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Nancy is a trained psychic and spiritual medium - she wasn't born that way (and if she was, she doesn't remember)! She believes we all have the capability of tuning in to the supernatural once we "unlearn" our logical processes and learn to trust the profoundly irrational processes of our mind. She loves "evidence" of the supernatural or paranormal, but doesn't get stuck on the concept. Learning how to trust the information that comes in a non-verbal, disorganized, fragmented fashion is not easy. You have to trust your insight, otherwise this kind of data is quickly dismissed by the brain. But you must then try to verify your information. This means you must exist in the very uncomfortable mental place of being both a believer and a skeptic at the same time! This process will lead you to the Truth. Nancy spent a lifetime attempting to master this strange balancing act.


SPIRIT: Her training as a psychic and medium have helped her explore the invisible world of Spirit.

EMOTION:Her training in Gestalt psychology has helped her understand the irrational world of human emotions.

INTELLECT: Her training as an attorney has made her appreciate the value of logic, reason and evidence.

Nancy's Background and Training

PSYCHIC DETECTIVE: Nancy has trained as a psychic detective for many years with well-known television psychic detective Nancy Orlen Weber, and has worked with law enforcement agencies, police, detectives, and victim's families in several states to help in investigations of lost or missing persons.

SPIRITUAL MEDIUM: She has also trained as a spiritual medium with the Spiritual Life Fellowship in Ridgefield, New Jersey, a member of the British Spiritualists' National Union representing more than 340 spiritualist churches in England since 1853. Nancy has studied with several established British and American mediums.

MEDICAL INTUITIVE: She has also studied with a number of well-known energy healers and medical intuitives including Russian Dr. Gregory Antyuhin (known as "Dr. X-ray" on television).

REMOTE VIEWER: Nancy has trained with former military remote viewer Lyn Buchanan on multiple levels of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) using the protocols first developed for the CIA and DIA. 

PSYCHOTHERAPY: Nancy is certified in Intuitive Gestalt Dialogue Method based on Gestalt Psychotherapy and has trained for more than a decade with Dr. Ron DeAngelo, director of the Center for Dialogical Training at the SomaPsyche Institute in New York City.

AUTHOR: She has written several books on intuition and psychic phenomena - including the neurobiological implications of psychic sensing. During the course of her research, she interviewed some of the world's most famous psychics, mediums, neuroscientists, physicists, healers, and artists. Nancy has also published articles in law enforcement magazines.

(Nancy and Lyn Buchanan in New Mexico)

MEDIA APPEARANCES: Nancy appeared on the television show "Mystery Hunters" (see photo below: Nancy with "Mystery Hunters" Canadian host Araya Mengesha and psychic detective Nancy Orlen Weber). Also the Sundance Channel's episode of "Love Lust & The Paranormal," and is a frequent guest on broadcast and internet radio. She has also been a guest on nationally syndicated Coast-to-Coast radio show with George Noory several times, as well as hundreds of broadcast and internet radio shows.

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR: For many years, Nancy has worked with paranormal teams around the country and participated in a number of paranormal investigations in the U.S. and Europe. She was a special guest and lead investigator at the Northeastern Paranormal Investigations 2010 Convention in Gettysburg, PA., and Phenomenology 103 in 2011. She lectured at Inspired Ghost Tracking, Glen Burnie, MD, in 2010.

(Left to right: Nancy, Araya Mengesha, and Nancy Weber)

ATTORNEY/BUSINESS/OTHER: As for her more conventional background, Nancy is an attorney, licensed in New York and New Jersey, specialized in securities litigation and corporate law. She is also a businesswoman and was owner of a small printing company, a 242-bed skilled nursing home in Brooklyn, and a health care newspaper in New York City. Nancy managed the U.S. operations of a family-owned French Limoges porcelain manufacturing business for many years. She is also an artist. Nancy is the author of an art history book entitled "The Art of the Limoges Box" published by Harry N. Abrams Co. in 2003. She graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University and with honors as a published member of Law Review from Pace University's School of Law. 

Examples of Nancy's Right-Brain Perceptions

Some Music Background about Nancy

Nancy has always had a strong interest in music (listen to her original recorded music on the "Ghost Photograph" page). She plays flute, piano, keyboard, and guitar, and composed original music. Nancy played in school symphonies, bands, sang in choral groups for 20 years, and performed and was on Boston radio. Here is a page about Nancy's recollections and photos of the Princeton Glee Club tour in Jamaica:

Some House Drawings by Nancy

Some Photographs by Nancy

Examples of Nancy's Left Brain Perceptions

LAW REVIEW ARTICLE: Here is a link to an article Nancy wrote, using her maiden name Lester, on corporate law practices for the publication in the Law Review of Pace University School of Law entitled "Greenmail: Is it Just Passing the Buck?", 6 Pace Law Review 69 (Fall, 1985).

SENIOR THESIS: This is a link to view Nancy's award-winning senior thesis, under her maiden name Lester, written about the French poet-philosopher Paul Valéry while she was at Princeton University entitled "The Dialogue Form: An Introduction to Valéry's Thought" (137 pages), 1978, Romance Languages and Literature Department, located at the Mudd Library in Princeton. She is fluent in French and also has some working knowledge of German and Thai.

ART HISTORY BOOK: Here is a link on to view Nancy's 144-page, full color, hard cover art history book entitled "The Art of the Limoges Box" published by Harry N. Abrams Company in 2003. The book contains a concise history of the worldwide development of porcelain with special emphasis on the little handpainted snuffboxes made of porcelain created for the French aristocracy in the 18th century. (Nancy designed a large percentage of the hand painted porcelain Limoges boxes made for the American market from 1993-2003; and the bust, Scottie dog, and Japanese kimono on the front cover are all her designs).

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