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Join Nancy every Friday night on Para-X and CBS New Sky Radios from 8-9:00pm EST for the exciting new show "Hot Leads Cold Cases" as she explores the world of psychic sleuths, psychic detectives, and other investigators of scientific, medical,historical, archeological, psychic and paranormal mysteries.

 Here's what psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller says about

"Hot Leads Cold Cases"

"I have been interviewed probably hundreds of times on radio in my long career,

but being interviewed by Nancy du Tertre was really special, every question had the

depth and quality that was instantly thought-provoking and challenging. She makes

her guests feel comfortable yet there are those subliminal moments that one must

think carefully before answering. She is an amazing host herself and I hope to be

back on her show many more times." Uri Geller

Take a look at Uri's latest extraordinary feat at a UK soccer match! Clickhere.

"You came up with some good questions. Probably the best I have ever been asked by a host!" Vinny Eastwood, "Mr. Media" and Radio Host of "The Vinny Eastwood Show," New Zealand

The show is recorded live every Friday night at 8pm ET. 


The show is also broadcast over the radio airwaves on

KJAQ HD3 Seattle

WYCD HD3 Detroit

WDSY and WZPT HD3 Pittsburgh

WMBX HD3 Boston

Contact us during the live show you can do any of the following:

1) listener call-in at CBS tel # (248) 545-7685

2) text us from the chat room by clicking here.

3) hit the instant message button from CBS New Sky Radio by clicking here.   


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This is our last show, folks! Last Thursday, we were advised by CBS that it has decided to replace its talk radio format with an all-music format. Tomorrow night, December 27, 2013, will be our last show. The show has been on-air and in its fourth very successful year. We are very sorry to have had the show terminated - especially on such short notice to us and to our faithful listeners. It is with regret that we say a final farewell to our listeners.

Our guest for this final show is an extraordinary man. Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe is the leading astrobiologist in the world. He has rocked the scientific world by his unusual and controversial theories about the content of cosmic dust. In 1974, Dr. Wickramasinghe first proposed that dust in interstellar space and in comets is mostly organic and made of living matter! He coined the term "panspermia" now accepted almost universally. He is a former adviser to the president of Sri Lanka and currently serves as Director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology. He has written over 30 books and 350 scientific papers, and is also an award-winning poet. He has too many honors to even mention here. He holds the highest doctorate degree in science from Cambridge University in England and also an honorary doctorate from Soka University, Tokyo, Japan. In this final pre-recorded interview for Hot Leads Cold Cases, Dr. Wickramasinghe tells Nancy that he is convinced with an absolute scientific certainty there is extraterrestrial intelligent life in the universe exists! He deals with and has collected evidence of extraterrestrial life. He and Nancy talk about the red rain in India and the "star jelly" that fell in the U.S. He says NASA is strangely withholding evidence from him and his colleagues who worked on NASA projects in the past of evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars! It is a brilliant interview and a fitting way for Hot Leads Cold Cases to end... ... ... ...

Please revisit this website in the future to find out where and when Nancy and Hot Leads Cold Cases will reemerge. 


(Send to



I just finished listening to your interview with John Hutchison [scientist/inventor of "Hutchison Effect"].


I was a TV broadcaster - making news documentaries - before I became an informatics guru. You cut out the normal 'BS & Fluff', and asked real, pertinent technological questions. John respects real questions, and talked pretty openly with you... quite a feather in your cap, as they say.

I didn't realize that you were intelligent, sensitive, or technically savvy when I first corresponded with you, but now that I have heard you questioning John, I am most impressed on all 3 counts.

THANK YOU for a great interview with a normally difficult-to-interview guest.


Richard Reid,

Founder of Cybersouls Eternal Life Systems Inc. (to create immortal digital clones of humans via exotic, emerging & advanced technologies).

Vancouver, CA




To Dr. Colin Ross:

You're so interesting! I heard you on the Nancy du Tertre show! I was

constantly cross-referencing and Googling terms and people you mentioned. I had to listen to it twice to catch what I missed the first time. She could have done a 6 hour show with you and it still would have only scratched the surface of all you know! It was all fascinating. I learned a lot. Thanks for doing the show, and please visit her again if you have time. Maybe you guys could narrow each show down to only one topic. With the depth you have, one hour would just be barely a summary, but quite interesting.

For instance, maybe a show could be on one topic like your patented machines, their applications, etc., and only that. Perhaps the next one could be on dissociation and identity disorder, and only that topic.

Another show that would be fascinating all by itself is your knowledge about the MK-Ultra program. I'm just learning about it now, it's mind-boggling this was happening, and in my personal opinion, still happens.Any way, this is my .02 (no need to reply, just giving feedback, thanks)

Elisa Nicholas

THEME: Psychic detectives, Paranormal Investigators, Law Enforcement, Spiritual Mediumship, Scientific, Medical, Historical, Archeological Mysteries.

HOST: Nancy du Tertre




Nancy du Tertre is an attorney specialized in securities litigation and corporate law. She is also a trained psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive, energy healer, and paranormal investigator. She was apprenticed to a well-known television psychic detective for nearly a decade. Nancy now works with law enforcement officials and victims’ families on missing persons and homicide cases. She also studied with some of the top British and American spiritual mediums for many years, as well as alternative health care practitioners and energy healers from all over the world. She is also certified and trained in Intuitive Gestalt Psychotherapeutic dialoguing. Nancy, a resident of New Jersey, is the medium for New Jersey Ghost Investigations, and has worked with several other paranormal investigatory groups around the country. Nancy has performed remote viewing for Pat’s out-of-state paranormal investigations on several occasions. A frequent radio and television guest, she is the author of a new book called “Psychic Intuition” which explains psychic ability in neuroscientific and psychological terms. She believes these abilities are trainable and anyone can learn them. Her official website is



EMAIL: Contact Nancy at

Reproduction in any form without express permission is prohibited (Oct. 2009).

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