules against doing business with North Korea.  Namibia has state contracts with large North Korean construction and mining companies, and later, North Korean subcontracting companies done, presumably to hide dealings. (See link here).  North Korea built an arms and ammunition factory in Namibia, as well as other military operations, as part of the subsidiary (KOMID) of the North Korean state-owned Mansudae Overseas Projects.  The US Treasury defines KOMIS as "North Korea's primary arms dealer and main proliferation channel" for goods and equipment related to ballistic missiles and conventional weapons.  Namibia and North Korea have a long history of cooperation. (See link here). Nambia produces about 5 percent of the world's uranium resources and mining is done predominantly by North Korean Mansudae and another company called Rossing Uranium Ltd ( 68.8% owned by the China National Uranium Corp., 15% by Iranian Foreign Investment Co., 10% by a South African industrial development company, and 3% by the Namibian government. (See link here).  In 2018, the multinational Rio Tinto (see my New Zealand prediction) sold its majority stake in the Namibian mining operations to Rossing.  India is now also interested in acquiring an interest.  Therefore, given these significant uranium interests - critical to nuclear weapons - the idea that Namibia may be stockpiling this resource, on behalf of itself or other countries, seems entirely plausible.  
(Nancy du Tertre)

8. See an octopus with eight tentacles.  I can only assume this must refer to the G-8.  It feels like a military reorganization within this group likely related to the shifting sands of space programs and the slow disclosure regarding UFOs.

Updated February 9, 2021 - It's difficult to know if this prediction was accurate or not since info about space programs and UFOs are highly guarded secrets.  Apparently, today the group is called G-7 since Russia's forced withdrawal in 2014 due to aggression in the takeover of Crimea.  Trump unilaterally called Putin and invited Russia on June 2, 2020 to rejoin the G-7 group.  But his proposal was opposed by other members who decided Russia should not be readmittenever rescheduled the summit during 2020. (See link here).  I might speculate that the new space allianced.  Thereafter, Trump said he would delay the summit until after his November, 2020, election, but then  between Beijing and Moscow might represent a growing threat to the US and European space programs.  (See link here) But I cannot find public confirmation of this.
(Nancy du Tertre)

9.  China - Will not invest in policing other countries except from space.  So there will be no expansionism or involvement in the wars of other nations.  Eventually just silent threats.

Updated February 9, 2021 - Prediction confirmed.  In 2020, China did not engage directly in any covert wars with other nations.  However, instead, it there has been a "flurry" of activity in the satellite sector of the economy.  According to, dated May 15, 2020, "China's commercial satellite sector is expecting to see a bosst after satellite internet was added to a list of "new infrastructures" to receive governmental support" and is expected to see "explosive growth."  The list of Chinese companies and organizations that launched satellites is too numerous to list here. (See link here).
(Nancy du Tertre)

10. United States - Absent any other front runners, Joe Biden will get the Democratic nomination despite his apparent shady dealings involving his son and his inability to put together a coherent sentence.  I have stated previously - the same day that Pelosi later announced her intention to proceed with House Impeachment proceedings - I feel Trump will win reelection.  Interestingly, in 2016, when I predicted he would become president one week before the Republican convention was held, I also said I did not feel he would be impeached.  Given the current stand-off between House and Senate, this prediction may still be viable if you consider impeachment in the House to be equivalent to a grand jury indictment but not a trial conviction.  Trump's desire for a speedy Senate trial and Senate leader Mitch McConnell's stated intention not to hold a trial are two sides of the same coin working hand in glove.  They each provide the foil for the other should circumstances change.  They are not reflective of different views.

Updated February 9, 2021 - My prediction was incorrect.  Trump lost the election.  Although my psychic wires may have gotten confused by the fact that we nearly had a civil war in the attempted takeover of the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, in an attempt to block the Senate from certifying the electoral votes electing Joe Biden as the next president.  Over 70 percent of the nation's Republicans believe the election was "stolen" from Trump who they believe is the rightful winner of the election.  This argument has failed in 86 lawsuits filed on behalf of Trump's campaign in state and federal courts. (See link here).
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated February 8, 2020 - Two predictions already true.

My prediction above, that Trump would not be impeached proved to be correct.  The Senate voted to acquit him the two impeachment charges of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congressional Investigation on Wednesday, February 5, 2020.  (See link).

Also, per my prediction above, Trump's "Peace Plan" for Israel-Palestine has already created unusual warnings from staunch US ally Jordan that it will not tolerate the proposed plan for Israeli expansion.  "Put simply, an Israeli military annexation of the Jordan Valley and other large parts of the West Bank would cross the Jordanian government’s red lines.  Any plan that departs from the long-standing two-state solution could not be accepted by the leadership in Amman.   If Trump and his son-in-law’s “peace plan” is to be pursued, Jordan will find its own stability severely jeopardized because such Israeli actions would almost inevitably lead to an influx of Palestinian refugees into Jordan. This would raise questions about the viability of the Jordanian-Israeli Wadi Araba peace treaty signed in 1994." (See article entitled "Israeli Expansionism Top Threat to Jordan’s Stability" in Consortium News, February 7, 2020 - see link).
(Nancy du Tertre)

December 17, 2019 - "Saw a flock of black birds flying in one direction then all of sudden they started to collide into each other. Birds loosing sense of direction due to earth’s magnetic field changing. Also saw new volcanoes starting to appear off of west coast of Africa . Signs of Mother Earth preparation of giving birth. All can be changed with UNITY."
(Troy Greene)

November 15, 2019 - "I will care not if I’m wrong . Trump has been warned by star beings . He is going to Jail by February it is not my ego . He can win which is not great but only will bring on world war 3. Star beings and council of worlds do not wNt this mishap ."
(Troy Greene)

November 2, 2019 - "I have been seeing a lot of nuclear symbols. I’m new to this, as in the last month and it’s happening exponentially fast. I’m pretty isolated from all media and I don’t watch the news because it gives me horrible grief, so I am sure that this is something very relevant."
(Star Tosha)  

September 24, 2019 -  Since 2016, this country has become "Trumpcentric."  I hardly recall any given day in the last three years when all the major newspapers haven't had one lead story that starts with the word "Trump."  In effect, the Left wing media has unwittingly created its own nemesis by bestowing so much publicity upon him day in and day out.  Let's face it, "Trump" is a fun name for a headline.  It's one syllable, easy to remember and sounds inherently bombastic - just like him.  The media can whine at being labeled "the Number One enemy of the People" in his Twitter rants, but they're making money on the "rage factor" they have helped create by repeating his name every day.  The American people love seeing Trump rant, explode, make snide, snarky comments, smear his "enemies"or anyone who disagrees with him with nasty nicknames straight out of grade school, and use the ambiguous language of mob godfathers and New York real estate gangsters that defies application of legal sanctions.  It's great stuff, folks.  Gotta love it!  It's entertainment!  And that's why America voted him in office.  We needed to know what we long suspected - that the intellectual stuffed shirts using double-talk and diplomatic language were lying to us behind closed doors.  We wanted "honesty" - or at least the cartoon version of it.  

The Democrats are all uninteresting by comparison and they don't get Trump's nonstop media coverage.  A beer in the kitchen is obviously staged and stilted - policies aren't interesting.  A gay husband is disturbing to too many - policies be damned.  A former vice-president who is seemingly on the edge of senility is too weak - track record be damned.  A former prosecutor is just too mean and unpleasant to watch - who cares about policies?  A self-proclaimed socialist is too scary - no need to think about policy change.  We need fun and entertainment as long as it's not too far off the underlying script of an old, white, heterosexual male.  I don't see any interesting dark horse candidates swooping in at the last minute.  Trump-outrage is trumped by Trump-entertainment.  Democrats just can't lighten up enough with a fun mean streak.  Nobody likes self-righteousness.  We prefer a bold-faced liar.   We like the gangsters in the movies because we want to be them.  We don't want to think about policies.  That's way too boring.

So, I predict Trump will win a second term in office.  He's already labeled his three Republican opponents the "Three Stooges."  Classic. Furthermore, gerrymandering laws haven't significantly changed since the 2010 census which was brilliantly conquered by the Republicans, so the balance will remain tipped in the Electoral College. (See June, 2019 US Supreme Court decisions in Lamone v. Benisek and Rucho v. Common Cause).   

I also predict he will be working hard behind the scenes during his second term to try to pack the Congress with enough Republicans to change the 22nd Constitutional Amendment on presidential term limits so the American people in their good judgment elect him for several more terms. As reported in 2018, when Trump gave a closed-door speech at Mar-a-Lago to a group of Republican donors and spoke of Chinese President Xi Jinping: "He's now president for life. President for life. No, he's great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot someday." (See link).
Trump needs to break some historical record so he can say "It's never been done before in the history of America!" and know deep in his soul that he's not exaggerating! Of course, he'd have to beat FDR's record of being a 4-term president - but Trump is aiming higher - for a lifetime presidency - just like his favorite foreign dictators in China, Russia and North Korea.  And if that doesn't work, maybe he'll work out a Putin-Medvedev situation.  Maybe he and Pense can work out a deal to work together! 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated November 4, 2019 -  Although the Democratic-controlled House voted last week to proceed with impeachment proceedings against Trump and have listened to closed-door testimony from many witnesses, today there seems to be a glitch in the progress.  The whistle blower on the conversation between Trump and the Ukranian president seeking dirt on Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden that created the impetus for the impeachment proceedings, has apparently been identified as a career CIA operative and who now refuses to testify.  What this will do to the ongoing investigations is unclear - but if true, would create a serious snag in the Democrat's impeachment process. (See Washington Examiner link here).
(Nancy du Tertre)

August 20, 2019 - "China & Russia wring their hands , giggling with glee, as America democracy and freedom erode from within.They flood our country with drugs and grease the NRA. The deceiver-in- chief has a fav. poem he reads in front of the camera at times.I believe he sees himself as the slithering star. It's about an old woman who finds a sick snake. She takes it home and nurses it back to health only to have it bite her. As she's dying, she asks it " I helped you- why did you bite me?" The snake replies " you knew I was a snake before you took me in". Spanky has contempt for those foolish enough to be conned by him. In the 2020 version of the poem , the old woman (who looks alot like Lady Liberty) kicks the snake into a shovel and throws it into her backyard where she knows a pair of beautiful bald eagles have a nest of hungry chicks. Bon appetit. NOTE-- a snake can do alot of damage until it is devoured. The goat loses footing on a mountain of wealth- tumbling to the valley below and the bull snorts for revolution. Earth sign planets are gaining strength."

December 19, 2018 - "Two years ago I was shown DJT was one of 30+ people on a list to be indicted. Specifically, he was dressed as one of the individuals in the organized crime network / mafia in Youngstown, OH that the FBI had taken down in the 90s (a town that held titles of Murdertown / Crimetown, USA in national newspapers for mob hits). He was living a life parallel to these members who were indicted for money laundering, tax evasion, racketeering, bribery. 

However, instead of local / national - this was global crime. He was one of many in this larger network. There would be system wide exposure of corruption, organized crime and dark money. He was not the leader of this. He was a laundress, one who launders money. He was influenced and perhaps owned. The irony, he had no idea how bad it was. He was living life as he always had. However, when the mob lends you money, they own you.

It's not that he was an evil person that some would make him out to be, it's that he was standing in a room with very little light, like a dark basement. It's where the world of dark money and underworld deals take place. The light from the sun does not descend to a dark basement. One has to rise, climb several flights of stairs and look up to see where the sun shines through a door cracked open.

There was very little (if any) mention of any of financial crimes and/or mob related influence in national news two years ago. Recently, we've started hearing more about financial crimes, money laundering, and RICO investigations. 
This morning, the following words appeared during
Morning Joe
(a clip from FOX News)
Then this:

Similar to what happened in Youngstown, OH ... nobody wanted to believe the layers of corruption. However, the financial records didn't lie. Nor did the recordings that had the local politicians (Congressman Jim Trafficant) on tape taking bribes. The FBI uncovered all of it after lengthy investigation into the layers of corruption / mafia influence that infiltrated my hometown of Youngstown, OH for decades. Many went to prison. I suspect we'll be hearing a lot more on the topics of money laundering, tax evasion, bribery, racketeering in the coming weeks/months/year.
(Audra Russell)

November 30, 2018 - "Several months ago when the sexual charges against Bill Cosby were prominent in the news I received a strange message or vision about the issue. I was standing in my kitchen making coffee, not thinking about the issue at all, when suddenly a picture appeared in my mind of a white car on the side of a road with the drivers door open and the body of a black male in a light colored coat laying on the ground outside the door. 
It was a news paper photo and I recognized it as something I had seen several years ago. To verify my memory I got on the internet and looked up what I thought it was and was correct. It was the photo taken of Bill Cosby's son, Enis, when he was found dead on the side of the road outside his car, having been shot. After this photo appeared the vision changed to a blank background with a statement in bold black letters "THE SINS OF THE FATHER". I cannot help but interpret this to mean this was the price Bill Cosby paid for what he did, by either one of his victims or someone on their behalf."
(Jamie Marlow)

November 30, 2018 - "A series of events will trigger an economic slide this coming year, one that can not be hidden from the public . Most of the insiders are in the process of moving money off shore as we speak. 11-30-18"
(Len Brown)

November 5, 2018 - "For 2 years the U.S. has been the laughing stock of the world with White House Homer Simpson's addiction to the audience. Time to make America sane again.The scorpio new moon/Jupiter indicates transformation and political change.The healing process begins. The swamp might have been drained but filled back up with raw sewage.Special counsel has so far been chipping away at the dam but that's about to intensify. Vlad, if you're listening,should your treasonous buddy be impeached and/or jailed,you would have no more use of him.....Would you release the PP tape?"

August 17, 2018 - As the long-established Russian playbook (do your research) marches forward with perfect timing, the nation steels its divisions, hardens its divides, as "Treasonous Trump" strips his national intelligence of their clearance prerogatives for commenting on the Emperor's nakedness; strips our country of our faithful and necessary allies; caresses our enemies with the false, transparent honey of an admiring sycophant; promotes military parades to emulate his political idols then cancels them when his own military publicly rebels against him; fires those who question or refuse to bow down to his oligarchic whims; makes baldfaced lies yet strips the media of its prestige as purveyors of truth, pitting journalist against journalist; eagerly divides his confused American population with the full force of his populist hateful rhetoric, pitting brother against brother, and foments rebellion with his polarizing vulgarity and 6th grade language. 

Our national security suffers as profoundly as the loss of our national identity.  We are losing valuable time to catch-up on the future. Either Trump is oblivious to the outcome of his petty tantrums acted out on his personal national stage, or he is a willing bit player in a much bigger international play.  Having thus dismantled our national faith, we have lost our path.  The polite have kept their mouths shut far too long. The proverbial "high road" has been so horribly bulldozed so it is no longer passable.  "Treasonous Trump" (who delights in nasty name-calling of his opponents) has brought us no option but to wrestle in the disgusting mud with him - just like his World Wrestling Federation days .  He has made us all dirty...  

As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”We have had time to watch, wait and evaluate.  The writing is now clearly on the wall.  We march toward a new American civil war - as foreseen - and again, check the Russian playbook for details.  Divide and conquer.  The 2018 elections will not be as clean or easy a victory as Democrats believe, although they need only win 24 seats to obtain a majority in the House, and I have a foreboding sense of a shutdown at the critical moment - like a selected electrical outage that generates confusion and voters give up and go home. If impeachment is on the next agenda, then the stakes have never been higher for enticing elaborate collusion and disobedience from within our own system.  It is the perfect storm for division.  And the trusted watchdogs have left in disgust, shame or as the objects of vengeful humiliation. Pray for this nation. Pray for renewal of shared values of human dignity and respect.  At minimum, the ability to have a grown-up, polite conversation by re-learning the lost art of active listening.  That is the only way we will be able to unite as a nation - and clearly our president isn't interested at all.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 22, 2018 - Yesterday was loaded with bad news for "Treasonous Trump." His former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and also his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who obtained a plea deal, were both convicted of serious felonies that appear to have repercussions back to Trump's political conduct.(See Guardian article here).

 Cohen accused Trump in open court of having directed him to pay hush money for Trump's extramarital liaisons out of political campaign funds.  He's not the first president to be promiscuous, but the first to allegedly do it illegally with hush money.  Manafort, with his strong Russian connections and influence on the Trump campaign, was convicted of 8 felony crimes involving bank fraud, tax fraud and failure to report a foreign bank account. 

"Treasonous Trump" - in his now familiar Las Vegas lounge lizard entertainer style - continues to tweet that none of this constitutes anything more than a "rigged witch hunt" and no "Russian collusion" involving him.  Basically, his increasingly ridiculous mantra has remained unchanged: "Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along!"  Or, alternatively, "Obama and Hillary are guilty - why don't you go convict them instead of me?" - ignoring, of course, that two wrongs don't make a right.

After having his national security clearance revoked by Trump, former CIA director John Brennan, who continues to accuse Trump of treason (See link), has now publicly stated he is considering a law suit because he believes the revocation is not based upon any misuse of classified information but rather his outspoken criticism of Trump's indefensible behavior and comments at the Helsinki summit.  Trump publicly ridiculed US intelligence agencies regarding possible Russian interference in our elections, and said he believed Russian president Putin that "There's nothing to see here, folks!"  "Treasonous Trump's" response to Brennan involves two (now typical) tactics.  First, he refers to Brennan using a superlative - "worst EVER in HISTORY!"  Hmm.  That's rich.  (I have grown exceedingly weary of Trump's non-stop historical "best ever" and "worst ever" historical references to his own presidency - but then again, I don't think he reads much pre-Trump history...)  Second, he also uses a tactic he used excessively to his advantage as a private businessman - a retaliatory legal threat. As reported in USA Today: "Calling him 'the worst CIA Director in our country’s history,' Trump tweeted that he hopes Brennan files a lawsuit so that lawyers can 'get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt. He won’t sue!'" (See USA Today link).  It is childish behavior not becoming of an American president.

As far as my prediction above goes, clearly, there are now several concrete signs of impeachment as a viable and legally supportable next step.  This makes the upcoming election even more vulnerable to invisible interior coordinated sources - especially since Trump has made every effort to dismantle our early warning systems.  Fortunately, even the private sector is now starting to spring into action.  They seem to recognize what intelligence agencies have been telling "Treasonous Trump" to no avail for the last year or so - namely, there is Russian interference in our upcoming election as well as our past election.  

Today, reportedly Facebook and Twitter have removed hundreds of fake accounts linked to Russia and Iran.  (See Telegraph link).  Yesterday, Microsoft announced it has discovered that Russian hackers have attempted to infiltrate Republican think tanks and organizations and launch cyber attacks in order to influence the upcoming elections.  (See Reuters link). So.... the U.S. private sector is now corroborating what the U.S. intelligence agencies have been telling Trump for a long time.  The only person who continues to disagree with these facts is "Treasonous Trump."  My only thought:  Sad.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 26, 2018 -  According to latest reports, the Kremlin has "gone dark" suddenly on its intentions/projects regarding interference with the 2018 midterm elections.  (See New York Times link and The Hamilton Spectator link).  Hmmmm .... let's consider the possibly double meanings of "going dark" - beyond mere silence - evil? back the dark horse in the election?  shut down electricity?
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 28, 2018 - "Treasonous Trump" was caught on tape telling a group of evangelical leaders yesterday that should the Republicans lose their majority in Congress after the midterm elections, there will be "violence."  The President proposing that his political opponents will be VIOLENT if they WIN!!!  Huh??  Is that the world spun backwards?  Does Trump live in a Looking Glass world?  Why would they violently protest if they win???  It seems Trump is feeling so terrified of the potential of being impeached by a Democratic majority in the House, that he has decided to instill false terror in the hearts of his political base. Trump is obviously inciting the kind of nasty political hatred that leads to civil violence.  It's sort of a personal insurance policy for him.  He seems to want a civil war - you know, the one I have been predicting (see above and October 9, 2016).  The Russians couldn't have paid good money for a better spokesman to sew the seeds of discord in our country.  By logical analysis, the purpose of his words would seem to more suitably be targeted to inspire Republicans - NOT DEMOCRATS - to commit violence if they lose their majority!!  It's like Trump's brain is sitting in a fishbowl and we're all reading his mind.  He warns the religious leaders that all his good work in creating conservative laws will be met with violence.  But think about it.  Why would you be violent if all you have to do is pass legislation with your new House majority? It makes no sense at all.  That twist in logic borders on psychotic.  Trump's inciting violence through his wolf-in-sheep's-clothing words is disgusting.  He told evangelical leaders: "'You're one election away from losing everything that you've got.  They will overturn everything that we've done and they'll do it quickly and violently, and violently. There's violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups — these are violent people.'" (See Businessinsider link).  Excuse me.  How many times did Trump repeat the word "violently"?  Funny thing, that's exactly what advertisers do when they want to persuade someone to buy their product.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  Until somebody buys it.  
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 4, 2018 - First, after I made the above prediction, my website has strangely been listed as "dangerous" and consequently banned or made unavailable online!  Second, this evening, it is being reported that Watergate whistle blower journalist Bob Woodward has written a new book with scathing insider quotes and accounts of White House insiders avoiding national security disasters and fretting over Trump's unprecedented degree of ignorance and lack of receptivity to being educated by experts in international affairs.  I was struck by this particular frame shown this evening by CNN, labeled "fake news" by Trump.  I was particularly struck by Secretary of Defense General James Mattis' alleged comment that "Trump has the understanding of a sixth grader" according to Woodward's new book - because that was exactly what I stated in my August 17 prediction.  
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 5, 2018 - Today - more evidence of a growing revolution of people willing to speak up and against Trump's White House.  A highly unusual and shocking Op-Ed article appeared in the New York Times from an alleged "senior Trump administration official" who, while remaining anonymous, was clearly blowing the whistle on Trump and stating that a silent "resistance" group within the White House was attempting to basically save our country from Trump's erratic behavior and threats to national security.  The Chicago Tribune (see link) stated: "A senior administration official sounded an alarm Wednesday about President Donald Trump's 'amorality' and 'impetuous' leadership style in an unsigned opinion piece published in the New York Times. The writer, claiming to be part of the 'resistance' to Trump but not from the left, says, "Many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump's more misguided impulses until he is out of office."  My August 17 prediction regarding Trump's inexcusable behavior and the call for us to be "polite" no longer, appears to have materialized in Bob Woodward's announced book (not yet released) and the NYT Op-Ed articles containing evidence of an insider network now finally willing to go public against Trump.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated October 10, 2018 - There are now concrete indications of Russian (and Chinese and Iranian) interference in our election process - primarily, at this point, by infusing civil discord into our public opinion.  Outright hacking remains to be seen.  According to the Washington Post today: "The operation did not seem to include any outright hacking efforts. In a statement, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said officials 'do not have any evidence of a compromise or disruption of infrastructure that would enable adversaries to prevent voting, change vote counts or disrupt our ability to tally votes in the midterm elections.' But the statement noted: 'We are concerned about ongoing campaigns by Russia, China and other foreign actors, including Iran, to undermine confidence in democratic institutions and influence public sentiment and government policies. These activities also may seek to influence voter perceptions and decision making in the 2018 and 2020 U.S. elections.'”  Still, Trump remains resolute in his support for Russia and Putin against our own American officials despite evidence they actually hacked our political machinery in 2016 and are continuing to push to influence Americans to fight each other.  Why?  Is that part of the "discord" campaign?
(Nancy du Tertre)

July 11, 2018 - "With the latest news from Pompeo that no deal has been made with N Korea, I am very concerned of an orchestrated strike that as I kept thinking would be Putin's dream to disrupt, at seeming arms length, the U.S., pave the way for Trump to declare Marshall Law, disrupt the revelation of the Muller research as well as Fall election. Putin will offer US "humanitarian" help that Trump will warmly welcome. The coup will be complete. I pray not, but I have thought this false flag event a possibility for nearly a year. Very tense time right now, in need of real prayer."
Baltimore, MD 

May 10, 2018 - "Truth is struggling to come through in these neptunian times. China read N Korea the riot act cause they didn't want war on their border , millions of refugees or that mountain test site to leak radiation.That last chemical attack in Syria doesn't make sense.Murderous buddy Vlad helping out?Tomahawks for base support? Mousemeat Donnie is on the ropes and the diversionary tactics won't stop till he's impeached. Look out Iran. Earth signs have loaded up with some heavy hitters.Some for another 7 years The world needs competent leaders to deal with the upcoming geophysical events not corrupt ,greedy, morally bankrupt clowns.Commerce will take a hit soon as well. What happens when billions of people don't feel safe and secure? A revolution to take back the planet?Look what happened to Gaddafi."

April 29, 2018 - "This week saw the historic "end" to the 65 year old war between North and South Korea.  However, it is less "historic" in terms of agreements to denuclearize - since there have been four of those types of agreements that have come and gone over the last three decades.  So, what is there to learn?  South Korean president Moon has a vested political and practical interest in pursuing peace with North Korea.  North Korean president Kim seems to have a keen interest in reaping the riches of a relaxed relationship with his neighbor to the south.  Frankly, they don't need the United States at all to achieve this kind of "economic" peace.  And without a "war" who can claim a legitimate need to be protected by another nation?
The issue of denuclearization is a different issue.  Perhaps it can get kicked down the road and stay in a state of annoying limbo.  Maybe there will be some modest concessions.  Unfortunately the South knows it will only get blown up as the inevitable pawn in any confrontation between North Korea and the United States anyway ... so what does President Moon really care about this type of bellicose "protection" by the U.S.?  I believe South Korea is ready to sacrifice the nuclear issue and take its chances with the hope that the increasingly strong economic intertwined ties with the North will decrease the likelihood of a direct nuclear or military threat from the North... Common interests make the United States increasingly irrelevant except as a monitor or distant ally. Why would the Korean peninsula cut its newly joined nose to spite its face?  I believe the United States has effectively been sidelined unless it can find a new sandbox in Japan or the Philippines."
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated on May 24, 2018 - Only hours ago, President Trump canceled the nuclear summit with North Korea's leader Kim Jung Un scheduled to take place in Singapore on June 12.  Trump cited, as his reasons, the "tremendous anger and hostility" of the North Korean leader, referring to Kim's recent insults leveled at Vice President Pence and newly appointed National Security Adviser John Bolton for threatening to require a "Libya model" solution to North Korea.  The news apparently caught South Korean President Moon by surprise since he and Trump had held a joint press conference on the topic only two days ago.  South Korea was also caught off-guard by Kim's sudden decision last week to cancel joint meetings based upon routine military exercises that happened with South Korea and the U.S.  So, it appears my above prediction appears to be on track.  It remains to be seen what South Korea will decide to do and whether it will try to salvage a relationship.(See NY Times article).
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated on June 13, 2018 - In a hastily slapped-together "summit," Trump and Kim met two days ago in Singapore and, amid great hand-shaking and fanfare, signed an agreement.  While the meeting of an American president with a North Korean leader was certainly "historic" it remains unclear whether the meeting was substantively historic.  Sometimes progress can only proceed at a snail's pace.  The agreement signed by both men includes four major points: 1) establish peace between NK and USA; 2) work to create stable peace in Korea; 3)Reaffirming principles agreed upon between North and South Korea in the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, NK agrees to work toward complete denuclearization of Korea; and 4) to commit to recover American POW/MIA remains. (See CBS News article here). 

The document is really nothing more than the equivalent of a Memorandum of Understanding, which in the world of contract law, is not legally enforceable or binding upon the parties.  Of course, the tricky clause of the Trump/Kim agreement is number 3 which is conditional upon the Kim/Moon April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration .  If you read the actual Declaration signed by North and South Korea (See Japan Times link here), the document doesn't define "complete denuclearization" for a "nuclear-free Korean Peninsula." However, it acknowledges that the "measures being initiated by North Korea" are [already] "very meaningful and crucial" (See Clause 3(4))  Further, South Korea agrees to "seek the support and cooperation of the international community" toward this end.  The Declaration seems to suggest that North Korea's efforts to date are already sufficient toward the goal of denuclearization (what efforts?) and implies denuclearization can only occur with international "cooperation" (which implies possible necessary future concessions by the US or other nations).  

Clearly, Trump has now agreed that the US will play a subordinate role to South Korea on the issue of denuclearization. By agreeing to the terms of the Declaration, Trump has also acknowledged that North and South Korea will actively pursue meetings to end the Korean War by involving not just the US, but also possibly China (See Clause 3 (3)).  South Korea is implicitly calling the shots in this game...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 1, 2018 - And here we go on the merry-go-round.  The Washington Post reports that Kim appears to be "concealing key aspects" of his nuclear program even in the face of his tentative good faith agreement with Trump.  The Trump national security adviser John Bolton counters that this was all expected. (See Politico link). If so, then why are we told by Trump after his meeting a few weeks ago that there is "no longer any nuclear threat" from North Korea?   (See NYT link).    Go home folks!  Nothing to see here!(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 14, 2018 - As the tea leaves are beginning to solidify, it appears that my above prediction is coming to fruition.  North and South Korea will be meeting together at their third summit this year and only the third one ever to be held in North Korea.  Meanwhile, the United States has been snubbed by North Korea.  As I indicated in my prediction, the commercial interests of the two Koreas will go forward without the denuclearization piece.  It was reported in an article  yesterday in the Washington Post that "The leaders of North and South Korea will hold a summit in September, their governments announced Monday, as their peace process moves steadily forward despite signs of a growing impasse between Washington and Pyongyang."  Furthermore, the article concluded: " The Trump administration appears to have run into rougher waters in its attempts in recent weeks to persuade North Korea to denuclearize, but the two Koreas appear to be making more progress in their gradual rapprochement."  Additionally, stating: "U.S. officials have privately expressed irritation at the breakneck pace of the rapprochement between the North and South amid stalled denuclearization talks with Washington. The United States is pushing nations to tighten the enforcement of existing U.N. sanctions against North Korea, but the opening of dialogue between President Trump and Kim at a summit in June effectively ended Pyongyang’s international isolation.  “It is a different story than U.S.-North Korea, which seems to have become bogged down,” said John Delury, an associate professor at Yonsei University in Seoul. “The two Koreas are more in stride, and the process has ‘taken’ better.”
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated November 18, 2018 - Yes, my prediction is on track.  It now appears North Korea is full steam ahead on developing their nuclear weapons program.  See NBC report regarding new satellite imagery of undeclared missile site improvements in North Korea.  "Nonetheless, the recent intelligence, and the private satellite photos of work on undeclared missile sites, underscore the widespread belief among experts that President Donald Trump's pronouncement that the world no longer has to worry about a North Korean nuclear program is divorced from reality."
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated December 22, 2018 - The talks between the US and North Korea have now completely (and predictably) stalled out due to a "misinterpretation" of the concept of "denuclearization."  According to the New York Times article (dated December 20, 2018), "North Korea will not dismantle its nuclear weapons program until the United States also agrees to diminish its military capacity in the vicinity of the Korean Peninsula, its official news agency said on Thursday, clarifying a position that had remained vague since the leaders of both countries met in June. At that meeting, President Trump and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, committed to work toward the “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” But diverging interpretations of exactly what “complete” and “denuclearization” mean have led to a diplomatic stalemate and a breakdown in talks."
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated January 2, 2020 - North Korea has now threatened the United States with a "gift" in the form of an unidentified missile and talks appear to have broken down, and observers indicate Trump's continued and either ignorant or careless attempt to rely upon his "agreement" with North Korea regarding a unilateral denuclearization which appears to be morphing into more of an agreement between two equals in the form of an arms agreement... (See NY Times article here).
(Nancy du Tertre)

February 11, 2018 - "Because we live in the world of "fake news" and "opinionated news," all contaminated by the lack of an authoritative voice of reason, we live in a collective mental void.  Any such void is susceptible of manipulation by false events which are the result of a coup from any source.  More than ever, I feel the globe is being manipulated by false flag events, co-mingled with the backdrop of legitimate actual threats. The new "authority" lurks in the underground like a guerilla warrior waiting for the moment to strike.  Waiting around for the other shoe to drop.  I feel the discord in Washington and the bickering about who is more right, has left us vulnerable to sharks circling both the East and West coasts.  Hawaii feels vulnerable and, as it is on the "front line," will be used again as it has been recently - as a warning for more to come.  It has already been played with.  The East Coast, traditionally well-protected, suffers its first real threats from below the ocean - natural and man-made.  To make matters worse, there is now what I would call Trump News Fatigue.  Both the liberal and conservative media have played right into his hands by providing never-ending coverage of his spoiled, venomous Twitterisms and off-the-cuff unscripted diatribes because it sells their news organizations.  Polarizing opinion is big business these days.  Whipping up people into an emotional frenzy feels powerful - Hitler used the technique very well.  However, the incessant screaming has caused people to turn off their brains or else become rabidly furious.  The days of a respectful dialogue and the understanding that not every negotiation can be won by "balls to the wall" squeeze-plays, is gone.  Because each advocate is willing to do a scorched earth policy just to prove they are "right," they have willingly sacrificed our national belief in everything we hold dear - our national myth.  The concept of a unified presidency, intelligence network, justice system and Congress has been thrown under the bus.  There is no victory.  Truth has been sacrificed by those jockeying for position. Who will protect us when the other shoe drops? - and it will drop.  A society of impatient, self-righteous, self-advocates is a society of spoiled milk.  Ripe to be thrown-out and replaced with an entire new bottle.  The Roman Empire.  Whether impeachment happens or not, it will be too late anyway.  The damage is done: To destroy is easy, but to build is difficult and time-consuming.  Trump seems all-too-willing to work with the Russian playbook.
As I said back in October 22, 2017: "Worst case scenario:  Either an ensuing civil war or Third World War.  Best case scenario: Major civil unrest and martial law.  Is this all part of a larger plan to divide up the United States into smaller, more manageable parts?"  Seem incomprehensible?  Take a look at the 1984 interview by conservative political commentator G. Edward Griffin with KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who explains the four stages of communist strategy for taking over the U.S. from within.  In Griffin's words: "It is sobering to realize that stage three is almost complete. Stage Four is martial law from which there is no escape. Americans are running out of time to take the Red Pill."  (See link here)."
Wake up, America...
(Nancy du Tertre)

February 9, 2018 - "It was Ash Wednesday on March 8th of 2000, I remember because I was in the 6th grade and there had been an Earthquake earlier that day, during class time near the Capital (in the mountains) of our state. This was the first time I had ever experienced an Earthquake , and we experienced some of their aftershocks. I was sitting in the back seat of my Mother's vehicle later that day (It was dark out), and I thought, "God when will the next major event happen?" I was surprised to hear a woman's "voice" say I think it was "The House of Reps will fall". I wasn't sure what it meant at the time, because I still didn't have a good understanding of how the U.S. government worked....I didn't really start "hearing" 24/7 till 2009...but... and I'm still not quite sure of what the future date was, or if this is really going to happen, because predictions are kind of guess and check, but, there, I've said my piece, and hopefully I will make peace with it for having said it."

January 31, 2018 - Two nights ago, when awakened from sleep, I heard the name "Janus."  I immediately wondered if it was perhaps a distant planet.  Never heard of it before.  The only "Janus" I know of is a mutual fund and stock portfolio for investors.  I looked it up and discovered that Janus is actually the name of a very low orbit, potato-shaped, interior satellite moon of the planet Saturn and is named after the god of "gates and doorways." 

And so I wondered... has there been activity recently on Janus?  Perhaps as a port of entry to Saturn?  After all, it would be an easy hop, skip and a jump to the planet from there if one were exploring.  Or perhaps, I have "heard" a message regarding a star gate that has opened ...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated February 2, 2018 - A friend of mine saw the above post and sent me a link to an article about a famous case about an alien encounter with a mysterious being named "Mr. Janus."  Sir Peter Horsley (1921-2001) wrote about his strange encounter in his book "Sounds from Another Room" (1997).  Air Marshal Horsley was a former WWII RAF pilot and squadron leader, in addition to being the official "equerry" (senior attendant) to Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.  Apparently, Horsley was encouraged by Prince Philip, a serious UFO buff, to study UFO cases and to bring UFO witnesses to the Palace for private discussions.  The story of his meeting with Mr. Janus is very strange and intriguing.   He described Mr. Janus as a very average looking middle-aged man who had a disturbing ability to read his mind and apparently knew "all of Britain's top secret nuclear secrets." They discussed UFOs, alien civilizations and the state of human technology.  Apparently, Mr. Janus conveyed a concern about the fact that humans were flirting with atomic disaster.  (Here's a link to Nick Redfern's article on Mr. Janus).  I had never heard this story before.  I never heard of a Mr. Janus.  I have also now learned that the god Janus was a two-faced god - one face in the past and the other in the future.  So why did I hear this name?  I don't know.  I just find it peculiar that I was, at the time, preparing my presentation for the upcoming International UFO Congress on February 16.  My topic is "Remote Viewing the Extraterrestrials" which deals with aliens and mind-reading techniques.  Could this have been a telepathic contact?  I don't know.  But it wouldn't be the first time...
(Nancy du Tertre)

December 7, 2017 - "So I don't know in legends & Myths what others have said or written about? I saw a Crescent Moon with a bright single star just below the tip of the crescent moon, a log cabin below the night sky on a mountainside, there was a creek close by. When the Earth got finished with some rearranging of her self, the star would come down & finish what the Earth couldn't. After that, there was a Rainbow that encircled the whole Earth. A sign of the return, of Peace & Harmony, once again. this has been foretold by Native Americans & the Rainbow Warriors. I think we are in the mists of Earth's saving herself. More to go...."
(Kate Lawler)

November 26, 2017 - "Kronos comes home after 29 years to find the Destroyer in his house. The reckless punk down the block gives him the earth-shattering news that insurance companies and banks will be going broke , panic,riots. Tiny Donnie the flim flam man in his new series "Who's In Ivan's Pocket Now?"has the audience riveted.In the first episode Donnie sought a bail-out,takes a special shower and is forced to do Ivan's laundry. The last is a doozy when Donnie , looking @30 to life in Leavenworth for sanction violations defects to Russia .Comrade Donnie lives out his days as Putin's personal attendant--caddying for Vlad ,scrubbing bunions and tending to hemorrhoids. NOSTROVIA !"

November 21, 2017 - "As per news report published on 20 November 2017 , US scientists are of opinion that the world could see an increase in the number of strong earthquakes in 2018 and the next few years due to periodic slowing of the Earth’s rotation. This opinion has already been identified through Vedic astrology and indicated precisely in yearly alerts for more care and appropriate strategy to some nations of world. While quakes can jolt vulnerable countries or regions at other times , two months of July- August in coming year 2018 have been mentioned by this writer calling for alertness and precautions within human reach."
(Kushal Kumar)

November 21, 2017 - "In the 21st century world nations are looking to india for knowledge guidance and inspiration in all spheres of life.It is a god send opportunity which all indians should be proud of in this day and age."
(K. Mohan)

November 18, 2017 - "Some news media are reported to have alerted saying that Planet X , also known as Nibiru , is likely to strike the Earth on or before 19 November 2017. There are different perceptions or opinions of readers which include some scientists also , on the effects of such a strike on Earth. While there could be usual major worrisome events in one or other country , this writer does not see any major doom for world involving chunk of nations. A massive earthquake of 7.3 magnitude on Iran-Iraq border on 13 November 2017 could be construed by some as evidence of Nibiru doing the trick because devastation has been huge. One opinion said that aliens are likely to be housed in the Earth that would strike. To this , the reaction was that we have nuclear energy to destroy the huge planet along with aliens there , if any. Assuming that this were probable to happen , would that not destroy beings including human beings on Earth. When we are not able to sustain smog , can we sustain that which may generate if we use nuclear energy to destroy Planet X and all that the planet may have in it. So the opinion seems to be counter –productive and not practicable. There is another opinion which looks to be suggesting that Planet X could probably be a God sent gift to accommodate the surplus population that we have already have. This opinion seems to be not less than a fantasy. However , there are major worrisome concerns involving chunk countries in the coming year 2018. Predictions of alerts for some countries calling for more care and appropriate strategy have been issued by this Vedic astrology writer in October 2017 , some have been published while some are scheduled to be published on 1 December 2017. Briefly speaking , two months of July -August in 2018 look to this writer of major worrisome concern covering likely WW3 , catastrophic quakes , floods , hurricanes , health hazards , epidemics , racial or ethnic major concerns , food shortages , economic collapse or major economic concerns trending in several countries . Having said that , it may be known that more care and appropriate strategy by human beings , if brought to play , there can be some relief or some offset of effects. In this light , a fatalistic claim of certainty in relation to said alerts in July- August 2018 may have to be read with a pinch of circumscription or restriction while it can be said to be a great guide."
(Kushal Kumar)

November 9, 2017 - "News media world -wide have carried news to say that according to report brought out in early November 2017 , unemployment rate in US has fallen 17 years low, indicating major success attributable to President Donald Trump. Economic growth in Q3 of 2017 also resisted hindrance by major hurricanes like Harvey , Irma and Maria, and reflected a little above the annual target of 2.5 percent. Relevant to these developments , there is closely related news in this Vedic astrology writer’s article - “ Astrological probable alerts for US covering year 2018” - submitted for publication on 11 October , 2017 to editor of Wisdom Magazine in US. The article is scheduled to be published on 1 December 2017. The text of the prediction reads as :- “ January to about mid- March in 2018. While some issues of strategic importance or warfare may continue to be of substantial concern , certain result- oriented economic measures may bring some kind of happy news whatsoever moderate”. It seems coming events cast their shadow before. So the economy related reports which came by early November 2017 , suggest that this writer’s prediction for 2018 , as brought out above , has meaning."
(Kushal Kumar)

November 8, 2017 - "This time- before the proceedings to force from office, will prove to be the most dangerous as little,crooked narcissist Donnie makes decisions he believes would improve his ratings. In the history of the planet it will be recorded as ---we had the chance but were too late."

October 26, 2017 - (Submitted October 21, 2017) - "I woke this morning with the phrase “A380 from Dubai to Barcelona into the sea.252” .I dont know what the 252 refers to maybe People on board or time or flight no. Usually with my dreams i see the event as though i am actually there.That is the reason i thought in my London Bridge prediction it was going to be at 1815 because i pass over London Bridge at that time most days.In my London Bridge dream i saw a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road but i didnt record that because i thought it was unlikely. I also saw someone swimming in the river and a body on the bridge."
(Paul Chantrell)

October 26, 2017 (Submitted October 20, 2017) - "Very soon a series of disturbing statements made by the President will be televised because they were taped. Enough people are learning to tape any and all conversations to avoid he said she said issues."

October 26, 2017 (Submitted October 17, 2017) - "Deblasio will be defeated by Nicole Nov 7, 2017. There will be a record low turn out of democratic supporters to the poll."
(Shelly Lebron)

Updated November 12, 2017 - The New York Daily News reported the New York City mayoral election results from November 7, 2017 (see link): "The New York City Mayor general election results. Wrap-up: Mayor de Blasio earns second term landslide victory over Republican Nicole Malliotakis."  De Blasio got 66 percent of the vote, Malliotakis got 28 percent.

October 8, 2017 - "The great Ingo Swann, a non-Catholic, non-the-less wrote a book on the 22 Apparitions of Mother Mary. He then painted a powerful painting in 1986 that was inspired as a composite of her warnings, entitled Madre Doloroso. It features a large atomic explosion over the waters- a bit too troubling as it echoes the threat to explode a bomb over Pacific waters. 2017 is the centennial of America's entry into WW1 as well as Fatima's Mary sighting. Mary's final Fatima sighting was October 13th, 1917. With the current "calm before the storm" stance of P. Trump, let us pray that this coming Friday the 13th will be uneventful. Mightily disquieted by Ingo's beautiful painting, it's first major public exhibition this week, and the resonance with sorrowful threats by world leaders."

October 4, 2017 - "No war with North Korea . China and Russia is more of a stronger possibility . J my star friend said this. While sneaky U.K. is with Russia and China . How you might now better if war is upon the U.S. first look for a major stock market crash and congress trying to implement the draft system."
(William Greene)

September 13, 2017 - "What's much easier than air to deliver a nasty bomb? Why , by a specially built mini-sub - undetected, with a single torpedo. Finding the origin would become difficult."
(Tim Ries)

September 1, 2017 - Dream last night:   I am in a school that resembles a Harry Potter-style type of school.  There are many children of all ages attending different classes being held in a Gothic-looking mansion or chateau.  I am always late for my own classes and am running out of excuses to give my teachers.  Frankly, I am fascinated by this school and like to see the other classes being taught.  I get to my class and a lesson is being drummed into my head.  I am being shown police fliers and flashcards reminiscent of the famous Iraqi deck of playing cards developed by the United States military in 2003 with the faces of the most wanted wartime criminals and members of President Saddam Hussein's government.

I am being told by my unseen "teachers" that there are 140 men who have either been killed or are in danger "because of their names."  I believe they have already gone missing.  Apparently, I was not a very good student because their names and faces were shown to me multiple times during the course of my dream - to the point where I became bored and irritated with the redundancy of my dream.  I couldn't memorize their faces.  Who are they?  I don't know.  I am concerned there are 140 men who are in danger somewhere in the world and their only "crime" is their name...
(Nancy du Tertre)

August 14, 2017 - Am feeling, with the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia being told to reduce its staff by 755 employees by September 1, 2017 in response to US sanctions and a newfound disappointment by Putin in Trump, is a game of timing.  Despite that Russia voted for sanctions against North Korea, given that Russia increased its trade with North Korea by 73 percent in the first two months of this year, given the recent increasingly ugly provocations between the US and NK, it feels like a perfect time to make a grab for Belarus (or any other small former Soviet fish) while the US is occupied on the other side of the planet.  This fall feels unstable.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 29, 2017 - Today I have noticed an interesting news report.  Apparently, Russia is in fact planning joint military exercises and "major war games" with Belarus in September!  The Russian Defense Minister is trying to reassure NATO allies that there is no threat of an invasion of any of the neighboring countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia (despite the fact that the fictional war game enemies are located in the exact, identical geographic locations of these countries).  According to a report dated August 29, 2017 entitled " Russia Says War Games Don't Threaten Poland, Other Neighbors" in

“Some people think that the Zapad 2017 exercises are a launchpad for the invasion and occupation of Lithuania, Poland or Ukraine,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said at a briefing on Tuesday, according to an emailed statement. “They are purely of a defensive nature.  Some 13,000 troops will take part in the joint drills in Russia and neighboring Belarus from Sept. 14-20, which will also involve some 250 tanks, 10 ships and 70 warplanes and helicopters, Fomin said. They’ll return to their permanent bases by Sept. 30, the Belarusian Defense Ministry said, according to the RIA Novosti news service."

The timing of the Russian exercises with Belarus is interesting, given my prediction above, where I suggested Russia might attempt to make a grab for a former Soviet "small fish" this fall (the exercises are schedule to take place from September 14-20, 2017).  It seems President Trump's earlier assertion that North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un had wisely backed down from his threats of firing a missile at the U.S. Territory of Guam due to Trump's bellicose threat of "fire and fury" if this occurred (See August 16, 2017 tweet by President Trump) and that things seemed to have calmed down, was a bit premature.  Yesterday, North Korea fired a missile directly over Japan in one of its most provocative military moves ever.  This is clearly aimed at escalating, not deescalating, the tension.  It may yet play out this fall season, per my prediction, that while the U.S. becomes embroiled in a mess with North Korea, Russia may quietly make a grab.  We shall see.  Eyes wide open.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 11, 2017 - An interesting policy memo by the European Council on Foreign Relations, published today (see link), provides a well-considered analysis of the upcoming joint training exercises between Belarus and Russia known as "Zapad 2017."  Bottom line, the analysts feel the West has nothing to be worried about in terms of a possible invasion by Russia a la Crimea/Georgia which were both preceded by Russian "military exercises."  They do not feel this will be a "Trojan Horse" for Russia to involve many more troops than the 13,000 indicated (some estimates I have seen are up to 100,000 soldiers) and state that Russia isn't interested in another military adventure right now.  Despite international anxiety, the conclusion is there is nothing to fear.  Meanwhile, the New York Times reported (see link) that Putin rejected cutting off its oil exports to North Korea as part of sanctions to pressure North Korea to halt its nuclear "adventurism."  Recently, Putin has emerged as the new "peacemaker" between North Korea and the United States/South Korea/Japan suggesting that the U.S. is simply playing into the hands of North Korean provocations, but that embargoes will only hurt "the people" (really? where? in the slave camps?) and that incentives should be offered.  Some commentators find Putin's approach "weirdly on-point" with US officials and experts at odds with Trump's "fire and fury" approach.  (See link). Bottom line, Putin has reached a new, higher level on the world stage - that of reasonable, world power statesman - which may in fact reduce his actual need or appetite for military interventions to create more Russian potential satellite nations like Belarus.  But let's not forget he has an interest in building a newly nuclear North Korea (which Russia has ignored since the 1990's) as an ally as against the threat of a U.S. missile defense system in the region, and to avoid having those missiles pointed at Russia instead of the U.S.  It is a shame the U.S. has allowed Putin to appear so incredibly legitimate!
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 15, 2017 - Yesterday, North Korea fired its 19th missile launch this year directly over Japan again, and promised to "sink Japan and turn America to ash."  South Korea fired two ballistic missiles into the sea as a simulated strike against the North in response, according to a BBC report. (See link).   The superpowers, US, Russia and China are suddenly split on how to handle North Korea.  "The latest missile test by North Korea, its furthest-reaching yet, has split world powers who united behind new UN sanctions just days ago.  US President Donald Trump said he was more confident than ever of America's military options, should one be needed.China earlier accused the US of shirking its responsibilities, while Russia called US rhetoric 'aggressive'."  On the SAME day, September 14, Russia began week-long its planned military war games ("Zapad 2017) in Belarus which have caused many European countries a high level of concern.  (See Washington Post article).  The coinciding events - North Korea and Russia - begins to feel not so coincidental as per my prediction above...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 23, 2017 - Contrary to my prediction above, Russia did not use its military war games to invade a nearby country, perhaps because so many eyes were watching due to such concerns.  However, on Tuesday, September 19, two days before the last day of the military exercises, the Lithuanian president said in her speech to the United Nations Assembly that "'As we speak around 100,000 Russian troops are engaged in offensive military exercises named Zapad 2017,' Grybauskaitė said.'The Kremlin is rehearsing aggressive scenarios against its neighbours, training its army to attack the West.'” (See link).  Nevertheless, the exercises have indeed coincided in terms of timing, per my prediction, with the most dangerous global threats of nuclear war (between the United States and North Korea) since the before the Cold War.  Also on September 19, US President Trump also spoke at the United Nations escalating the war of words and threatening to totally destroy North Korea and referring to its leader Kim Jong Un derogatorily as "Rocket Man."  In response, on September 21, the day after the end of the Russian military exercises, "North Korea Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, who is in New York for the UN General Assembly, said Thursday evening that North Korea could detonate an H-bomb over the Pacific Ocean [...]" Kim also personally responded saying, "'I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U. S. dotard with fire.'"  (See link).  Thus, although my prediction was not accurate, the coinciding of the two highly dangerous interactions coincided almost to the exact day.
(Nancy du Tertre)

August 9, 2017 - "I am adding to my prediction dated 12 june.It looks like sabotage 4 miles west of Heathrow airport is referring to a Boeing 747 stalling and crashing either shortly after take off and just prior to Landing.I think the cockpit area is still intact after the crash because it crashes nose up. I also have had a premonition of the Russian Pm Putin dieing in a fire or explosion his hands and feet are burnt."
(Paul Chantrell)

August 3, 2017 - "An upcoming space launch will have an accident due to intervention by a UFO. This has something to do with dark matter research and warfare against humanity (and other issues)."
(Johanna Maynard)

July 25, 2017 -"I sat in a trance thinking long and hard about the "end" of Trump presidency to see how it would happen. I saw Trump surrounded by a dark black cloud so dark you could no longer make him out. (Russian cloud and dark energy) The cloud began to take the form of a wolf and the cloud damaged Trump inside 3 times. The third was the final blow almost like some one falling down the stairs. And the wolf devoured itself. For the longest time I didn't know what the Wolf represented... was it Turkey? Was it the Wolf PAC? Finally after some googling I figured out that Trump is known as the Wolf. He will trip himself up in the end and it will be quite a fall."

July 19, 2017 - A turkey is a bird that cannot fly.  The name "turkey" derives, according to linguist Mario Pei, from strange birds that were being traded by merchants from the Ottoman Empire ... you know, Turkey!  Two years ago, I intuitively felt Turkey would become a major thorn in the side of the United States, as it began its alliance transition from US to Russia.  As Turkey has refused to ratify the Paris Climate Accord siting the US withdrawal as its major reason (yes, we took the "big money" with us apparently, but is that a "real" reason to withdraw?), as it distances from NATO, as it reveals numerous secret US and French military bases in the Middle East (in a treacherous effort to hurt the US to disarm Kurdish fighters by default), Turkey has become a dangerous player.  As I sensed years ago, without a supportive Turkish regime, the Russian/Iranian influence in Syria becomes a box.  Turkey always felt like a back door in the Middle East.  Why did Trump just decide this week to re-certify the Iranian nuclear deal contrary to his campaign promises?  We know Iran plays nicely with North Korea.  We know Russia plays nicely with North Korea and Iran.  Turkey also plays nicely with Iran.  If we are playing for strategic dominance, then it seems we must do some serious romantic wooing - even buy an expensive diamond ring - but not tolerate other suitors bringing trinkets. To return to the wildlife analogy, natural predators to a wild turkey are 1) the weasel, 2) skunk, 3) snake or 4) fox - all trustworthy animals (?).
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 26, 2017 - My prediction above was timely.  Yesterday, Turkish President Erdoğan announced, according to an article in, the age of cooperation with the West is over.  "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the era of a submissive Turkey bowing to every Western demand is over.  Erdogan's comments came on Tuesday as top European Union officials held talks with Turkey's foreign minister in Brussels.  'The West wants Turkey to do, without question, whatever they want ... I am sorry to say that Turkey no longer exists,' Erdogan said."  Meanwhile, the new warmer relations between Turkey and Iran have developed as a result of Turkey's choice to defend Qatar in its battle against Saudi Arabia (See article entitled: "Turkey’s power-play in Qatar leads to warmer relations with Iran" on 7/1/17).  Also meanwhile, Iran and North Korea continue to cement relations while ramping up missile threats against the United States.  According to an article in on 7/4/17: "Iran is seeking to expand relations with North Korea - on the same day Pyongyang claimed it successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile.  Tehran said on Tuesday it sought to "upgrade" its relations with North Korea following a meeting between Iran's Head of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Ala'eddin Boroujerdi and North Korea's ambassador to Tehran, Kang Sam-hyon."  Not surprisingly in light of these shifts, today - July 26, 2017 - has announced North Korea and Iran are both poised to test new missiles today and tomorrow.  (See article, 7/26/17, entitled: "Iran poised to launch rocket into space, as North Korea readies another missile test, US officials say."
(Nancy du Tertre)

July 13, 2017 - "1/15/17 Last night I had an astral dream. I was outside of a closed Polling place on Election night, somewhere in a suburb of an eastern state in the US. The person who was to deliver the ballots sat in a darkened car with fraudulent ballots in their care. They had been paid the night before and had cheated physically with the ballots, it was voter fraud. They felt bad. The words came to me, “fair hand, hair bad.” When I awoke the only meaning I could get from this was “Fair hand” meant a woman, and hair bad, meant Donald Trump. Actually I saw a small fair hand. That could also be Donald Trumps hand. Someone else may have a better idea of what it means."
(Celeste Hammond)

July 8, 2017 - "Aug-Oct 2017 ISIS hits London, 1000s dead! Trump killed, Obama back! Yellowstone erupts! Civil war in Europe! WWIII starts!"
(Dan Gilfry)

July 7, 2017 - Last night I dreamed I was with a small group of people and we were confined to two small rooms.  Russian President Putin and I were talking in one of these rooms.  I remember thinking how interesting it would be to finally get to know him.  He was cool and remote, but eventually, seemed to finally warm up to me and become personable.  At the end of our meeting he looked me straight in the eyes and said calmly, "You will lose."  I looked him back, just as directly in the eyes, and said with (uncharacteristically) equivalent confidence, "I never lose."  And we both smiled and I left the room.  While in the other room, with a group of roughly 6-8 unidentifiable people, I started to chat with a beautiful lady who I believed was the Italian movie star Sophia Loren when she was in her younger prime.  She insisted on teaching me various things regarding this group.  She walked around and spoke "at" me mostly without listening much to what I had to say.  We didn't really engage in a conversation.  End of dream. 

Having listened to the news and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's account of the G20 Summit meeting between Putin and Trump this morning (see New York Post article), I am now wondering if perhaps I dreamed my way (OBE) into Trump's consciousness while he was talking with Putin, and then was tagging along with First Lady Melania Trump.  According to Tillerson, the Putin-Trump meeting lasted nearly 2 1/2 hours instead of the scheduled half hour, so that after several people tried to gently remind President Trump that he needed to wrap up the meeting for his other commitments, even Melania was sent into the meeting to try and break it up - without success.  Interesting from my point of view, that Melania was that "present" in the next room as she was in my dream...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 3, 2017 - Yesterday, President Trump reluctantly signed the Congressional bill imposing sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea.  The bill had received overwhelming support in the House and Senate.  Even if Trump had vetoed it, Congress threatened to override his veto, so he signed it against his will.  Interestingly, in response, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev wrote scathing criticisms directed squarely at Trump (see article here).  He used language specifically targeted at Trump's large, fragile, bombastic, male ego.  He said Congress obviously viewed Trump as an "incompetent player" who must be "liquidated," further spewing that Trump had demonstrated "complete impotence" [yikes!] in the "most humiliating manner, transferring executive powers to Congress" [I wonder if Trump believes him?] and that this constitutes "the end of our hopes of improving relations with the new administration" [inflict guilt and failure on Trump]. Of course, such comments would only have been made with President Putin's approval.  Trump must have made some big promises to the Russians to deserve such targeted rage! And then failed to deliver.  Apparently, he wasn't worth much more than that to Putin!  In my dream above:  Putin said, "You will lose." Trump responded, "I never lose."  In this major showdown on Russian policy, per my dream, Putin was right, Trump was wrong.  Worse still, Putin/Medvedev know exactly how to hit him directly below the belt right smack in the... uh ... ego.  Poor Trump.  He really believed Putin and he had a solid friendship.  Today, a transcript of a phone call between Trump and the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull from January 28, 2017(see article here), in which Trump snarled and barked at Turnbull, bitterly complaining that it was the "most unpleasant call all day," and reminisced wistfully out loud that "Putin was a pleasant call."  Yes, indeed.  Putin is very smooth.  As I previously predicted on February 16, Trump would make a strategic mistake in thinking he was Putin's new BFF.   Trump has risked his credibility to praise Putin effusively (which only fueled concerns about his possible collusion with the Russians), met privately off the record with Putin and Putin's interpreter at the G-20 dinner to the exclusion of our allies, met with top Russians at the White House with only the Russian - not American - media were allowed to attend, and the list goes on.  Trump turned his back on his own citizens, the American media, his allies, his friends, his own party, his White House advisors, everyone - so he could buy his friendship with Putin.  But Putin turned his back on him in a heartbeat.  Did you notice Medvedev didn't criticize Congress or American intelligence - the real "culprits" here?  He criticized Trump.  Why?  Because Trump is easy.
(Nancy du Tertre)

July 3, 2017 - A couple of weeks ago I had a dream (don't remember details) where I woke up surprised that the catastrophic event, which was supposed to have happened on July 14 (Bastille Day) happened instead on July 4 (Independence Day).  I remember thinking my brain had made some unusual glitch or correction that I couldn't reconcile.  Since then I have learned that Trump will be in France for Bastille Day.  I have an uneasy sense of the near future.  I also have a sense that something is up with China in the sense that they may be poised to launch or deploy a preemptive weapon.  This feels like it is the result of the posturing with North Korea, not to mention Trump's recent visit with the South Korean President Moon Jae-in after giving up on the Chinese for help in dealing with North Korea, and his upcoming face-to-face meeting with Russia's President Putin at the G20 meeting.  Nothing is as it appears to be.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated on July 6, 2017 - My above prediction of a catastrophic event related to North Korea taking place on Independence Day (July 4) was right on the money. On July 4, as Americans celebrated their independence from Britain, North Korea launched its first ICBM capable of reaching the shores of the U.S.  North Korean leader Kim Jong-un offered the new weapon launch as a direct threat to the U.S. and a spit in the face.  The headline on the British Telegraph newspaper on July 5 stated: "North Korean leader Kim Jong-un taunted the US on Wednesday after carrying out an intercontinental ballistic missile test, saying it was a "gift" to "American bastards" on their independence day.  The test of an ICBM on Tuesday was confirmed by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who said it marked "a new escalation of the threat to the world". It marks a milestone for North Korea's missile programme and heightens concern in Washington about Pyongyang's declared pursuit of a nuclear-tipped missile that can reach the United States." 

CBS News pointed out, as have many media outlets, that China's now obvious reluctance to contain North Korea has changed the US attitude toward China.  China and the US may both bringing flowers and chocolates to the new belle of the ball, Russia, at tomorrows G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany. "North Korea's ICBM test may dominate the president's talks with the presidents of Russia and China Friday.  U.S. officials say the window for diplomacy is closing, and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is talking about punishing countries like China that trade with North Korea." (See CBS News article).
(Nancy du Tertre)

June 20, 2017 - "I predict that as long as neptune transits it's own sign Pisces (2025)earthlings will experience events associated to that combo.Deceit,illusion/delusion, worse drug problems,chemicals/poisons all things water...tsunamis.Of course, it could also include a spiritual transformation .Contact with our creators would be nice."
(Tim Ries)

June 14, 2017 -  About one year ago (July 19, 2016) I made a prediction about the next president of the United States, who I believed would be Donald Trump, and said that, in any event, I felt it would be important to look to the nature and character of the vice presidential choice because I was concerned that the presidency might end in either "assassination or a catastrophic health event."  While obviously neither of these two predictions has come to fruition as of this date, I find it interesting that these mere concepts seem to have entered into our national Zeitgeist.  I have always told people to be careful what you think about, since thoughts are things.  In other words, thoughts are vibrational data which have a real influence on our "real" world.  This is not woo-woo New Age fluff.  Read the scientific studies!  I do not like to think about things that are not positive or constructive in nature.  So I am a little hesitant to bring this up, however, it tends to confirm an undercurrent of violent thoughts among our population which needs to be examined.  On May 30, comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a photo of herself holding a fake severed and bloody head of President Trump.  She apologized but was promptly fired from CNN.  (See Washington Post article).  One week later, the news media reported that the Public Theatre in New York City was producing a version of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" portraying the assassination of a Trump-like dictator with a gold bathtub and "pouty slavic wife."  Despite major sponsors pulling the plug on their financial commitments, the production company continues to stand by its artistic rendering in the name of promoting healthy First Amendment dialogue.  (See New York Daily news article).  Then, this morning, a lone shooter in Alexandria, Virginia, shot and wounded the House Republican Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise, as well as a Congressional staffer, a lobbyist, and two members of the Capitol police force during a regular and friendly Congressional baseball practice.  The shooter, who was reportedly killed during the attack, reportedly filled his Facebook pages with blatantly anti-Trump sentiments.  According to a CNN article today, "The Facebook feed is filled with anti-Trump sentiments such as 'Trump is guilty and should go to prison for treason.'  He also 'liked' a political cartoon that suggested Scalise should be fired.  On March 22, he posted 'Trump is a Traitor,  Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy.  It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.'"  My point here is: what started as angry whispers among citizens unhappy with Trump's style and policies have now escalated to an increasingly dangerous boiling point.  I predicted problems with potential martial law and civil war overtones last year.  If this continues, we may be headed down that path.  Trump needs to dial it way down - for his own sake and safety, as well as that of our nation...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated June 23, 2017 - And the "hits" keep comin'!  Add actor Johnny Depp to the growing list of folks making "jokes" about presidential assassination.  An article today by Alex Stedman in Variety Magazine entitled "Johnny Depp Apologizes for Donald Trump Assassination Joke" refers to a joke made by the world famous actor at the Glastonbury Festival yesterday, when he asked (allegedly referring in retrospect to President Lincoln's assassination), "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?"  The point is - there is a lesson here for everyone including Hollywood actors as well as President Trump - words and threats are actual swords of battle...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated on July 7, 2017 - Now we can add actor Jim Carrey to the growing list of people have have expressed a desire to harm Trump.  While defending Kathy Griffin's "comedy" of holding Trump's severed head, he admitted that he had dreamed about attacking Trump with a golf club.  (See article in Daily Caller).  Carrey argued it was okay for comedians to make such jokes because they "weren't real" - which appears to be the same argument Trump makes about his "jokes."  Yes, words are real.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated on August 19, 2017 - Add to the growing list of people musing publicly about Trump's assassination, not just movie stars, but a politician.  According to an article in the Huffington Post on August 17, 2017, entitled "Missouri State Senator Urged To Resign Over Her ‘Hope’ For Trump’s Assassination, "  Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal "made the comment on her Facebook page Thursday morning in response to a thread she’d started out of frustration over the white supremacist violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. 'I hope Trump is assassinated!' she wrote on her page, which is not open to the public. While she deleted the post soon after, a screenshot of it nevertheless quickly gained traction, earning rebukes from across the political spectrum."
(Nancy du Tertre)

June 13, 2017 - "Sessions testimoney was supposed to give an answer about his third undisclosed meeting with the Russians nothing more.. there are 2 specific questions that Sessions answers that seem harmless at first they are not harmless... through these answers others are asked to testify... perjery"

June 12, 2017 - "After my last accurate premonition regarding 3 terrorists attacking London Bridge.(18.4.16)I thought i would add 4 more. 1)An airliner goes Down near the Orkney Islands.I can see it spining into the sea.I have had this dream twice.My London Bridge premonition i had about 10 times. 2) i see a fire and the words 4 miles West of London Heathrow Airport and the sabotage.I am not sure about this as ive only had the one dream. 3) Dundee University lunch time maybe the dinning hall. A major incident.It seems to involve an explosion. 4) I see the Kardashians on tv in Australia in 2018 and this website maybe mentioned by another guest on the show.The show may be the Project. My London Bridge premonition was not my most accurate but it was the first i recorded online.In 1989 regarding a plane crash in Amsterdam Airport i saw everything except the date and time."
(Paul Chantrell)

June 4, 2017 -  I am feeling the three radical terrorists shot yesterday for mowing down numerous pedestrians on the London Bridge and stabbing several more in the Borough Market nearby area (7 dead and 48 injured as of today) may be related - as family or close friends - to Briton Khalid Masood, the 52-year-old radical Islamic terrorist who killed four pedestrians and wounded fifty, by mowing them down on the Westminster Bridge and including the fatal stabbing a police officer nearby.  Feels like part of a terrorist cell that feels like family members or people living together in a familial situation.  Also, please see the April 18, 2016 prediction of Paul Chantrell for his amazing prediction regarding a terrorist attack on London Bridge.
(Nancy du Tertre)

May 18, 2017 - "Leading up to the total solar eclipse Trump will quit before being impeached with some heroic act like saving the witnesses huge legal bills.In some way he's gonna go out saving face and his ties to Russian money will remain a mystery. Then again, he might end up in jail with a 400 lb. dude known as "Pepito the pounder"."
(Tim Ries)

May 18, 2017 - This may sound unlikely or odd to most people, but I believe we recently experienced some kind of global "reset" and were hurtled into either 1) the future or 2) an alternate dimension.  I base this on my personal sensations and observations, as well as those of several other people with whom I have spoken.  For roughly the last three weeks, my sense of time has been "off" by about one or two days.  I can't seem to remember what day it is no matter how hard I try.  Since a week ago, my sense of time has been "off" by approximately seven days.  For the last four days or so, I have been signing and dating checks and documents as May 11 and 12.  Today I asked someone the date (I figured it must be the 13th of May) and was shocked to discover it is May 18.  Furthermore, while I generally experience minute "buzzing" in my limbs while I sleep, the last several nights I have experienced almost rumbling body vibrations. While this may seem specific to me, I have now checked it out with three unrelated people around the country, and they are all confirming the same or similar sensations.  I believe our global timeline was likely "rearranged" into the future to avoid a specific catastrophic event or series of events.  That would account for our massive temporal confusion and feeling odd vibrations - like being hurtled through cyberspace at warp drive speeds.  My psychic sense is that this likely was done by or with the help of an "Off World" organization.  I also feel this is a band-aid measure to prevent a future global catastrophic confrontation.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated May 20, 2017 - "I've had the same weird not knowing what day it is thing going. And I've been having strange feelings in my legs. Almost like being shocked. Very odd!"

Updated May 22, 2017 - "To add to and further confirm your 18 May post: I, too, have sensed it. My comment to myself through the month is that I feel like time disappears or is altered /affected / dimensional shifts. Interesting to note the busy headlines -one after another - since 19 May that seem to be pulling back a screen. What has been hidden seems to become visible (beginning to). Also, Dannion Brinkley had something interesting in one of his interviews, which I am trying to relocate. He referred to a time in either April or early May (?) that was a critical time - that would determine which direction we go? (I’m paraphrasing, trying to relocate the piece). It made me think of what you wrote as I had just come across his references a day or two prior to your posting. I want to know more about what he wrote or commented on for this specific time. And, another friend with expanded perception said that we’ve made the decision to ‘alter’ things, to go in the better direction (here again, paraphrasing). Penney Peirce seems to describe similar notes in her blog (12 May): "I've heard varying explanations about why the energy inside our bodies and in the physical world is oscillating so fast: astrological transits and eclipses, sunspots, esoteric alignments. I don't know what it is, but it's real." Sounds like there are a few more with similar references/experience as reflected in your 18 May post. "

Updated June 8, 2017 - "I have been feeling this time warp confusion since November 8th. The shock of The hostile overtake by Trump and the Russians is when it began for me. I use the word confusion, because I feel the World, especially in the USA, "Shifted" ahead or behind, (not sure which) this has seemingly caused much misunderstanding amoung the People of the US. I myself had 4 strange situations from Jan 2017 to late April where "Hate," and misguided anger" were thust at me, mostly due to being a woman, and worse, an Older woman, by white men, aged 40's to 50's. One episode was clenched fisted anger by an Arab type man, misunderstanding something that was none of his business. and I told him so. I was glad there were some Mexican Men around me to protect me at that time. Its as if these men had blind anger and were ready to attack anyone or anything they "thought," had supposedly in their mind, humiliated or challenged them, It was like no one seemed to have the ability to"think straight." Mis-Communication" Jumping to the wrong conclusions. etc. It was all in a time period that I later found out, that 5 Planets, were retrograde. May 9th these planets, Jupiter and especially Mecury (which regulates confusion in thoughts and misunderstandings communication ) were then moving out from a retrograde position. I could almost physically feel the ease of this confusion in May...and Bad things happening were easing off and demishing. I made a list of bad events, about 22 of them that effected just myself and immediate family. Others also spoke of getting beaten up and hospitalized by race matters and car accidents, etc. My list included; A car robbery break-in costing almost $2,000, in Jan, Mother fell broke hip, Hospital, 20 minute Operation, almost died, Heavy responsibilty moving to nursing home rehab, to Uncles home, Okay now, Flooded water heater, Rats eating cable cords, Febuary; Electronics breaking down, replacing household items, Sickness in March and April, 2x with 3 people, and on and on, it all began to ease in May around the 9th. Also Vivid Dreams from January to March."

May 7, 2017 - French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron will win the election and become France's next president.  As in the recent US presidential election, there will be a high number of blank ballots - protest votes.  I "hear" 13 percent.  Many are voting "against" Marine Le Pen and not "for" Macron - as they did in the U.S. voting in favor of Trump.  I "feel" the number 64 percent for Macron (logically this feels way too high).

The irony here is that Le Pen (the French "Trump") will lose.  Why? Multiple reasons but among them the French have the benefit of the American experience including hacking.  Neither is good choice.  Le Pen is a street fighter and far more adept as a politician than Macron but carries to much semi-fascist baggage.  Macron is green, unripe, immature, too young, a policy-wonk like Hillary Clinton. He will be eaten alive by other world leader sharks.  The problem this election was that it was a choice to protect against Islamic radical terrorists by aligning with Russia (Le Pen), not the United States (Macron) even though it is one of Trump's priorities - hence extreme irony and the world continues to wobble on its head. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated May 8, 2017 - Macron was elected by a landslide yesterday.  That prediction was easy.  The final polling results of the last 2 million votes or so, bumped Macron's lead from 64 percent (my prediction) up to 66.1 percent.  See article in the British newspaper The Telegraph.  So my prediction was actually a bit too low.  However, the New York Times reported that Macron's party "En Marche" won with 64 percent of the vote.  See article.  So perhaps that is what I tuned into...  The total percentage of blank or spoiled ballots (plus abstentions) was calculated to be at a record high of 33.4 percent.  According to a CNN report, "The so-called "ballot blanc," or white ballot, has a long history as a protest vote in France, going all the way back to the French Revolution. This time around, nearly 9% of voters cast blank or spoiled ballots -- the highest ever since the Fifth Republic was founded in 1958."  So, while my prediction of 13 percent blank/spoiled votes was higher than the actual 9 percent, this election saw a record high level of blank votes.
(Nancy du Tertre)

May 2, 2017 - Recently, in a New York Times article dated April 28, 2017 entitled "Trump on North Korea: Tactic? ‘Madman Theory’? Or Just Mixed Messages?," it was suggested President Trump may be employing a tactic made famous by President Nixon in 1969 when he began flying thermonuclear bombers near the Soviet border to try and force the North Vietnamese into fearful submission during the Vietnam War.  The myth was created that Nixon was just such a "madman" that he might provoke the ultimate wartime endgame. 
Here's the difference with Trump.  When you play the madman game you need a shill.  Trump doesn't play well in the sandbox.  His premature and direct overtures to my (almost) namesake, the Philippino president Duterte, and also to North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un, and his attempts to talk frankly, as "one strongman to another," are doomed to failure.  Why?  He lacks a shill - the good cop, bad cop or, put another way, sane guy, crazy guy/straight man, funny man. As with police interrogations and stand-up comedy, timing is everything in negotiations.  Yes, you can throw almost anyone off guard with crazy timing, but you need a "straight man" to promote your insanity and to catch any fly balls from anxious or confused batters who need to talk to someone with their head screwed on straight.  No one can play all roles.  This is where narcissism becomes a flesh-eating bacteria that destroys its host body despite the best intentions.
(Nancy du Tertre)

April 16, 2017 - As the world reorganizes its alliances as a quick response to growing military confrontations around the globe, and the United States watches North Korea's failed missile attempt (in vast contrast to his purposefully intimidating parade of newer and larger missiles, I feel, based upon a dream, the "first shot" or "opening salvo" (which feels inevitable with the world leadership monopolized by testosterone-filled male leaders jockeying for superiority and unable to hold an estrogen-style conversation first) will be fired at the United States in water.  That may mean at its warships or from a submarine under water.  As I said in an earlier post, beware instilling fear in the United States as this will have devastating global effects.
(Nancy du Tertre)

April 16, 2017 - "I have a number of intuitive insights to share: 1. The people streaming north into Germany are a karmic balancing of its ethnic cleansing 1920's-1945. The government there now has a chance to deal with these souls in a more compassionate way. 2. The Chinese are worried about Trump and his threatening rhetoric and bullying. This is why they built islands - they do not wish their shores to be the first line of defence. 3. The Chinese plan far ahead - centuries. This is why they have taken steps to secure food sources by buying farms in other countries. 4. Consumerism will become less important than the "helping hand" and neighbourliness. The way of compassion rather than fear is already attracting older souls. Fewer will be looking for government - and certainly not the rich! - to help. People will sort out their own problems, and be less gullible. 5. I sense more assassination attempts against Trump, but I do not see them succeeding. However he will become even more frightened and erratic, isolating himself and becoming estranged from his disenchanted voter base. 6. I see a truly enormous storm striking the American east coast near its autumn. 7. Methane eruptions creating huge holes in permafrost. My message in this transitional time: rather than seeking places of safety, seek to live so that the world benefits from your actions. In the time to come, we will no longer be Americans, Australians or from any nation, religion or so called race. We will become human beings, who know why we are here."
(Kristine Ellis)

March 29, 2017 - A friend recently sent me an old article from "Time" magazine regarding the former Admiral and Alabama Senator Jeremiah Denton.  It appears that even as far back as 1981 (nearly 40 years ago), Denton was sounding the alarm about Russian interference in our political system.  He claimed they were manipulating media and think-tank by disinformation techniques!  His prophetic remarks are quite astounding in light of today's current events (See "An Admiral From Alabama," by William Henry III, Time, June 8, 1981):

"Denton has an ideal plinth from which to proclaim his strident anti-Soviet views. He is chairman of a new Judiciary Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism. At recent hearings, Denton depicted a pervasive, secret Soviet influence within the U.S. and suggested that Moscow had stopped short of using terrorism in this country only to leave America "a sleeping giant" until too late. Liberals and civil libertarians are worried about groups that Denton may try to investigate as part of the "disinformation" conspiracy, such as antinuclear organizations and a Washington-based liberal think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies. Some critics have begun to compare Denton to that ultimate American witch-hunter, the late Joe McCarthy.

That is unfair. Denton does not use McCarthy's ambush tactics, and unlike McCarthy, he is plainly sincere. He spent more than four of his years as a Vietnamese prisoner in solitary, his feet manacled to the floor for months at a time. Nonetheless, he maintained a chain of command in the P.O.W. camps and endured savage beatings for it. When forced to video-tape a confession, he blinked his eyes in Morse code to send the world a message, 'Torture.'"
(Nancy du Tertre)

March 25, 2017 - "A large earthquake (5.8+) will rock the San Francisco Bay Area sometime in the next six months. It will certainly be felt strongly in the North Bay Area. It won't be the "Big One," however."
(Josh Martin)

March 25, 2017 - "As for trump. There is a plot underfoot more sinister than anyone imagines and has been in play for quite some time between the donald and russia..namely putin..and while trump is sneaky he is no match for them and he has been sold into something not knowing that all along he is being double crossed and there is ulterior motives he knows nothing of coming out of the other side. Involving trying to get a stronghold on america with ultimate goal being complete power and takeover of this country by russian govt. Oh they will not come to fruition and much will happen before these plots even come to light...trumps presidency will fail miserably in a profound way destroying the man but not before much unrest and confusion of this country, many agencies, and ultimately her people. But all will settle eventually and america and her people will become stronger for it and will crave for old ideas, simple american values, and a return to a kinder gentler america."

March 13, 2017 - "My predictions about trump are that he will be expose however, I can't provide a definite date but, spiritually , it was told to me the majority of the republican party, FBI and son congress members , including the entire trump campaign will be expose due to their Russian scandals, and this will be BREAKING NEWS ACROSS AMERICA, What else will be expose is the enormous amount of money Trump has tied up with other foreign leaders including Russia. Everything will unfold before this year ends, The person trump trust the most will be the person or persons that will disclose everything about the White House and trump cabinet picks ALL WILL BE EXPOSE IN A BAD WAY..."
(Kim J. Jackson)

March 10, 2017 - I predict the Mexicans will never pay for the border wall between the United States and Mexico that President Trump wishes to build.
Just as he promised New Yorkers that he would rebuild Wollman Skating Rink in 1986 and make fools of Mayor Ed Koch's administration.  The NYC Parks Department had originally promised to rebuild the rink in 1980 saying it would cost $13 million and take two years.  After six years and over-budget, they said they would have to start over again, and it would take an additional two years and another $13 million. (See Forbes article). Trump stepped in.  Speaking as a long time New York City resident, I remember it well.  He said Koch and his government were a bunch of fools.  Trump bragged that he could repair the rink for $3 million in less than six months.  After wrangling with Koch's administration, he finally got the green light.  He was able to repair the skating rink and repaired the rink in only a few months and under budget.  Naturally, Trump claimed total victory and continued to mock the government at every opportunity for their gross inefficiency.  He announced that he, Donald Trump, had given this great gift to the people of New York City!  He claimed hero status for himself.  However, what he neglected to mention was that he had negotiated significant real estate tax breaks for his other New York properties with Mayor Koch prior to embarking on the deal.  He was making money for his offer.  So who really paid for Wollman Skating Rink?  The people did.  It was not Trump's gift to us.  We paid for it ourselves and he claimed credit for it. 

He will repeat this with the Mexican Wall - with a different wrinkle.  The American People will pay cash for the wall. The estimates currently range between $12 to $25 billion.  He will then tell us that the cost will eventually be reimbursed to us by reduced costs of illegal aliens, increased tariffs, and bringing manufacturing back from Mexico to the United States - policies we could have had for free.  He never intended to ask Mexico for actual money  - that will come from Americans.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 4, 2017 - And here it is!  The confirmation of my above prediction that Trump never intended for Mexico to actually pay for the wall to stop illegal immigration into the United States.  Yesterday, the Washington Post released leaked highly classified transcripts of the President's phone conversation with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in which Trump expressed his irritation that the Mexican President continued to deny Mexico would pay for the wall. (See article).  According to the article: “You cannot say that to the press,” Trump said repeatedly, according to a transcript of the Jan. 27 call obtained by The Washington Post. Trump made clear that he realized the funding would have to come from other sources but threatened to cut off contact if Mexican President ­Enrique Peña Nieto continued to make defiant statements. The funding “will work out in the formula somehow,” Trump said, adding later that “it will come out in the wash, and that is okay.” But “if you are going to say that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that.”
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated December 22, 2018 - My prediction is now complete.  Trump has not only just created a GoFundMe page to ask American citizens to pay for the wall (which has currently raised $5 million), but he has publicly tweeted that Mexico will now "indirectly" pay for the wall because of the new agreement replacing NAFTA.  Of course, Trump has never indicated where, why or how much money Mexico will "indirectly" contribute, assuming there is any truth at all to this unsubstantiated assertion.  Here is his tweet from December 19, 2018:

Mexico is paying (indirectly) for the Wall through the new USMCA, the replacement for NAFTA! Far more money coming to the U.S. Because of the tremendous dangers at the Border, including large scale criminal and drug inflow, the United States Military will build the Wall!"

So American citizens will be required, one way or another, it seems to pay for this wall since Mexico will never pay, contrary to Trump's signature campaign promise.  Too bad most Americans didn't grow up in New York City to know that he never had any real intention or ability to do otherwise...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated January 10, 2019 - And here it is, finally!  My prediction confirmed.  In an article entitled   "Fact check: Trump says he 'obviously' never said Mexico would pay directly for the wall. But he did," in USA Today, dated today, confirms, "When during the campaign, I would say Mexico is going to pay for it, obviously I never said this. I never meant they're going to write out a check," Trump told reporters at the White House Thursday before departing for a review of the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. The U.S. is now locked in a 20-day partial government shutdown – poised to become the longest in American history – over Trump's demand that American, not Mexican, taxpayers fund the construction of a border barrier." See link here.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated March 16, 2019 - Yesterday, Trump vetoed and overruled the Congressional vote in order to protect his emergency declaration for border wall funding which includes taking millions of dollars designated for other U.S. defense projects - proving once and for all, as I predicted, that he never intended for Mexico to pay for his wall.  See link.
(Nancy du Tertre)

March 4, 2017 - "I don't know if the dream was related to outside events or something internal but my dream led me out of a building complex, a wide street 4 way stop and a dark tunnel to the south. I looked at the sky to see oddly shaped flying objects dropping bombs from the sky, red and white. Military jets flew in attacking these objects to stop the bombing and the realization of what was happening put me in alert mode. The military jets were destroyed by these objects that seemed indestructible. I turned around and started shouting "bomb" repeatedly to the passengers sitting at a red light. Like a previous dream where drivers in cars were lined up with devoid expressions on their face, I couldn't get through and ran across the street. I wouldn't go into the tunnel. Tiny shops were across the street, I was in the middle of a food war. I watched people scramble for bread and the like, racing to the checkout stall. It was madness. I thought of the nearby city that was being bombed, a name didn't pop up, and felt terrible that these people had no chance of surviving. This city or town had many elderly and established business/home owners. A previous dream contained a nuclear blast in the middle of the sky with a laughing skull. A sunny day and all people seen were lifeless, as though time stopped and it was a snapshot of a moment. They were again devoid of expression."

Feburary 20, 2017 - "I predict that this year will bring a closer union of the collective consciousness..its not Un...and in the constellation of canis will be a sign."
(Mike Reese)
(Constellation of Canis Major)

February 17, 2017 - "Many astrologers I know are predicting the Trump presidency will suffer serious setbacks and/or consequences during the period starting this spring through October."
(Dr. Bob Hieronimus)

February 17, 2017 - "As a fellow intuitive you know I have had strong concerns about this Presidency for over a year now, and I have also had the opportunity to speak with fellow psychics, who see the same Elephant, but sometimes at different angles. One in particular is very interesting to me, she has been receiving visions about someone within Trump's inner circle betraying him and leading to impeachment. She felt the process for this would occur in the middle of February. If true, it could be the Russian connection may be his downfall, coupled with his war with the Intelligence Community, who now have insiders who are saying Trump will "die in jail" because the IC is "going nuclear". Better them than us, but I do remain highly concerned and on high alert."
(Eileen Deutsch)

February 17, 2017 - "I recently read an interesting article that talked about Putin's "confuse & conquer" strategy. Which seems, as you say, to be working well. [see prediction below] Attacking on multiple fronts so that nobody knows what to address first. My instinct is telling me that Trump will be impeached due to his Russian connections but the timeline is muddy."

February 16, 2017 - In my most recent blog, I wrote about the necessity of not reacting to the policies or, more importantly, behavioral/personality aspects of President Trump.  I wrote that we need, more than ever, a measured, calm response to his over-the-top movements.  I wrote that the most dangerous animal in the jungle is not the most powerful one, rather it is the most frightened one.  A frightened animal will lash out without regard to self-preservation

This is now becoming a global reality.  And it should stop EVERY ONE OF US NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN dead in our tracks for a moment.  Trump's personality (dictatorial, narcissistic, combative, erratic,and dismissive) has destabilized world relations and long-standing allies as well as enemies.  The most frightened animal in this global jungle will likely have access to nuclear, EMP, or other weapons of mass destruction, and when pushed to the wall, will not think twice about detonating.  We will all, no matter which side of the fence, suffer the consequences.  We live in the same lifeboat together.  It is called Planet Earth.  Don't believe me?

Normally, every new American president is routinely "tested" by enemy nations seeking to take advantage of that brief window of time when things are in chaos during the transition.  North Korea's recent test of an intermediate range ballistic missile launch into the Sea of Japan during the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was visiting with President Trump.  The test is considered the next step to an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the United States.  The Chinese response was not to take sides saying it was an issue strictly between North Korea, the United States and South Korea - nothing to do with the Chinese. Of course, listen to what is not said more than what is said.  They don't fear North Korea's missile technology.  Why not?  Use your imagination.  It would, of course, be hard to get Chinese backup support on this issue if you have initially denounced the One China policy and cozied up to Taiwan and then announced a hard-line approach against the artificial military base islands built by the Chinese since 2014 in  the South China Sea. Meanwhile, Trump has announced his intention to use a hardline approach against Iran and "rip up" the 2015 Iran nuclear deal with the P5+1 group of world powers (including the United States, UK, France, China and Russia plus Germany).  Iran promptly flexed its muscle at Trump by firing a medium-range missile in a (failed) test in violation of Security Council resolutions only days after Trump's inauguration.  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had already reacted angrily to Trump's intention to undo the deal back in December.  But the Trump signing of the executive order banning immigrants from Iran and six other predominantly Muslim countries on January 29 seemed to send Iran over the edge.  Why piss off Iran, which has a hidden alliance with North Korea on science, technology and missile exchange, when you have pissed off your only serious potential ally in the region against North Korea (China)?  Also, did we forget Iran is fighting along side Russia (Trump's new BFF - not sure if it is reciprocal) in Syria?  This is global destabilization at its worst.  Make your friends - and your enemies - terrified and scrambling in the chaos of unclear alliances.

So watch what is happening.  Tiny signs.  Within the last few days a Russian spy ship with missiles was spotted by the U.S. Coast Guard off the coast of New Jersey, not far from where I live, heading toward the U.S. submarine base, only 30 miles north, in Groton, Connecticut.  Although technically in international waters, U.S. officials say this is the closest a Russian spy submarine has ever come to the coast of the United States.  This prompted U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, to tweet his concerns: "Russia is acting like it has a permission slip to expand influence, test limits of reach. Questions are obvious: does it, and if so, why?”

Meanwhile, French newspapers are reporting that Sweden is suddenly remilitarizing its large island Gotland in the Baltic Sea.  Why?  The Russian threat and the renewed threat (repeated yesterday by Trump's Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to NATAO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels that  America will reduce its commitment to NATO unless the member nations contribute more to the costs of a common defense.  Every man (or nation) for him or herself it seems.  So Sweden prepares its military.

As the European Union suffers from Brexit (the withdrawal of Britain) and faces fears of Frexit (withdrawl by the French) and Germany hides thousands of reports of crimes by its enormous influx of Middle Eastern and Syrian refugees, Europe sees  chaos in the United States and considers cozying up to Russia as an alternative.  Ukrainians engaged in renewed fighting with Russian-back separatists wonder if they should listen to Trump or his newly appointed UN Ambassador Nikki Haley when it comes to whether or not they will receive U.S. help.  Nothing is clear.

Then, back home, more chaos.  Three days ago, Trump's National Security Advisor Lieutenant General Mike Flynn resigned in disgrace after failing to report private conversations with the Russian Ambassador regarding sanctions against Russia.  

Suddenly, yesterday, Trump announced his appointment of billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Feinberg to conduct a review of all of the countries intelligence agencies (CIA, DIA, NSA, etc.) in light of what Trump has called Russian-like intrusions (leaks of information by intelligence agencies showing breaches of national security by his administration) into the realm of politics.  He has, in effect, declared war on our country's own intelligence agencies!  The executive branch against those who protect us globally in a chaotic and scary world.  Let's add to this global mess some internal chaos!  As I said in a previous prediction, the last time a president went up against the intelligence agencies, he was assassinated.  If there is no time to prevent a potential hotheaded decision, there leaves little doubt there aren't sufficient options to open backroom negotiations and discussions.  I'm not sure why this isn't abundantly clear to others.

As the world reels from Trump's interior mental world which thrives on chaos, ego and combat, everyone gears up, like frightened citizens of the globe, trying to find the safest and most powerful ally.  Russia has stepped up to the plate (a long term strategy that is finally paying off).  I am convinced as ever that Russian president Putin's plan has been to create strategic alliances to help him pick off his enemies, one by one, until finally he turns on his last, most loyal accomplice, and destroys him.  Trump beware of your new BFF.

I have now spoken with a number of highly psychic and intuitive folks separately.  Every one of them has privately confided to me their looming sense of imminent global catastrophe - from which there will be no winners.  It won't matter whose side you are.  This is also confirmed by others.  If all our allies run away from the United States in favor of Russia, who knows - perhaps America will ultimately become the "frightened animal" in this jungle. And we would make a very dangerous frightened animal indeed!  I warned about this scenario, more gently, in previous predictions.  I am now very, very concerned. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated Comment on February 17, 2017 - " I have been staying away from the politics as much as possible. Trying to focus on my life & path almost to retirement, next December. It's hard to go to work & concentrate worrying about who may decide to push that nuclear button. I would like to see the world survive, for the next generations to come & hopefully an abundance of wildlife."
(Kate Lawler)

Updated May 18, 2017 - Trump's new BFF (Russia's president Putin), as I described in my prediction, seems to be playing out as predicted.  The last 10 days have been almost surreal.  The day after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was heading the investigation into Russian attempts to influence the American presidential campaign and members of Trump's close inner circle (General Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, etc.), Trump meets with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak (a known spy under FBI investigation in the influencing scandal already in progress) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the White House and - here's the kicker - barred all American media from attending and permitted the Russian state-owned media!!  Why the secrecy to the American public?  The Russian media then apparently double-crossed Trump and leaked photos of Trump with the two Russian officials.  By stark contrast to all meetings so far with world political leaders of our traditional allies, Trump appears completely relaxed, happy, at home, and clearly enjoying his new (old?) buddies. I have never seen him smile so broadly and naturally in the 40 years I have watched him.  Even his handshake speaks of friendship not power.
Compare his attitude and behavior to, for example, his cool reception to Germany's Merkel, making Australian's president wait for him for several hours and stilted hospitality, his chilly congratulations to France's new president Macron, and his normal "yank and pull" power handshakes to all other leaders, imposing physical submission upon them, including Japan's prime minister (causing the him to roll his eyes despite classic Asian courtesy).  In fact, Trump seemed to enjoy such a casual relationship with his Russian guests that he apparently leaked highly sensitive intelligence information to them regarding Israel's anti-terrorist connections.  Oops!  Now Trump is in deep shit with America.  The appointment of Special Counsel, to appease the new uproar and ground swell of voices calling for Trump's impeachment, to pick up where FBI Director Comey left off, was accomplished without Trump's prior approval or knowledge.  Who seems to be enjoying this American political chaos?  None other than Putin!  According to an article, "Washington is Abuzz With Surround Sound of Scandal," by Peter Baker, in the New York Times today, "Meanwhile, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia seemed to be enjoying the disruption he had helped sow in the United States, trolling American politicians by offering to provide his own transcript of last week’s meeting between Mr. Trump and the Russian foreign minister where the president shared sensitive information."  This act of "kindness" is a poison pill in disguise.  Just as I predicted above on February 16.  Trump should have been more cautious with his new BFF Putin.  Trump may be what is called a "useful idiot."  Like the line in the movie "Wiseguys" -- if you're going to get killed by the mob, you'll never know it.  They'll just shoot you. The goal is to disable and divide the United States.  The "fun" is just beginning.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated May 30, 2017 - Handshakes says it all - as I mentioned above!  Apparently, France's president Emmanuel Macron decided to fight the "war of the handshake" with Trump for 19 seconds after reviewing Trump's "yank and pull" techniques.  According to an article in the Washington Post yesterday, "Macron had surprised the world last week with his white-knuckle grasp of President Trump's hand when the pair met for the first time. Trump had already gained notoriety for his handshake, a vigorous tug that has caught some world leaders off guard.  The French president, however, came prepared. Though Trump leaned in first, he tried to release his hand from the lengthy shake, twice, while Macron kept squeezing. Speaking to Le Journal du Dimanche this weekend, Macron explained that 'my handshake with him, it wasn’t innocent,' later adding: 'One must show that you won’t make small concessions, even symbolic ones, but also not over-publicize things, either.'”  Clearly, Macron, rebuffed by hacking Russians and a U.S. President who supported Macron's Russian-backed opponent, Le Pen, in the elections, sees the need to send a symbolic message of "screw you" back to Trump.  

As I have indicated in previous posts, Russian President Putin's goal is to play best friends with Trump until they disable all of their common foes, at which point the United States will have been sufficiently weakened by its lack of allies, that Russia will finally turn on the U.S. and go in for the kill.  This scenario is now ablaze for all to see.  Trump's contempt for his colleagues even plays out on a global scale.  His recent visit to the Middle East and Europe has highlighted his willingness to play into Putin's hands to cause division among U.S. allies, driving them slowly and reluctantly into the arms of Russia's strong, protective, and apparently "reliable" embrace.  This is no longer a global strategy - it is a disaster in the making.

France and Luxembourg's presidents, snickered visibly, at Trump's undiplomatic speech to shame NATO members into paying their share.  Montenegro's president was too shocked for words when Trump body-slammed him while trying to reach the front row of NATO VIP's at a photo op.  Germany's chancellor waited for Trump to go back to the U.S. before announcing an historical break in policy that Europe would now "take our destiny into our own hands" since it could no longer count on the United States under Trump's presidency.  Pope Francis took the opportunity grant a private audience on May 24 with Trump to present him with his written work detailing issues of human-caused global warming.  (Trump had previously called the pope "disgraceful" for suggesting his decision to build a wall along the Mexican border was "unchristian."  Trump had also previously suggested the Chinese were responsible for all global warming).  Apparently, the Pope's words went totally unheeded.  The other six members of the G7 group meeting in Italy voted to participate in the Paris Climate Accords, with Trump refusing to commit to the agreement and threatening to be the first of 200 nations to back out of the agreement on  cutting greenhouse-gas emissions. (See New York Times article).  Speaking of Italy, in the vacuum that has been created by the absence of the appointment of a U.S. ambassador to Italy during Trump's administration indicating a lack of priority, Italians are now beginning to realign their politics with Russia.  According to a New York Times article entitled "With Italy No Longer in U.S. Focus, Russia Swoops in to Fill the Void, "But the most consequential warming to Russia has come from  the surging Five Star Movement, which now leads in the polls as Italy faces the prospect of elections late this year.  The Five Star Movement has called for a referendum on Italy’s inclusion in the eurozone, an end to sanctions on Russia and a de facto geopolitical shift away from the United States and toward Russia.  At a recent unveiling of their foreign policy platform in Parliament, Five Star Movement leaders depicted Russia as a strategic partner that had been unfairly punished, and the United States as an abusive ally whose 70-year relationship with Italy had run its course."  So let's kiss our European allies good-bye.

Russia's president Putin continues to be the only world leader that Trump has consistently praised and with whom he has chosen to share unauthorized top secret intelligence belonging to another long-time U.S. ally - Israel.  It was clear, despite all the polite words, that Israeli president Netanyahu was biting his tongue on the intelligence issue.  After all, Trump has now made Shiite-majority nation Iran his number one enemy - a bone tossed to Israel - and Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia the new military darling.  Also Trump has donated tens of thousands of dollars toward the construction of Israeli settlements in the past.  But Netanyahu still had to force the majority of the ministers in his cabinet to greet Trump at the official reception by making their attendance mandatory after most planned to blow off the event. (See article in Newsweek).  So, Russia has now - almost by luck - created a new intelligence wedge between the United States and its ally Israel.  Europe and our allies now don't trust us or our reliability as a partner and ally.  They are heading over to Russia instead.  One by one.  Until Russia, with its new global allies, will be able to take down the United States once we are standing all alone by ourselves - as I predicted on February 16, 2017.  This is a very, very dangerous progression.  Trust can only be broken once.  Is Israel still our staunch ally?

French newspapers are now whispering about the possibility that Trump is showing classic signs of Alzheimer's or premature dementia based on his apparent problems with physical balance, mood swings, repetitive speech patterns and problematic reading skills.  (See article).  If so, does this suggest a progression leading to a possible "catastrophic health event" that I predicted July 19, 2016?  Certainly, any such mental instability could account for breaches in issues of national security.  While many believe he will be impeached, I don't believe there will be enough time to impeach through the normal process, given the increasing incursions into national security and impending disastrous results.  So I do not feel it.
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 17, 2017 - "2016/2017 Predictions   BREXIT (done) + TRUMP (IN) -   France (out) - Germany (maybe)-   EU collapses by end of year.   ET/UFO Disclosure by 2020"
(Dr. Julian E. Salt)

January 15, 2017 - I had a lucid dream last night.  I showed up on the right side of a large street or small highway and stood there with a woman (a "guide" but no one I know in real life).  We had arrived just in time to see the immediate aftermath of a terrible accident.  At the fork in this road, on the lefthand side, there was a crosswalk where nine or ten teenagers had been crossing the smaller street.  What I saw was a horrific.  All of these 9 or 10 kids were dead and lined up, lying side by side, in the middle of the street with an ambulance stopped next to them, and attendants loading them, one by one, into the ambulance.  The kids, mostly older teenagers, were a mixed group.  It seemed mostly cafe-au-lait (Hispanic?) and a couple of white kids.  I asked my female friend what had happened that all these kids were dead.  She said a car driving along this small highway had taken a left turn onto the fork and had intentionally mowed down everyone in the crosswalk.  As I started to get a closer look, I realized it was a bloody scene, and (since I was aware I was in a dream) I immediately decided to exit out of that dream and transfered myself into a different dream.  This dream had a vivid and predictive feel to it.  My sense (although very vague) was that it will probably occur in the United States and that the car that hit the kids was a white, American-made, older style four door car.  Today, I finally got around to looking at the news and now I am wondering if this isn't a possible tragedy that may occur as a part of the inaugural protests.  Speaking of which, I also predict massive breakdowns and problems in our internet access coming up in the very near future...
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 15, 2017 - "So about 3 to 4 years ago, I had a dream that a that I was driving to my office for work. It was a very cloudy day. Everyone at the time was completely oblivious of the unknown that was about to end all existence of man kind. A 100ft tidal wave roped through our state. And I live 6000k ft above sea level in colorado springs. As the wave crashed through my city I was in the sky looking down at the body of water. As if I was never touched by it. But of course it was a dream. I woke up feeling very confused about the dream I just had because I've had a couple other prophetic dreams in the past but they were opposite for water. They were about asteroids and yellow stone erupting, lava, with our ground breaking into pieces. I woke up crying because I didn't make it to my mother and son to die with them. This dream of asteroids event was just before scientists learned that old faithful was a super volcano. And ad for the tidal wave. I understand where that will come from now. A 5 sq mile of ice that is a 1 ml thick just broke off of Antarctica just broke enough off into the ocean. They say that all land around shore will be engulfed with water. FL will not be there anymore etc. And sea level areas will go under as well. Just imagine if the rest of Antarctica melts."

December 31, 2016 - "October 18th/19th 2016.  A dream where I was watching some kind of ‘frequencies’, two different frequencies. They were either colliding, or rather overlapping. Had to do with financial institutions. It was like watching how a heart beat reads on a monitor - but in frequencies, energy involving the planet - that something was being conflicted or crossed or ‘static’ - something ‘changing’ in the financial networks - globally, or that someone or something was interacting or changing or trying to affect it.   Furthermore, that this was something (new?) coming in. It was beyond politics. Frequencies colliding, like earth plates but in frequency as opposed to physical earth is what I was watching - directly related to financial institutions. ???  Then, this appeared at top of news feed next day:  Pure coincidence could be, of course.  Yet, sometimes can’t overlook certain dreams or when coincidences follow.   (Sometimes there’s the run off dreams - from daily activity/etc.  Other times, they are more clear and direct, such dreams that come true, or dreams with message, etc.)   The above dream had a message nature to it.  I figure I would come across the answer or further information if there was relevance to it. Whichever… it got my attention.   Another part of the original dream, watching the frequencies overlap, was that whatever those ‘frequencies’ were, was suggesting that was has been in place for so many years may not be supported by the changing frequencies. ?? This may be my mind interpreting, as opposed to direct message in dream. It seemed unrelated to politics - that whatever this was is regardless of who would be elected. Again, how to interpret? Economics my least favorite subject. Therefore, I turn to others who may have insight. Penney Peirce’s clear perception and interpretation of ‘frequencies’ would be a great place to start. As she wrote one of (if not the) original book on dreams, I felt she would be a clear place to start. I asked Penney if she had any information from her networks, or references to resourceful reading. She shared this link: The mention of the 8 year cycles was interesting (and in line with a question I had when I woke up …. are we entirely clear from a 2008 or similar situation?) I wasn’t convinced that we were in the clear, however I don’t have enough insight into economics to interpret. There wasn’t an impression of a doom and gloom forecast, etc. It was a watching of energy frequencies shifting, something coming in from further away (?). How to translate the ‘frequencies’ in dream remains the question. It was global financial institutions, but what does this mean for U.S., for example?

UPDATE Nov. 2016: I visited friend not long after this dream. She has expanded perception and told me about a meditation she had where energy was entering (red or hot pink, cannot remember color). It was a powerful vision (although I don’t recall each detail, just that it was very interesting).

UPDATE Dec. 2016: Friends visited in December and their family is from Greece. They own a family business on Santorini, travel there often. He was telling us about some things that have changed over past year: In Greece, there is a restricted limit on amount of personal $ that can be withdrawn weekly. In India, similar situation I recently learned about- limits on amount individuals can withdraw. I checked with a friend who works internationally and was told about some changes. No longer able to wire $ to the hospital where the local establishment could use the funds to purchase what is needed for their projects. They used to be able to do this, but it has changed a lot - recently. INSIGHT? Is there any insight as to what all of this is regarding financial institutions/global banking? How does this interpret into the U.S.? What would it mean to an individual’s personal banks, stocks, investments, etc.? Or, set the dream aside … if this is the case in Greece and India, what does any of this mean for U.S.? The dream got my attention to look further into what is occurring. Are we in the clear?"

Updated January 3, 2017 - "UPDATE: A few hours after posting the (Oct. 2016) dream on shifting ‘frequencies’ / having to do with global financial institutions, I noticed the group Anonymous announced it hacked Bildlerberg website and left the message ‘to work for humanity’ and gives 365 days to do so. I don’t follow conspiracy theories, nor do I know much about Bilderberg’s, but apparently Anonymous sees their position with global elite, and banking. Furthermore, The Mind Unleashed posted a 3 Part series indicating a change in global structures: And this: All of the above would support what was appearing in terms of energy - the differing ‘frequencies’. Most importantly, despite the negativity in world and news, there are positive things. From Elon Musk’s solar panel roofs to ‘flash mob’ meditations and peace deals in places such as Colombia and Afghanistan as well as the thousands united to support at Standing Rock I hope these are hopeful signs of hopeful trends. Not sure how this all filters into the current and upcoming political environment, and or for the U.S., but the message Anonymous sent is one that is sound and even universal, not just for one group: work for humanity and not own self interests."

December 26, 2016 - "This Vedic astrology writer has been covering US Presidential Election 2016 for nearly a year from now. The predictions made by this writer at different stages of time about the election , may be conveniently found recorded at two websites as follows :- (1). (2). While every prediction input recorded in the said two websites is a standing testimony of precise accuracy of Vedic astrology , it may be particular to reproduce the following text from the same :- (a). Recorded 7 months and 10 days ago reckoned from 9 November 2016 , that is, on 31 March 2016 . “ After having a deep peep into horoscopes of Donald Trump and those opposing in race , it can be inferred that ongoing times till about 10 May 2016 , may further cement political standing of Donald Trump. His competitors in race are likely to fall short in the competition”. Readers may note that there were three in race to the Republican nomination including Donald Trump. But the other two dropped on 3rd and 4th May and by 10 May Donald Trump was the sole choice. ( b). Recorded on 5 months 26 days reckoned from 9 November 2016, that is , on 14 May 2016 - “ My reading about you , as already spelt out in some way here before is that you are heading to nomination while facing some struggle or machinations of those in political fraternity or circles till about October 2016. But that is not going to stop you from the race in November for President , when your stars are rising high for prominence and position. US PRESIDENT POSITION LOOKS TO BE FOR YOU”. (c). Recorded on 7 October 2016 . “ This Vedic astrology writer has been covering US Presidential Election 2016 from time to time. And , by and large , predictions or analysis has been to the point. At present , news reports are showing Trump and Clinton either edge to edge or Clinton slightly leading. But the real picture may emerge DURING LAST TEN TO TWELVE DAYS TO ELECTION TO THE SURPRISE OF MANY ANALYSTS. THERE COULD EMERGE A CLEAR SWING AND IT COULD BE FOR TRUMP”. It is a well-known fact that discovery of new emails on 28 October when 11 days were left to the election and decision of FBI to look into the new emails had contributed to halting Clinton’s lead, proving this writer right. Hilary Clinton had also expressed the opinion that the said development was the cause of her defeat in the election. (d). An approximate hint of kind of voters requiring specific focus for support for Donald Trump and some unambiguous indication of State or States was predicted, which seem to have proved meaningful indicators. For example, it was mentioned way back in March 2016 that Florida had particular affinity with Donald Trump. Going by one- voice news reports , State of Florida played a major turning point role not only at the time of securing Republican nomination but also during November 2016 when the said State is reported to have given Donald Trump a stunning win with chunk votes 29. The US news media has reported that American University History Professor Allan Lichtman had predicted win for Donald Trump, which came accurate. While Allan Lichtman may be credited having predicted win in Presidency accurately , yet this writer’s related predictions are distinguished being separated by amazingly distinct and precise features. Another prediction made by the same Professor reportedly is that Trump could be impeached in his first Presidency. This Vedic astrology writer has now looked into the said another prediction of Professor Allan about Donald Trump, applying astrology and well considered opinion is like this. During first Presidency , after about a year or so , Donald Trump seems to be having some concerns , which may relate to health or some psychological issue or some machinations behind the curtain within his own Party or from Party in opposition. If planetary influences focus on health , it could likely be relating to something like lung or heart or eye. If these influences have focus on psychology , these could likely have focus on loved ones. If these influences have focus on machinations behind the curtain within his own Party or even from others , it could likely relate to a political posture to affect his position. But in one or more probabilities disclosed by planetary postures , while there seems some stress clearly , there is no loss of anything. In other words , this writer does not foresee anything like impeachment for President-elect Donald Trump. Thought to share the opinion with readers."
(Kushal Kumar)

December 16, 2016 - "I know Putin and trump have a deal going on. Just heard a conversation before he was elected. It certainly was through email but spiked about on trumps many visits to Russia. Is it going to be proven? All I'm told with no emotion," later." A possible reelection.  Trying to get out of the way. Just pray," America makes themselves great again with power of unity, don't really on no politician ." Maybe this is the lesson ?"
(William Troy Greene)

December 16, 2016 - "I was in Washington State a few weeks ago. I have seen many different mystical travelers. There are more now than ever before. This is a great sign of certain death that will happen here on this planet. I'm clairvoyant. I been seeing lots of things since birth, but Washington takes the cake. I've had many visions even while awake. My dreams have all came true. I keep having a dream of mass genocide in the near future. I am aware but not sure the exact date. I talked with a medium and she has said that everything turns to shit in 2025 about the time when Trumps session as president is coming to an end. I believe it will happen sooner. In my dream everyone is in concentration camps cuz of the war we grow our own food, we are experimented on. I help some escape to help the ones who will help save some of people, I save some top military get out but I die saving them. Which sucks but I will do it anyways. It happens because of our president. Its his camp. Its for people like us."
(Joey Garza)

December 13, 2016 - While worldwide attention and media seem to be glued with minute-to-minute fascination with President-Elect Trump's next moves, choices for cabinet, and Russian hacking during the presidential elections, I certainly have definite thoughts on the subject but my subconscious mind is less interested. 

The night before last I had a curious and rather memorable dream.  It doesn't seem to correlate with any waking thoughts or input.  I dreamed I was with my son, a young toddler (I didn't recognize him from real life), and was invited to a meeting in Russia.  After walking around and looking at tourist sights, we were escorted by some government people to a building, presumably The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, or a related administrative building.  I sat down at a conference table with two middle-aged men.  They pulled out a number of museum photographs of historic (I'm guessing 15th century) paintings, early illuminated manuscripts, and what looked like a tray divided into several tiny square compartments.  Each compartment contained a crudely shaped Pre-Columbian artifact made of pottery.  The man seated next to me showed me each item and asked me to look closely at it.  He instructed me look closely at each item and tell him if anything in the paintings or objects resembled something that it was not! (Huh?)  He did not want me to analyze the objects or symbols literally as they appeared in the artwork.  Instead, he wanted me to identify and correlate them with what I could only assume was modern, or even future, technology.  Even my toddler son was asked to perform this task - as if his young and untrained mind could "see" what adults could not.  Clearly, these Russian government officials were convinced our ancient ancestors had developed some kind of sophisticated technology (weapons, space time manipulators, energy producing objects, mind control, etc.) and that they had left specific clues in their artwork.  It seemed to me, although never spelled out in the dream, that the Russians intended to match up and possibly perfect their own highly secret technological inventions by seeking clues from the past. The brown-haired large man on the other side of the table stood up.  When he spoke I noticed he had no teeth - he appeared almost comically like a large fish. End of dream.

Since this dream was unrelated to my current thoughts or focus, I did a quick search online to see if I could find any correlations.  I stumbled across several strange news stories that appeared in August, 2016, about Putin's new choice for Chief of Staff, a 44-year-old bureaucrat named Anton Vayno.  Vayno apparently evoked all kinds of suspicion and confusion among global journalists because, in 2012, he had published an inscrutable, technologically dense article entitled "The Capitalization of the Future." In this article, he included a complex flow chart he called "A Model Protocol for Shaping the Space Time Relationship."  It includes forwards and backwards flowing arrows and some apparent dead-ends with esoteric-sounding concepts like "Concepts of the World," "Thoughts and Expectations" and "the Future."

He also claimed to have patented a device called the "Nooscope." (The word "noos" is derived from the Greek word meaning "mind or "intellect").  (See article "Vladimir Putin's Third Way: As Seen Through the Nooscope" by Phil Butler at  According to Vayno, the Nooscope "consists of a network of space scanners" and its "sensor network gives clear readings of the co-occurrences in time and space, beginning with the latest-generation bank cards and ending with smartdust." (See article in The New Yorker, August 15, 2016).  Allegedly, this device measures the so-called "Noosphere," a term first used by a French Jesuit priest and paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who used the term to describe the third state of human evolution (e.g. The Third Way) referring to a state where humans evolve into a state of synced-up, unified collective consciousness.  (As an aside, while living in New York, Teilhard de Chardin predicted the exact date of his own death by heart attack on month in advance!)  The concept of the "noosphere"was further developed by the highly respected Soviet crystal minerologist and geochemist, Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945).  According to Wikipedia: "In Vernadsky's theory of the Earth's development, the noosphere is the third stage in the earth's development, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life).  Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition will fundamentally transform the biosphere."  That is why the "noosphere" is the third state of human evolution.  Vayno seems to have latched on to this concept of evolution and his "Nooscope" device allegedly can "interpret and manage world events" through what seems to be some ability to "tap into global consciousness" although no one seems clear on how it can do this.  (See article in Daily Mail).

Based on little information and commentary, it seems to me the purpose of Vayno's "Nooscope" is intended to lead us to one of several possible conclusions: 1) a unified global New World Order lead by Putin, 2) control over future human behavior by "reading the future" via vast data collection and trending, 3) mind control to engender better global politics and environmental decisions, 4) the creation of Plato's "noocracy" known as a form of governance by "The City of the Wise," or 5) a wonderfully brilliant new type of "propaganda" using the fictional threat of mass mind control to control public thought - like the Emperor's non-existent new clothes!  So, if we return to my dream, it may be that Russian officials continue to look for clues in ancient art to improve this "Nooscope."  The "Nooscope" device may have already been activated and tested.  Perhaps this is the ultimate propaganda machine and employed to alter our most recent American presidential election to elect Donald Trump - via appropriate hacking then releasing certain information to the American public based upon foreknowledge of our reactions. This is certainly the place where all of my above-enumerated goals seem to converge.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated December 16, 2016- Today, I had the TV going most of the day while I wrapped Christmas presents.  I turned on a channel I rarely watch and let it play for hours.  The program called "Ancient Aliens" came on.  I have not watched this show for perhaps a year or so.  This particular program was devoted to the ancient Pre-Columbian ruins at Tiwanaku located near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia,  It is an amazing archeological site with its "H-shaped" multi-ton stone monoliths, precision carved in a way we can only replicate today using the most modern types of laser tools  Host Giorgio Tsoukalas (with the crazy hair) narrated.  He met with various stone masons and engineers in the United States to see if they could figure out the possible uses for the giant "H-shape" monoliths. I was suddenly stunned to see one of these American engineers create a miniature ;launch ramp using these "H-shaped" blocks and demonstrated, using a miniature model of a spacecraft (resembling the Space Shuttle), that the entire thing could have been a giant runway for alien spacecraft technology.  As soon as a photograph of the original artifact that he used to create his "spacecraft" - my dream described above flooded into my mind.  And, of course, the first Space Shuttle - named, ironically - "Columbia."

The original Pre-Columbian artifact was estimated to be more than 1,000 years old, made of gold, and found in a South American tomb.  Articles have been written about the shape of the piece of jewelry and its odd resemblance to modern military fighter jets (see 1996 article by Lumir Janku), and tests have been performed demonstrating that the object can actually fly. The TV show focused on looking at this Pre-Columbian artifact to "see" its potential for future technology.  Just like my dream above. Furthermore, I then ran across another article (see article here) allegedly "debunking" the airplane hypothesis, claiming it was in fact nothing more than a "sucker mouth catfish." 

When I looked at photos of the sucker mouth of these fish (for photo of sucker mouth, go here), it looked exactly like the Russian official when he spoke and exposed his large mouth devoid of teeth...
(Nancy du Tertre)

November 29, 2016 - Two days ago I began to hear the word "Saturn" in my mind repetitively.  I thought perhaps it might be related to some of my clients, but realized it wasn't.  I decided to look up any news about Saturn yesterday.  Apparently, today is the day when NASA's Cassini spacecraft will begin one of its last orbits around the plant (it has conducted roughly 240 orbits over the last 12 years.) On September 30, tomorrow, Cassini will officially begin what is called its new "Ring-Grazing Orbits." These will allow the craft to dive between Saturn's cloud tops and inner rings, bringing it within 5,000 miles of Saturn's F ring which marks the border of the main ring system.  This close-up maneuvering will allow the craft to view and study the particles and gas molecules near the rings and observe the small moons that orbit along the edges of the rings.  Then, next year, on September 15, 2017, the spacecraft will begin its "death plunge" into Saturn's atmosphere and its long mission will be ended when it crashes into the planet. Today, Cassini will perform its second to last flyby of Saturn's moon Titan, then get a gravity assist from the moon, sending it into the Ring-Grazing Orbits. (See article "NASA's Cassini Spacecraft is getting ready to Skim Saturn's Rings," by Loren Grush, "The Verge," 11/28/16) 

Then I recalled a prediction I made four years ago on June 22, 2012, in which I stated that I thought massive earth changes in the near future would be heralded by changes in the rings of Saturn.  I am wondering if Cassini's close-up photos and analysis will teach us something about a "change" in one of the rings of Saturn... and thus a manifest the prediction.
(Nancy du Tertre)

November 21, 2016 - "I have received my vision from the "Holy Spirit" so I give reference to what I was shown BY him. I was first given a vision in September of Donald Trump in the Second debate with the Bill Clinton accusers pre-debate news conference. Image I was shown was exactly as seen on TV. Him sitting at a long table with Clinton's accusers. I was so upset. The second vision I was shown was the map of the world and India was blackened out. So I believe that in 2017 India will be taken over by a disease or plague that would kill many. Or it could mean some sort of chemical warfare. The next vision I was shown was 5 nuclear missile destroyers submarines sitting along the south coast of Africa. Now I was shown Iraq and Iran. Iran was blackened out while Iran was grayed out. I believe that Iran is going to be attacked from those within Iraq. Oil is once again in play. What I find interesting about this vision was that a year ago I was shown the nuclear submarines near the coast of S. Africa but I was not shown which countries were in play. It wasn't until after the US election I received more of this vision. And after DONALD TRUMP said he would disband the IRAN CONTRA-DEAL. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US AND PROTECT US."
(Shelley Deluca)

November 16, 2016 - "I had a dream of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Ginsberg a day after Trump's election. In the dream I was talking to Justice Ruth and told her how frail she appeared and that I didn't think she would live much longer, perhaps 5 or 6 months. So, she may cross over into the spirit real in the early months of 2017. She said she would move to New Zealand if Trump were elected President. Perhaps she should take a vacation in the near future just in case!"
(David Pack)

November 9, 2016 - My prediction (from July 19, 2016 below) that Republican nominee Donald Trump would win the presidency proved correct.  Last night, Trump won the U.S. presidential election against all odds and predictions by almost everyone!  Today's headlines are all uniformly dumbfounded:  "Trump pulls off biggest upset in U.S. history" (; "Donald Trump shocks world, wins presidential election in biggest upset in political history" (; "2016 Election: Donald Trump Wins the White House in Upset" (; "US Stocks Volatile After Donald Trump Election Upset" (; "Donald Trump wins the presidency in stunning upset over Clinton" (; "In a stunner, Donald Trump wins the presidency" (, etc.  No one expected Trump could or would ever win.  CNN and Fox News are now claiming so-called polling pundits may now be out of jobs because none of them got this one right (remember, only a couple of weeks ago the pollsters claimed Clinton was ahead by 12 %)!

My prediction of a Republican president actual goes back 2 1/2 years ago.  Since then I have felt deeply concerned (okay, let me be honest - I have felt foolish) that I may have made a very bad and stupid prediction.  No one thought Trump would win - even his supporters!  Almost everyone assumed Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States since she first announced her candidacy.  Trump was a long shot even when he seemed to be making headway.  Lots of remote viewing groups and psychics publicly predicted Clinton's victory also.  They were wrong.  This will be an interesting re-positioning of our country and the world...
(Nancy du Tertre)

October 31, 2016 - "I received a visit from a Messenger, disembodied, a few days ago. I had been hearing thumps and thuds for a few days, I knew something was trying to get my attention. It was around 2 in the morning a few nights ago, I was lying in bed and I saw a bright message in what I'm pretty sure is Latin (I don't know any Latin except caveat emptor ): Omnium diclorum intestate domini. Then I got the name Bellerophon. The energy of the messenger was big and intense, it felt heavy without feeling malevolent, and it was very intent on me receiving the messages. I looked everything up, the best I could come up with was "Without Will all will declare Lord/Dictator", and since Bellerophon was a mythic Greek hero who rode Pegasus and slayed the Chimera, I think maybe he represents Hillary/Bernie slaying the Trump Chimera? I am increasingly concerned about the outcome of the election, I have read your messages about it. What do you think about these messages?"
(Eileen Deutsch)

Response on October 31, 2016 - It is very interesting indeed. Especially since you don't speak Latin. I am sure you have figured out the only odd word that doesn't translate is "diclorum" which you seem to have paraphrased as "declared" as a word that sounds similar to English, but in fact the Latin is: ad ostensionem. Obviously that word is key to the entire phrase and so it becomes intuitive guesswork to figure out the meaning. Your sense is probably the most accurate since you were the receiver. I feel it means something like we - Americans - are being described as dying politically without a plan or a "testament".  I had not heard of "Bellerophon" but researched and see he was replaced in later classical mythology as Perseus who of course I have heard of. Interesting, you insert him immediately into your hoped-for scenario of a Clinton win. I would not necessarily read it that way. This dude was actually a BAD guy! He got a reprieve from a seer who led him to Pegasus, the magic horse, who led him to various subsequent victories including slaying the chimera. From my perspective, it could apply equally well in the other direction. Both candidates have benefited from mana from heaven which has dropped at key moments in their campaigns to save them from themselves.... it is almost magical and bizarre. I don't understand it.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Response on November 30, 2016 - "'Omnium diclorum intestate domini.' It's not really hard to interpret this in context as to the meaning and it's probably not Latin as you presume it to be.... it is simply telling you an ominous declaration about the death of domination. Omnium meaning something ominous or bad, diclorum meaning a declaration, so then you are told there is an ominous declaration to be made. The declaration is that something is intestate or lying in a state of death and what is in a state of death is domini - or the current domination of matters or world affairs. Considering you are inquiring about elections and world affairs, then intestate domini refers to the current domination of such matters which will die and cease to be as the result of the outcome of this election and who leads next.

Now on to the next "mystery part" how to interpret what Bellerophon means..... first some information and history for readers on who and what Bellepheron is : This also is not so mysterious - remember that Trump is the winner of the election - the favored golden headed boy who has all in life... similar to a God.... riches, lavish living, beautiful women, powerful connections.... and so on. The Gods apparently favor him.... But according to legend "but eventually his pride got the better of him and led to his downfall."" it is not surprising that Bellerophon quested after Pegasus", the legendary mythical horse ... after all what more can one want than to be the most powerful person on the planet - or leader of the USA - after all else has been had.... Slaying the Chimera is merely solving the things that now seem to be major problems .... the things that Obama and Hillary as well as previous leaders portrayed as major situations and very difficult - but in reality are very simple to fix if one just uses normal common sense and good business sense... the public of course will consider it a miracle after all they read in the press about how complicated and difficult it must be.... and will then follow Trump anywhere he leads. This will of course lead to Trump having far greater pride and be the precursor to his fall. And in the end "In his arrogance, he decided that he could ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus and visit the gods. Zeus quickly put an end to his trip by sending the gadfly to sting Pegasus and dismount Bellerophon. He survived his fall, but was crippled. He spent the rest of his life wandering the earth. No man would help him because of his offense to the gods. He died alone with no one to record his fate." 

So what one can deduce from this (after reading the story on the link) is that after many glorious achievements and seeking more glory - some matter as small as a gadfly will undo it all and the hero will fade into obscurity.... so now we can predict the demise of Trump after he seeks to not only rule the USA but later on also the world.... one hungering for power is never satisfied with just a little if the Gods do favor his efforts... such a person always will seek more and more.

In his wake we will then see a "One World Government" or a "New World Order", similar to the vow after WW 1 & 2 that action needed be taken to prevent another such occurrence.... and the world as we have come to know it will be changed forever. Perhaps it will encompass a WW3 initiated by Trump which will change the future of mankind once again. Perhaps also the psychics predicting the "last US President" also have some truth - for if there is a One World Government - then there will be no more US presidents as we know it in future. The meaning of the name Bellephoron included was to show you the sequence of events and how they will come about concerning the message "Omnium diclorum intestate domini" and how this would come to being, that the domini will be intestate and it is a diclorum ominium. After all when the Gods themselves no longer favor the most powerful country and person on earth - what then ? Surely that is an ominous matter. It will spell the end of the world as we know it and the new world will be a changed order - or maybe what many say is the "New World Order" will come to be - but not quite as we expect it or imagine it will happen. In simple terms - it is a declaration that the USA will no longer be the dominant force in the world due to the outcome of this election and who was elected - a very vain and power hungry man who in the end will think he is in fact above even the Gods themselves.

And in conclusion .... anyone seeking truth, in order to really find it needs to accept whatever there is and however it is presented, where ever they find it - not just what they choose to believe or find conveniently or agreeable to their own mind. The truth sometimes is far different than we can imagine and so also is the gift of "seeing" or prophecy ... the Gods above select only whom they wish and for reasons their own reasons that we cannot imagine.... If one wants to have advice on how to deal with the coming times, do not worry - but consider this - pray the Gods above favor you that you have a place to live, enough to eat and work that pleases you with family and good friends to surround you.Then pray the Gods protect you in whatever may come to pass and surely if you believe - then that will come to be, accepting each day as it comes and all it brings with it. In the end fortunate are those with a happy life that simply go to sleep at night or are at work they enjoy and go to meet their maker when they are called.... it is the Trumps and Clintons in this world that need worry ... for they seek greatness and power however they can get it - and that is the domain of the Gods above.... Royalty and Kings is a different matter - the Gods above choose them.

August 7, 2016 -  "I do agree with Nancy about the presidential race. If Hilary gets in office a neurological condition has already taken over. It's going to be up to collective consciousness of America. But I do add no matter whom America chooses war is on the horizon. Is it Third World War? Not exactly . It will be stopped by the ancestors ( star born people) before it really truly begins."
(William Troy Greene)

Updated August 10, 2016 - See my comments below my July 19, 2016 entry.
(Nancy du Tertre)

July 19, 2016 - I have refrained for a very long time on making any public predictions about the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential elections.  I have frequently asked myself why.  I think I begin to understand why. 

First, it is very hard to make a true prediction when you are emotionally invested.  I have had a severe negative reaction to both candidates - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  So I haven't felt competent to make a good prediction.  Just to cite a few examples.  Donald had his multimillionaire father cut his brother out of his father's will.  He rarely speaks of his second wife Marla Maples and did not raise their daughter.  He reportedly has said he thinks his daughter Ivanka is so hot he would have sex with her if she weren't his daughter!  I occasionally ran into Donald (who only dated models) at various New York City restaurants decades ago and read many of his books back then.  At that time I also remember seeing an obscure foreign documentary linking the Clintons to more than 45 suspicious deaths of colleagues and coworkers who knew too much about their business (this has now become common knowledge).  Of course, speaking now as an attorney specialized in securities litigation, I remember Hillary's White Water insider trading that remains unresolved.  Neither one of them, Donald or Hillary, seem to be able to open their mouth without starting a sentence with the word "I"... All of these things, and more, have made me hesitant to predict an outcome. 

Second, I predicted privately nearly two years ago, when it appeared Hillary was the obvious and overwhelming favorite (long before Donald entered the race) that a Republican would win the presidency.  Now that I have had a chance to watch the campaigns roll out in real time, with all the crazy vicissitudes - Republican-based FOX news attacking Donald's candidacy, Hillary getting caught with illegal private classified emails, the Benghazi mess, the media repeatedly outlining the outright lies claimed and reclaimed by Donald about just about everything, Donald's ignorance, Hillary's disgusting arrogance and self-entitlement, the Bernie Sanders extensive challenge to the Hillary campaign, Hillary's ties to Wall Street money and international corrupt deals, the Ted Cruz bitter underhanded fight, and so on - I feel less and less qualified to make a prediction.  However, I feel somewhat strangely obligated to stick with my original very unbiased prediction even though it appears "wrong" today based upon the most current polls.

Third, I have a strange persistent feeling of "sameness" when it comes to Donald and Hillary.  No one seems to remember that Donald called Hillary on the night before announcing his intention to run on the Republican ticket.  Common courtesy?  I doubt it.  He isn't known for his courtesy even among friends.  Donald is better known for striking a deal.  Few people seem to realize or remember that not only did Bill and Hillary attend his wedding to his third wife Melania (see photo), but both of their daughters Chelsea and Ivanka, are good friends.  Yet Hillary has denied publicly that she is friendly with Donald (!).  Why lie?  Why should Donald lie about the fact that his wife's convention speech plagiarized Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic convention speech?  In terms of a choice of presidential candidate, it seems to boil down to choice between a criminal and a liar - but who is who?  They merge together in their collective lack of morality on all fronts.  Donald and Hillary seem to have engendered equal amounts of disgust among their own party members - something I've never seen in my life!  However, as the elections get closer, I also believe voters will also begin to sink into a feeling of a "moral obligation" to select the "lesser of two evils" by voting for one of the candidates.

There is another more "psychic" merging aspect which occurs to me.  I have a vague feeling neither one will last long in the position of president - albeit by assassination or catastrophic health reasons.  Thus it becomes imperative to pay attention to the choice of Vice President. 

The FBI clearing Hillary of the email charges seems to be the official stamp of approval to pave the way for her presidency.  But if we continue to have serious global ISIS terrorist attacks, it may become clear that the Middle Eastern countries require a male president with whom to do business, and "keeping America safe" is Donald's strong point over Hillary and his mantra.  This election is about "pretend power" as if we are voting for contestants on a TV reality show.  All of these considerations have stopped me from making a strong prediction. I think the only thing I feel fully confident of now is to predict there will be an unprecedented number of write-in ballots - perhaps the most the country has ever seen!  They will range from real people to historical people to imaginary characters.  This will be because of the overall disgust in both parties for their own candidates.  The high number of write-ins may be enough to bump Donald's numbers closer to the presidency.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 10, 2016 - Just when you thought this presidential campaign couldn't get any more insane, it did.  Although I obviously cannot yet confirm any of my above predictions since the elections have not yet taken place, yesterday felt like a very strange and familiar "intersection" of my predictive trends of assassination/catastrophic ill health.  Yesterday was a whirlwind of Trump and Clinton horrific news all over the media.  First, in a stump speech in North Carolina yesterday, Trump made an off-the-cuff oblique reference to the fact that if Clinton were elected president and had the opportunity to elect pro-gun control justices to fill vacancies in the U.S. Supreme Court it would be "a horrible day" and there would be "nothing you can do, folks... although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."  These comments were immediately greeted with horror by media pundits and officials around the country as a veiled assassination threat or inciting angry gun owners to take matters into their own hands and kill Mrs. Clinton by gunning her down - presumably before she has a chance to appoint anti-Second Amendment justices.  At best, it was an irresponsible bad joke or a dangerously unclear statement coming from a presidential candidate - especially one coming from the same candidate who stated at an Iowa rally on January 24, 2016 that he could "stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters!"  Even Republican-slanted FOX news commentators found the comments difficult to justify. 

Meanwhile, on the very same day, not only was Hillary seen delivering a speech at a rally in Kissimmee, Florida, with the father the Orlando gunman (whose son was responsible for one of the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history that killed 49 and wounded 53 attendees of a gay nightclub in Orlando just two months ago) seated directly behind her.  His presence wasviewedas ominous, disturbing and a lack of judgment by Hillary's campaign advance people.  More strangely, and mostly only discussed in alternate news sources with the exception of FOX news, unsubstantiated reports and physician's reports surfaced indicating that Hillary may be suffering from Binswanger's Disease, dementia, or some other neurological disease. The fact-checking site stated that the photo of Hillary falling on steps was true but taken in February, 2016, and thus could not be used as proof of a current condition of poor health.  However, some alternative news sites are reproducing alleged leaked medical letters from Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, Chairman of the Department of Medicine of the Mt. Kisco Medical Group dated 2014 diagnosing Hillary's medical condition as "complex partial seizures [and] subcortical vascular dementia" based upon patient complaints of "blacking out for short periods of time, uncontrollable twitching, memory loss, fatigue."  The report also states Hillary's condition has deteriorated since her previous check-up in early 2013.  Does this explain her observed coughing fits, occasional jerky movements, and the fact that one of her close "handlers" has been recentlyphotographedapparently holding a Diazapam auto-injector pen used for acute repetitive seizures? ( does not appear to have commented or weighed in at all on these alleged medical leaks).  Does this explainwhy Hillary has basically avoided giving any press conferences since December 4, 2015?  In sum, the issues of assassination and catastrophic health seem to already heavily intertwined themselves into this election process as I predicted above - and on the very same day - although it is unclear if, or when, they will play out.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 3, 2016 - In the last few days, the polls shown that Clinton's very comfortable double-digit lead over Trump has been cut in half and as of today some polls are now showing Trump in the lead again.  I had basically begun to believe my prediction of a Republican president was an extremely obvious miss - until just recently.  While Trump continues to make extraordinarily stupid blunders with no regrets or any obvious signs of recognition of his mistakes, Clinton has begun to lose her Teflon no-stick shield.  Could she actually lose this election?  It still seems unlikely, but there are whispers in the wind - and I would not be surprised if they continue to grow into a storm that will shock America into a pissed-off, morally-disgusted turnaround vote for Trump.  It is now extremely obvious that mainstream media is suppressing any serious discussion of Clinton's health or email issues like the Dutchboy plugging up the dam with his fingers.  But it feels as if there are not enough fingers to plug up the dam for much longer.  The dam, it feels, will break prior to the election. 

It has now been revealed that even Google the internet search giant (whose executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, is major Clinton political donor) has suppressed all internet searches regarding Clinton's personal health issues!  See report here.  CNN's sister network HLN, fired its long-time health care TV host Dr. Drew Pinksy, after he reviewed Clinton's medical history and found the blood clot issues highly unusual and alarming.  See youtube report here.  Censorship lives!

The FBI release a report on Friday basically defending its decision not to prosecute Clinton for her use of a private server and thousands of "lost" emails that were admittedly scrubbed clean by a private contractor after Clinton was told to preserve the emails.  The report shows that although she used 13 mobile devices, only 2 have been recovered.  So, says the FBI, no prosecution is possible.  This only reiterates a growing and clearer perception of a politician concealing data from the public to manipulate the elections.  See Wall Street Journal article
Then there is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has publicly stated he will release thousands of damning emails by Clinton, prior to her debate with Trump on September 26, 2016, allegedly showing she took money contributions from a major ISIS sponsor, Russian oil deals, and other information he believes will cause her to lose the election (see link).   He may still be seeking to avenge the murder of 27-year-old Seth Rich, a DNC staff worker, who was shot multiple times on the streets of Washington, D.C. and not robbed, after being accused of having leaked the DNC emails that revealed the DNC was conspiring with Clinton to eliminate Bernie Sanders as the Democractic nominee.  Mainstream media was unusually silent about the young man's death.  Assange seems to feel that Senator Bernie Sanders may have a renewed opportunity at the presidency if Clinton ends up in jail.  Interesting.  Perhaps that is a possible interpretation on why I felt in my prediction above their is a strange "sameness" about Trump and Clinton in their bid for the presidency... Perhaps it is for neither of them.

Updated September 12, 2016 - I predicted on September 3 that the "dam might break before the election" regarding health and other issues for Clinton that would cause voters to turn favorably towards Trump in the presidential election.  Yesterday, Clinton was filmed leaving the 9/11 ceremonies in New York early and stumbling and then collapsing into the arms of security who lifted her into her car.  It was later revealed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, (September 9) but the information was not made public until after her collapse.  Once again, her stubborn decision to keep the public in the dark about the truth (this time about her health), is beginning to take its toll on the public's attitude (Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice...).  Suddenly, newspapers and politicians are posing the question - as I predicted in my July 19 prediction - what happens in the event of a catastrophic health event to the candidate?  They are also asking, per my prediction on September 3, will Bernie Sanders now have a renewed shot at the presidency? (See link to Britain's Telegraph News suggesting Bernie Sanders, VP Joe Biden and Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine may all be under consideration now).  MSNBC television anchor David Shuster has issued several tweets stating Democratic National Committee sources have begun considering alternatives to Clinton since yesterday.  He tweeted: "Clarification from dem operatives Hillary Clinton pneumonia: Expect emergency DNC meeting to CONSIDER replacement. HillarysHealth"  His latest news is that the DNC will most likely proposed current Vice President Biden.  Meanwhile, Trump has suddenly caught up with Clinton in the polls and is in nearly a dead heat nationwide.  According to news article "Polls: Trump's Chances of Winning Election Rising": "At the start of August, FiveThirtyEight gave Trump only a 13.6 percent chance of taking the White House. One month later, Trump has significantly impacted the site's election forecast, surging to 30 percent odds heading into the second full week in September."  So my July 19 prediction of a Republican in the White House seems less and less a stretch as we get closer to the November elections.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated October 9, 2016 - Tonight will be the second debate between Trump and Clinton.  The first debate was a disaster for Trump who, rather typically, derailed himself in unimportant minutia and defensive combativeness.  The last couple of days have seen the ramping up of detonations of bigger explosions by the larger players behind the scenes on the political stage on both sides.  Clearly, Clinton knew in advance that the Trump vulgar "hot mic" tape would be mysteriously aired by the Washington Post after she mentioned Miss Universe (women's issues) in the first debate.  I find the sudden outrage on behalf of Republican politicians who are suddenly dropping their support for Trump in light of this 16 year old videotape to be highly disingenuous. (See NY Times article).  Really?  Did anyone seriously not understand or realize months ago that Trump is a lewd, crude, vulgar woman-objectifier with no moral values?  Why the sudden moral outrage now?  Furthermore, is his sexual immaturity a greater political deterrent than Clinton's propensity to mask the truth or her failed political agendas?  It seems a knee-jerk reaction at this point in the election process.  People seem to forget that Trump was lifted to the top of the Republican ticket by Americans who are on the uneasy verge of an actual revolution in this country! 

On the other hand, larger players have also been at work behind Trump's campaign.  The recent spate of leaked emails by Wikileaks and Russian hackers of emails from the Clinton Foundation, key Democrats in Congress, and Clinton advisor John Podesta are, at least in my mind, a well-orchestrated attempt to manipulate the outcome of this election in favor of Trump or at least not-Clinton.  What I find more fascinating than the content of these releases is the timing of the American media responses.  Virtually non-existent!  By contrast, the New York Times has unleashed an unabashed daily barrage of anti-Trump disclosures regarding his finances, taxes, failed businesses, and loss of Republican-base support.  The newspaper has not run a single article about Clinton except when she had pneumonia.  The normally "neutral" CNN news network has become rabidly anti-Trump and spends 24/7 tearing him apart and ignoring world news or Clinton news.  It is astounding for me to watch this happen as an objective observer.  Even the debate moderators - just as the normally ridiculous Trump predicted - have been flagrantly biased in their questions, format and body language in favor Clinton.  I have never seen such bias before in any other presidential or vice-presidential debates! 

While we must all be very wary about Russian control over our elections and fake stories, the leaked emails should raise extremely serious alarms in the political world - if they are true - regarding Clinton's political dealings.  We should at least examine the mind-blowing possibility of TARP kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation using taxpayer money for the bank bailouts thus explaining Clinton's close ties ("obligations"?) to Wall Street interests (see article).  Why do we turn our heads and look away and fail to at least examine these claims?   I don't understand why no one seems to be taking them seriously or at least looking at them, especially for a woman who had clear insider securities dealings in Whitewater and managed, unlike her partners, to avoid jail time!  Is our fear of Trump that great?  Or is it simply that "the fix is in" for Clinton?  Or perhaps it is just easier for our simple brains to get mad at sexual groping than complex political financial self-dealing.  It seems to me we are faced we a terrible dilemma in this political election.  Our next president will either be the result of invisible American political corruption or invisible Russian hacking.  That's our choice.  No choice.  The American voter loses both ways.  We are in the middle of a war - and most Americans don't realize they are the civilians on the ground!

And, I return to the psychic feeling of "sameness" between the candidates that I predicted above.  Although Clinton leads the polls over Trump in most polls as of this morning by about 4-5 percent, I still have a nagging concern these elections will be so hacked by competing interests that neither party will emerge a clear winner.  We already know the Russians have been identified (along with the Chinese) as having stolen data (see NY Times article) from the federal government, Congress, DNC, Pentagon, NSA, Yahoo, Sony and a number of state governments.  The New York Times (see article) already said last month that federal officials have admitted that the voter registration systems of more than 20 states have been hacked!  This story has barely made news print media and not at all on TV...  The federal government is now trying to work directly with the states - and Trump has (ridiculously?) suggested last month the outcome may ultimately be rigged!! It begins to feel a bit like the presidential election in 2000 between Bush and Gore which had to be decided by the US Supreme Court decision (Bush v. Gore, 531 US 98 (2000)) in which the Republican-appointee dominated Court hastily decided (in order to ensure the orderly hand-over of the presidency) that the Republican Florida Secretary of State's certification of a particular method of counting Florida's electoral votes (so as not to include the "hanging chad" votes on which the voters had handwritten their intended candidate) amounted to a conclusive victory for Republican candidate George W. Bush.  Subsequently, researchers concluded if these valid votes had been included in the tally Gore would have been president!  Only this time, Americans are not quite as complacent to accept a rigged outcome.

I feel this upcoming election next month will be like the one in 2000, only much worse.  I feel the hacking into electoral rolls, government tallies, voter registrations lists and so on, by foreign hackers combined with complaints of American federal interference in state processes (in the name of security measures) will result in such upheaval and havoc that it will be virtually impossible to determine the number of true votes attributable to Trump or Clinton.  This may result in a situation we have never seen before in the history of our country, and I have a sense of anxiety about it.  This situation may provoke riots and this, I fear, may result in the issuance of martial law and a continuance of government through potential force. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated October 16, 2016 - My concerns and predictions raised in the previous update,  written prior to the second presidential debate, have now begun to materialize.  The media suddenly became preoccupied with the issue of media bias, the Trump camp has since come out with accusations that the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN and other media are ganging up against him.  Nine women have now stepped forward to claim he "groped" them years ago.  Given his unflattering bus video statements combined with his repeated misogynist attacks on women, his attempt to convince Americans that he "loves women more than anyone" just doesn't fly. 

The Wikileaks hacks of Clinton's emails that have continued to dribble out on a daily basis have, not surprisingly, met with stony silence by Clinton or her team. The mainstream media has mostly disregarded the Wikileaks material as harmless, insignificant and non-newsworthy.  Despite this eerie silence, there is a serious concern today that the Russians have been successful in influencing this election through Wikileaks.  This may account for some of the reluctance of mainstream media to dwell on the unflattering hacked information about Clinton.  So we are now in a terrible dilemma.  It seems the only way we can learn about the dirty dealings of our own American politics is through Russian hacking!  Dare I suggest that perhaps we should be grateful that the Russians have given us information we have been denied by our own politicians instead of being indignant that they are trying to influence our elections?  Ultimately, aren't we the wiser for having more information, not less, about our presidential candidates?  Certainly, we would never have learned that Clinton stole the primary election from Bernie Sanders without the benefit of this terrible "Russian influence." Are we really that surprised by the fact that Clinton was hacked given her own carelessness especially in light of all of the hacking being done against the U.S.?  This is the ultimate irony of this entire campaign. 

Today, Trump has (predictably) ramped up what is now being called his "scorched earth" policy - in light of the fact that no one seems to think he can win the election now - which includes his new claims that the election is "rigged" and that even some election voting sites are compromised.  The media is now reporting that some Trump supporters are now threatening violence at the polls for the first time that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  (See today's NY Times article). 

Bottom line, this election is about Truth:  Our choice is between being told what we want to hear by a thin-skinned, bad-tempered narcissist who fabricates facts to support his/our "truths," or being told what we want to hear by an factually accurate, tight-lipped, emotionally artificial woman who conceals the real "truth," through silence and double-talk, as if it is her personal private property and doesn't belong to us.  Neither choice gives us the Truth we seek.  The Russian hacking has certainly succeeded in muddying up what was already dirty.  If the well-cherished myth of the American democracy collapses - we no longer believe our vote counts because we don't believe in our political system, our polling places, our political parties, our bureaucrats, our media, and our leaders - because they lie to us - then all roads lead inevitably toward revolution.  We are getting very, very close.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated October 22, 2016 - Donald Trump's new mantra "du jour" (after the third and final debate) is that he will not accept the election results if Clinton wins since, he says, they are subject to widespread "rigging."  This has caused a recent firestorm of media and political outrage and concern that he is raising the unholy specter of a lack of faith in our electoral system.  How dare he?  Internal domestic American tampering with elections is not new.  Recent undercover videos of Project Veritas have revealed Clinton campaign operatives claiming to have instigated violence at Trump rallies and organized voter electoral rigging. (See YouTube video).  While leftist media insists there is no rigging going on in our elections, more conservative media is offering up startling examples of rigging on both sides of the isle. (See Washington Times article)

However, yesterday, America may have been put on notice of the strong possibility of external foreign electoral rigging.  A number of our major internet corporations suddenly became artificially overwhelmed with too much data and the systems went down. 
An article in the New York Times, "Hackers Used New Weapons to Disrupt Major Websites Across U.S.," reported that: "Major websites were inaccessible to people across wide swaths of the United States on Friday after a company that manages crucial parts of the internet’s infrastructure said it was under attack. Users reported sporadic problems reaching several websites, including Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, Reddit, Etsy, SoundCloud and The New York Times.  The company, Dyn, whose servers monitor and reroute internet traffic, said it began experiencing what security experts called a distributed denial-of-service [DDoS] attack just after 7 a.m."

The real news, however, was buried toward the end of this article.  We learned our electoral voting system may be at risk for being hacked!  "It is too early to determine who was behind Friday’s attacks, but it is this type of attack that has election officials concerned. [my underline] They are worried that an attack could keep citizens from submitting votes.  Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia allow internet voting for overseas military and civilians. [...]  'A DDoS attack could certainly impact these votes and make a big difference in swing states,' Dr. Simons said on Friday. 'This is a strong argument for why we should not allow voters to send their voted ballots over the internet.' This month the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, and the Department of Homeland Security accused Russia of hacking the Democratic National Committee, apparently in an effort to affect the presidential election. There has been speculation about whether President Obama has ordered the National Security Agency to conduct a retaliatory attackand the potential backlash this might cause from Russia."  It seems almost no one realizes - or will admit publicly that we are already in a Cyber War (with geopolitical moving parts)!

I return to my predictions of above (October 9 and earlier) of the "sameness" of the presidential candidates, of rigging of the elections through hacking by a foreign nation-state, and of chaos in America as a result.  Meanwhile, our media plays deaf and dumb to the impending disaster on our horizon - when we discover we don't know who really won the presidential election.  Worst case scenario:  Either an ensuing civil war or Third World War.  Best case scenario: Major civil unrest and martial law.  Is this all part of a larger plan to divide up the United States into smaller, more manageable parts?
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated November 9, 2016 - My prediction that Republican nominee Donald Trump would become the next U.S. President turned out to be correct.  (See my entry above for November 9, 2016).  Although it is too early to tell, there are early reports this morning of some violent post-election protests.  According to the British newspaper The Sun, violence erupted in several locations overnight in several U.S. cities.  See article with headline "BATTLEGROUND AMERICA: 
Donald Trump’s US presidential election win sparks riots by Hillary Clinton fans as fighting erupts outside the White House".
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated December 19, 2016 - The question of who really won the presidential election, Trump or Clinton, continues to dominate the news - even more than a month after the election outcome.  The media now speaks regularly of a "divided America" or "two Americas" split between those who are pro-Trump and anti-Trump.  Civil war still whispers in the wind.  The intensity of hatred for Trump is startling - especially since it comes from traditionally peace-loving Democrats.  Even First Lady Michelle Obama broke ranks with normal protocol of outgoing presidents and told Oprah Winfrey in her final interview in the White House that "We feel the difference now. ... Now we’re feeling like what not having hope feels like. … What do you do if you don’t have hope, Oprah?”  As I predicted above (October 9), this election has begun to resemble the Bush versus Gore election in 2000 which was the fourth of only five presidential elections in our history where the winner (George W. Bush) failed to win the popular vote, and it was also the first such election in 112 years (all the others were in the 19th century)!  The infamous vote recounts were done after the decisive state of Florida showed Bush had won by a miniscule 0.0009% margin of 537 votes.  Now we have our fifth such election, since Clinton won this presidential election in terms of the popular vote, by 3 million votes, but lost the electoral vote. 

Even today's final vote by the Electoral College to confirm Trump's presidential win is under attack.  (see article in the Washington Post today). I have never seen such a thing in my lifetime.  Out of the total of 538 electors, Trump managed a 305-to-232 win over Clinton. The FBI came out this past week, after a very public conflict, supporting the CIA's assessment that Russian hackers were definitely to blame for interfering with the presidential election by releasing only information damaging to the Democrats but not the Republicans in an effort to 1) get Trump elected and/or 2) create instability in the outcome of the election.  There is now a public attempt to harass, intimidate and persuade electors, who vote today (states have different rules for their electors:  some are bound to a particular candidate based upon the popular vote and others take a loyalty pledge in order to serve) in an effort to get electors to "dump Trump" based upon the recent Russian hacking revelations that may have influenced the election outcome in November.  It is unlikely to change the fact that Trump will become president - Republicans have little reason to switch horses after their triumphant wins in Congress and presidency).  Trump continues to publicly deny that the Russians had anything to do with hacking which might have influenced his win for the presidency despite the fact that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies are in agreement about Russia being the origin of the hacking.  His contempt for the CIA's ability to gather accurate intelligence has been very public.  He probably doesn't realize that the last president to publicly thumb his nose at the CIA was assassinated in Dallas...  (See my original prediction from July 19, 2016: "I have a vague feeling neither one will last long in the position of president - albeit by assassination or catastrophic health reasons.  Thus it becomes imperative to pay attention to the choice of Vice President.").  His decisions to keep his personal business interests and family control even in spite of obvious overlapping interests with national security also point in the same direction.  Not to mention the growing fury over his policy choices in this divided America which he won by an unspoken and unacknowledged Revolution.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated January 15, 2017 -  With Inauguration Day less than a week away, Trump having recently slammed the intelligence agencies with leaking "fake news" regarding possible blackmail material that the Russians may have on him, the Women's March on Washington planned with a half a million Trump protesters expected as well as pro-Trump Hells Angels enforcers, and a growing list of Democratic Congressmen and women (now 24), who have stated their intention not to attend the Inauguration out of protest against Trump's policies, things don't bode well in Washington, D.C.  Just as I stated in my original prediction (July 19, 2016) and update (December 19, 2016), I sensed Trump will be assassinated or suffer a catastrophic health event - and his decision to publicly denounce the CIA, NSA and all 17 intelligence agencies as baiting him so his election will be de-legitimized, has only increased the odds of this happening. As I stated in December, the last president to snub his nose at the CIA ended up dead in Dallas (and with the CIA chief he fired in charge of the investigation of his assassination).  It seems, serious Beltway observers are now saying exactly the same thing.  According to an article dated January 13, 2017, in the, entitled "CIA Coup? Ex-Spook: Langley ‘Taking Traitor Trump Out Now,’" former NSA analyst and security expert, John Schindler "pronounced on Twitter Thursday night that the CIA is trying to take out President-elect Donald Trump before he is sworn in as president next Friday, January 20."  That's shocking - a public suggestion of a presidential assassination by a former intelligence officer!  Moreover, talk of assassination seems to be growing.  Journalists are now making the same comparison I made in my December prediction of JFK and Trump.  They are also now talking about potential martial law being declared in the event things turn really ugly, as I predicted on October 22, 2016.  (See link here).  Unless Trump quickly changes his approach (which he won't) he is in real danger.  This all plays perfectly into the Russian scheme to destabilize our country.  Contrary to Trump's playbook, I think Putin seeks his demise not friendship. All of us have been perfect pawns.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 26 2017 - During an interview by CNN's Wolf Blitzer with former CIA Director John Brennan and former National Intelligence Agency Director James Clapper this week at the 2017 Aspen Security Forum, Brennan stated that if President Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, currently conducting an investigation into the possible Russian involvement in the election, then it would be "the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out."  This has been characterized by as "effectively calling for a coup against the president". (See article on July 25, 2017).  If this is true, this is the first time we have heard the early rumblings of a possible civil war, as I predicted above, from a former high level government official.
(Nancy du Tertre)

July 16, 2016 - (This post originally was sent on June 16, 2016 and unfortunately I did not see it until today) - "I dowsed for the mh370 and 3 days after it went missing I told authorities that it was " At or close to Madagascar " I believe that it was the pilot who hijacked it and it was for a political reason, with negotiations that failed ,I have been campaigning for an underwater search around Madagascar but the Malaysians are holding back ,despite having permission from the Sth Africans, (perhaps , they dread what might be revealed.)"

July 14, 2016 - "The outcome of the 2016 elections won't quite match what most experts are predicting. It won't be close in November. Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide. Republican losses in Congress will be larger than expected and much of it will be due to anxiety over Donald Trump. Votes for 3rd party candidates like Gary Johnson will be much larger than the experts are predicting. It's entirely possible that a 3rd party candidate could even win the electoral college votes of 1 or 2 states! There will be a great deal of buyer's remorse after the election because of widespread misgivings about Hillary Clinton. Many of her supporters will only vote for her because they think Donald Trump is worse. Donald Trump is really more concerned about his own financial self-enrichment and the limelight than he is about becoming president. The political campaigns will indeed help the Donald become even more wealthy. Contrary to the false claims of President Obama we are actually losing the war against Islamic terrorism. There is much we need to be doing which we are not doing now and Hillary Clinton won't do what is necessary either. We cannot win with military operations alone. Restrictions on immigration from certain countries, restrictions on trade with Muslim countries, an effective counter-propaganda operation, identification and closure of USA facilities which are helping terrorists, and much greater support of Israel and the Kurds are all necessary. But it won't happen because many Democrats oppose the measures needed and are also corrupted by powerful special interests not to do what is really necessary. Problems with water poisoning like we had in Flint, Michigan will spread to many other cities in the USA and part of will be caused directly by government policies. Some people in America will in fact die from tainted drinking water. The so-called big one in California won't happen until 2022. A quake with a magnitude of about 8.3 will strike northern and central California at that time."
(Kelly Clover)

May 21, 2016 -  On Thursday night, May May 20, 2016, EgyptAir flight 804 flying from Paris to Cairo disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea and as of this morning clues have begun to emerge as to its fate.  Investigators have located the crash site, recovered objects, clothing and body parts from the sea.  They are also reporting that smoke detectors and sensors went off just prior to the crash in the cockpit and toilets.  A total of 66 people perished including 15 French people.  I had two remarkable dreams on Monday and Tuesday night, respectively, but did not report them here because I was traveling and was still trying to analyze them.  However, in light of this crash, they may be useful as predictive dreams even though they are partially ex post facto. 

In the first dream (May 16), I dreamed a friend, who told me (to my great surprise) that I was his best friend, asked me desperately to help his wife.  I agreed although I did not know the problem.  When I saw her, I knew she was 5 months pregnant.  I also knew immediately the baby was dead inside her.  Simultaneously another (unknown) woman appeared.  I knew immediately she was just 2 months pregnant but that her baby would live.  End of dream.  I knew this was a lucid and/or predictive dream but had no idea how to interpret it.  One baby at 5 months would die and one baby at 2 months would live.  I had only one idea: That weekend I had attended the First Global Pyramid Conference and was made aware, among many other things, that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has slopes at perfect 52 degree angles.  The numbers 5 and 2.  But how did that relate to my dream?  I had no idea. 

The next night my second dream was totally bizarre.  The entire dream was permeated by a plague of frogs.  They rained out of the sky.  They disrupted the entire dream sequence and journey.  Eventually I tried to escape to a location where the frogs were not all over the ground.  Again, I did not document this dream online because I did not know how to properly interpret it.  So I decided to look online to see what I could find, if anything, about a plague of frogs - which I was sure did not exist as a "real" type of plague.  I was amazed to find that in Exodus (7:25-8:15) in the Bible, a plague of frogs was brought upon Egypt, the second of ten plagues, intended to convince the Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery.  The tenth and final plague was the death of every first born child.  I also learned the Quran also talks about a plague of frogs (Surah Al-A'raf verse 133).

So clearly the dreams were related to Egypt.  But how?  And were they related to each other like two pieces of a larger puzzle?  I then learned through my research that the ancient Egyptian goddess Heqet was depicted with the head of a frog.  She was - amazingly - considered to be the goddess of childbirth and fertility, and her priestesses were trained midwives.  Now it was clear to me -  Egypt, frogs and fertility were linked.  But how and what did they predict?

It seems possible to me that my dreams may have been hinting at several aspects of the EgyptAir crash that occurred only two days later.  Clearly, the Egyptian connection is established with this disaster.  Furthermore, frogs (the slang term for French people) literally "rained" down from the heavens in this crash since roughly 25 percent of the passengers on board this ill-fated flight to Egypt were French.  Further, the first "pregnancy" was delivering a dead child or "death" in the fifth month.  The fifth month of the year is May.  The fatal airline crash occurred on May 21.  Okay, this seems to work with a certain amount of retrofitting, but what about the future? 

What other information is contained in my dreams yet to be revealed?  In my interpretation, my dreams also suggest: 1) the crash was initiated by terrorists in Egypt and 2) there may be another attempt next February, 2017 (the second month of the year) but that "baby" will live, suggesting there will be an interception of a potentially deadly terrorist event.  My tendency toward reading the crash as being caused by an Egyptian terrorist origin is based on the Biblical idea of the plague of frogs which was sent, according to Exodus 7:25, "This is what the great LORD says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me. If you refuse to let them go, I will plague your whole country with frogs."  In other words, the terrorists want the Western World to promote the worship of Islam, release it from subservience, and allow it to create a new state (like Israel), or else suffer the consequence of a "plague of frogs."  So I believe terrorists will remain focused on France.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 15, 20116 - My above prediction that terrorists would continue to focus on France was sadly correct.  It is the third major attack on France in the past year and being called the most deadly in history committed by a single attacker.  Today's New York Time's lead story described the horrific attack by a driver of a white truck who mowed down pedestrians walking along a mile long section of the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, among the 40,000 people who viewed the Bastille Day fireworks that evening, killing 84 (including 10 children) and injuring an additional 202 people, 52 critically, 25 of whom remain in a coma, according to the French prosecutor.  According to the New York Times article, "Death Toll From Terrorist Attack in Nice, France, Rises to 84," dated this morning: "The death toll from the terrorist attack on a Bastille Day fireworks celebration in the southern French city of Nice rose to 84 on Friday, as the government raced to establish the attacker’s identity, extended a national state of emergency and absorbed the shock of a third major terrorist attack in 19 months."  The article cited police sources as naming the driver, a petty criminal with no known ties to organized terrorists, who was killed by police after his rampage, as "Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, a delivery-truck driver who was born on Jan. 3, 1985, and raised in Msaken, a town in northeastern Tunisia, and who moved to France around 2005."  

Another prediction appears to have been accurate.  The truck driver's rampage was finally stopped when he was shot dead directly in front of the Hyatt Casino Du Palais de La Méditerranée (shown in the above photos).  What immediately struck me when I saw this Art Deco style building is its similarity to my description of the next predicted terrorist location in my prediction of March 30, 2016 (see below): "[A] large box-shaped building that has the feeling of a central European train station.  The building has many pillars in the front facade and has the feeling of the Greek Parthenon.  I also got the word and image "aqueduct" associated with it.  I do not know if this means this building is located near a drinking water source/location or is linked to an actual aqueduct which is a bridge-like structure with tall columns and arches supporting the water channel."  The hotel casino is box-shaped, looks like a European train station, has many pillars in the front facade, has the feeling of the Greek Parthenon (see Grecian sculptural details), has a bridge-like, aqueduct-like structure supporting water (see photo with swimming pool located on top of arched structure separating the front of the building).

On a more personal note, I was just in Nice, France, two and a half days before this attack, and felt for the previous month there would be an attack in France on July 14, and changed our flight plans to fly out on July 11 from July 15.  I was in Paris during the huge music festival and southern France for the various soccer matches and Eurocup finals with the French team, and Brexit, that caused so many security concerns.  I grieve for the victims and their families.
(Nancy du Tertre)

May 12, 2016 - "Shown a young white, thin male with dark hair living in a basement. Lives in new jersey . Close to a boardwalk. Lives very close to bar. He's making a dirty bomb. Planning to set it off 4th of July of 2016. Hides it underneath a boardwalk. A lone wolf white terrorist. Feel his deep child hood trauma. Messed up on drugs. My heart grieves for him and the potential harm to many innocent people. He has a thin build, dark brown hair, wears blue jeans and dark brown tee shirt. Hope with power of prayer is is so powerful."
(William Troy Greene)

May 3, 2016 - "i was looking out a window at a huge valley of plowed land, looked like one of Califorbia's big valleys, more than 60 miles wide i had no idea why I was there. There were people behind me.I looked around at them then turned back to look and all the land I had been looking at was under the waves, it was like looking at a stormy sea.I looked behind me and no one seemed to notice the the sea But when I looked around, the sea was gone and the newly exposed land looked ruined, with  dead fish lying on it, I saw a flounder that displayed a poisonous shade of green. There was ruin everywhere. I seemed to be the only one who noticed, that was disturbing, I can tell you. A very rare kind of event in my dream life."
(David Gladstone)

April 18, 2016 - "I have had many dreams of an attack at London Bridge at about 1815 seems 3 bad guys.2 surrender and 1 may be shot.i cant see if there are many victims i believe the attack fails."
(Paul Chantrell)

Updated June 4, 2017 - Paul's prediction above turned out to contain some astoundingly accurate information!   Yesterday, at 10:30 PM, three armed men in a white van intentionally ran down numerous pedestrians on the London Bridge.  They left the van and then proceeded into the crowded Borough Market area of London and stabbed several more innocent bystanders.  Finally all three attackers were shot and killed by police in a violent shoot-out in the early hours of the morning.  Seven people died and another 48 were injured in the attacks as of today.  (See articles in the Independent and CNN).  Paul's overall sense of an attack on London Bridge by three attackers was indeed accurate.  However, it occurred at night, all three attackers were shot to death by police, and the attack was unfortunately successful from the point of view of human carnage.  A very similar attack occurred on March 22, 2017, at 13:40 BST (British Summer Time) or 14:40 (Greenwich Mean Time), when a man, later identified as a radical Islamic terrorist, drove a car onto the sidewalks of the Westminster Bridge, killing four people and injuring fifty.  He then proceeded to stab a police officer in a nearby location to the bridge.
(Nancy du Tertre)

April 4, 2016 - "I sensed something about German or Germany for days before the attacks happened in Belgium. I then even felt abnormally anxious and nervous and fear before or/and as it happened in Belgium. I thought i was just scared of something was going to happen to me, but turned it out to be connections to what was going on near Germany (originally i thought it happened there, but it was near there, not there). Last time i experienced this was when i got abnormally sad and upset and cried one night and then found out the next day that Robin Williams was dying or dead when i felt abnormally sad the night before. "Abnormal" feelings means feeling more than i normally would when i probably was just picking up on someone else's emotions and did not know who it is or who it is about until i see it in the news the next day. I even felt a lot of positive and/or strong energy or something like it when i read about Robin Williams the next day. I think a lot of people liked him and misse/d him. Belgium was different. I felt a lot of fear Not good at all. Much worse, but without the crying this time. If anyone else understands this "gift" then you should all post yours online so that people will take you seriously and not call you fakes or crazy."
(Claire Taylor)

March 30, 2016 -  It has been a horrible week of terrorist lunacy.  There was the pointless recent terrorist bomb attack in Belgium (30 killed and more than 200 injured on March 22, Tuesday) which garnered worldwide media coverage.  Less well covered were the two subsequent terrorist bomb attacks (ISIS and Taliban related) in predominantly Muslim countries - in Iraq (25 dead and 90 injured on March 25, Friday) and Pakistan (69 dead and 341 injured on March 27, Easter Sunday). Terrorist forces threaten that they are currently mobilized.  So the next question is: where will they hit next?  The various "soft target" venues this past week have been, respectively, an international airport, a metro station, a soccer stadium and a children's park.  I get only isolated images.  But for whatever they are worth: 1) a large box-shaped building that has the feeling of a central European train station.  The building has many pillars in the front facade and has the feeling of the Greek Parthenon.  I also got the word and image "aqueduct" associated with it.  I do not know if this means this building is located near a drinking water source/location or is linked to an actual aqueduct which is a bridge-like structure with tall columns and arches supporting the water channel.  2) I see simply a large neon sign such as one would see in front of a Broadway theatre show or elaborate, yet old-fashioned, movie cinema.  A distinctive character of the sign is that it had a petal-shaped design around the border.  I have noticed that terrorists don't seem to like to pay to get into their soft target venues - with the exception of being able to watch a soccer game before blowing themselves up... and so, their venues are generally public spaces...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 15, 2016 - See Updated section for prediction of May 21, 2016 to see an update on this prediction.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 22, 2016 - There is breaking news, as I write this, of a new terrorist attack in a shopping center in Munich, Germany, where at least eight people have been shot dead and police are reporting that as many as three armed terrorists may be on the loose.  The U.S. State Department has warned all Americans in the area to take immediate shelter in their homes.  The attack reportedly started when one armed gunman began targeting children in a McDonald's restaurant and shooting them.  When I saw the photo of the McDonald's building from the outside, a pattern became clear to me.  The famous trademarked golden arches were doubled around the corner, creating the distinctive pattern of what I labeled in my second prediction above as "[a] distinctive character of the sign is that it had a petal-shaped design around the border."  The four golden arches create a distinctive "petal shaped design" as I described although there is no neon sign.  Below is a photo of the Hanauer Strasse McDonalds, directly opposite the Olympia Shopping Centre, where the shootings occurred:

(Nancy du Tertre)

March 17, 2016 - "next US Government:
 President:                        Donald Trump
Vice President:                John Kasich
Secretary of State:           Marco Rubio
Attorney General:           Chris Christie
Surgeon General:            Ben Carson
Secretary of Defense:     David Petraeus"
(Patrick du Tertre)

March 5, 2016 - "I was told what It was I had been prevented from seeing until it was upon us. I'm just going to say it, it is quite shocking, bear with me here. 'There is a plague, already on earth, which, within 2 wweks will be recognized as a plague and which will kill nearly a billion people.  That is about 1/7th of all people?  It will disrupt civilization totally. Governments will break down. New ways of living will have to be found for the survivors. The disruptions will be violent in places as the old order is destabilized. As in the great plague of the 14th century. 1 in 4 died in Europe! Not everyone will die, some will survive. The internet society will be finished. Society will be so changed soon the world will be unrecognizeable in 2 years! There is much more, but if this pans out, it is the end of the world as we know it right before our eyes! Anyway this is far worse than I ever imagined really besides the odd chance of blowing ourselves up with missiles, like a nightmare I had in the 50's about the Russians attacking with missiles, but I didnt know then that they blew up!' On the other side of this is that it will completely stop the silent coup by the PtB. The  world will have to get to about 3 billion and stay there.  I don't know what to say really.. I have been wrong before and this is unprecedented for me, so... There is something else, this plague was not an accident, it is genocide, against all of human kind, but it will not succeed in killing off the population. The authors of this crime are not human."
(David Gladstone)

February 26, 2016 - I recently returned from a trip to Iceland and further north in the Arctic Circle.  The flight to Iceland was about 6 hours and left on Friday, February 12, 2016 at about 5PM Eastern Standard Time. I arrived in Iceland the next day, Saturday, February 13, at 8 AM.  I spent the entire day sightseeing around the streets of Reykjavik without access to any news or wifi for my iphone. 

After driving a couple hours outside of Reykjavik that evening, I went to bed that night and became aware sometime during the night, probably around 3 AM, of hearing a voice in my mind's ear.  It said, strangely:  "Ave Maria.  Supreme Court Justice."  That's all.  I knew even in my groggy state that this was a prediction.  I mused about it as I lay in bed.  I wondered if it could refer to a state supreme court court judge and wondered which state I could be thinking of, but quickly realized state judges are called "judges" not "justices."  A "justice" could only refer to a judge sitting on the United States Supreme Court.  Then I thought about "Ave Maria."  To me, it immediately implied a funeral and therefore a death of a US Supreme Court Justice.  But who?  I ran through some vague thoughts.  My former Princeton classmate Sonia Sotomayor (she was in the class ahead of me) would be too young to die I figured.  Same with Samuel Alito, age 65, also a former Princeton graduate whose home in New Jersey I had once visited.  Then there was Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 82 and possibly in bad health.  But I had distinctly "heard" the words "Ave Maria."  I reasoned Ginsburg was likely Jewish and so this prediction probably didn't apply to her.  I concluded that Ave Maria must refer to a Catholic judge since, after all, isn't that what they sing at Catholic funerals?  So who then?  I was too tired to try to remember all the justices.  Besides the entire idea seemed highly improbable.  It was the dead of night and I was terribly jet-lagged.  I did not think of Justice Scalia. 

The next morning, Sunday, February 14, 2016, at about 8 AM Greenwich Mean Time, I woke up and, finally in an area with wifi in the hotel I could read my online messages and catch up on news.  I was shocked to see that Justice Antonin Scalia (age 79) had died only hours earlier on February 13, 2016 in Texas (Central Time Zone which is 6 hours behind Icelandic time).  I learned of the dead-on accuracy of my prediction when I opened up the New York Times app on my phone and saw the article announcing his death. (Here is thelink to the article).  He also stated to a reporter in this article that he considered himself to be a "devout Catholic."  Since my iphone reception was spotty at best and my app wouldn't allow me to document this on my website, I documented it on my Facebook page.
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 4, 2016 - It has been a while since I had any predictive dreams or intuitions.  It has felt like a deep silence in my soul.  In the last six months, it has felt like the world has gone careening down a hideously terrifying highway toward the inevitable World War III.  Perhaps a part of me has rebelled against commenting on this since I believe negative thoughts beget negative action.  I don't wish to participate in the unspoken negative fear that permeates our globe right now.  It seems as if people feel a certain strange delight in being able to push forward the prophesy of world collapse - whether it be Christian/Israeli biblical foreshadowings, radical Islamist Jihadism, One World Order conspiracy theorists, extraterrestrial contactee messages, or Nostradamus occultists.  Kind of like a morally superior put down: "I told ya so!"  It is almost as if we have collectively wished to be here at the End of Times. 

So what do I predict for the year 2016?  This will be a year of wasting away.  This will be the year when the proxy wars end and we uncover the true, simmering hatreds below the surface.  This will be the year of the Pawns.  They will finally flex their muscles and express their outrage!  This will be the year that all will see that the Puppeteers, the Super Powers, are weakened, flattened, discouraged and licking their military, financial and patriotic wounds.  They will go home to recover after a few military airstrikes and empty promises.  I have always been aware the Middle East would necessarily have to explode.  It was inevitable and obvious even to me as a child.  How else could such an ancient, anachronistic, religious, tribal society be drawn, kicking and screaming, into our modern global, economic, secular society?  It would require severe turbulent violence.  A quick review of the early 20th century history of the Middle East also leaves us with no other conclusion: False boundaries, false promises, and false alliances are its unfortunate legacy.  The Day of Reckoning has arrived to set them straight again.  The real sectarian players have finally come front and forward.  The sleeping giants, previously content to hide in the shadows and beneath the skirts of the superpowers, have awoken, as Saudi Arabia and Iran call their gangs of Middle Eastern nations together to face off in the ultimate battle.  This is no longer a proxy war.  In 2016 we will see the real war - the one we have been waiting for.  Russia's Putin played an interesting counterpoint to America's Obama, putting a new twist of the real "savior" in the Middle East, but his game was smashed by the Turks.  China's Xi Jinping can no longer silently gloat about his leap into the role as the world's supreme Super Power, as he watches his country collapse under one horrific man-made disaster after another.  Their mistakes are even bigger and on a grander scale than ours! China, with its legendary ability for long range planning, has fallen victim to its own success and now has egg on its face.  America's Obama has led us, one step forward, two steps backward, with its fractured foreign policy and weakened economy, must now sit quietly on the sidelines.  We have handed over our old badge and gun as the former world's policeman.  We are just civilians now.  Israel's Netanyahu lost his wager by embarrassing his old ally America for its decision to engage Iran in nuclear negotiations.  But now Iran thumbs its nose at its liberator because it fears no consequences!  We all have our tails between our legs! Even the non-state of ISIS is now a victim of its own success.  Like a teenager out of control, it has successfully made itself Enemy Number One among all nations but can't seem to transition successfully into adulthood.  It's disgusting acts of random violence in all nations at all different types of everyday venues (from small restaurants, to businesses, to sports events, to supermarkets, to streets) have ironically actually made us less, not more, afraid of terrorism.  Ke sera sera.  We will just carry more guns now.  Europe will arm itself against its citizens and Syrian immigrants.  The good news is that I think the Middle Eastern players lack the guts and willpower to call us out to a true World War III because the rest of us are too tired.   It is a year of shifting alliances and re-ordering of everything we used to think we knew.  Russia will quietly retire without anyone noticing.  The United States will continue to play all sides against the middle until someone figures out the game and stops playing.  China will regain humility. Europe will suffer from self-doubt.  The Middle East will become engulfed in its own flames. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

(Updated March 22, 2016) -  Two of my predictions above are fulfilled.  A New York Times article, dated March 14, 2016, entitled "Putin Orders Start of Syria Withdrawal, Saying Goals Are Achieved," fulfills one of my prophesies listed above that "Russia will quietly retire [from Syria] without anyone noticing."  The article stated: "President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on Monday ordered the withdrawal of the “main part” of Russian forces in Syria, a surprise move that reflected what he called the Kremlin’s achievement of nearly all its objectives in the war-torn country.  The news upended expectations in Western capitals and among ordinary Syrians, setting off fevered speculation about Russia's intentions, much as Mr. Putin’s unexpected military plunge into the Syrian battlefield five months ago changed the course of the war."  Clearly, Russia's sudden withdrawal from Syria and war in the Middle East was unexpected and baffled political pundits.

Likewise, my prediction that "Europe will continue to suffer from self-doubt" seems to hold true.  Last night, ISIS terrorists caused two bomb explosions in the Belgian airport and nearby metro station resulting in 30 deaths and 230 injuries at the latest count.  The country was on the highest level of alert for possible revenge attacks after the capture on last Friday of Salah Abdeslam, the main surviving suspect from the Paris attacks in November.  According to a reportby, all of Europe was seen to be the "target" of this attack.  However, the British newspaper The Telegraph printed an article today, March 22, with the headline: "Brussels attacks: The EU aspires to be a state but fails to deal with the enemy within."  The article bluntly suggested: "There is also a grisly symbolism about this atrocity happening in Brussels, the administrative and spiritual centre of another failing political construct, the EU, for which the free movement of people is a fundamental and non-negotiable principle.Why should we be facilitating the movement of people who would do us harm? François Hollande of France called the Brussels murders “an attack on Europe”. David Cameron said Europe must “stand together.” Yet while the EU aspires to the trappings of a state it fails to fulfil the basic function of one, which is to protect its citizens from harm."  Yeah, I would call that  Europe's "self doubt."
(Nancy du Tertre)

December 12, 2015 - "I had a lucid dream this morning. It was the aftermath of a terror attack...about a year later, I think.  The air/light/energy around everyone was dark grey.  There were listening devices everywhere so that we could not have ANY conversation without being recorded.  No one was making eye contact and everyone walked around in a furtive state of fear.  A spirit voice said, 'This is what will happen. You will become a nation of dead souls.' I woke up very creeped out."
(Dr. Laurie Nadel)

November 23, 2015 - "there are very wealthy white male(elite) that are funding the isis group that is based in Turkey. this white english male from London,england(name withheld) is in his late 50's ( gets them money by going directly to UK, doesnt transfere them money through computer)he gives them money by them going on train or farry. Yes there many other people whom are funding them one such male comes from U.S. he they use very poor males and brainwash them. yes mostly islamic but very poor. this white male is part of trading and exporting oil,stock,gold. only wants to promote war so he will be one the richest in world."
(William Troy Greene)

November 6, 2015 - "This winter from November 2015 to March 2016 be prepared for a mild winter. It may sound great but shown it ice rain quite a bit. Also wet snow and when it does snow it melts very quickly. So it means slushy. People need to prepare for snow tires and temporary power outages. Mainly east coast of northamerica to parts of mud west. Seen dark mass over a map that stretches to Virginia, pensilvania , New Jersey, New York State, illinois, Michigan. Northern parts of Texas, Kentucky, North Carolina. Hopefully what it shown isn't so but I do know all sensitives been forewarn. Plus shown a darailment due to weather. Amtrak. On the east coast of U.S.This definitely is avoidable. Possible end of November of 2015."
(William Troy Greene)

November 5, 2015 - "A few nights ago, I had a dream I was in a plane that crashed. The responsible individual (shown as a coworker) walked up to the cockpit, He appeared to be in the cabin and just outside of it at almost the same time. He reached up and flipped two switches on the ceiling. One caused the plane to nose dive and the other accelerate at unstoppable speed. It was communicated by someone that flipping the switches could not be undone. I saw the plane nose dive at a steep downward direction from the cockpit window. Didn't physically or emotionally affect me. In waking life, I do not fly at all. Driving to through an airport causes a panic attack. Then, the next day, the plane to Egypt crashed killing 224 people. Actually, given the time difference, my dream and the crash could have had taken place nearly the same time. I was almost shocked when the crash came on the news."

Note: I have included the above prediction even though it was submitted after the actual plane crash in Egypt because 1) it suggests a cause for the crash which has not yet been fully determined and 2) it may actually reference a different plane crash that occurred on November 5, a cargo plane that crashed in Juba, South Sudan, killing 36 people on board.  (Nancy du Tertre)

October 16, 2015 (added belatedly to this page - my fault - on November 23, 2015):  "About two years ago I had a stronger than unusual precognitive vision that we were in for some major shifts beginning this year and really rocking everyone's reality by the end of 2016. Without getting into the details, it will be multifaceted, including an economic tanking, attacks from abroad experienced here in America and from outside aggression. And the immediate response to this would be giving a priority to our national defense through military and citizen empowerment; Muslims will be the "identified" enemy, here and abroad. Israel will be attacked and will bomb Palestine, at the same time that America is also attacked. Russia and China will take this opportunity while Obama is still in office to cross boundaries which will force our hand. We will be attacked on several fronts. Our grid will be knocked out for at least a couple months and rural communities will become united in helping one another, but cities will be under Marshall Law. Great loss of life. All funds will dry up for entitlements; everyone will be expected to do what they can do. We will all have to do something. Preppers will be seen as the wise ones. Bartering goods and services will be the norm for a while and there will be a profound rise in self reliance. Churches will become community resources. Home guards will work in tandem with local police to protect communities. Schooling will cease for a while but start up again in community arrangements where basic skills will be taught, but PC will be OVER We will gradually learn of the massive loss of life over seas and the pockets of citizen revolution against criminal establishment. Islam will never be the same. Terrible atrocities of whole towns destroyed, women and children, no mercy given. But globally, all non Muslim nations will understand why this had to be done. Islam as a religion will be totally changed if not eradicated. At home Texas will become the new capital. California and New York will be disasters sites for a long time. California will be a wasteland at least in big pockets, and many citizens will migrate to Texas. After our power and internet comes back on (minus all liberal sites) we will learn that government is state run with big government only as it relates to national defense, supported by a flat tax. The Freedom of Religion amendment will be amended to qualify only religions that do not support violence. We will also learn afterward that many of our progressive leaders fled during the attack and went into hiding, but there will be an accounting to any leaders and media who knowingly enabled terrorism against America. Many will claim they were just following orders, like the Nazis did after the Holocaust, but there will be what equates to a mob rage against Islam sympathizers and many will be executed, seen as traitors. Hollywood will become uber conservative overnight. It will be years before progressive theme based films will even be permitted to be shown, and only for the purposes of how communism infiltrated our American system. Liberal textbooks will be destroyed. Very old textbooks prior to big union backed education will be revived and updated with current turn of events. A strong American patriotism will prevail, pledging allegiance to the flag and prayer in open forums and Europe will adopt many of our newly revived conservative amendments. The Roman Catholic Church will revive big time. Here I said I wouldn't go into details, but it's what I have seen for years now and it is all eerily coming to pass. I saw it like it was happening already, and so intense, that I got my family to move to a more community friendly part of the country, and it is just unfolding unbelievably according to that vision. So, this is what I am preparing for: before Obama leaves office we will be attacked and our economy will implode. There will be a power outage and we will have to fare for ourselves. So, stock up at least enough to last for three or more months. Arm yourselves, make a plan with your closest people when you cannot contact them via phone/internet. Don't brag about what you are doing to lots of people, be discreet. And may God be with you."

September 6, 2015 - I recently woke up at 3:18 AM.  I checked the clock next to my bed.  I was amused that I was waking up on my birthday - 3/18 - something I had never done before!  I made a mental note and quietly chuckled to myself.  By the time I got up, went to the bathroom, returned, saw I had left my computer and printer on by accident, viewed a few emails and got back into bed, and checked the clock again, it was 3:16 AM.  So instead of losing time, as seems to be most often the case with people (in contact with ETs), I had actually miraculously gained time!  How is that possible?  It was not a misreading of the clock.  I look at my clock every night when I get up.  Further, even if you assume I misread the clock - let's say it was 3:13 and I misread it as 3:18 - the time taken to do what I did would have been more than a mere 3 minutes (the lapse of time from 3:13 AM to 3:16 AM).  So, impossible.  I gained time!  This experience (and others) have given me the sense that the fabric of spacetime is, at this point, becoming like cheesecloth - which is to say, full of tiny holes.  I am not sure why spacetime is so punctured right now, going forward and going backward, but my suspicion is that our reality is being tampered with retroactively, from the future, and there are certain places where time fabric rips and shreds because it is so delicately structured.  This is either due to scientific experimentation on tiny black holes or time travel, or an attempt to redo/alter certain events in our current timeline to prevent global mishaps.  I would be interested to know if any of you have also experienced something similar in recent days!
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 9, 2015 - "With regards to your 9-6-2015 post. I had a similar event. Woke up in bed with my big digital clock staring me in the face, read the time, turned over and fell asleep. Woke up again, staring at my clock and it read a few minutes earlier. Wrote it off as an old fart who can't read a clock right and went back to sleep. But the feeling that some how I gain time was still lingering. This happened sometime in this September. That's all I remember. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I live in North West Indiana out in corn and cow country. I just found out you existed from listening to "Fade to Black", another recent discovery.  I plan on getting and reading your book. Have you ever heard of Richard Miller and his book "ESP Induction"? Does your method differ than his? Thanks for being there."
(Jerome Sukta)

Response September 9, 2015 - Thank you Jerome!  I really appreciate your insights about your similar experience.  The fact that your experience happened so recently makes me wonder even more if perhaps there is a larger phenomenon going on. I'm not familiar with Richard Miller, but I will check him out!"
(Nancy du Tertre)

September 5, 2015 - "The feminine aspect of creation known as mother, daughter needs to be in the fore front during this earths transition, where even the male aspect of creation is taking a back seat due to an imbalance of this earth. wisdom only comes from the feminine. within 3 years a world extremely major economic crash followed by small meteors falling to earth. in-between that time the next president will try and introduce a draft system. due to impending war but will be stopped by our ancestors some call the star born people but in truth our ancestors. Hilary Clinton would be the best alternative to the next president but unfortunately will not get in office . hopefully all changes."
(William Troy Greene)

Updated January 25, 2017 - The portion of the prediction stating that Clinton would not become the next president was accurate.  The rest remains to be seen for the two years.
(Nancy du Tertre)

September 5, 2015 - "I have a feeling that there will be a large terrorist attack in Europe, that it will have casualties in the thousands to hundreds of thousands. I feel like it would be around Paris but not sure. I see this happening within the next few years."
(Andrew Jones)

August 31, 2015 -  "I get the feeling that ET's and other entities will start to make themselves more publicly known in the near future. Look at the clouds closer. Also, I keep getting a feeling/image of a large dark cloud over a part of "the East"... like China or southern Russia... it could be an explosion.... it feels like lots of people will be not okay because of whatever happens. It feels like these things will happen within two months. People need to stop watching television if they want to evolve their extrasensory perceptions."

August 19, 2015 - "I had a disturbing dream. It was a place where buildings can be knocked down like dominoes. A plane was flying low into the streets and hit the building. The buildings knocked each other down. Then there was a man who was at 66 Desai Street. I phoned my parents to tell them the address where we were held hostage. The kidnapper then took us all to a building as he was going to blow it up. I tried to get to a phone kiosk to tell my parents the address. It was a pinkish building, with lots of other buildings beside them. Up small steps. Into a corridor and to the right of other steps. I looked up the similar streets and found these exact streets in New York. I have never visited New York."
(Mandy Taylor)

August 13, 2015 - I had a dream three nights ago and have debated about whether it felt like a prediction or was some other type of experience.  I dreamed I was in a San Francisco style townhouse at the top of a very hilly street.  It felt like San Francisco.  It was a fairly boring and uneventful dream until suddenly the entire structure of the dream shook!  It was as if there wasn't just a local minor earthquake, rather the entire crust of the earth had shaken dramatically.  Panicked, I ran to the corner of the first floor of the house so I could shelter myself near a structural foundation.  It happened again and pieces of the masonry began to crumble and fall.  The shaking was intense and visceral.  It was not like a normal dream experience.  It felt physical and global - like nothing I've ever felt before in my life!  So I ran out the front door, not wanting to get crushed by falling debris inside the house.  I ran down the street which was at the top of a hill.  By the time I got down to the bottom of the street, things seemed to have calmed down.  The earth stopped shaking.  I now seemed to be near West 95th Street and the West Side Highway in Manhattan.  I crossed the street and entered a public building that appeared to be a public museum of some sort. The interior was circular in shape and seemed to be affiliated with former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  There was some interesting antique furniture from the 1940's.  A brown-haired middle-aged woman dressed in a 1940's-style small-print dress appeared.  I said, "Wow, I'm glad to get out of that mess.  It seems like things have finally calmed down and the earth has stopped shaking."  She said, "No, dear, you see right outside this building is actually the epicenter!"  At that moment, the circular building began to spin slowly, then speeding up uncontrollably.  I found myself being virtually knocked off my feet and thrown to the sides of the spinning walls by the sheer centrifugal force.  I was stuck to the walls.  I couldn't understand why the room had begun spinning so violently.  I immediately woke myself up in a panic.  My back and neck were very sore the next day.  In attempting to analyze this dream, I wondered if it was predictive or merely reflective of a psychological state.  If it was predictive, then it suggests massive shifts in the earth's crust across the United States from San Francisco to New York.  I don't know how to interpret the World War II-era spinning room.  Another alternative might be that my consciousness entered some kind of a time warp or wormhole connecting the 1940's to 2015.  If so, then why the connection between these two time zones?  Why now?
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 14, 2015 - I just heard on the television this afternoon that Tianjin, near Beijing, one of China's most important industrial centers and one of the busiest ports in the world, was literally rocked with two massive explosions on two days ago.  The news reports are absolutely terrifying.  One of the two chemical warehouse blasts, which could be seen from satellites in outer space, was the equivalent of 20 tons of TNT exploding, according to CNN reports.  There are still some of the 2,000 fires still burning two days later.  Fifty-six people are reported dead and more missing, more than 700 injured, and roughly 6,000 people, living within four miles or more of the blast, are now homeless. 

I believe these were probably the two "earthquakes" that jolted me so suddenly in the dream I had on Tuesday night (the night before the actual event happened) and caused me to flee, like the Chinese people I now see in the news photos, into the streets to avoid being crushed by falling buildings.  Although Chinese officials haven't been entirely forthcoming regarding the cause of the explosions, it is believed certain highly toxic chemicals, such as sodium cyanide which can kill humans very quickly, were stored at the warehouse.  It is also believed, according to CNN reports, that other dangerous chemicals such as toluene diisocyanate and calcium carbide were also stored at the facility.  I am now also wondering if my strange and sickening room spinning sensation from my dream might have been a psychic reaction to the toxicity of the chemicals that were released in China the next day.  Click here to see the horrific blasts from a distance of three miles away.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 17, 2015 - The two massive explosions in China continue to make news.  According to an article in, "The Chemical Explosion in China Killed More than 100 People and the Devastation is Unreal," by Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press, Chinese news outlets are reporting that the warehouse was storing 700 tons of sodium cyanide, 70 times more than it should have been holding at one time and that authorities were rushing to clean it up.  Sodium cyanide is a toxic chemical that can form a flammable gas when in contact with water, which is what the firefighters were using early on in order to put out the fire. According to, a quarter teaspoon of sodium cyanide will kill you and can transform into prussic acid which is even more deadly. The death count has now risen to 114 and reports are calling it the worst disaster for Chinese firemen in more than six decades.  The toxic chemical storage warehouse was also in violation because it was less than one kilometer away from public buildings.  The Chinese have a terrible workplace safety record.  There have been more smaller blasts since the initial two explosions.  An article in claims to have been advised by Chinese dissidents that the explosions were actually an attack on Tianjin as a warning from the United States Pentagon which allegedly deployed its "Rod of God" - a "space based top-secret kinetic weapon that can be dropped from high orbit to strike almost any land-based target.  According to the article, "BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation." While this theory is difficult to swallow, the article points out that the photo of the crater left by the blast - particularly the fracture pattern surrounding the newly created crater lake - suggests a sub-surface burst as could be created by a nuclear weapon or space weapon.  It is too early to know the cause and the Chinese are staying mum on the subject.  But suddenly it makes me think about my dream:  I was in President Roosevelt's museum.  Why?  Could it have something to do with the fact that he was president during WWII, and died right before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima?  My dream was moved to Manhattan.  Roosevelt oversaw the Manhattan Project that produced the first nuclear bombs of WWII.  Is this strange coincidence or something more accurate?
(Nancy du Tertre)

June 6, 2015 - It is not often that my website Blog Page and my Predictions Page coincide.  However, I was very surprised to see an article in the New York Times, dated June 5, 2015, entitled "A Manhattan Fortuneteller Cost Him Fortune After Fortune" (click here for link) about the arrest of a New York City psychic and her legal woes, having just published my latest blog two days earlier, dated June 3, 2015, entitled "Legal Issues for Psychics and Fortune Tellers." (click here for link).  The Times article cracked open one of the largest psychic fraud cases in history.  It detailed the incredible scamming of a gullible man trying to get the romantic love interest for which he apparently gladly forked over to the psychic a total of $713,975 over a period of 20 months so she would talk to the spirits on his behalf, create a reincarnation portal, purchase a diamond ring to protect his energy, create a time machine, conjure an 80-mile bridge of gold, buy lots of crystals, hold a fake spirit funeral to deter a spirit stalker, and so on.  Apparently the client's belief in the psychic's powers fell apart when he learned that the woman he had been trying to woo with the (expensive) help of his psychic had already died!  In my blog, I decided to address a New York State statute that makes offering psychic services a crime unless accompanied by a disclaimer that it is "for entertainment purposes only."  I discuss the various pitfalls and laws used to prohibit people from offering psychic services. The timing of my blog with the release of this news article was stunning.  I have never written about this topic before.  It just goes to show, once again, that information exists in the "ethers "out there" and prediction is simply a matter of correctly tuning your mind to the information in the future.  Legislators should take note and learn how to discern the true value in psychic work instead of throwing it all in one large garbage heap!
(Nancy du Tertre)

May 9, 2015 - I had a nightmare last night (rare for me).  I was walking along a highway with a companion.  It was very foggy and/or smokey along the road and we could barely see 4 feet in front of us.  However, through the fog/smoke a terrible scene emerged.  It was a huge pile-up of crashed cars - maybe ten - that had all slammed into each other in the poor visibility.  The strange thing is that everyone was dead.  There were hideously burned corpses littering the center of the highway along with still smoking and burning cars.  My companion panicked and did not want to proceed any further because it was too frightening.  I became momentarily mesmerized by the burned bodies and the faceless smoking mummy-like corpses, but snapped out of it and powered on.  I grabbed my companion's arm and guided both of us through the terrible scene to the "hallway" on the other end of the highway.  In retrospect, I felt I acted almost in the capacity of a "guardian angel" for my companion.  I even wondered later if he wasn't a lost soul from one of those crash victims from my dream and I was simply there to help him overcome his fear of his own death and take him to "The Other Side."  I had a vague sense from the dream that eight people had died in this terrible traffic crash.  When I watched the news this morning I read about the 4 people who died in the small plane fireball crash on highway I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia, yesterday (see Mandy Taylor's updated submission below as of this morning).  I don't know if this is the prediction of my dream or not.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated May 13, 2015 -   I did not sleep well last night.  I now believe I understand what the above dream was predicting.  This morning I awoke to the news that last night around 10 PM and Amtrak train derailed and jumped the tracks resulting in a horrific crash just north of Philadelphia.  As it currently stands now (and reports are still coming in), there are six persons reported dead and 200 injured, eight of whom are in critical condition, and still others are missing.  Officials says the scene was horrific and the train cars littered the ground like trash and broken cans.  It is one of the worst Amtrak disasters on record.  I interpret my dream as follows:  the "highway" was equivalent to the train tracks which run along one of the country's busiest train "highways" along the Northeast Corridor.  I saw "eight people" dead.  So far six people have died in this train crash, others remain in critical condition, and some people are still missing, so I assume this number may rise possibly to eight.  I saw a "huge pile-up of crashed cars - maybe ten - that had all slammed into each other in the poor visibility."  Obviously, this can be seen as referring to "train cars" not automobiles.  There was indeed a huge pile-up of cars and according to the New York Times article this morning there were at least seven train cars involved.  Two names of the dead in this crash have been released.  I am wondering if one of them, a man named Jim Gaines, who worked for the Associated Press and was a 48-year-old father of two children with a wife, living in New Jersey (my home state), was perhaps the man in my dream who I guided toward "The Other Side" during his confusion post-death in this crash.  I do not know this for sure.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated May 14, 2015 - Unfortunately, I was waiting for this news.  Today, the death count in this tragedy rose to eight dead - exactly as I predicted in my dream.  According toNBC News: "Crews pulled an eighth body Thursday from the wreckage of the Amtrak train that crashed in Philadelphia, and authorities said they believed everyone on board had been accounted for.  Derrick Sawyer, the Philadelphia fire commissioner, confirmed the eighth death. [...] 'Unfortunately, again, we must now report that we have confirmed eight deceased from this horrible tragedy,' the mayor said." The descriptions of the crash by eye-witnesses describe it exactly as I saw in my dream.  According to the lead article on the front page of the New York Times today:  "Survivors — including a former congressman, Patrick Murphy — described terrifying moments in which the train seemed to soar through the air before the locomotive and cars landed in a twisted, mangled, pretzel-like mess. Passengers said they saw blood and bodies everywhere as they struggled to escape." 
(Nancy du Tertre)

May 9, 2015 - (From a submission from April 19, 2015):  "I've had a dream. A plane went down and it landed in the desert. There were guns involved and I was a person holding one gun, I was trained to use it and I went into the cockpit (with the plane on the ground) with one other person to check the plane was safe. It took 1 year from us being in the desert. The passengers drove the plane through the desert (?). Then the plane was driven to a park called Brackton? I stayed with the plane whilst I phoned. Numbers 3434 or 3454. C3454? I telephoned the airline company, trying to find my flight ticket to say that they could ring the news as the aircraft has been found. I have flash backs of being in the desert whereby a model plane was made and on it was the replica of a human being. It was going to be launched into the air in celebration of being found but it never got launched. [...]  More images coming through since the dream. Brackley. Sand. Desert. Brackley What? Don't know - can't tell where I am. Not Brackley park but what? Brackley what? Can't see the area around me. No - not a park but with trees and green iron fencing. U or C on it's side. Missing a letter that I can't see. C / U x 3454. Web search = Brackley Beach. Gun. I'm a person using a gun who is trained to use it. Arms stretched forward. Moving to the front of the plane. Front of plane in a mess. Clothes everywhere. Looks like a popular gun used in America. Dark blue uniform. Long sleeves. Black shiny shoes. White / tanned hands I see as if I'm that person moving down the plane to the cockpit. Lost for a year. Why lost for 1 year? Research :,+KS,+United+States/Brackley+Beach,+PE,+Canada/@38.0069718,-89.1152992,5z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x87badb6ad27f182d:0x9396d5bf74d33d3e!2m2!1d-97.336111!2d37.688889!1m5!1m1!1s0x4b5fb703027b18f7:0xf1619492d6cef8ba!2m2!1d-63.195174!2d46.405541 United Airlines Flight 3454. On time - departs in 7 hours 2 mins ORD ICT Departs Chicago, Sunday, April 19 Times Terminal Gate 7:50 PM 1 C6 Arrives Wichita, Sunday, April 19 Times Terminal Gate 9:51 PM - -"
(Mandy Taylor)

Updated May 9, 2015 - "I think I've come across my prediction and my condolences go out sincerely to the family of those on board. Policeman : police gun images = person who died was a former deputy: "The pilot, Greg Byrd, was a retired Buncombe County, North Carolina deputy, and father to Phillip and Christopher." The images in my dream included a beach (peach?) and trees: Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Atlanta is near the area of my prediction: here's the crash site:,+GA,+USA/@44.7497646,-88.7818331,4z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x88f5045d6993098d:0x66fede2f990b630b Here's my prediction:,+PE+C0A,+Canada/@52.6260137,-71.0739382,4z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4b5fb703027b18f7:0xf1619492d6cef8ba ."
(Mandy Taylor)

May 1, 2015 - "This morning while taking a walk I had a sort of doorbell experience, a slight current of electrical energy in a specific place that I could identify with previous communications from my friend who was an extremely talented astral traveler, as opposed to remote viewing. I was with a friend of both of ours who is psychic in a much more usual manner, who is nearly always present in dreams about my friend, as a silent witness and enhancer or amplifier. The doorbell made me go into my usual mode of trying to figure out what it was about. I had been talking about the volcano and got confirmation that it was indeed about Yellowstone. It is yes and no questions, non verbal answers. I asked about the seriousness of such an eruption on a scale of 1-10 on a scale of the greatest volcanoes in history. Yellowstone's explosion 2 million years ago was the biggest, Karakatoa small by comparison. This one would rate at about a 2 on that scale, which is quite a serious explosion. After a half hour of questions a picture of a serious event, unveiled itself. The eruption will cause upward of 5000 dead and require a lot of emergency services.This will expose the government if the response is not adequate, which it will not be. Air travel will be interrupted. Internet in some places. Dust and debris high enough to interfere with airplanes and schedules. The time period is within 7 days, I can't get any closer than that. Of course this could also not happen, it's hard to understand the error factor, but when such a process happens where the senders want it published, I just do it. Btw, my friend on the night before he died, predicted a bloodless global calamity to me the night before he died. I understood it to be a financial crash, this was Aug. 21, 2008. On his birthday, Oct.13, the Sec. Treasury ordered the owners of the 9 biggest banks to Washington to bail out the economy and the stock market crashed 750 points. That was Rob's birthday and naturally, i took it for confirmation."
(David Gladstone)

Updated May 1, 2015 - Thank you David for the above prediction.  You may want to take a look at my prediction on April 3, 2014 exactly a year ago.  Feels like something is up.
(Nancy du Tertre)

April 1, 2015 - "I predicted in different dreams before they happened the airline that crashed into the water in Taipai. Initially it landed in blocks of flats and I draw my dream which was exactly the same as Taipai. The plane was spinning and on fire and caused masses of damage, with the surrounding buildings being put on fire also. Then the plane backed up from being on flames in the buildings to suddenly being in the water, with a block of something solid, like a concrete wall, behind it. The passengers couldn't get out because the plane was under the water but I didn't feel all of them had died. I recalled the dream that day which disturbed me to the point I asked my friend to watch out for a plane crash and the crash happened 2 days later. I didn't find out about it as I was travelling and didn't come across the news for another week so I was really upset that it had actually happened. I also predicted the co-pilot. I had a dream that I died in a plane that crashed into the ground, nose first, at high speed, into a dry area of brown brush with green bushes all around and one person in the cockpit. I died in the dream and it was extremely quick and without pain. This dream occurred some time ago - probably the co-pilot waiting for his opportunity. I could now recall both dreams extremely well and have made a picture of Taipai area where I watched the plane crash, which seemed huge in comparison to it's surroundings. I was at the top of a building where I was strangely jumping around the tops of the buildings as if I was a Ben Ten Alien from roof top to roof top to avoid the spinning, burning plane. How it managed to get from the buildings with those huge wings stopping it moving and into the water I couldn't work out. Then the hero of the accident - the pilot - gave me the answer as to why it avoided the buildings. MH370 - I predicted the flight path - if 12 o'clock is north, the flight path would be at ten minutes to twelve. My mum asked what I think had happened to it and, before the flight path was given out on the news, I emailed her to say where I think it had gone which was accurately 10 minutes to 12 with 12 o'clock being north. I also said it has landed somewhere else - still looking to that direction = much further north or the Phillipenes comes to my thoughts but the images are vague and distorted as if the people on board didn't know themselves where they were. If they don't know themselves, then it's position can't be pinpointed. I wondered if I was the only one who had these types of dreams so I found this website and other sites which tells me that other people do."
(Mandy Tayor)

Response - Thank you Mandy for your recalled predictions about the airplane crashes in Taipei, France, and the missing Malaysian flight.  Yes, others also get such predictions.  We all carry bits of holographic information in our conscious awareness and so when we share them like in this forum we can put the pieces of the puzzle together.  I am particularly interested in predictions before they happen.  I try to confirm them after the fact.  So please keep contributing!
(Nancy du Tertre)

February 24, 2015  (2:41 PM EST) - "Here we go. Many of us have been anticipating this next hit but this may be the first evidence of its method. Breaking News as I type. "
(Carole Gold)

February 13, 2015 - "I agree with Nancy on this terrorist attempt: what I was told by this star born person was that they are keeping a very close watch on this particular group that hides behind Islam but not Islamic! The plan the financial market, subway system and train comes big from Paris, France and also London, England! But he said they will stop them because too many innocent lives are involved, so they will step in! How you will know, is that strange lights will be over Paris and London! All he said was soon!"
(William Troy Greene)

January 22, 2015 - I have had, and continue to have, a nagging unpleasant feeling that France will be subjected to a particularly nasty terrorist attack in the very near future.  I am not alone.  Several of my more psychically gifted friends also feel strongly about this.  The Eiffel Tower seems to be target imaged by most of them.  This would make sense given that jhadi terrorists seem to have a preference for iconic landmarks and symbols of the Western regime they seek to destroy.  The Eiffel Tower has already been the scene of thwarted terrorist attempts similar to the World Trade Center.  Not surprising it would be attempted again. The method used for such an attack is not seen as "traditional," however, and is multi-directional.  
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 19, 2014 - Two nights ago I had a dream that terrorists had captured a local or regional government official.  This was an important person.  They had hidden him somewhere.  In an effort to locate him, law enforcement officials were searching in an underground tunnel network below a city.  They came up empty-handed.  Then, suddenly, someone discovered a lower level of a hidden tunnel network below the first layer of tunnels.  This seemed a very promising discovery.  I heard one of the men yelling that he had found the entrance into this hidden level of interconnected tunnels.  But as soon as he opened the door or rock at the entrance, there was a loud explosion.  He was immediately killed by some kind of toxic gas that had been rigged to release the moment the entrance was opened.  However, as others ventured into the cavernous room, they discovered an absolutely enormous cache of military-quality explosives - much more powerful than home-made explosives.  This was the mother lode discovery they had been seeking and could now disarm.  While they were busy examining the explosives, a group of terrorists sneaked up from behind them and attacked them from the rear.  I ran quickly to the upper level of tunnels and anxiously hid behind a crevice in the stone wall.  I watched the terrorists as they attempted to hunt down and kill any living person in the vicinity.  They did not see me.  The dream ends.  This dream was clearly instigated by witnessing the horror of the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium.  But I believe this dream may lend clues to a future attack.  Unfortunately, I don't know where.
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 10, 2015 - "This year be prepared for very strong winds almost up to hurricane force but no tornadoe or hurricane mother earths labour pains have started with her heavy breathing and also temperture for winter is going to be from very cold one day to spring like the other, which will cause immune problems1 also shown in south west of us major fire in summer of 2015! nothing you can do with the winds just prepare for she has started her labour."
(William Troy Greene)

January 7, 2015 - I had a very brief dream this morning of a plane crash of a jumbo jet airliner.  It did not seem to be in the U.S. - maybe a country in the Southern Hemisphere.  The plane appeared to be landing but was coming down at an extremely abnormally steep vertical angle.  It crashed at the airport which appeared to be nestled inside a ring of small hills.  All I saw was the black smoke rising from behind the hills.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated February 4, 2015 - I was very shocked to see the dashboard video taken of the airline crash yesterday of the TransAsia Airways (6702.TW) plane right after it took off from a downtown Taipei airport with 58 passengers and crew on board.  As of today, 23 people are confirmed dead, 15 people survived, and 20 are missing.  The plane lurched between tall buildings, and as it flew over the elevated highway, flying completely sideways with its wings vertical, it clipped a moving taxi and then plunged down on the other side of the overpass into shallow water below.  I don't know if this is related to my vision above - there are certain discrepancies.  However, the plane's vertical position with its wings on a steep angle as it crashed, right after leaving the airport, with small hills visible in the background of the video clip, makes me wonder if this wasn't what I dreamed about.
(Nancy du Tertre)

December 28, 2014 - "cornerstone laid by israel at dome of the rock missing cornerstone from us. whitehouse."
(George C. Rissell)

December 12, 2014 - "Large worldwide earth tremors sometime between Dec 23 2014 and Jan 23 2015 they will all take place in a 2 day time frame but sometime between these dates. I saw all this while lucid dreaming asked someone the date and saw snow on the ground."
(Jeff Allen)

November 28, 2014 - The night before last I awoke with a distinct memory of my "dream" upon awakening.  I was walking up some marble steps leading to a large piazza.  I stopped, completely froze, and went into a very deep, trance-like meditation.  I didn't move at all.  I noticed a man about 20 feet in front of me.  He was clearly Indian and dressed in what appeared to be military Indian garb.  He looked very familiar.  I knew he was famous and from India, but had no idea who he was. His jacket had a traditional notched collar.  He stared at me for several minutes.  He was amazed I appeared to be in a state of suspended animation and didn't respond to his smile.  He grew even more confused by me in my frozen state.  It was as if he and I had encountered each other in some twilight dimensional zone and could "see" each other.  As I watched him without moving my eyes, he began to replicate.  Soon, there were many of him, all dressed in different outfits, looking at me.  Perhaps they were all the same man at different points in spacetime or from different layers of dimensional reality? 
When I awoke, I tried to identify him.  I realized he was Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who governed India after his mentor Mahatma Gandhi, from 1947 until his death in 1964.  As a fierce nationalist, he led India to independence against British rule. I had never thought of this man in my entire life.  Heck, I didn't even know what he looked like!  But my dream image was identical to the photo to the left.  I had no idea what would have possessed me to dream about him.  Nor did I understand why we both "recognized" each other in this other-dimension of spacetime like two ghosts from different worlds.  I did a bit of research today and learned about his history.  I tried to understand our strange "intersection" in my dream.  Intuitively, I felt his "message" had to do with the disputed Indian-administered territory of Kashmir which has been, since the creation of Pakistan and India in 1947, the subject of the claims of both nations.  The "message" felt like he was watching and following current events, and was prepared to offer counsel and advice on an impending military clash.  Yesterday, the Times of India newspaper reported in an article that there was a bloody clash resulting in nine deaths - the next day after my dream - in Kashmir by Pakistani militants against the Indian army.  However, I had the feeling his "advice" was topical because it also relates to the eastern disputed territories of Ukraine.  Eastern Ukraine has become a tinderbox of warring Ukrainian and pro-Russian separatists.  It was as if he was saying look to the history of Kashmir to understand the current crisis in Ukraine. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated November 30, 2014 - Apparently the advice to me in my dream was recently proposed by Igor Sutyagin, senior research fellow at the British defense and security think tank known as the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies.  On October 22, 2014, he literally said exactly what was "told" to me by Prime Minister Nehru in my dream, namely, that there are lessons to be learned about Ukraine from the experience in Kashmir.  According to a Reutersarticle published in, Satyagin (who spent eleven years imprisoned in Russia on charges of espionage) said:  "'We have another Kashmir in the middle of Europe...There will be clashes from time to time because neither side will be able to pull back,' he told delegates at a Global Security Seminar organised by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, referring to the disputed territory on the border between India and Pakistan."  It is now clear to me why I felt in my earlier predictions about Ukraine (see July 29, 2014 prediction) that Russia will not stage any actual invasion but will continue its policy of destabilization and military threats.  This is indeed a similar frozen conflict.  History shows us that despite former Prime Minister Nehru's initial promise in 1948 to hold a plebiscite (a referendum by direct vote of the people) to permit the people living in the disputed territories of Kashmire and Jannu to decide whether they wanted to be part of India or Pakistan, he then reversed his position ten years later.  No plebiscite was ever held to this day.  Kashmir remains in a state of militarized limbo. Ukraine risks the same fate.  If there is a lesson here, it must be for Ukraine and Russia to ask themselves whether it is better to redefine boundaries than to live endlessly in a state of violence.
(Nancy du Tertre)

November 20, 2014 - Yesterday, someone on Facebook posted an image of a UFO that flew over Alanya, Turkey, on November 11, 2014 (see video linkhere).  I was struck by the shape and colors of the UFO - certainly not your typical saucer-shape, triangle, cigar-shape or other commonly reported shapes/colors.  This one is strangely awkwardly shaped, making it seem more human than alien, and appears to have "painted" colors as opposed to colors generated by lights.  It is long, bullet-shaped with a conical nose, four "flipper-like feet," some kind of a tall "dorsal fin-shaped" wing, and is pointed at both the front and back ends.  Peculiar.  I researched it to see if I could get a less-fuzzy photo but without success. 
It immediately reminded me of a dream I had a year ago, on September 23, 2013, that I recorded privately but never posted.  I had long forgotten about this dream until I decided to write down last night's dream (the first time I have ever been "beamed up" aboard a craft and communicated with 4 different species of aliens).  Strangely, I was shocked to see my last entry was the September 2013 dream and I had drawn a sketch of the UFO I had seen. 

In this dream, I was visiting some type of college-setting with my former mentor (now deceased) remote viewer Ingo Swann.  He introduced me to the president of this facility and suggested to him that I be brought in to teach remote viewing there.  I visited various classrooms on this campus which seemed to be in Colorado with nearby mountains, and was struck by the strange "circus-like" quality of the teachings and also the security guards posted outside the doors.  At some point, while speaking with the president of this college, the president said (quoting from what I wrote down): "'Oh yes, if you want to go look at the UFO's, go take a look at the outdoor "X" building location and the Park "X" location.'  I said, 'Really?  You have UFO's here?' He said, 'Yes, they always come every year.  It's no big deal.'  I considered grabbing my iphone (for its camera) when at that moment outside the big row of over-sized windows there was a loud noise.  I looked out just in time to see an enormous UFO fly directly behind the neighboring building at about a 35 degree angle soaring straight up into the sky.  I was surprised to notice the shape (I was anticipating in my dream-sense to see a silver disk) - but this was shaped like an amoeba or blimp with pointed front and back, and was about 50' long.

Shell of the testate amoeba Difflugia acuminata, made up of mineral particles. (Wikipedia).
                                                     Shell of the testate amoeba Difflugia acuminata, made up of mineral particles (Wikipedia).

Also it's colors were unusual in that they seemed so 'earthly.' I made note in my dream to remember them: black, red, yellow and lots of base orange color.  The president said it appeared that the UFO was following/shadowing one of our conventional aircraft that was taking off."  I did not know at the time I had this dream that the United States Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs and its campus and airport appear to be surrounded by mountains - just as it was in my dream.  I also learned subsequently there have been many regular reports of UFOs in that area.  No surprise.  What is surprising is that one year later I see that my description of the dream-craft is so similar to the UFO in Turkey.  It has a similar shape, and identical colors - black, yellow, red and orange, and appears to have "earthly" attributes.  Perhaps I was inadvertently remote viewing the events at the US Air Force Academy in my dream-instigated efforts to become a remote viewing teacher there!!
(Nancy du Tertre)

November 9, 2014 - Early 20th century philosopher George Santayana once famously said: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  The idea is that ignorance of human history will result in more wars.  So I found it interesting to watch the events of last week's assassination attempt on Israeli activist (or "extremist" depending upon who you talk to) Yehudah Glick by a Palestinian gunman who was later killed by Israeli police while attempting to flee.  At issue was Glick's protest against the prohibition against allowing Jews to pray at the Temple Mount (or Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound, depending upon who you talk to).  The famous golden Dome of the Rock temple in East Jerusalem is the third most important holy site in Islam and the most holy site in Judaism.  This was the location where Muslim prophet Muhammad allegedly ascended to Heaven and, according to the Jews, God allegedly gathered dust to create the first Biblical man, Adam.  The history of this holy site has been the subject of long-standing political squabbles, wars, treaties, religious real estate charitable legal transactions, and seemingly endless bickering.  The predicted "destruction of the temple" by Jesus has already occurred - twice since the year 70 AD.  Certain Jewish groups are now attempting to lay new cornerstones for the Third Temple - in an effort to accelerate other "End Times" predictions in the Bible. 

Many fundamentalist Christians support these efforts since they similarly want to accelerate the prediction of Christ's Second Coming in the End Times.  These efforts, as well as visits by Israeli politicians visiting the site, have been viewed as antagonistic to Muslims who currently have administrative control over the site which is located on Israel-controlled land since the War of 1967.  My point here is that there should be a corollary to Santayan's famous quote.  It should be:  "Those who can only remember the past are also condemned to repeat it."  In other words, they are so focused on ancient predictions found in the Bible, they will make End Times a self-fulfilling prophecy.  This is a classic Time Loop.  The predictions of Future are implemented by Future Peoples believing exclusively in the Past.  If humanity wishes to continue its existence on earth, it must imagine and implement its own future.  This will break the "spell" of the Biblical prediction!  This is not irreverent to religion.  This is reality.  Biblical predictions, like all others, are only an accelerated trending of current conditions.
(Nancy du Tertre)

October 13, 2014 - The "blood moon" last week seems to have weighed heavily on many people.  My dreams have been vivid, surprising, exhausting and very specific over the past week.  I have been "working" hard every night while I sleep.  My dreams are laden with political personalities, commentaries, treaties, legal contracts, negotiations and irony.  I am not sure why my dreams are so political, but they won't stop.  At night, I feel I am stopping by the homes of leaders around the world and making personal visits! 

Last night, I dreamed that former Secretary of State and potential 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton called out to me with delight. "Look!" she said happily, "I'm lactating again" as a spurt of mother's milk sprayed from her breast.  Yes, I must have been thinking of her brand new grandchild.  But why?  I could care less!  Has she turned a corner?  Has she experienced a change of heart and now has begun to see the world and geopolitics in a more nurturing light?  Has she finally tossed the pink sweaters and "mom friendly" talk in exchange for something more genuine if she decides to run for president?

The night before last, I dreamed I was invited to attend a special lecture being given by a Chinese man, an apparent political leader, whose name was - as I recalled - merely "Ping."  I was able to get a seat in the front row of the auditorium, right in front of the lectern where he was standing.  I was very lucky to get this seat because it was standing room only.  I remember being pleased by a subtle feeling that this was an intelligent man.  I was particularly struck by his gentle demeanor and kindheartedness.  The next morning I scoured the internet for anyone named "Ping" and learned (what I should have known already), that Xi Jinping is is the President of the People's Republic of China.  Like Hillary Clinton, I'm not sure that my impression of kindness was in any way merited, especially given his background.   Does this suggest he will soften his stance toward the Hong Kong pro-Democracy demonstrators who, a few days ago, appealed directly to him instead of Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying?  The apparent use of Asian mafia-based triads today to combat the demonstrators would appear to be a more localized response.

Two nights before that, I dreamed I was dancing with Russian President Vladimir Putin in his personal ballroom in Russia.  We were actually having a fun time together.  He danced with a few others, but always came back to me.  At one point, the music stopped, and some attendees discovered some very old, dusty, tiny listening devices (4-5 ancient bugs) located near a crumbling wall or pillar in the room.  On October 12, Reuters reported that Putin ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border yesterday - a likely part of the negotiations to precede his meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Milan later this week.  Does this dream suggest he will look more kindly upon his "dance partner" in the Ukraine?

So what do these dreams have in common?  They all involve a direct relationship with top political leaders of different countries and each leader appears to be abnormally kind, gentle and joyful.  In times of great global stress, if we can whisper words of kindness in our leaders' ears, perhaps we all have a better chance of survival!! 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated October 20, 2014 - I was intrigued to see a Washington Post article dated December, 2012, stating that Chinese President Xi's "affectionate nickname" is "Pingping" - thus his name in my dream, "Ping," seems to make sense.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated October 22, 2014 - On October 14, the day after I dreamed about Hillary Clinton's strange comments about milk, she was quoted in national news reports (clickhere for article) during a campaign stop in Colorado in support of Democratic Senator Mark Udall,  making a "joke" about the design that appeared in the milk foam of his latte.  She joked that it appeared to be a design of a marijuana plant!  Colorado recently legalized marijuana, and although Hillary claims she has never smoked pot, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, famously claimed he had smoked pot but never inhaled.

As for the dream about Russian President Putin, also on October 14, Putin met in Milan with Ukrainian President Poroshenko at negotiations sponsored by the European Union to set a price for Russian gas supplies which have been cut off since June due to Ukraine's failure to pay the escalated prices.  Although a final agreement is not expected until next week (because Putin has demanded assurances regarding the source of Ukraine's advance payments for gas deliveries this winter), both parties agreed upon a price and for advance payment to Russia's state-owned gas company Gazprom.  The EU and IMF have promised substantial loans to Ukraine, but according to a Reuters news report, "Putin, meanwhile, said Ukraine's debt for Russian gas supplies stood at $4.5 billion, considerably less than the $5.3 billion previously demanded by Gazprom.  However, in Brussels on Tuesday, Novak said Moscow was still not satisfied with agreeing to advance payments for new gas without further assurances, notably from Ukraine's Western allies, about where the money would come from." Putin, perhaps responding to recent drops in gas prices and to EU sanctions, agreed to drop the previously demanded price of Ukrainian gas by $100 per 1,000 cubic meters.  Thus, as my prediction suggested, Putin may be inclined to treat his Ukrainian "dance partner" more nicely than in the recent past!
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated January 25, 2015 - The New York Times reported two days ago that the conflict in Ukraine has suddenly exploded.  The article states:  "Unexpectedly, at the height of the Ukrainian winter, war has exploded anew on a half-dozen battered fronts across eastern Ukraine, accompanied by increasing evidence that Russian troops and Russian equipment have been pouring into the region again. A shaky cease-fire has all but vanished, with rebel leaders vowing fresh attacks."  The peace agreement signed in Minsk is clearly dead.  But I don't understand why this was so "unexpected."  Assuming Ukraine tried to preempt a Russian-backed separatist attack scheduled for January 17 thereby giving the Russians a pretense to turn around and accuse Ukraine of breaking the peace, where is the great surprise?  Also, with a collapsing economy, Western sanctions against Russia kicking in, fluctuating political opinion polls, global focus elsewhere on jihadist terrorism in Europe, the chaos in Yemen, and falling gas prices, isn't winter the perfect time to put the pressure on a country that needs gas?  Who in their right mind would wait until spring?  If Putin's "dance partner" hasn't sufficiently surrendered influence to Russia by now, Putin's options are painfully obvious.
(Nancy du Tertre)

September 27, 2014 - "Last night I dreamed that an airplane crashed into a very tall building in a city. I believe it was too close to the city and the pilot was unable to ascend in time. It may have been an Air France plane. I'm not sure of the meaning, but my foot and ankle were injured when the plane hit the building. I went to get treated and didn't like the health care system, which I believe was a system that covers everyone, like in the UK."
(Durham Bryant)

September 12, 2014 - After leaving the UFO conference in Maine on Tuesday (September 9) where I gave a guest presentation, I stopped by a friend's house in Rhode Island to sleep over that night.  I had a bizarre dream on Tuesday night about a very strange animal.  I told my friend about my dream the next morning.  At first I thought it was a cat.  Then it morphed before my eyes and got larger than a cat.  I then realized it was a very strange type of monkey.  It had the face of a baboon and the body of a lemur with a very long tail.  It was very affectionate with me.  I don't remember the rest of the dream.  It felt "different" from a normal dream.  As I had told my audience two days earlier, I have been a lucid dreamer since childhood.  Anyway, I was shocked to discover this morning that another presenter at the conference (who I didn't get a chance to meet) posted an article on Facebook with an amazing photo.  The article revealed scientists have made an incredibly rare discovery of a new breed of monkey in the Congo - called a "lesula."   The photos shocked me.  It was the EXACT same weird monkey in my dream!!   Click here for the link. (Photo credit: Close up of new species: lesula (Cercopithecus lomamiensis). This is a captive adult male. Photo courtesy of Hart et al.)
(Nancy du Tertre)

September 11, 2014 - "November of 2011 I believe is the time i had this dream. It is Easter time in my dream. My daughter and I are coloring eggs and a woman tells us to be quiet. I then see an asian man on a roof wearing American fatigue. I get spooked so I take my daughter inside and all of the sudden the walls and beams start to shake like the house is just going to crumble I wake up. Also I have dreams about the month October and the no.14 it is always a world wide chaos in my dream but I have no idea of what kind. A lot of my dreams have came true. It is very scary sometimes. No sleep feeling of dread. Being woke at a certain time every night for a week or weeks. Im not asking for an interpretation. Just nice to Document this somewhere Thank you, This is a great site."
(Stevie Rake)

September 2, 2014 - "I saw the Egyptian Muslim figure Sheikh Al Sha'arawi in my dream 3 years ago. He told me that I will have a big status. He also told me: that I will unite Eastern Europe and others countries (I do not remember) against Iran which will be a danger to the area as he said then I saw a number of masked men wearing black who came in to kill me. They threw knives on me but all the knives reflected on them and wounded them. They couldn't harm me. Please anyone in this website do you have any clues to the interpretation of this vision?"

September 2, 2014 (Response) - Rozh, I do not claim to be able to interpret your dream - only you can really do that.  Also, from a prediction point of view, your dream seems unambiguous.  So I'm not sure why you are asking for an interpretation.  The moderate, mainstream Islamic teachings of the enormously popular Egyptian Sheikh must have resonated strongly with you.  However, if the Sheikh saw Iran as a future danger to Egypt and other countries in  your dream, then he has likely warned you of a war over the future of the Middle East and the threat of radical Islamic factions.  This would also make sense if he has advised you to unite countries in Eastern Europe against Iran.  Deflected knives indicates your sense of righteousness and victory in such a conflict.  This view must be more difficult today than when he was alive since Egyptian/Iranian relations are much improved today.  Thus, you are sensing a hidden or future rupture in this current relationship.  I hope that helps!
(Nancy du Tertre)

August 27, 2014 - I am struck by a global sense of amorphous words (not specific events) - incendiary, urgency, impending, explosive, conflict, false promises, hunger for truth, terror, cyber reality, electronic intermediaries, manipulated weather patterns, manipulated illness, manipulated starvation, manipulated wealth.  The puppet strings are global.  The "leaders" no longer lead - either they are just as helpless to affect change or they only seek their own pathway.  The vibrations, increasing at a rapid rate in terms of frequency, are painfully high pitched - like an iced wire.  The communications are multilateral, multidimensional, overlapped, some sanitized and others not, making a dirty weave of ambiguity.  The high frequency vibrations have caused Time to explode into increasingly complex patterns.  It leaves its body parts, in melted minutes, dismembered seconds, and traumatized hours, into a swirling cauldron of temporal amnesia.  Electronic time no longer feels related to the human race.  The parts have spun off from the whole.  Our planet is being rearranged on all levels.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, weird clouds patterns reflect our carelessly human rearrangements of the earth.  Our civilizations have altered water evaporation just as much as oxygen quantities. We can watch how time has rapidly accelerated.  Anxiety grows as the seasons arrive months earlier than expected.  We feel we are winding up like compressed coiled metallic spring.  Our hearts race without reason.  We humans have been literally vibrated, like so many shavings of iron bits on a cymatic plate, into a new wave pattern of aggression, chaos and shifting political and religious alliances.  The jiggling of bits has agitated our neuronal systems into a violent state of confusion.  It is the ideal tempest for a global takeover.  These vibrations are evolving our DNA structures.  Some will survive, some won't.  This requires courage, stillness, tolerance, compassion, a sense of humor, and faith that we, as humans, can find the best answer among ourselves.   Each person must assume the quiet mantle of leadership to help everyone else and to prevent the coup.
(Nancy du Tertre)

August 4, 2014 - "I'm shown a very small earthquake going though vermont, no damage but just a rumbling, like a heavy truck falling, told soon, feels like mid september of 2014. feels like about a 3."
(William Troy Greene)

July 31, 2014 - "Several years ago I had a series of minor strokes and one massive stoke that left me brain dead for about a minute during the massive stroke I had a NDE which many of you know is very beautful. My experience was a little different than most. Before my massive stroke I hated myself everyday for two and half years hiding an eating disorder(binging and purging 5-10 times a day). I hated me and so badly wanted to die so with the stroke I went into the mist of her our true Mother. All she said in a very soft loving voice," my son, my son, my son" she held me like a new born baby. Just holding me, wrapping her compassion and nurturing through me. I could go on and on but why I disclose this to you, she never ever judge me she did say,"we all have the truth within us, its up to each and everyone to see." " its only when we get in the physical we get heavy." I had the honour to see like many the possible future but its up to all of us, collectively to stop saying, my way is better than yours. we all at this moment have great opportunity to change things for a brighter future. believe could go on and on, sorry if I kept it long."
(William Troy Greene)

July 29 2014 - The US and EU announced today the imposition of ramped up economic sanctions against the already financially troubled Russia in the face of Russia's recent turn-around decision to openly supply the Russian separatists in Ukraine with military weapons and amassing Russian soldiers - again - along the Ukrainian border.  Something is peculiar.  The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine by a surface-to-air missile on July 17 and the refusal of the separatists to allow any international investigators to collect evidence or the bodies is one of the most bizarre political behaviors I have ever seen.. It is indefensible and irrational.
The attack was likely either a terrible mistake or a false flag event.  The end result, no matter which it turns out to be (and we may never know), will likely be to oust Putin from power.  His recent actions, intended to make a sudden strong showing of military might in by sending more weapons into Eastern Ukraine, are weird. He is like an actor who is so nervous that he overacts in his theatrical role.  His actions appear as farce and bluster. He now appears to be in a lose-lose situation due to his illogical responses.  He failed to pressure the separatists to turn over the crash remains to international teams.  He then ramped up his military weapons support for the separatists.  It was as if he declared war on the innocent victims of that plane crash!  It makes no sense at all on the international stage.  At the heart of the entire battle with Ukraine, is Putin's fear of losing Russia's most favored nation trade status with Ukraine (ironically the topic of his international law thesis in 1975). This war started out being all about economics, and now, it is all about finding a way for Putin to save face so he can survive in politics.  I still believe he will not physically invade Ukraine.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated September 2, 2014 - The Wall Street Journal (seelinkhere) is reporting that recent talks between Ukraine and Russia have not yielded any significant progress. Russia is now calling upon the United States to pressure Ukraine into making a settlement to solve this crisis.  According to the article, despite recent military gains made by Ukrainian forces, it has recently suffered setbacks on the battlefield,  Russia is accused by NATO of having covertly moved over 1,000 Russian troops, as well as heavy Russian artillery, into eastern Ukraine.  Russia continues to deny that its troops are in Ukraine, and seems singularly focused on obtaining negotiated concessions from a resolutely uncooperative Ukraine.  According to the article, "At the same time, Russian officials including President Vladimir Putin and Mr. Lavrov have stepped up demands that Ukraine negotiate a political truce with the rebel leaders, putting pressure on an increasingly weak-looking Kiev government."  Further, Putin reportedly told European Commission President José Manuel Barroso that he could take Kiev in two weeks if he wanted to invade Ukraine.  This statement supports my repeated predictions that Russia's end goal isn't a physical invasion of Ukraine and the desired (and ultimate) resolution will be painfully extracted negotiated concessions from Ukraine!
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated November 12, 2014 - As of today, Russia continues to deny unequivocally that it has sent troops or equipment into Eastern Ukraine in support of the separatist rebels.  For months, there have been reported sightings - acknowledged not only by Ukrainian officials but also by NATO - of unmarked convoys, unidentified Russian soldiers, and the presence of Russian weapons in the areas in Ukraine near the border with Russia.  Russia continues to deny any knowledge (see article).  Show us the proof! say the Russians.   Seems easy enough to find proof, so what's the hold up?  Russia has a history of using unmarked military invaders to conquer Crimea, so doesn't it make sense they are doing the same thing in Ukraine?  What's the big deal in showing proof?   Satellite photos can show troop and weapon movements across borders.  Is there another underlying strategy to the West's failure to give "evidence" of Russia's presence in Ukraine?  If you aren't technically "there" then how can you be blamed or punished?  Is this a policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" in order to avoid the burden of punishing Russia for its transgressions?  Punishment (other than economic sanctions) is clearly off the table - perhaps due to other global unrelated items like solving the Iranian nuclear issues.  The Ukrainian government has failed to recognize this fact.  Fears of immediate escalations of violence and Russia's renewed calls for more bilateral talks in Minsk are apparently going unheeded by Ukraine - which would appear to be a mistake.  The Russians have the advantage of time, not the Ukrainians ( see article).  As I said in my original prediction, Russia will not physically invade Ukraine and the problem will be finally solved through painful negotiated concessions from Ukraine.  Prediction still stands.

July 22, 2014 - "I was washing dishes last week and looking out of our garden window when I had a strong sense of something big falling out of the sky. I actually moved my head back as if the debris was going to hit me. Two days later the Malaysia plane was blown out of the sky. Today I had another strong sense come over me twice, once in the morning and once around 3:20 P. The feeling is very bad. Not sure what that means yet but I feel that something real bad is going to happen soon. Don't know where, when but just get this very strong tragic feeling. I can't pin point the feeling. Doesn't feel like a person, feels like an event"
(Nick Nasta)

July 14, 2014 - I began have vague images of Egypt two days ago in conjunction with my questions about the future of the Middle East in its current state of turmoil.  I discounted these images at first since Egypt hasn't been in the spotlight.  More to the point, when I tried to see the future of Palestine and Israel, I saw the Gaza Strip divided into two pieces.  I wasn't sure if that meant that Israel decided to invade with its 40,000 army reservists and somehow "split" Gaza in two pieces by strategically separating the north from the southern part of the Gaza Strip by military force, or if it meant something different. 

I also kept seeing a sword.  I thought perhaps it was related to the famous Biblical story, 1 Kings 3, about Israeli King Solomon who offered to decide the fate of a baby being claimed by two different women by slicing it in half.  He was able to discern the true mother because she was willing to lose the baby rather than to see it sliced in two.  In fact, my vision of Egypt was right on target.  Today, Egypt proposed a cease-fire agreement.  Thus far Palestinian negotiators have called the proposal a "joke."  Israeli negotiators have not yet made any public statements.  The true inheritor of the earth will be the country/people who release their claim over the land rather than to kill the living baby.  If Israel wants to inherit the earth, it must not kill the baby.  Palestine cannot kill the baby even if it wanted to.  However, I am concerned Israel wants justice more than life.  I also heard the words "the Sword of Damacles."  I learned it is defined as "the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power. More generally, it is used to denote the sense of foreboding engendered by a precarious situation, especially one in which the onset of tragedy is restrained only by a delicate trigger or chance."  Israel is in the position of power, but stands at greater risk than Palestine if it abuses its power.  Israel must exercise restraint.  Serendipitously, today, an Egyptian appellate court ruled that leaders of the former ruling party of ousted President Hosni Mubarak will not be barred from running for elections. To set itself apart from Egypt's other most powerful party, the Muslim Brotherhood, a strong supporter of Hamas, Mubarak's National Democratic Party (NDP) will likely turn its back on Hamas in the future.  The NDP is expected to make a big political comeback in the upcoming parliamentary elections.  Israel will triumph if it heeds Egypt's call to the negotiating table, and it will, albeit at the eleventh hour,  But the baby won't be sliced.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 15, 2014 - A front page New York Times article today confirmed my statements about the relationships between Egypt, Israel and Palestine, and reported: "Even Egypt’s reclaiming of its traditional role as broker showed how much things had changed, with the new leadership in Cairo ending up closer to Israel’s position than to that of Hamas. Israel embraced Egypt’s proposal, which demanded few concessions of it, while Hamas seemed stunned by terms that did not meet any of its demands and refused to hold its fire."  Clearly, Israel heeded - at least for six hours of unilaterally abiding by Egypt's proposed cease-fire agreement - the call for peace.  According to my prediction above, that is the first indication that "the baby won't be sliced" in future warfare.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 31, 2014 - As noted in my prediction above, Egypt's attitude toward Israel in this new battle against Palestine has indeed changed for the first time in history.  The New York Times reported today, in an article titled "Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent," stated: "Although Egypt is traditionally the key go-between in any talks with Hamas — deemed a terrorist group by the United States and Israel — the government in Cairo this time surprised Hamas by publicly proposing a cease-fire agreement that met most of Israel’s demands and none from the Palestinian group. Hamas was tarred as intransigent when it immediately rejected it, and Cairo has continued to insist that its proposal remains the starting point for any further discussions."  Further, "But instead of becoming more isolated, Israel’s government has emerged for the moment as an unexpected beneficiary of the ensuing tumult [from the Arab Spring], now tacitly supported by the leaders of the resurgent conservative order as an ally in their common fight against political Islam.  Egyptian officials have directly or implicitly blamed Hamas instead of Israel for Palestinian deaths in the fighting, even when, for example, United Nations schools have been hit by Israeli shells, something that occurred again on Wednesday."
(Nancy du Tertre)

June 25, 2014 - "Dreamed about America's demise and i get the sense that Russia's agression in Ukraine and vanishing faith in America by its own citizens are no mere coincidence. A voice said, "Your time is up. You took sovereignty for granted. No more." Suddenly I was transported to a building where I went into this room and was ordered to hand over my US Passport and recieve a badge of some sort to wear on my outer clothing like the Star of David for the Jews. I was praised for "willingly" denouncing my bourgeois country. A calendar on the wall had the year 2019 quite clearly, but I couldn';t understand the language. The voice spoke again and said, "You belong to the Eastern Beasts as you once did the British and from your new rulers you speak and behave as they do." A globe suddenly appeared and the "Eastern Beasts" were a united China and Russia that had no borders as if they had decided to combine into a single nation. It was through the younger generation(35>) that the USA collapsed. They turned on their elders ousting the government, executing all who had ever had anything to do with it such as military personnel, and welcoming the united Russia and China to "save us". The younger generation no longer wanted to rule themselves as they had never true freedom and prosperity or the fabled "American Dream" and saw no reason to defend it anymore. America was carved up by various countries with particularly the Northwestern fourth(where i reside)becoming the equivalent of an Eastern Bloc country behind the Iron Curtain."

June 15, 2014 - Dreamed that something happened with the Koch brothers.  The famous oil magnate billionaire brothers, Charles and David, did not appear in the dream, but I heard their names.  I saw their wealth being distributed and divided among a number of people, particularly a woman, as if in some kind of settling of an estate of one of them, or possibly some other kind of distribution of their money that escapes their control.  As of this posting, I see there is news filed yesterday that the Koch brothers intend to spend $300 million in 2014 to combat the new carbon regulations unveiled last month by the Obama administration intended to cut industrial carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent. (See article).
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated June 19, 2014 - The Koch brothers hosted a secret convention in Southern California last weekend that ended on Monday, June 16 - one day AFTER my prediction was posted above.  Through their complex business network Koch Industries, the oil billionaire brothers have just created a new political super PAC called Freedom Partners Action Fund.  The super PAC intends to spend at least $15 billion on the midterm elections in 2014 utilizing a new political strategy discrediting climate change and global warming to win over voters!  According to the Washington Post, the news of this super PAC was first reported by Politico in the above-quoted article on June 17, two days after my dream!  So, as I accurately predicted in my dream on Monday night before the announcement of this super PAC, it would appear the Koch brothers have likely divested themselves of some significant assets to fund this super PAC along with other wealthy donors.   According to the article in Politico, it was a woman who announced the new initiative for spending the Koch's new super PAC's money: "During breakout sessions Sunday at the St. Regis, Freedom Partners research director Karen Steward joined veteran Koch aide Nancy Pfotenhauer, now a senior adviser to the group, to talk about its expanded spending on energy-related issues, which is expected to include more than $13 million in spending ahead of the midterms.  The energy initiative is seen by Koch Kremlinologists as emblematic of Freedom Partners’ growth."  As stated in my prediction,  I saw a woman involved in "distributing" or "dividing" the Koch's wealth.
(Nancy du Tertre)

June 10, 2014 - Saw an image of inside a church sitting in pews and looking in the direction of the altar.  There was great jubilation, cheering and clapping as the church authority announced some very important news.  I believe this was the Catholic Church and the Vatican is about to announce some news via the Pope's speech.  The global reaction will be favorable.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 29, 2014 - On July 13, Pope Francis created an international firestorm when he made Church history by telling an Italian newspaper of his intention to recognize and effort to eradicate pedophilia within the Church ranks.  According to an article in the Daily News, "Pope Francis said he has been told that 2% of the Catholic priests engage in pedophilia, but vowed to do what he can to eradicate the problem within the church, which he compared to leprosy."  Further, it was reported: "The Pope has been criticized for not being proactive enough on this issue. Last week he met with victims of sexual abuse by priests for the first time. The Pope reportedly told the victims the church should "weep and make reparation" for these crimes and vowed zero tolerance. He also promised bishops would be held accountable if they covered up crimes by priests in their diocese."

April 3, 2014 - Sometimes as a psychic and a skeptic, I preempt my thoughts.  I had a dream 5 nights ago and because I was so preoccupied with the missing Malaysian airplane, I decided that the dream - despite the fact that it "felt" predictive - was more likely just a personal dream.  I have changed my mind.  I was quite struck by the unusual location of the dream.  It almost felt like another country.  Perhaps like Japan.  I was in the dream and trying to find a particular location where there were new jobs available.  As I walked outside, a very light coating of snowflakes fell from the sky.  I looked across the landscape and saw a huge volcano.  My friends walking with me seemed to be very frightened that the volcano was going to erupt and it was going to be "the big one"!  Suddenly, the volcano erupted.  Everyone ran.  In a kind of cartoon-ish way, the volcano hurled a giant glob of glowing orange molten lava from its crater and it flowed down the side of the volcano until it reached the very bottom.  That was it.  No one was hurt.  We walked home again, never making it to the new location.  The volcano, however, was basically a false alarm.  Light snow falling and a little volcanic eruption.  Nothing serious. I did not read or hear anything until this morning that in fact "Yellowstone National Park, which sits atop one of the world's largest super-volcanoes, was struck on Sunday by a magnitude 4.8 earthquake, the biggest recorded there since February 1980, but no damage or injuries were immediately reported," according to a March 30 Reuters news report.  If the Yellowstone Caldera, as its super-volcano is called, erupted - as it has done three times in the last 2 million years, it is predicted that it would wipe out most of North America and cause a global nuclear-type winter.  Today, it is reported that herds of bison have been seen running away from that area - often a sign of animal earthquake alarm.  So, the question is: will there be a super-eruption?  No, I do not believe so, although there may be a small eruption from the Caldera.  Unless of course I am all wrong about the location and my dream may have referred to a the new island that has been created in Japan as of November 2013 due to a persistent volcanic eruption! 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 29, 2014 - "Sakurajima volcano experienced its strongest eruption this year on May 10, 2014. According to the Tokyo VAAC, the eruption started at 04:07 UTC and had a column of ash and smoke up to 5.4 km into the air, extending south.  The flow of lava and ash was reportedly moving in the direction of Ibusiki City but there are no information about any wreckage or casualties." (  "As of March 2014, the volcano is under a Level 3 (orange) alert by the Japan Meteorological Agency, signifying the volcano is active and should not be approached. It is currently the only volcano with this status." (Wikipedia). I assume my prediction above referred to the Sakurajima volcano in Japan which became significantly active right after I made the prediction but hasn't been dangerous to residents.
(Nancy du Tertre)

April 2, 2014 - "Regarding the missing plane I know I read about terrorism or a plot but honestly my inner voice and inner knowing it honestly will have something to do with mechanical error no terrorism at all, unfortunatly all died before crashing into the indian ocean. no pain was felt by all. please look deeply within and youll find the answer. believe me it took allot of prayer and meditation to see. Will they factually find out. yes but will take much time. shown debre washing ashore like new zeland. wish I saw more."
(Troy Greene)

March 24, 2014 - Last night while semi-sleeping I saw a well-known woman who was walking away from me slowly turn around and smile.  Her face was very recognizable to me.  I held the image in my mind and tried to identify her.  I believe she may have been the actress Mary Tyler Moore.  That being said, I got the sense she may be ready to depart this world...
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated January 25, 2017 - Clearly, my prediction from 3 years ago was not accurate in terms of time.  Mary Tyler Moore passed away today at the age of 80.  Although the precise cause of death has not yet been publicly revealed, her condition was apparently very grim and she was hospitalized over the past week.  In 2011, she underwent brain surgery to remove a benign brain tumor, and she suffered from Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 33. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

March 21, 2014 - "I believe debris is going to be found in an ocean national park South of Australia coast where there are seals and cave (this was in a dream) after I kept saying to my husband on the night of the disappearance of the plane I kept hearing a plane above our house.Next morning of course we hear the news."
(Deb Brown)

March 19, 2014 - "I sense that Flight 370 is on land and will be found by April 15, 2014. If the plane is ever found under water, it wasn't originally there when it first disappeared."  [Note: I happen to fully agree with you Dee that if the plane is found under water, it wasn't as a result of its initial disappearance.  I wrote last week that I did not believe the plane would be found, but if it is, by any chance, the scene will be "staged." (Nancy du Tertre)]

March 19, 2014 - Regarding the missing airplane MH370, someone broke into the cockpit and hijacked the plane or that the pilot himself was responsible. 
(Uri Geller)

March 17, 2014 - Several days ago I posted some comments on Facebook regarding the missing Malaysian Airways Flight 370.  The focus of the search investigation has increasingly begun to incorporate many of my concerns since I posted those comments, such as the idea of flying below radar to make a landing, transmitter equipment that only generates "pings" in water but not on land, a plot to hijack the plane as opposed to a mechanical error, indications that path flight was commandeered as opposed to aimlessly wandering, examination of passengers and pilots, etc. 

I stated: "Does it bother anyone that 20 of the 227 passengers, mostly Chinese, on that airline were specialized in electronic warfare, and that the passenger named Paul Weeks, a mechanical engineer with military history in New Zealand, took off his wedding ring and watch before the flight and said "Just in case anything happens and I don't make it back alive..." Who does that? A psychic premonition that strong would cause you to not take the flight. This suggests awareness... Is the US or some other country angry at China for electronic surveillance? Just a thought." 

After many comments and questions to the thread, I added: "There are other planes that have been "disappeared" before..."  and  "I don't claim to have answers more than the next person, however I have sensations, thoughts, feelings, whatever you want to call them. My immediate sense was that something covert was happening, not mere failure to pay attention or have accurate data. Also, my sense was that those passengers did not "perish" in a crash, although I am concerned for their lives. I have a "hunch" there was a landing on land. I believe it was a larger-than-terrorist organization that is possibly involved and at least one other has been forced to play the "straight man." This won't be the first time and the news doesn't hit the media... you need to hear about it by word of mouth. Some "mysteries" are mysterious on purpose. You need to be on alert for all clues of intention. That being said, of course it is possible - though unlikely - that the plane simply crashed at sea." and "It will now be easy to pin the "crash" on the pilot/co-pilot, who, in any scenario, will not survive to verify."
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated March 22, 2014 - Regarding my comments above about possible electronic surveillance retaliation by the US against China, it is certainly coincidental that the New York Times published a front page article today referring to this exact concern one year after the Chinese hacking discovery hit the media last year and only two weeks after the disappearance of the flight, stating: "While President Obama and China’s president, Xi Jinping, have begun talks about limiting the cyber conflict, it appears to be intensifying.  The N.S.A., for example, is tracking more than 20 Chinese hacking groups — more than half of them Chinese Army and Navy units — as they break into the networks of the United States government, companies including Google, and drone and nuclear-weapon part makers, according to a half-dozen current and former American officials. If anything, they said, the pace has increased since the revelation last year that some of the most aggressive Chinese hacking originated at a People’s Liberation Army facility, Unit 61398, in Shanghai."
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated March 29, 2014 - As I indicated in my prediction, the "crash" would be pinned on the pilot/co-pilot.  Sure enough, the most recent focus has been not on hijackers, but mostly on the pilot and co-pilot.  "Officials in Washington suspect it was either of the pilots -- and that one or both was involved in MH370's disappearance on March 8," according to a CNN report.  However, despite the fact that the Malaysian government handed over the pilot's computer and flight simulator software, and apparently very delayed and recent investigations into the private lives of the pilot and co-pilot, no such evidence has been uncovered that would implicate either one in the "crash" in the South Indian Ocean.  As of today, an Australian and a Chinese ship were both finally able to retrieve some unidentified debris floating in a debris field  700 miles northeast of the zone originally targeted by satellite images.  The mystery of the three-week lag time to definitively spot crash debris, if that is indeed what it is, has not been resolved and would certainly lend credence to the concept of a "staged" debris field with limited pieces of aircraft left to be found - certainly not the black box and no bodies.

Updated April 1, 2014 -  The plot thickens as no plane debris is found by search crews, and news articles now suggest the disappearance of the Malaysian airplane may indeed have been related to the electronics warfare experts on board that flight, as I predicted above.  According to an article published 3/29/14 in International Business Times, it has been reported that four members of a patented semiconductor were on board the plane.  The fifth co-owner is Jacob Rothschild (the only owner not aboard the flight).  He is the 4th Baron Rothschild, an investment banker, and member of the extraordinarily wealthy European banking family.  He is now the sole owner of the patented semiconductor.  Oddly, the semiconductor patent was approved by the U.S. Patent Office just four days after the plane disappeared.  The patent was divided into five parts: one part held by Freescale Semiconductor and the remaining four parts to four passengers of the ill-fated flight, Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Cheng and Lu Ying Zhijong, all Chinese nationals.

According to the article, "the firm, Freescale Semiconductor, launched a new electronic warfare device for military radar systems - the ARM microcontroller KL-03 - days before the plane disappeared. The company has been creating and developing embedded processors the past five decades, which Freescale described as 'stand-alone semiconductors that perform dedicated computing functions in electronic systems.'   With the four co-owners of the patents in the same flight were 20 other Freescale employees who are mostly engineers and experts deployed in their chip plants in Tianjin,   China and Kuala Lumpur. Freescale said the co-owners and staff were going to  China to improve the firm's consumer products operation."  The article further states: "Mitch Haws, vice president for global communications and investor relations, acknowledged the disappearance of the 24, who had a lot of experience and technical background, is a loss for Freescale."
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated April 7, 2014 - Although a Chinese military ship claims to have picked up some "pings" or pulse signals in the range of 37.5 kilohertz (the frequency selected by Honeywell which manufactured the black box used on the aircraft which cannot be confused with other natural frequencies emitted from the ocean), nothing has yet confirmed that these pings are related to the Malaysian flight.  I stand by my prediction above that the black box will not be found.  Further, the cyberwar issues between China and the U.S. appear to be high on the Administration's priority list.  On March 24, just sixteen days after the disappearance of flight 370, President Obama met with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss the issue of computer spying and to allay Chinese concerns based on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations that the U.S. had tapped into Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei’s computer system. U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel arrived in China today to brief Chinese military officials about U.S. plans to triple its military cyberwarriors to 6,000 by the end of 2016.  According to the New York Times front page article today, "The effort, senior Pentagon officials say, is to head off what Mr. Hagel and his advisers fear is the growing possibility of a fast-escalating series of cyberattacks and counterattacks between the United States and China. This is a concern especially at a time of mounting tensions over China’s expanding claims of control over what it argues are exclusive territories in the East and South China Seas, and over a new air defense zone."  Hmmm, interesting! Could Freescale's semiconductor used for military radar systems have been useful technology in the creation of these air defense zones?
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated April 25, 2014 - An article entitled "Diego Garcia and MH370 conspiracy of a 'lost' island in middle of it all: Diego Garcia is tiny atoll in middle of Indian Ocean," published in Emirates 24 News online on April 6, stated what has been whispered elsewhere since the crash of Flight 370 - namely, that the plane was flown to the US/UK military-owned island atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean and that one passenger's (Philip Wood) cell phone text, claiming he was being held by military personnel of unknown origin, was traced to that location.  At this late date, when not a shred of debris has been located and no clues found, this theory most closely tracks and may confirm my prediction that the plane "landed on land" and that while the passengers had not perished in a crash, I feared for their continued safety... Also see article published today on same subject.

Updated May 22, 2014 - A front page article appeared on the New York Times on May 19 reporting that the U.S. Justice Department has officially filed against five members of the Chinese Liberation Army's special cyber attack unit accusing them of spying and stealing computer documents from several major U.S. corporations.  The indictments did not include charges that China had engaged in previous cyber attacks on U.S. government agencies presumably for fear that, in light of recent revelations about the NSA and other spy agency tactics used against foreign nations, the U.S. would be accused of being hypocritical.  The timing of this very public indictment against the Chinese government and its cyber warriors, in light of the missing plane, seems interesting to me.

Updated July 31, 2015 - Today news reports indicate that a broken wing tip of a Boeing 777 jet (the same as the missing plane flight MH370) has washed up on the shores of the French island of La Reunion near the western coast of Madagascar.  The debris will be taken to France for analysis.  A report on stated: "Australian search authorities earlier said they were "increasingly confident" the debris was from missing flight MH370.
"We are increasingly confident that this debris is from MH370," Martin Dolan, chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), said.
Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said he was confident the search for the missing aircraft was being conducted in the right area.  Mr Truss said the discovery of wreckage on La Reunion was consistent with currents from the area search teams were scouring.  "We remain confident that we're searching in the right place. And, if in fact the plane parts found on Reunion island are linked to MH370, that would rather strengthen the case that we are in the right area," he said."  Other reports stated a possible piece of luggage, similar to luggage claimed to have been aboard, has also washed up nearby.  Strangely, despite the fact that the airplane would have had many floating parts, nothing else has been spotted even assuming the debris was carried from the location off Australia's western coast toward the island of La Reunion.  I find it strange, also, that on the same day the wing tip is discovered, U.S. intelligence officials were quoted as having reached the conclusion that the plane was deliberately steered off course by someone in the cockpit and intentionally crashed (see article), despite the fact that this conclusion was actually made three months ago.  Why was this announcement made on the same day that we find the alleged wing debris?  Was this to bolster the idea that this plane crashed?  As I stated in an earlier update on March 29, 2014: "The mystery of the three-week lag time to definitively spot crash debris, if that is indeed what it is, has not been resolved and would certainly lend credence to the concept of a "staged" debris field with limited pieces of aircraft left to be found - certainly not the black box and no bodies."  Are we now witnessing the theater of the "discovery" of the crash debris?

March 16, 2014 - I am a angel from gods army I dream of people last night be held by some terrorist group from missing plane some were very hot and swety;t know what thay want nor could her their vices but I think thay may use this situation for something evil we must prey to god no matter what religious path u follow because that's the only way we can fight this crazy way of life god loves us all we need to care more for each other.
("Sons of Light")

March 4, 2014 - As of today, Russia has invaded Crimea in the face of the unrest in Ukraine and is attempting to coerce Ukrainian soldiers to surrender and hand over control to the various military bases there.  As I outlined in my most recent blog, I believe Russia's current intent is to stop at Crimea, go no further if possible (meaning that the Ukrainian military doesn't stupidly initiate counterattack), and to permanently reabsorb Crimea into Russia.  It is a defensive and proactive decision by Putin given the lack of control over the rest of Ukraine.  The rest of Ukraine will be preserved through difficult and painful negotiations involving the surrender of Crimea to the Russians.  Ultimately, this will have the effect of keeping Ukraine intact, avoiding full scale war, and Russia will be given tacit ability to re-exert significant internal controls again inside Ukraine and suppress popular sentiment.  The ghost of the old Soviet Union provides subconscious justification for this move, as a righteous reassertion of control over the ghost map of the countries formally "belonging" to Russia.  No one except Russia has the thirst for this war, and Russia is territorially and militarily unmatched in this fight.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated March 8, 2014 - Yesterday, the New York Times reported, in an article entitled "For First Time, Kremlin Signals It Is Prepared to Annex Crimea":  "The developments underscored how quickly the crisis has evolved. Earlier this week, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had said he did not foresee the possibility of the Crimean Peninsula becoming part of Russia. But on Friday, Russia’s parliamentary leaders, both strong allies of Mr. Putin, welcomed a delegation from Crimea’s regional assembly and declared that they would support a vote to break away from Ukraine, now scheduled for March 16."  Thus far, my prediction above appears to be accurate regarding Russia's actions.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated March 17, 2014 - As I accurately predicted, Crimea will permanently join Russia.  Yesterday, Crimea voted overwhelmingly in favor of breaking away from Ukraine and becoming part of Russia.  Also, as I predicted, Russia will attempt to preserve the rest of Ukraine without war through the imposition of controls via negotiations.  CNN reported today: "On Monday, Russia proposed creating an international support group to mediate in the Ukraine crisis. Its Foreign Ministry said in a statement that this group would urge Ukraine to implement portions of a February 21 peace deal and formulate a new constitution that would include Russian as an official language alongside Ukrainian, as well as set out broad powers for the country's regions."
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated March 29, 2014 - With 40,000 Russian soldiers currently amassed on the country's border with Ukraine and having permanently reabsorbed Crimea into Russia, Russian President Putin has sufficiently frightened the world with his intentions with regard to Ukraine.  He appears to be in the optimal position to negotiate from strength.  It isn't a bluff (except as far as intention) because it is backed up by reality.  His "bluff" cannot be "called" because he holds a "royal flush" and the West has all but publicly "folded" its hand.  So, negotiations are in everyone's interest and Russia will seek maximum benefits with regard to control over Ukraine.  As stated in today's front page New York Times article: "President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia reached out to President Obama on Friday to discuss ideas about how to peacefully resolve the international standoff over Ukraine, a surprise move by Moscow to pull back from the brink of an escalated confrontation that has put Europe and much of the world on edge. After weeks of provocative moves punctuated by a menacing buildup of troops on Ukraine’s border, Mr. Putin’s unexpected telephone call to Mr. Obama offered a hint of a possible settlement. The two leaders agreed to have their top diplomats meet to discuss concrete proposals for defusing the crisis that has generated the most serious clash between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War."  Assuming Putin wins this round and the issue is resolved peacefully via negotiation, my prediction above is accurate regarding Ukraine.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated April 18, 2014 -  We have now reached the negotiations piece of my prediction.  Yesterday, a deal was struck in Geneva, between the United States, Russia, Ukraine and European Union, in order to defuse the rapidly escalating violence in the eastern pro-Russian section of Ukraine.  As I predicted, these negotiations do not question the permanent annexation of Crimea to Russia and suggest that Ukraine will be subjected to difficult Russian demands in the near future in order to avoid military conflict.  As stated in today's front page New York Times article, "In exchange, the interim Ukrainian government agreed to grant amnesty to protesters who leave the government buildings they have occupied and give up their arms, unless they are suspected of murder or other capital crimes. The Kiev government would also ensure that constitutional revisions involve “outreach to all of Ukraine’s regions and political constituencies,” a reference to Russian speakers in the eastern part of the country."  Putin will thus obtain Ukrainian concessions without the further threat of U.S. or European sanctions.  Win-win for Putin if you assume the goal was never to invade Ukraine.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated June 10, 2014 - Having withdrawn its soldiers from the Ukrainian border, Russia is now pressuring Ukraine, through intense ongoing negotiations, to pay off billions of dollars owed to Russia for natural gas piped to Ukraine after Russia unilaterally hiked its gas prices by 81 percent.  Reuters news articlesclearly show that the gas price negotiations are linked to the peace process negotiations.  As I predicted, Russia would not invade the rest of Ukraine but instead would extract "painful" concessions in negotiations that would have the effect of maintaining internal control.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated July 10, 2014 - As I predicted above, this week Russia has decided not to militarily intervene in Ukraine's recent military campaign to consolidate and re-establish control over its eastern cities.  Russia appears to be relying on "soft power" and negotiation to achieve its goals.  As succinctly stated in an article appearing yesterday in The Guardian, entitled "Putin's Ukraine U-turn: why it makes sense for Russia to allow Kiev victory," the author explains the rationale behind why "Russia's president has agreed to new talks aimed at resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and has renounced the right to use military force in the country."  The author explains Russia's decision not to interfere as based on a new policy to bootstrap on Ukrainian president Poroshenko's growing popularity to unify his country.  By relying on Poroshenko's political legitimacy, Russia's president Putin gains a valuable negotiating partner in an otherwise murky political landscape.  According to the author, "Now it appears that 'soft power advocates' (Volodin, Surkov, Chesnakov, etc) may be gaining at their expense. The Kremlin’s current strategy relies more on soft, rather than on military power, a move which may allow Moscow to move away from the threat of further territorial expansion to an expansion of Russia’s long-term influence in Ukrainian politics.  Nonetheless, the destabilisation of Ukraine is by no means off the table in Moscow. But the two imminent goals — a gas deal and a workable modus vivendi for Crimea — require agreements with the new Ukrainian government. Crimea cannot be turned into a success story unless water, electricity, gas and food supplies flow from Ukraine. And Moscow is more than capable of exploiting Ukraine's overwhelming challenges and internal political fragmentation by political means." 
(Nancy du Tertre)

This explanation flies in the face of recent statements made by a prominent ultra-nationalist right-wing Russian philosopher, Alexander Dugin, credited as being the brain child behind the Crimean take-over, who said yesterday in a BBC news article, that he believes a war between Russia and Ukraine is inevitable.  He also appeared to have contempt for what he labels Putin's apparent "hesitancy" to become militarily engaged in Ukraine.  The BBC article quotes Dugan as saying: "The liberals are against Putin, and the patriots support him, but only if he continues with his patriotic policies. While he is hesitating, he is losing the support of both sides. It is a dangerous game. But maybe he has a solution?" I believe Dugan is wrong.  My predictions show Putin is not "hesitating" at all - rather he is playing "soft politics" to his advantage.
(Nancy du Tertre)

February 26, 2014 - Given the disregard of the laws of Spirit by Zak Bagans, star of the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures," and his failure to show the necessary respect for negative/evil energies (see article), I predict that unless he changes his approach, he will not survive another five years.
Five years is being very lenient here, since they have violated the sacred to the degree they will be taken into the hells and dealt with there. All I can say is - learn from their foolishness and you will prosper.  Just be careful with this stuff.
(Kimball Summers)

February 19, 2014 -Shown something very recently! First shown a very black mass spanning from the tip of southern African continent to tip of of southern India to Malaysia, to parts of Asia ! Got an underwater earth in the Indian Ocean in 2014! Which I knew a month but feels like a very very strong probability! Told from my inner voice a strong hurricane! A tidal wave! Just be on the watch in late spring! Pray it doesn't happen at all!
(Troy Greene)

January 24, 2014 - Recently in the news, there has been much said about the upcoming Winter Olympics games in Sochi, Russia, from February 7-23 and the massive manhunt for certain feared "black widow" terrorists.  Sochi is a resort town located on the coast of the Black Sea near the Caucasus Mountains.  Chechen militant Islamist rebels have threatened to disrupt the Olympics with terror attacks and it is believed they will rely upon the widows of rebel men killed by Russian security forces to initiate suicide bombing attacks.  The terrorists, whose goal is to create a separate Islamic state in the North Caucasian Mountain area, have already claimed credit for the recent bombing attacks in the nearby city of Volgograd which killed 34 people and also bombings in 2010 and 2011 in Moscow which killed 70 people.  They are concerned one black widow may have already slipped into Sochi unnoticed.

In trying to determine whether a real threat is posed at the Olympics, I did not feel anything substantial.  I got certain images:  1) a church, which I felt was located in Moscow, and, 2) a glass coffin.  I didn't realize until later that I must have tuned into Lenin's body which has been displayed in a glass coffin in the Lenin Mausoleum in Red Square in Moscow since his death in 1924.  Then I realized that the classic image of Moscow comes from St. Basil's Cathedral with its beautiful exotic domes.  Apparently, these two locations are extremely close to each other.  So, my interpretation of the potential for a terrorist attack during the Olympic games is as follows:  My sense is that an attempt will possibly be made in Moscow, not Sochi, and it will be in the vicinity of the Mausoleum and St. Basil's Cathedral - both tourist destinations.  I have a sense of the bomb plot being detected, diffused, and thus ineffective.  In any event, the terrorists have already achieved a prime objective:  They have driven people away from Russia's crowning glory, the Olympics, with the impression that the Russian government can't protect anyone.  They have created terror among tourists, media, and governments.  They actually don't need to kill anyone now... That would just be icing on the cake.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated February 25, 2014 - I corrected predicted there would not be any terrorist events at the Winter Olympics at Sochi.  Also, per my prediction, there was a single event that occurred in Red Square during the Olympic time period.  It occurred at the tomb of the great Soviet military commander and war hero Marshal Ivan Bagramyan (1897 - 1982). The urn with his ash is buried in the Kremlin wall, which flanks Lenin's Mausoleum on both sides, on Red Square in Moscow.   His grandniece handcuffed herself to his tomb in protest of various issues on February 19.  See this article.  She was arrested by Russian police and the incident was diffused.  It is interesting to me that 1) this occurred during the Olympics, 2) at Lenin's Mausoleum, and 3) the event was a protest that was diffused without incident - all of which I predicted.  I was incorrect, at least as far as I am aware, as to the presence of a bomb.
(Nancy du Tertre)

January 17, 2014 -  Four predictions in chronological order.

1.  December 21st 2012 is not over yet, not to be dismissed that easily - for it is THE BEGINNING of the pangs of distress and a marker point for much worse to come. It was the end of the 13th Buktan and the starting of the clock for earth's demise. ( Just because nothing happened at that date does not mean its untrue. )

2.  I had a powerful vision some 10 years ago in 2002, of two great draft horses riding side by side down a wide stone road into the city. The two great horses had two riders dressed on royal garb, purple, black with some crimson, plus gold and silver metal fittings. One was carrying a royal scepter and banner while the other a large book under his arm. The book was the real Book of The Black Earth ( some might know it as the Necronomicon or The Book of Dead Names.) which will show up before the end of the world. Its a very large book that no man can carry on his own. Its bound in a snakes hide and carries secrets about the world and mankind. This copy was scribed by Gog himself before the great deluge of Noah. These two royal personal were about 50 feet tall and the horses were at least half that.  They were giants by human comparison. In fact they were not real persons, but puppets that are possessed to make them appear as if alive. the possession is not by demons but by another force directed by the Ancient Ones. The crowds were lining the streets to watch them ride in, and at the same time in awe at their size and the way they were walking in. Their facial gaze was one of death. there faces were painted with artistic makeup giving the very distinct eyes and mouth. Slowly they rode into the city but ahead of them was a small jester about human size in a navy blue vest and pants, turned up toes on his white shoes and silver buttons on his vest, with a Jester's hat; rolling like a ball head over heals and laughing as he led the way for these two great horses to follow. As I watched this, I started to get tears in my eyes as I sensed a sadness to the whole scene. The Jester's name was NARWAL - and he was leading the way to the Queen of England who was standing upright at the end of the line of people being the crowds. Upon approaching the Queen who was dressed on brown outfit and looking very stern; he started laughing and hoping around like a jack-ass and jumping all over the place with a hideous laugh as he rolled like a ball in front of the Queen. His words were repeatedly saying out aloud to the Queen ( who shows no emotion ) and also to the public " Your all going to die" - and as he said it he was laughing out aloud. The Queen was seen shaking in fear and became as white as a ghost. This making fun of the queen was going on for some time as the horse slowly followed up the road towards the city. The two horsemen were known as "Gog and Magog". They were the royal lines appointed by The Ancient Ones, who were coming to destroy mankind and take over all human Governmental Authority. Later I saw the Police and Military shooting at these two great horsemen and nothing was effecting them. Bullets missed them or bounced off.  They slowing walked down the road into the city and ignored the Military strikes. Next I saw a large main-line Newspaper ( like The New York Times; etc ). On its front page was a black and white picture of these two horse men riding side by side down this same road. The headlines read "Gog And Magog Have Arrived And Your All Going To Die ! " At the time I saw this is was dated June 2005, but the date may be actually some time still to come such as June 2025.  Every time I think about this vision I feel the fear wreak over my body and a sadness for humanities demise coming to be. 

3. Yahweh ( Nanna-Sin, or Jehovah - The Ancient of Days  ) and Ishtar ( Inanna, or Astarte who is the god of Love and War and the Queen of Heaven) with possibly one other god - I believe it's Marduk ( son of Enki and god of the double headed axe who killed Tiamat )  - will be visiting us soon in three great intergalactic starships from the Orion sector. These space ships will be some 25 miles across as big and a major capital city in diameter. These are some of the Elder gods ( who are part of the Elohim ) and will be coming with tens of thousands of others ( known as Watchers ) to wipe out the human cities of this earth and basically level mankind back to the stone-age. Their initial visit was ( a planetary inspection to see how humanity was going ) back in 2010 seen over Norway, when they came through a blue time gate spiral into our dimensional reality and some short time ( months ) later, disappeared in the same fashion as they came. This will occur before the great destruction of the Ancient Ones which is to come next. People will quake in fear at the size of the space-ships alone.

4.  This is a most terrible evil, so great that even Satan quivers at the mere thought of it coming to be; the gods cannot stop it and man is it's instrument. A master gate has been fractured and the Great Old Ones ( Ancient Ones ) are starting to re-enter the lower heavens where earth currently dwells. 
They come from a place beyond our reality and want Earth back as it's their property. They are the original custodians of this planet and the original inhabitants before the Elohim came.  Taking back this world is going to result in what is understood to be this planet's destiny - The Black Earth. This planet will be scorched and burned by fire, a fire so bad, nothing will ever live on it again; except those who can dwell in a nuclear radiated chaos. This fire will not come form the sun or outside forces but rather from within. The gate these Old Ones is entering through, is not in the outer stellar spaces as many think, but within the world of the small and hidden. It is through a most unlikely place - the human blood supply.  Yes we carry their blood in our veins, we carry their secret number, their secret shape, their secret word, and their secret sign; to summon the blood of our parents. We cannot escape the fact we have awakened them through our activities.  Once awakened they will use the younger and stronger human generation to destroy the Earth and render it uninhabitable for man, before the day comes and its destruction by fire will happen.  That day is already starting to come. Authority will loose power over the masses and chaos will reign supreme as it always does. The agents of Chaos, these Ancient Ones, will utilize such human activity to further their domination over the planet before taking humanity out all together - ( as they are our parents yet they hate us with a vengeance like no other - for we are hybrids and a vile filth in their eyes) - by bringing on a nuclear core melt down of the planet's central interior; rendering it as dead lifeless rock in the blackness of the outer void of darkness. With that coming to pass, such will be the end of the great covenant and the end of time itself - for all life will be one, and man will be no more. With man gone, the Gods and Satan will cease to be, for they have no purpose other than to feed of man's misery.  The Ancient Ones have spoken !
(Kimbal Summers)

January 3, 2014 - Well, here are some of my predictions for the upcoming year:

1.  Sales of fish will decline dramatically.
2.  Weather around the world will become increasingly anomolous, cloud patterns stranger, and  atmospheric winds stronger.
3.  One major species of animal we have all taken for granted since childhood will cease to exist.
4.  Eruption of large volcano in Central America.
5.  NASA reveals shocking news about cosmic life.
(Nancy du Tertre)

December 14, 2013 -  Had an out of body dream this morning! In my dream I heard a plane was being implanted like a lone wolf terrorist with a bombing at a bridge going across a bay in Southern California! It was a lone suicide bomber! When I look it's not the famous San Francisco bridge but a bridge close to a board walk! Honestly wasn't given a time frame but when I look closer at the dream it feels spring time of 2014! Just pray the authorities get this person before it's implemented! Shown a white slim Caucasian male in his mid forties!
(William Troy Greene)
(NOTE:  Troy and I are in agreement that our separate dreams, his above and mine in the below two predictions, feel like they may be very related.  Let's just keep our eyes open).

December 1, 2013 - While sleeping, I watched missiles loaded on very long trucks.  The missiles were being transported on roadways to a different location.  They were near a singular tall mountain, mostly brown and barren, surrounded by flat plains, and I heard the words "Scottish Rite."  I assume there is a connection.  A Masonic influence on warfare preparation?
(Nancy du Tertre)

November 8, 2013 - Again, while half asleep, I "saw" last night some unusual activity over the west coast of the United States.  It was as though I were watching a map of the area and little icons appeared on it.  In Southern California, I saw a convergence of several different events, probably three, which seemed to have an epicenter near Los Angeles or slightly further south closer to Palm Springs.  It seemed there was an earthquake, a flurry of activity with jet airplanes, and another event I couldn't identify that seemed to be quite different.  Then I "saw" an airplane flying from Alaska down over the west coast heading, apparently, toward this epicenter area.  However, the airplane suddenly disappeared from sight.  I wasn't sure how to interpret this.  A crash?  A secret mission? 
(Nancy du Tertre)

November 4, 2013 - Last night, while half asleep, I "saw" a naval warship being "sunk."  It appeared that I was watching the incident from inside a rather large coastal cave.  I did not know the national origin of the warship.  There appeared to be another warship relatively near it, but closer to the coast, that did not get attacked.  I was intrigued to read in this morning's news in the British publication, the International Business Times, that "dozens of North Korean sailors died when at least one warship sank in an unexplained naval accident, it has emerged.  A submarine chaser sank off the Korean peninsula's east coast, KCNA, the North's official Korean Central News Agency, reported.  'Submarine chaser No 233 fell while performing combat duties, ' KCNS said.  The report did not say now many sailors died but added that measure to recover all the bodes were directed by the young dictator Kim Jong-un.  No further details were provided.  The secretive dictatorship rarely releases information about military mishaps."  However, the article went on to indicate that "South Korean media said not one but two warships sank off the naval port city Wonsan during a military drill."  Further it was reported to have happened only one day after the U.S., South Korea and Japan held a joint naval drill off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula.  Interestingly, as it relates to my "vision," the article also stated: "Chinese news website Want China Times speculated that the vessels sank in confrontation with the South Korean navy but that has not been confirmed."  My vision, like these unconfirmed reports, also indicated that this was an "attack."
(Nancy du Tertre)

September 4, 2013 - I had a strong dream image last night.  No accompanying "dream story" to go with it.  Just an image.  It was of a flag.  It appeared to have three vertical panels and a "crest" of some sort in the center.  It was difficult to determine the rather fluid design or images within the crest.  My sense was that the country represented by this "flag" would soon become important in some capacity on the world stage.  I reviewed the various flags of the world online and the one that seemed to match my dream image the best was the flag of Afghanistan.  This feels like a diversion or a lending of support.
(Nancy du Tertre)

November 10, 2013 - I believe I may have misinterpreted this dream image as erroneously being the Afghan flag.  I am now wondering, in retrospect, if this "diversion" came instead from Iran.  Immediately after the United States approved Russia to oversee the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons, the U.S. almost immediately turned its attention to stopping Iran's accelerating nuclear weapons program.  Iran has traditionally been an ally and supporter of Syria.  Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, tweeted in late August: "Iran gives notice to international community to use all its might to prevent use of chemical weapons anywhere in the world, esp. in #Syria."  Wow! Something had obviously changed. Then on September 4, 2013, he sent out another astounding tweet: "As the sun is about to set here in #Tehran I wish all Jews, especially Iranian Jews, a blessed Rosh Hashanah"  Iran was sending well-wishing to Israel!  Rapprochement?  On September 12, the U.S. decided that instead of bombing Syria it would agree to allowing Syria's ally, Russia, to oversee the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons.  On September 20, "Foreign Policy" magazine stated: "It is by now conventional wisdom that Iran emerged as a clear winner in the U.S.-Russia diplomacy on Syria."   So, perhaps then it was time for a little give and take.  The U.S. suddenly decided to press Iran  on issue of stopping its nuclear weapons program.  So, I think I was wrong.  I think my prediction more accurately could be said to have referred to the old Persian flag with its three stripes and very traditional coat of arms in the center.  I believe it was Iran, not Afghanistan, that provided "a diversion or a lending of support"  during the Syrian crisis.  Here is the Persian flag:

Note: This is the Persian flag, not the flag of Iran.  The latter was created in 1980 when the Shah of Iran, seen as a traitor and friend of the United States, was overthrown and the current Islamic Republic of Iran was created. This flag reminds us of the days when the U.S. and Iran had a relationship...

Updated November 24, 2013 - Last night, the United States, along with five other world powers, announced a landmark agreement with Iran in which Iran's nuclear program would be temporarily halted and used only for peaceful purposes in exchange for a $7 billion reduction in the economic sanctions that have been in place against Iran since the Iranian revolution in 1979.  According to one CNN reporter last night, the U.S. and Iran haven't spoken this many direct words to each other for the last 34 years!  As it relates to my prediction above, the reference to the pre-1980 flag of Persia becomes obvious now, since as I indicated, it reminded us of the "days when the U.S. and Iran had a relationship" - as they suddenly do now.  Also noteworthy, is the fact that Syria is nowhere in the news today.  The timing of this Iranian diplomacy has certainly constituted a "diversion" and possibly a "lending of support" in the aftermath of the chemical weapons debacle in Syria.

August 26, 2013 - My dreams last night were unusual again in the sense that they were loaded with imagery and events that don't seem to be related to my personal life.  Notably, I dreamt that a new "Star Wars" missile defense system (Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was first created during the Reagan Administration in 1983) was just activated.  The system seemed to be a lesser known sub-system of the more well-known version run by the Missile Defense Agency.  It was operating from space and it seemed to be activated and directed at a country on earth.  It seemed to have capabilities of knocking out electronics as well as human sensing capacities.  I did not know why the system had been turned on at this juncture.  The rest of the night I dreamt about military soldiers trying to help us search for appropriate "gifts" for people and relatives in other countries.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Updated August 31, 2013 - After the August 21 chemical attack on residential neighborhoods in Damascus resulting in the deaths of 1,429 civilians, President Obama announced on August 30 his support for a military counter-attack on the Syrian government.  He stated: "I have decided that the United States should take military action ... (and) hold the Assad regime responsible for their use of chemical weapons, and I am prepared to give that order.”  In addition to the possibility of a limited attack from naval missile launches, the media has reported "U.S. military forces are expected to roll out new cyber warfare capabilities during the anticipated military strike on Syria for its use of a deadly nerve agent, according to military sources.  Targets of cyber attacks likely will include electronic command and control systems used by the Syrian military forces, air defense computers, and other military communication."  Meanwhile, on August 30, the Washington Post headline read: "Israel deploys Iron Dome defense system ahead of possible U.S. strike on Syria."  Given these new developments since my dream, it seems clear that various missile defense systems have indeed been activated as foreseen.  As for "gifts" for people in other countries, that is still unknown - perhaps aid packages in return for military support.

August 23, 2013 - "As a child, Creation gifted me with the sighting of a giant meteor, which passed overhead at my home in the Mojave Desert of California.  This was in the late 1960's. I remember every detail still today.  It could easily have been 100' in diameter.  It flew in from the north, very low, and slow.  It was spherical, with a fissured, crumbly surface.  There were thin wisps of smoke traveling over it, which quickly trailed off and disappeared behind.  As it got closer, I could see very vibrantly, coronal friction fires burning all over the front of this meteor.  Every color was there, radiating, while the dark color of the sphere remained open... and there were many all over the front surface..they were actually burning the cool night air as the meteor forged its way through the night sky. When it was nearly overhead, we began to hear these fires sizzling...It was a sight and sound no one could forget. And though there was many outside influences that made living afterwards very difficult... (our home was set in the middle of a number of US military installations...and a whole vacuum of silence fell over my brother and I, one that lasted a lifetime...) there was and is a very real and cosmic message:  The passing of this meteor was filled with the energy of Love and PEACE...When I was there, before the meteor arrived, it was as if a gentle hand lifted my chin to see what was happening.  And all through the passing, there was never a thought of fear, or too much to every second of the meteor's presence was the immense feeling of Peace. The size of the meteor speaks to the message related to Earth, from the Cosmos. There is no reason to fight or war toward a future that will be healthy for us all.  There is no reason to continue quickly consuming all the benefits the Earth has to offer... There is a path and a way for all of us, on every continent, to peacefully enjoy the beauty of a future that is well and balanced for us. From the gentle words of Russel Means to the fun of Russian toons, our time on our Earth Mother, can be filled with the exuberant fun and compassion of learning of each other all over again, in order to know how to love one another fully. We can learn together how to cleanse our home.  We can learn together to renew the environment.  We can learn together how to share the wealth of the Earth, so that all are comfortable. Peace is as the very breath of Creation, we need only choose to live in this beauty..WE are sacred, together... "
(John Patrick Hill,  Metis Earth Medicine Artist)

August 2, 2013 - I have just been listening to the televised reports of a massive worldwide terror alert issued by the United States State Department today resulting in the closing of 21 U.S. embassies and consulates in Northern Africa and the Middle East.  Officials are leaving open the possibility that such a terrorist act, understood to be coming from the Al-Qaida branch located in Yeman, could be directed against government buildings, private buildings, tourist spots, or any type of transportation.  In other words, just about anywhere at any time...  The 21 embassies slated to close this weekend are located in: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Algiers, Algeria; Amman, Jordan; Baghdad, Iraq; Cairo, Egypt; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Djibouti, Djibouti; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Doha, Qatar; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Erbil, Iraq; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Kabul, Afghanistan; Khartoum, Sudan; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Manama, Bahrain; Muscat, Oman; Nouakchott, Mauritania; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Sana'a, Yemen; Tripoli, Libya. This got me thinking - I realized that for the last three nights in a row I have been dreaming about Egypt.  I don't know why.  I don't normally have repetitive dreams.  I don't remember the content of these dreams - just that they take place in Egypt.  Why Egypt?  This got me wondering if perhaps this is a heads-up as to a relationship with any such terrorist attack - perhaps occurring in or emanating from Egypt.  It is interesting that the embassy in Cairo is on the list of possible targeted embassies.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update August 18, 2013 - It is now very clear to me why I was dreaming about Egypt.  There were no attacks on U.S. embassies, consulates, or other U.S. assets as foreseen by the U.S. State Department which had precipitated the closing of the above-listed embassies.  Instead, however, developments in Egypt have suddenly flared up into what has suddenly become a violent bloodbath and killing of Islamist supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi by the military-backed government led by 
Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, the officer who ousted Mr. Morsi and appointed the new government and the interim prime minister, Hazem el-Beblawi.  Morsi, Egypt's first democratically-elected president, was placed under house-arrest by the military in what can only be termed a military "coup" on July 3.  On August 6, Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham arrived in Cairo at the request of President Obama to try and negotiate a resolution between the two feuding groups and to try and stabilize one of our most important Middle Eastern allies.  The meeting went very badly and the country has since plunged into what appears to be civil war.  The New York Times reported yesterday:  "The senators walked out that day, Aug. 6, gloomy and convinced that a violent showdown was looming. But the diplomats still held out hope, believing they had persuaded Egypt’s government at least not to declare the talks a failure.The next morning, the government issued a statement declaring that diplomatic efforts had been exhausted and blaming the Islamists for any casualties from the coming crackdown. A week later, Egyptian forces opened a ferocious assault that so far has killed more than 1,000 protesters."  Since last week, official reports indicate 1,000 Egyptians have been killed and 3,000 wounded, 1,000's arrested and jailed, and there is no end in sight.

July  30, 2013 -"I had a dream about three moths ago and truly believe it was an out of body experience dream!In this dream I was in outer space observing two massive meteors going very slowly and this inner knowing saying they coming from the direction of the sun and it will pass earth in November of 2013. only fragments of the meteor will come to earth. the two massive meteors will be seen like stars, thank goodness they just pass but the smaller fragments will bring a little trouble. honestly don't feel no loss but satelights , disruption."
(William Troy Greene)
Updated August 29, 2013 - There has been much discussion recently about whether Comet ISON, discovered by two astronomers one year ago, which is currently approaching the sun, and is expected to possibly light up the skies like a full moon and be visible to the naked eye in November, 2013, will be spectacular or a dud.  Back in January, 2013, NASA was predicting it would be the "Comet of the Century."  (See NASA release here).  Current estimations are predicting it may break up into smaller pieces or just not be very impressive, but they are now saying it is just too early to say what will happen.  (See Astronomy articlehere).  No one has yet suggested this will be a danger to our planet.  Although some "short term comets" can create annual meteor showers (shooting stars), other "long term comets" such as Comet ISON, from the Oort Cloud, generally do not leave meteor showers in their wake.  "These one-time visitors would have to be incredibly active comets to deposit enough material to cause a shower in a single trip. And even if they did, their orbits typically don’t intersect with Earth’s orbit." (  So, if meteors result from Comet ISON's approach to the sun in November it will be unusual!

June 18, 2013 - I discovered two feathers of a red-tailed hawk in my garden today.  One was on the ground and the other, strangely, I managed to "see" as it was hanging in the leaves of a tree in a wooded area about 50 feet away.  How or why I managed to see it at all is odd. 
At any rate, it correlates with my recent observations over the past week.  There are many, many hawks flying around.  They appear to be circling, some alone and some in groups, looking for easy prey like chipmunks, rabbits or small birds.  This is not uncommon - perhaps it is the season.  However, what seems unusual of late, is that I have seen on several occasions large birds of prey, like these hawks and others, being chased by small swarms of brave, angry little birds.  I assume the hawks were invading the nests.  To see one large bird being "herded" away through the skies by a group of smaller and obviously angry birds, is interesting.  To put this in a prediction context, what I feel is that it relates to the Middle East - perhaps to the civil war involving the Syrian government and rebel fighters.  The outcome is that the large predatory bird invading the "home" territory of the smaller birds is going to be challenged and the large bird will be driven away by a force of smaller, weaker, angry birds.  The symbol of the United States is an eagle and the symbol of Russia is a double-headed eagle - both predatory birds.  Since I received two feathers, I equate it symbolically with a double-headed eagle.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update August 9, 2013 - It appears Syria is now being flooded by militant mercenary soldiers ("small, angry birds") who are coming to the aid of the rebel fighters, and are targeting Russia ("double-headed eagle"), first and foremost, in their battle against the Syrian government, as indicated in the above prediction.  See NY Times article.  In the article a commander of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is quoted as follows:  "He also seemed to suggest that Russia would be a legitimate target for its role in supporting Mr. Assad and for its brutal suppression of Muslim militants in the Caucasus.  'Russia is killing Muslims in southern Muslim republics and sends arms and money to kill Muslims in Syria as well,” he said. “I swear by God that Russia will pay a big price for its dirty role in the Syrian war.'"

May 25, 2013 -  I always hesitate to offer predictions that are not specific in nature.  Too many people, in my opinion, offer "predictions" that are based on vague feelings or emotions which often, are nothing more than the reflection of a person's ongoing personal inner life of emotions and events.  However, I feel compelled to offer a very vague prediction today.  There is something very, very, very OFF about our electronic transmissions and psychic sensations this week.  I won't bore you will all the weirdness in my home/car/phone situations, or the psychic weirdness in conversations with friends.  My sense is that there will be, imminently, some kind of major power shut down.  I don't know if it will be catastrophic or merely a frightening inconvenience.  I feel that our satellites will be affected.  Our power grid either is or will soon be effected.  Airplanes will be effected.  This event has an extraterrestrial "feel" to it as if it is some kind of massive interference for the purpose of "sending a message."  This sensation is visceral for me.  As far as a time frame, my guess is within the next week or two - but honestly, I just cannot be sure.  Nor do I have any sense of location - just of effect.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update May 26, 2013 - Well, perhaps confirmation of the above prediction on a much smaller scale.  Last night I went to bed and woke up, for some reason, went to my computer, turned on the power and, before the first screen could load, all power in the house shut down!  There was a full power outage in our section of town last night for about 2 hours from midnight until nearly 2 AM.  This morning our local power company is still showing power outages all over our county in Northern New Jersey some of which shows the outages still in effect this morning.  However, I still feel this is not the end of this issue...

Infrared satellite image of North America from NOAA's GOES satellites on May 24, 2013.

Update May 31, 2013 - I learned this morning that in fact one of the major weather satellites for the Eastern United States and Atlantic Ocean (Satellite known as GOES-13 or GOES East) suffered some kind of an outage and engineers have been working since Tuesday, May 28, to try and fix it.  Also, I had another experience last night that appears to be related to the above prediction.  I was in the middle of a very deep, deep sleep and dream, which had rather loud background music of my daughter's new guitar song, when it suddenly felt and sounded like there had been a large power outage in our house.  The dream imagery and music vanished as if someone had just pulled the plug on them.  I woke up and looked at my digital clock, fully expecting to see the digital lights missing, but it was strangely unaffected and read "2:11 AM".  I have never been awoken from a dream in such a dramatic fashion.  It was weird - but there was no power outage in the house.  This morning I spoke with my daughter who told me an interesting story.  She said she had fallen asleep early but woke up sometime in the middle of the late night/early morning, around 2 AM, and went outside to clean out the car of her stuff so my husband could drive it to work today.  She turned the ignition on to power only.  She said she had the odd sensation of being watched and suddenly the entire dashboard and GPS screen began blinking and strobing!  That has never happened before.  The car has never malfunctioned like this.  Unfortunately she could not verify whether this occurred at 2:11 AM or not, but she said it was likely somewhere around that timeAnd oh yes, we discovered her car battery was completely dead this morning!

April 17, 2013 -  Regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon this week.  This anonymous person predicts that the group who caused these bombings are "within the U.S. and not overseas.  It is a group that comes from Texas."  Further, this person predicts that this group has plans in place for Chicago and San Francisco.  "The San Francisco place is very black.  I hope they get them before this plan is implemented."  Further, "all I know for sure is that it's home grown terrorist." 

Update April 18, 2013 - This morning it was reported that there was a massive fire and explosion that was large enough to register a small earthquake at the West Fertilizer Plant in West Texas first called in at 7:50 PM last night.  Several people are still feared dead - perhaps as many as 15 - while others are still missing, and 180 persons were injured by the blast.  Although the above prediction does not specifically state there would be an explosion in Texas, the predictor says the group comes from Texas.  Is there a relationship?  Many homegrown terrorist explosions in the United States have involved fertilizer components.  The bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995 which claimed 165 lives was the work of "homegrown terrorists" who used bags of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to cause one of the worst domestic acts of terrorism in this country's history.  

April 8, 2013 - The United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries are currently on high alert due to the North Korean boy-dictator Kim Jong-un's threat to launch nuclear missiles - destination unknown.  The newest "Supreme Leader," Kim Jong-un, became North Korea's leader in December 2011 upon the death of his father.  He is third generation - the weakest of the generations. I have only a couple of visions that are related to his threat to make a nuclear attack this week.  First, I see a "blue tornado."  I did not know what that meant so I looked it up online.  It is the name of a very intense, rough steel-inverted roller coaster near Verona, Italy.  So, I assume this means we are in for a very rough roller coaster ride with Kim Jong-un's nuclear threat - particularly, since his youthful attempt to lob a ballistic missile at the muscle-bound competitor, the United States, in April, 2012, failed like a very public erectile disfunction.  He now has something to "prove."  That is dangerous.  Second, I see him receiving advice from a woman who stands behind him, to his left, at his desk.  This was hard to figure out, since she seemed to offer maternal advice yet his mother is deceased.  I learned his mother came from the lowest level of the "hostile" class in the caste system in North Korea, because of her Korean-Japanese heritage.  The Japanese occupied North Korea until the end of WWII.  The Japanese brutalized the Koreans with forced laborers, sex slaves, medical experimentation, etc.  I feel Kim Jong-un is dangerous in the same way as Hitler was with his non-Aryan physical features and alleged Jewish ancestry.  They share a devastating self-loathing.  His "goal" is to justify his own existence.  I do not feel he is "listening" to the political advice of his father or his grandfather, but rather he is "listening" to the painful self-loathing of his mother.  He will seek to distinguish himself and supersede his ancestry through annihilation.  He does not shoot off missiles to get more rice or nuclear facilities.  He shoots off missiles to express rage.  This being said, I am not feeling an "explosion" this week.  I feel emptiness.

Update April 18, 2013 - The North Koreans did not launch any missiles last week as I predicted.

   Kim Jong-un's aunt (above, left)
Update August 22,2013 - I just learned today that in fact Kim Jong-un has in fact been taking advice from an older woman in his family - his aunt!  Kim Kyung-hee, sister of late leader Kim Jong-il (Kim Jong-un's aunt), has apparently been pulling the strings behind the North Korean leader's dictatorship. "As Kim Kyung-hee’s activities have decreased since her entrance last June, there is analysis that she will be intimately related to Kim Jong-un’s succession to power.  There is discussion of her husband Jang Sung-taek to be Kim Jong-un’s guardian.  So as counsel and as Kim Jong-un’s confidant, and as Jang Sung-taek’s wife we will continue to take note of Kim Kyung-hee."  (click here for link to "Open Radio for North Korea"). The latest news indicates Madame Kim, as she is known, seems to have disappeared.  "Both Madame Kim and her husband are said to have retained much influence within the regime. However, when they missed a memorial event to her late father, Kim Il-Sung, it reportedly set off rumours they'd been "purged". But Chosun Ilbo reckons it's more likely she's 'critically ill.'" (click here for link).

Update December 15, 2013 -  Last week Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, for allegedly plotting to overthrow his government.  Kim Jong-un's aunt, Kim Kyong-hui, has apparently come through the experience unscathed and is still being publicly showcased as a powerful member of Mr. Kim's government.  According to a New York Times article, dated December 15, 2013, Ms. Kim was "separated" from her husband and was not opposed to her husband's execution.  As indicated in the article, she has been considered a "regent" for her young nephew and a major guiding force behind his political power.  This confirms my vision of Mr. Kim's reliance on an older woman in his family and is likely more than a mere figurehead.

March 11, 2013- Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign.  He resigned abruptly, after his butler had been arrested and charged with stealing and leaking secret papal correspondence.  Italian newspapers have been swirling with stories of secret Vatican gay alliances, Vatican banking scandals, child abuse scandals, blackmail, internal political intrigue, and other mysterious problems, including suggestions that Pope Benedict XVI, who left ostensibly due to lack of "strength of mind and body" at the age of 85.   Now 115 prelates will vote, in secret proceedings this week at the Sistine Chapel in Rome, on who should be the 266th pope for the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.
       So who will be the next pope? 

   In 1139, an Irish monk, who became known as St Malachy, visited the Vatican and made predictions, not unlike Nostradamus, about future popes in mysterious poetic language.  His prophesies were intrusted to Pope Innocent II in 1140 and then "lost" for nearly 400 years until "rediscovered" in 1595 by a Benedictine monk who "found" them in the Vatican archives.  St. Malachy, who accurately predicted the day and year of his own death, made some oddly accurate predictions about the last ten popes (e.g. "Flower of Flowers" for Paul VI whose coat of arms depicts three fleurs-de-lis; "Of the Half Moon" for John Paul I who was elected Pope on a day with a half moon and died on a day with the eclipse of the moon; "The Labor of the Son" for John Paul II who was the only pope born on both the day of an eclipse of the sun and entombed on a day of the sun's eclipse; "The Glory of the Olive" for Benedict XVI who came from the Order of the Benedictines known as the "Olivetans.")
        What did St. Malachy predict regarding the pope to follow Pope Benedict XVI?  "Petrus Romanus" (or Peter the Roman) will follow - with one caviat.  There is an unfinished line of text in between which says:  "In the extreme persecution in the Holy Roman Church there will sit..." and the sentence is incomplete.  So we don't know if there is a pope in between Benedict and Peter.  In St. Malachy's 112th prophesy he states:  "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.  The End."  Many have already speculated that Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana may be the "Peter" in question although he is not Italian.  However, another more likely contender is Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro (Italian for "Peter") Evasio Bertone who was born in Romano, Italy, and is Cardinal Secretary of State and number two power in the Vatican.
       Interestingly, in 2000, Pope Benedict XVI (then a cardinal) and Cardinal Bertone made public the long anticipated secret message contained in the Third Mystery of Fatima.  It read: 

"After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God: 'something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God."
       Many have suggested that Pope Benedict and Cardinal Bertone did not disclose a second part to the Third Mystery of Fatima regarding this apocalyptic vision of the End of Times, Judgement Day, and the sad and violent ending to the Catholic Church.  If so, then Cardinal Bertone (as "Petrus Romanus") may have been planning for decades to "fulfull" the prophesies of both St. Malachy and Fatima in a careful, deliberate plan to become the next pope and Pope Benedict may have been "planning" for decades to resign!  He was the only pope to have ever visited the grave of Pope Celestine V (the last pope to abdicate in the year 1294) and oddly left the woolen pallium he wore during his papal inauguration in April 2005 on Clement’s glass casket as a gift.
My Predictions for the Next Pope:  I drew a picture of a bull's head and then wrote "Papal bull."  Also wrote "five attempts or is the fifth choice."  Then I wrote:  "He is like a lion, lion-hearted, Richard?"   Then later, no, "Lyons France."  Furthermore:  "He has hand-cuffs - chains on his wrist - was he a prisoner?  Will he agree to be a prisoner?  Of who?  A higher authority within the Vatican?  An invisible ruling class?  He must agree."  Further I wrote:  "His personality is not easy - spiney like a porcupine .  He doesn't grant easy access.  His mission is to go on the attack - on the offensive - will travel - will issue many papal bulls  (77? Decrees?). He will lead the charge."  I also jotted down particular words: "Fatima = Portugal?"  "Nine hours of deliberation."  "A chandelier will break."  "Goldsmith?"

The mysterious unopened papal bull at Amargh, Ireland.
:  I did not know, when I wrote this prophecy, much of the information I have written above.  I did not know there was a relationship between Pope Benedict and Cardinal Bertone ("Petrus Romanus"?) and that together they had released the Third Fatima Mystery.  I have since learned there is a unopened mysterious sealed papal bull in the Amargh library next to St. Patrick's Cathedral - St. Malachy was the Archbishop of Armagh. I feel this papal bull will be unsealed with the next pope.  The next pope will be beholden to an invisible power group within the Vatican.  I was not aware, as I have learned, that Bertone is considered a heavy-handed administrator and power broker, mistrusted for his alleged partial release of the Third Fatima Mystery, and that there has been a storm brewing within the Vatican and that another faction seeks to oust him from power.  The predictions of Fatima will play a significant role in the determination of the next pope.  Will there be another pope before "Petrus Romanus"?  I believe so.  Or, in any case, there may be two competing popes.  The battle and "bodies of priests" is metaphorical and refers to a major schism in the Church.  I just read the following statement in a Fox news commentary:  "If the leading names fail to reach the 77 votes required for victory in the first few rounds of balloting, any number of surprise names could come to the fore as alternatives."  To me, that confirms why I got the number 77 as important.  It will be a "surprise alternative" who will emerge.  Perhaps Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyons? In any event, the next pope will be a "prisoner" to those in power.

Update March 13.2013 - The new pope was elected just hours ago.  The Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected, as a surprise choice, on the fifth vote by the conclave of cardinals at the Sistine Chapel, and will be known as Pope Francis I.  I was correct in my above prediction in that this pope would be a "surprise name" that would only come to the fore after failure to obtain the required 77 votes on the initial rounds.  I was also correct when I wrote "five attempts or is the fifth choice."  He was elected on the fifth vote.  This is unusual because in the past, seven ballots have been required on average over the last nine conclaves. I was also correct that St. Malachy's prediction regarding the next pope being "Peter the Roman" would not be correct and that there would be an intervening pope. It remains to be seen whether he will be a "prisoner" to those in power and whether he will have an aggressive ("lion-hearted") approach to the papacy.  He is the first South American to be elected pope and the first Jesuit, although he comes from an Italian family.

Update March 14, 2013 - In my prophesy above, I wrote:  "He has hand-cuffs - chains on his wrist - was he a prisoner?  Will he agree to be a prisoner?  Of who?  A higher authority within the Vatican?  An invisible ruling class?  He must agree."  This morning there is new information coming to light in the newspapers about the Pope's actions in the mid-1970's.  He has been accused of colluding with the brutal dictatorial regime, the Argentine military junta, backed by the West, that was responsible for the disappearance and murder of thousands of Argentines, and specifically, two Jesuit priests who he allegedly refused to defend and resulted in their drugging, kidnapping and imprisonment.  Allegedly, Pope Francis also worked with the Argentine navy to hide political prisoners for international human rights organizations at his island vacation home called El Silencio.  Does this refer to political "hand-cuffs" he has worn in obedience to an "invisible ruling class"?  Also could this relate to the Third Mystery of Fatima and the prophesies of St. Malachy and others when they say they saw the dead bodies of priests? and   Also, interestingly, Pope Francis joined the military in his youth and was, himself, taken prisoner. He has literally worn handcuffs...

Update August 31, 2013 - Regarding the prediction I made above regarding the new Pope, I wrote: "Goldsmith?"  I did not know what that meant. I received an email today from a someone who prefers to remain anonymous who suggested the following interpretation, citing "The House of Rothschilds 1849-1999" by Niall Ferguson, pp. 79-80: "The goldsmiths referenced in the dream/prediction are the Rothschilds who are documented as having become the Vatican's bankers almost two centuries ago."  While I consider this a fascinating interpretation, I also discovered a more literal interpretation.  One week ago, August 23, Argentina's world-famous goldsmith, Juan Carlos Pallarols (who has created items for, among others, President Clinton), sent out invitations to 1,000's of Argentinians to come to his Buenos Aires workshop to help him engrave a special silver chalice he has been making for Pope Francis (formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio) since March.  What intrigued me with this connection between the pope and the world's most famous goldsmith was that they had already worked together on a project!  According to an article (See link here), Pope Francis worked with this same goldsmith years ago to create a chalice for the previous Pope [Pope Benedict XVI] and then he hand-delivered it!  According to the goldsmith, Pope Francis was "outspoken" in his opinion about how the chalice ought to be designed.

Updated November 12, 2014 - Pope Francis has gone on the attack against the lavish lifestyles of various bishops.  He has just permanently removed the infamous German bishop Monsignor Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst , known as the "Bishop of Bling," due to the controversy over the bishop's decision to build himself a $43 million residence (which included a $19,000 bathtub!).  The next day, Archbishop Wilton Gregory from Atlanta, GA, publicly apologized for building his $2.2 million 6.400 square foot mansion.  The architectural plans called for, among other things, a chandelier in the foyer, panic room and wine cellar. The archbishop's timing was considered key because he was the top contender as a successor to the retiring Chicago Cardinal Francis George's position as President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Today's New York Times reported that in spite of his apology, Archbishop Gregory did not get the job.  The president's appointment was given to a relative unknown, Bishop Blase Cupach from Spokane, Washington, who Pope Francis has never met before.  According to the Times, "[c]hange is rattling the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church [...]"  It appears the staunchly conservative body of bishops is frightened of Pope Francis' fierce decisions and new visions.  So, per my predictions above, it appears he is indeed "lion-hearted," and "His personality is not easy - spiney like a porcupine .  He doesn't grant easy access.  His mission is to go on the attack - on the offensive - will travel ."  Furthermore, I wonder if my oblique reference to a "chandelier will break" referred symbolically to the chandelier-and-home-decorating-glitz of Archbishop Gregory who the Pope chose not to appoint as president.
(Nancy du Tertre)

February12, 2013 - I was awoken from a deep sleep last night with a sudden vision of a huge, fiery explosion.  It was so large, sudden and unexpected that it woke me up.  It felt "psychic" but I didn't know what it was or to what it related until I turned on the news this morning and saw the top news story relating to the California case involving the accused cop murderer and subject of a massive manhunt by Los Angeles police, Chris Dorner.  According to the news reports, Dorner was surrounded in a cabin where he was holed up and was killed in an exchange of gunfire which killed one cop and injured another.  The news reports said the cabin had caught fire ( no explanation given) and eventually burned to the ground.  The first video images of the cabin on fire aired at 12:04AM ET last night.  My interpretation of my imagery is that this cabin did not accidentally catch on fire per the news reports, but was it was an explosive that was deliberately ignited, most likely from outside, and launched into the cabin. Logically, this would not surprise me given the outrage by police at this man's heinous acts.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update February 15, 2013 - I believe I made the wrong interpretation (above) regarding my psychic image of a violent and large fiery explosion that woke me up three nights ago.  While it has become clear in news reports since then that the police did in fact, contrary to earlier denials, use "pyrotechnic tear gas" to set off a fire in the cabin where Dorner was holed up (,  I don't believe this was what my dream image was about!  This morning, I learned on the news about the 10-ton meteor (update: 7,000-ton meteor), the size of a kitchen table (update: size of a school bus and 50 feet in diameter), that exploded dramatically in the skies above the Ural Mountain region of Russia last night, injuring nearly 1,000 people (update: 1,200 people) with its aftershocks.  The blast gave off more light than the sun and exploded the equivalent of energy of 300 kilotons of TNT or 20 atomic bombs of the size dropped on Hiroshima, making it the largest recorded since the 1908 Tunguska asteroid explosion in Siberia.  Most strangely of all, was the fact that this rare meteor explosion occurred just hours prior to the closest fly-by to planet earth of any known asteroid!  The asteroid 2012 DA14 narrowly missed hitting earth by only 17,100 miles (closer than many of our telecommunications satellites).  The meteor and the asteroid were both, in their own rights, very unusual events - but the odds of them occurring on the very same day were less than 1 in a million!!  This correlates much better with my vision of a massive fiery explosion!

Massive meteor explosion over Russia last night!

December 17, 2012 - "I keep on getting a vision that obviously has nothing to do with me or some major global catastrophe. It has to do with Maria Carey being in Miami on a yacht and feel danger around her with the twins. she just has to have an extreme eye on them in the month of January 2013. Honestly do not know why I got this?  More on a serious note  - another earthquake in Costa Rico 6-7 in mid January 2013 or the central west coast of Mexico. Extensive damage.No major life loss!"
(William Troy Green)

December 12, 2012 - I predict the world will not end on December 21, 2012! (See my blog).
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update December 26, 2012 - Obviously my prediction was accurate and the world did not end.  NASA also correctly predicted the world would not end!  "The world will not end in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012. [...] The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012 and linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012 -- hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012" Source:

November 19, 2012 - Vision:  Today I saw an Egyptian pyramid spewing from its capstone what appear to be several drops of blood, sweat (exasperation) or tears. From behind the pyramid I saw a spotted horse running away in a southerly direction. As it galloped into the future, it disintegrated.  I also then saw the stage of the United Nations General Session, during its vote on November 29, 2012, on whether to grant Palestine the status of Observer State, and Palestine's representatives walk out in protest and disgust.

Interpretation:  I looked up "spotted horse," or Appaloosa, on the internet and discovered that it was used in the cavalries hundreds of years ago to conquer both Palestine and Egypt.  I also learned that the Bible refers to the "pale," "grisled," "dappled" or "spotted horse" in Revelations as the Horse of Death. 
Revelations 6:8   "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."  See also reference to the four horse-drawn chariots in Zechariah 6:2 and 6:6.  Furthermore, a television broadcast in Egypt a year ago shows the greenish ghostly form of the "Fourth Horseman."  (See for this strange phenomenon in the second half of the video footage).  This being so, Egypt will suffer blood, sweat and tears to try and broker a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israelis.  The spectre of the mass death to a fourth of the world will be raised by the release and running of the Spotted Horse of Death.  But this threat will disintegrate thereafter.  The U.N. will be forced by the Israelis, under the threat of escalating war, to not grant Observer State status to Palestine, and the Palestinian representatives will walk out of the vote on November 29, 2012 in disgust and protest.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update December 3, 2012 -  Well, my prediction regarding the U.N. vote on Palestine was clearly incorrect.  The final vote was: 138 in favor of granting observer state status to Palestine, 9 opposed, 41 abstentions. If I were a "mentalist," I certainly would have done my "homework" and made a prediction based upon the clear probability that the measure would pass - but that is not what I do.  My prediction was based, rather, on a sense of Israeli pressure that would be successful in changing concepts for direct, rather than international, negotiation.  This strategic pressure was either unsuccessful, derailed at the last minute, or never came to pass.  Clearly, Israel has now decided to play the "settlement" card to cut off the West Bank and East Jerusalem even further by passing a resolution to build 3,000 settler residences in those parts of the newly recognized Palestinian State and withhold tax reimbursement.

Nancy at a visit to the United Nations Security Council in New York City.

The other part of my prediction regarding Egypt may be playing out now as we speak.  Two days after my prediction of blood, sweat and tears in Egypt and immediately after the Egyptian-brokered unstable peace treaty between Palestine and Israel, the angry mobs took to the streets of Tahrir Square again, and are still there now, protesting their president's sudden grab for power, declaring himself beyond the power of the courts until the new (highly Islamic law-based constitution) is voted upon.  That piece of my prediction came to sudden fruition within two days and is not done yet.  This tense drama is still playing itself out on the global stage.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters gather at Egypt's Tahrir Square on November 27, 2012

October 22, 2012 - A solar flare from the sun will scrape a mountain in Palestine and the pottery gate, like a hook of the sixth Hebrew letter, in the 9th Hebrew month of Cheslv.  The year has not been given, as of yet, but we need to pay attention November through January.  A mountain in Palestine and the pottery gate (East gate of Jerusalem) will be scraped like the 6th Hebrew letter (V as the symbol of connection) by the plasma and heat from the sun, and it will be the 1st sign for everyone to pay attention.  It will be the moment when people of Earth  will become aware of how vulnerable we really are as a species and be enlightened of our misuse of the resources of Earth.  Only by unification can we as a global consciousness have a positive outcome for the good of all.  Only the greed of a few have brought such negativity to our experience.  We will as a race, collectively experience the many devastations to come.  We must give up the capitalist fear and greed mindset that has been imposed on our belief structures.  This is important to the survival of our species and to our evolution.  Warning to those that have the controlling powers, the debts must be forfeited and the gold returned.  
(Rev. Ian Paul Carman, Church of Radiant Lights & Commodity Trading Adviser in gold contracts)

Update November 16, 2012 - While there have been no such reports of a solar flare causing an inscription into the mountain of Palestine or the East Gate of Jerusalem, I find it interesting that within the last two days there has been intense rocket fire back and forth from the Palestinian Gaza Strip and Israel. (See .  In fact, a rocket fire from the Gaza Strip landed in an uninhabited area of Jerusalem.  I do not know of any corresponding "mountain" in Palestine that may have been hit by Israeli rockets.  However, it certainly makes one wonder if the above-mentioned "solar flare" might be interpreted as rocket flares.  Whether this prediction fully manifests, remains to be seen, but it is worth watching closely.

October 8, 2012 - As you know Obama will win. Believe me I am very happy about that but I can not help foresee a dark cloud following him and the cloud gets close to him in March of 2013, I keep on hearing an inside job, involving Dallas, Texas. I do know the power of prayer is so powerful!"
(William Troy Greene)

Update November 16, 2012 - Yes, as Troy correctly predicted above and, as I predicted nearly two years ago on a California news radio show, President Barack Obama was re-elected to the presidency of the United States on November 6, 2012 (see my entry below on May 8, 2012).

August 5, 2012 - Had a very vivid dream last night that we were waiting for an airplane to land at a nearby airfield.  We were horrified as we watched the plane, instead of coming in for a gentle, horizontal landing, it suddenly nose-dived vertically at full speed into the ground and exploded.  Apparently, President Obama was on the plane.  Obviously, he and everyone else in the plane was killed.  Appeared to be an act of terrorism.  It was located near a cement court, like an abandoned tennis court, still filled with small pools of rainwater. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

July 31, 2012 - Unlike my colleagues below, I do not have a sickening feeling about the Olympics this year, although rationally-speaking, London by its location, history and problems with security would immediately suggest a potential problem.  But I don't feel it.  All I "saw" was an issue with someone swimming and someone climbing what looked like a wall (which doesn't fit any of the Olympic categories).  However, I did have an interesting dream last night.  I believe that someone very highly placed in the global arena, an international "elite," will die in the near future.  This person currently is a member of a freemason-based council or committee (like Trilateral, Illuminati, MJ12, or other such group) of six.  One of the five other members of this group is a religious organization, possibly the Vatican.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update August 12, 2012 - Well, the London Olympics have concluded without any violence or terrorist incident as I predicted above.  I did, however, predict an issue with someone swimming.  In fact, Michael Phelps, a swimmer for the United States, won his 18th gold medal in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay.  With a total of 22 Olympic medals, he entered history as the most most decorated Olympian of all time!  Also, he made history by becoming the only person to win a gold medal in the same event three times in a row.  Big news, indeed!

Also, I predicted people climbing some kind of a wall which didn't fit with any Olympic athletic categories.  Consider this:  one of the strangest and most publicized attractions for Olympic visitors was the (paid) opportunity to don special climbing suits and harnesses in order to climb the top of the  Greenwich Dome on the 02 Complex which hosted the gymnastics and basketball events, overlooking much of the City of London (shown below).

July 28, 2012 - "I have a sickening feeling about the Olympics this year. I watch the Today show every morning and they're in England doing the show and I can't bear to watch it. I've never felt this way about the Olympics before. Even when I saw this post I felt uneasy. Something just doesn't seem right. Maybe it's just that the people planning this and the security people are under a lot of pressure and I'm picking up on that. I don't know what I'm feeling but I know I don't want to watch them this year."
(Heidi Kirlich LaDow, Flagship Paranormal)

"I too have a VERY bad feeling about [the Olympics]. Something is going to happen, and I certainly hope and pray the Israeli team has the most security of all of the teams. Beyond that, yes, there will be lives lost."
(Shelly Branigan Olive, Dallas Area Paranormal Society)

June 22, 2012 - I feel I have one prophesy to add to Troy's predictions (see entry below).  In relation to the entry of the Brown Star into our solar system and its disruption of the Earth's geomagnetic fields and orbit, causing massive planetary destruction, I feel there is an additional "warning sign" before these changes occur.  I see changes in the rings of Saturn.  These changes will manifest abruptly just prior to any earth changes.  Troy has also indicated that other warning signs will be the sinking of an Indonesian island and the sky will turn the color of turquoise.
(Nancy du Tertre)

Update June 23, 2012
I was not aware that in fact there have been some interesting changes in the rings of Saturn as discussed by NASA on various sites.  And also take a look at more recent changes in the rings.

June 20, 2012 - Last weekend, I went to hear my friend Troy Greene, a Native American seer with the Six Nations Bear Clan on the Reserve in Canada, deliver a very important speech about his visions of the future.  Roughly 100 people attended, and we all sat in lawn chairs and ate a lunch that was contributed by Native Americans from the Reserve.  Troy had some very potentially frightening prophetic news to deliver about the planet.  Although he does not have a time frame, he sees a number of global catastrophes coming in the near future and he says 90 percent of the world's human population will perish.  These events include the widening of the St. Lawrence River and the destructive flooding of the Six Nations Reserve south of Toronto.  He sees massive flooding on both of the American coasts - up to 50 miles inland on the East Coast.  He sees a geomagnetic shift and a sudden 3-day massive tilting of the earth off its axis and a sudden stopping of its orbit, causing huge oceanic "sloshing" onto land masses, loss of telecommunications and electricity, major damage to Peru and the Caribbean islands, a split of the United States by the widening of the Mississippi River, and flooding from the Great Lakes into surrounding areas.  All of this, he claims, will be caused by a mysterious "brown star" which will enter into our solar system very soon.  He claims this star has already been identified by NASA but they are not making the information public.  Troy has various recommendations for how to deal with this event and how to recognize the signs just before it will occur. 
(Nancy du Tertre)

Nancy attended her friend Native American seer Troy Greene's backyard prophesies of the future of the planet on the Six Nations Reservation in Canada on June 16, 2012. Get your copy of his 2 hour presentation (see my Prophesy page) on DVD for only $15.  All proceeds will be donated to Six Nations youth drug prevention programs.  Contact his mom Jean at (905)768-4479.

Update November 16, 2012 - Hurricane Sandy, the largest hurricane to hit the Eastern Seaboard of the United States in more than a hundred years, resulted in massive flooding of coastal areas particularly in New Jersey and New York, and with its diameter of 1,100 miles (the size of Western Europe), it affected 24 states from Florida to Maine, and also Canada.

June 5, 2012
Check out the websites of Dr. Paul LaViolette, astrophysicist, ufologist and expert in anti-gravity theories if you want to see the future of science: and
(Nancy du Tertre)

May 19, 2012
Often I dream in symbols or predictions for myself.  About two days ago however I had a dream of a large earthquake in Northern California.  Instead of the usual movement of the earth's plates in the area (One diving under the other I believe), I distinctly remember that they moved sideways instead and that it was odd.  Also, I remember looking on from a remote location so I can't tell if this is a 'shake up' of my life or a premonition since I wasn't there in it.  Thought maybe you could share on your predictions page in case you have readers in California who may have had a similar vision and who may be doubting it like I am!
(Cathy Carrey-Aquino)

Update May 20, 2012
Today, there was a large 6.0 earthquake in Northern Italy 22 miles northwest of Bologna.  The last serious earthquake to strike in Italy was 6.3 magnitude in 2009. So, the question is: Was Cathy's dream not about California, but rather Italy? As I see it, there are three bits of interesting evidence suggesting she was in fact predicting the Italian earthquake. 

  1. First, Cathy said the earthquake would be in Northern California.  In fact, it was in Northern Italy.
  2. Second, Cathy said that, unlike the normal and expected movement of the tectonic plates in California of one plate diving under the other, this one "moved sideways instead."  In fact, her description is not entirely accurate.  California's San Andreas fault moves horizontally (not vertically diving under) as a result of the Pacific Plate rubbing northwards along the side of the North American Plate.  However, the movement of the tectonic plates in Italy had a very different type of movement.  The Italian earthquake has been characterized as an "extensional earthquake" resulting from the stretching of the earth's crust, not compressing it. The Italian extension is oriented in a northeast-southwest direction.
  3. Third, California and Italy share a similar shape.


May 17, 2012
Can you share this because this is so, so changeable. I am show people will have to be watchful at the underground in london, egland. During the summer olympics. Shown two bags containing dirty bombs. Two locations. both in london.downtown area. Cherring cross and the other close too museums and king Edward Hotel.ward 2. Honestly do not know what that means. Just need to tell. Suspect is midle eastern decent but has an english accent.
(William Troy Greene)

May 9, 2012
I keep on wishing this would change but the more and more I look at it, it doesn't alter.  Shown a Hurriane in end of august or beginning of September of 2012 effecting the east coast going partial inland, florida to Virginia.  Stops close to New york state.  Shown this awhile ago but doesn't alter.  Pray this doesn't Happen Category 3.5.
(William Troy Greene)

May 8, 2012
Last year, I predicted that Francois Hollande would win the presidency of France and that Vladimir Putin would win the presidency of Russia.  Both men won this past week.  I also predicted roughly one year ago, on KAHI News, in Sacramento, CA, that President Obama would be re-elected in 2012.  We will have to wait a few more months before we learn the outcome of that prediction.
(Nancy du Tertre)

March 27, 2012
I don't often get nightmares anymore and have excellent control over my dreams, many of which are lucid dreams in which I can manipulate the action, outcomes and even when to exit the dream.  At any rate, I had a dream last night which was very disturbing.  Dreams can be read on many different levels simultaneously - symbolic, emotional, literal and psychic.  I wasn't sure which one this was.  Although the details are now hazy, I dreamt that I was in New York City with a bunch of friends.  We were actively seeking out an underground shelter in the basement of some tall apartment building because we knew imminent disaster was going to strike.  Apparently, we were trying to protect ourselves from a massive earthquake which we knew about in advance.  There were all kinds of problems getting to our shelter.  After we got there, we were kicked out by a group of people claiming it as their own shelter.  So we found another underground shelter a few blocks away.  I woke up feeling exceptionally anxious and turned on the TV.  The television was on the History Channel and was in the middle of a show entitled "Mega Disaster: The San Francisco Earthquake."  I found this "coincidence" strange and immediately checked to see if perhaps the same show had aired the previous night while I had fallen asleep while listening to the television.  I thought maybe I had incorporated the visions of this TV show into my subconscious.  But strangely this was the first time the show had aired on the channel.  So, how should I interpret this dream?  Assuming it has the potential for several prophetic levels of interpretation, I believe we should be keeping vigilent for an earthquake to hit New York City in the near future and the safest place to be will be underground.
(Nancy du Tertre)
Update April 11, 2012
Today, there were two enormous earthquakes just off the coast of western Singapore in the Indian Ocean.  These earthquakes,  measuring 8.6 and 8.2, respectively, on the Richter Scale, triggered tsunami warnings and panic.  Obviously this is not New York City, but it is still (just barely) within the Northern Hemisphere.  These earthquakes did not lie on the traditional "Ring of Fire" surrounding the the Pacific Ocean.  The red rings in the IRIS map below indicate its location.
It is interesting to note that major earthquakes currently have high priority in the current awareness of the Subconscious Mind.  This is unusual - and not merely "coincidental" or "expected" - since for the last nearly half a century (since 1965) there have only been five major earthquakes in the world (measuring 8.5 or higher).  These are:
1) 2004- Indian Ocean measuring 9.3
2) 2007 - Sumatra measuring 8.5
3) 2010 - Chile measuring 8.8
4) 2011 - Japanese coast measuring 9.0

March 9, 2012 
"Received a very strong probality but unfortuantely can not be changed. This will effected the mid west of U.S. and east coast. Expected really severe thunder and lightning storms. Which will cause severe wind lightning and tornadoes, also shown an upswet of wind that looks like a tornadoe but the opposite but no the less just as damaging. This will not only cause damage but power outages especially in the east coast. Upper state New york, and the North and south Carolinia also parts of Pensilvia. Expected this to happen during spring time of 2012 till late summer of 2012. also am show two hurricanes will reach land in florida but third one will be deverted.  Just need to pray and be prepared."
(William Troy Greene)

Update April 11, 2012
Although we have not yet experienced any major tornadoes in East Coast of the US, the Carolinas, or Pennsylvania in 2012, this year has already been proven to be extraordinary in terms of the number of significant tornado activity in the U.S.  We had a record-breaking number of 160 reported tornadoes in the month of March.  The most severely affected states so far this year have been Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennesee, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Missouri, and Texas.  On January 10, there were EF2 (low strength) tornadoes reported in the Carolinas which resulted in destruction of property and injuries.  According to an article published today in "U.S.A Today" based on a report by CoreLogic, the old "Tornado Alley" has been vastly increased to include many more Midwestern and Southern states (see map below).  The dramatic increase in tornado activity is attributed to increased warming of the planet.

March 3, 2012
Last night, on my radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases" with my guest Melissa Gabriels, I was discussing premonitions about airplane crashes.  I said I had just had a dream the previous night about the crash of a small airplane into what appeared to be shallow water.  I explained that I didn't know if it was an actual premonition of a plane that was going to crash or a visual expression of my own psychological anxiety.  This morning I awoke to the news on television and saw, to my surprise, that a small airplane had crashed last night in Somerset, New Jersey, only 28 miles from where I live.  Although it crashed on land, and not water, the photo images, such as the NBC photo below, certainly give the appearance of water, not land!
(Nancy du Tertre)

February 16, 2012
Images of disaster begin with some sort of attraction or placement of light under the earth.  I sense it was manmade althought it could be related to years of abuse - fracking is what comes to mind.  Whatever it was, it didn't start in the city, but set off a reaction.  I saw steaming lava that looked like a snake slithering toward more urban areas and the city.  I want to say the lava is literally water set on fire.  I also felt it symbolic of tracing greed and deceit to its origin.  Whatever the case, it must have set off a chain reaction.  Images then transformed into dense smoke and rubble of recently fallen buildings. This is the same dream I have had many times until 9/11, then thought it was over.  The buildings are already dust and there is fear and panic in the faces of the people.  I wake up scared, sweating, sometimes screaming, after this dream - always with a sense of dread.  The 2012 stuff scares me, although every time someone has predicted the end of the world it scared me.  I might be picking up on the fear of other's too.  I'm like a sponge.  I feel like if we feed into it, then it will materialize, but if thoughts and actions change, it is avoidable.  If the earth goes black, what happens to the souls?
(Melissa Gabriels)
Update: February 20, 2012
On the news tonight, a waterfall in Yosemite Park known as the Horsetail Falls lights up only under very, very specific conditions, as it has the last couple of days, and looks like the water is hot lava - "water set on fire" as Melissa says.  Perhaps this is what she saw?
There is something seriously wrong with Nancy Reagan.  She will be in the news soon.  I see her disappearing.  I don't know if she's dying or ill with a disease affecting her memory but the process of whatever is wrong has begun. 
(Melissa Gabriels)
February 14, 2012
British biologist Lewis Wolpert has predicted, contrary to the prediction of his fellow biologist Rupert Sheldrake (creator of the theory of Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance to explain telepathy), that "By May 1, 2029, given the genome of a fertilised egg of an animal or plant, we will be able to predict in at least one case all the details of the organism that develops from it, including any abnormalities." 
February 13, 2012
Prediction:  This year we will begin waste water recyling programs in the West and Southwestern areas of the United States despite initial public outcry. Today we use 70% more water than we did 40 years ago and the amount continues to go up as our fresh water supply is disappearing.  The populations in states like Nevada have grown by 500% over the last 40 years! Texas has suffered extreme droughts over the last few years.  We are running out of water.
Desalination plants (which take the salt out of ocean water) are not only costly in terms of energy, but they also pollute the oceans with brine, a dense salty substance which kills marine life.  So, what's the alternative?  Processing our wastewater which we now just discharge into our oceans.  With fresh water disappearing, why do we continue to waste it on watering our lawns and golf courses?  But why not go further?  What about drinking it?  Sounds disgusting, but it's cheaper, uses less energy, and pollutes less than desalinated water. 
Besides, people have voluntarily chose to drinke urine for centuries!  The ancient Romans drank urine to whiten their teeth; the ancient Hindu scriptures said it cured cancer; the Chinese use it to wash babies' faces to protect their skin; the French use urine to cure strep throat infections; the Mexicans use urine to treat broken bones; pop singer Madonna reportedly urinates on her feet to cure her athletes foot condition; and others use it to cure allergies.  Many modern people (as well as yogis) drink their morning urine because it is said to contain hormones like melatonin and estrogen.
Regardless of this praise for urine, I don't think most people will overcome their disgust that quickly for processed wastewater to use as drinking water.  For that reason, I predict there will not be any big public marketing campaigns to change public opinion.  The switch to processed water will be done with little to no fanfare so we won't even know what we are really drinking...
(Nancy du Tertre)
January 26, 2012.
I don't know how many of you have seen or heard the videos on Youtube coming in from all over the world in the last two weeks.  They are taken by people all over the world - Russia, Poland, Brazil, the midwest and western states of America, all over Canada, Mexico and so on.  One was even heard while two sports broadcasters were speaking during a baseball game.  These sounds are huge, ambient noises which appear to come from either the bowels of the earth or from the ionosphere.  These sounds are sometimes a shrill high-pitched noise, sometimes a deep, bass-sounding vibration, and the most peculiar of all, mechanical wailing sounds like atmospheric sounds of dinosaurs screeching in "Jurassic Park."  No one seems to know what is causing these sounds or even the direction from which they are emanating.  They began surfacing in the first two weeks of January, 2012. 
I have not heard these sounds.  However, I have been experiencing "booming" noises - like sonic booms - in my town (yesterday about 7 times) strong enough to occasionally rattle the windows or make my chair shake slightly.  My ears have also been ringing for the last couple of weeks - something they normally don't do.  I have also had exceptionally vivid and complex dreams accompanied by a sense of urgency.  Most people I have asked told me they have also had strange dreams this week.  I have felt "crazy" in my thoughts as though I am walking through layers of time sandwiched together.  I learned that a huge solar flare erupted on Monday of this week and what they call a "coronal mass ejection" (CME) bombarded earth on Tuesday and disrupted a few spacecraft and power grids.  This was the strongest radiation wave caused by a solar storm in over a decade and apparently more are expected as the sun emerges from its 11-year cycle of dormancy and activity.  This week, even people in Alaska, Britain and all over Canada, were able to witness the aurora borealis due to the geomagnetic reaction to the sun's radiation. 
To me, I feel an anxiety that something is splitting inside the earth.  It is going to be big - very big - bigger than perhaps anything in recent human memory.  These noises are like the creaking or moaning of a wooden box under pressure before it cracks.  This earthquake feels as if it is centered in the North Pole or Arctic area, and may be related to the global warming and melting of ice.  I feel it will have global repercussions but primarily in the Northern Hemisphere.
Strange.  I have tried all day long to publish this website - a process that normally takes a minute - and it refuses to publish!  Have never had this problem before especially because the rest of the website is functioning well.
(Nancy du Tertre)
January 15, 2012.
I found this passage of the Bible interesting because it seemed to reflect our times with so many people suddenly finding their clairvoyants and prophetic abilities and sharing them.  Please share your prophesies with us.
Acts 2:14-41New International Version (NIV)
Peter Addresses the Crowd
Then Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd: “Fellow Jews and all of you who live in Jerusalem, let me explain this to you; listen carefully to what I say. These people are not drunk, as you suppose. It’s only nine in the morning! No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:
In the last days, God says,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams.
Even on my servants, both men and women,
I will pour out my Spirit in those days,
and they will prophesy.
I will show wonders in the heavens above
and signs on the earth below,
blood and fire and billows of smoke.
The sun will be turned to darkness
and the moon to blood
before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.
And everyone who calls
on the name of the Lord will be saved.
(Nancy du Tertre)
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