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Private Investigative Services


Nancy du Tertre has teamed up with Gary Micco, a licensed and bonded New Jersey private detective specialized in case analysis. Gary is a retired police officer and detective who, during his 25 years on the force, worked a variety of cases including homicide, missing persons, narcotics, burglary, and cold cases. As a result of his outstanding police service, Gary received several awards including the Gallantry Star, Life Saving award, and numerous Exceptional Service and Honorable Service awards. He has also been featured on a number of television programs including TLC’s “Psychic Witness,” Biography Channel’s “Psychic Investigator,” and Tru TV’s “Psychic Detective,” for his collaborative investigative work with Nancy’s mentor and teacher, psychic detective Nancy Orlen Weber.


Using their combined police and psychic investigative skills, Gary Micco and Nancy du Tertre are now looking for interesting cases. If you need help and have a bona fide criminal case that police have been unable to solve, please contact us and we may be able to help.


Send us an email at Be sure to describe your case, your relationship to the victim, contact information including phone and email, and list (but do not send) all documents, including police reports, drawings, press articles, in your possession. We will contact you if we decide to take your case. If you represent a law enforcement agency and have a difficult or cold case, we will work with you at no cost.


Confidentiality is our top concern. Gary, as a private investigator licensed in New Jersey, and Nancy, as an attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey, can be trusted to maintain total confidentiality throughout the handling of your case.


Clickhere to read an article on psychic detectives and police by Nancy du Tertre in "Law Enforcement Today" (11/12/13)

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