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I am The Skeptical Psychic™.  I advocate a new approach to psychic ability that combines intuitive imaging with rational feedback.  I call this "TSP" - a form of tested ESP and clairvoyance. 
What is TSP?
  It is a concept of combining our intuition with our inner vision in order to access information about ourselves and our world that would otherwise remain invisible and matched against our verifiable reality.  You don't need to believe.  You just need to trust.  Call it "suspended disbelief" if you like!  There is a link between our minds and the world around us which is vaster and richer than we could have ever imagined.  Our human organism is a finely tuned instrument which is capable of things beyond our wildest dreams.  But this kind of information must be distinguished from pure fantasy.  It must be verified. 
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"Psychic Intuition" by Nancy du Tertre
Psychic detective/ attorney Nancy du Tertre's groundbreaking, award-winning new book explains how psychic ability is a natural, trainable ability in terms of neuroscience, psycholgy and linguistics.
Nancy's multiple award-winning, groundbreaking new book explaining the origins of psychic ability.  Only $18.95. 
Click here to purchase and more information.  Also available on and Kindle.
(Award for Best Non-Fiction)                                                                        (Award for New Science/Cosmology)
                                                                 Did you ever wonder:
- Whether there is such a thing as a "Sixth Sense"?
-  What are the so-called "Psychic Senses"?
-  Why do scientists refuse to investigate psychic ability?
-  Are psychics delusional?
-  Are women actually more intuitive than men?
-  Is psychic ability a natural born gift or a trainable skill?
-  Can psychic ability be explained in scientific terms?
Get the straight scoop from Nancy's new book written from her unique perspective as a trained psychic medium seeking answers and explanations from the scientific world.
Review by Ingo Swann, creator of the CIA remote viewing/psychic spy program:
There are many different kinds of "psychic" (AKA "paranormal") phenomena that have a very long history within our species, and for which a few words and terms have been created in our modern times.  So, we use those few words and terms as ifwe know what we are talking about - at least one way or another, depending on how our reality boxes are formatted or not, and which, in turn, depends on what we think we know - within, of course, the vast oceans of what we don't know.
If all this does not result in complications enough, it is made a bit more so because on average we tend to LIKE (and even ADORE) what we think we know.  So, when some bit out of the vast oceans of what we don't know manages to float by we tend, in general, to quietly worry whether we (and what we think we know) are "normal" or not, and whether others will make some kind of fuss about it and/or respond with symptoms of irritability that can flare up and escalate into social, cultural, philosophic, and scientific who-knows-what.
In her excellent book, Nancy du Tertre has managed to transcend and sort through these ever-present complexities by discussing the issues and situations she presents via the literary device of a human-talking-to-other-humans in a simple and delightful common sense manner.
Since this is seldom encountered in writings about the paranormal "Psychic Intuition" is a breakthrough book - and timely so, because the cutting-edges of quantum physics and advancing brain wave research are finding themselves increasingly entangled with serious implications that paranormal stuff probably does exist and is probably innately and normally interactive with the fundamental essences of all life forms.
Additionally, researchers are encountering elevated increases of interest in paranormal topics at the popular level - while several extremely successful "ghost hunter" shows seem to have successfully demonstrated that ghosts and/or paranormal activitiy ARE often to be found at this or that location.
"Psychic Intuition" is well-researched, the information well-organized, and the text is extremely readable, while some of the situations she describes might inspire a chuckle or two.
Review by Dr. Rodolfo Llinás, Thomas and Suzanne Murphy Professor of Neuroscience and Director of theeuroscience Graduate Program, Department of Physiology and Neuroscience, NYU Langone Medical Center
”I  admire your writing style and the openness of the debate it has engendered.  On the other hand, I do fear getting embroiled in an “angel on a pinhead” type of argumentation.  I find your intellectual prowess delightful, but the direction you are taking it, questionable.”
Review by David M. Rountree, AES, Director, Chief Science Advisor, Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Information and Technology (S.P.I.R.I.T.)
"Books about psychics are a dime a dozen; most of them are produced from the same cookie cutter of clutter concerning born with and special abilities, and a bevy of references that separate the psychic endowed from the normal person. Not so with 'Psychic Intuition'. From the first chapter, “Balancing Skepticism and Intuition”, the author takes the reader on a revealing journey of self-discovery, reinforcing the concept that we are all born with the ability to become “more intuitive”. And not only does she reinforce it, she lays out a step by step analysis of what each stage of development is, provides research references to back it up, and provides a path for the reader to become more aware. Interlace this with personal stories and anecdotes, and you have a book that not only will help you learn about psychic ability and develop it in yourself, but tells an entertaining story about life as well.
"Over the years I have probably read twenty or thirty books detailing the life and experiences of psychics. This book stands above all of them combined. A real page turner, one cannot help but read it into the wee hours of the morning. Each gripping chapter lays one more piece of the puzzle bare, so that piece by piece, a picture emerges. The work avoids trying to explain the origins of psychic phenomena, and instead focuses on the origins of psychic ability. In my opinion, it does so admirably, in a rich and colorful voyage blending the physical and the metaphysical into a unified manifestation."
Review by famed TV mentalist The Amazing Kreskin:
Nancy du Tertre's new book "Psychic Intuition" is a real find.  What a refreshing perspective to take, since in essence the theme of the book is looking at both sides of the picture... that of the so-called "skeptics" and that of the non-skeptics.  Since the theme of the volume deals with man's intuitive abilities, it is a writing that could reach home to anyone.  Whether you believe in "psychic phenomena" or not really doesn't matter.  She clearly makes it obvious that the phenomena and the ability to function with intuitive skills is rampant throughout our culture.  But I must tell you, my dear reader, one of the most refreshing entries is the chapter entitled "Why Skeptics Lack Psychic Abilities."  Behind the reasoning of such a fact are the hidden prejudices and assumptions that they are plagued with and, yes, guilty of. This is one of the best examinations of this area I have ever read.  The book is a truly worthwhile read.
Review by Nancy Orlen Weber, Psychic Detective & Medical Intuitive
"From the first meeting I had with Nancy to the reading of her incredible book "Psychic Intuition," I've had the great pleasure of hearing her thoughts and ideas, intuition and intelligence.Her book is an awakening for the uninitiated with insights that will give them countless aha's. For everyone immersed in the field there is still plenty to learn and understand. Nancy has a way of exploring and synthesizing that clarifies so beautifully that it needs to be gone over again and again. There is so much of value and so much to be gained from her insights, intuition and intelligence that everyone ever interested in the psychic world needs this book."
Review by Ron DeAngelo, PhD (Psychologist & Director of Intuitive Training at The Soma-Psyche Institute, New York City):
"Nancy du Tertre's book "Psychic Intuition" not only fills a void in the theoretical and experiential literature on person-to-person intuition and psychic understanding, but she opens a universe of intuitive sensing for all of us to explore. Treating skeptics and psychics as being equally misled by language and preconception, she asks us in the words of the founder of Gestalt Psychotherapy Fritz Perls -- to "lose our minds and come to our senses." In this case to come to all 40 (or more) of our senses. I particularly enjoyed her step-by-step accounts of how subtle intuitive information comes to her and how it can be so easily dismissed when logic, pragmatism or ordinary thinking prevail. Here she not only openly reveals her own doubts, embarrassments and tendencies to reject this information but implicitly provides the reader with both instruction and encouragement to sequester their own hesitations and experiment with intuitive or psychic sensing for themselves. Ms. du Tertre's book reads quick, accessible, richly detailed and forceful."
Review by Severyn Bruyn (Professor Emeritus (Sociology), Boston College):
“This is a wonderful book. It is a model for others to follow because it is so carefully researched. Faculties in our universities need to make inquiries like this. Nancy du Tertre is breaking new ground as she confirms the importance of psychic intuition through interdisciplinary fields. She is on the edge of new thought as she helps us move ahead in the evolution of humankind.”
Review by Angela Artemis, clairvoyant and 25-years in financial planning, private banking and real estate finance, founder of
"If you’re curious as to how the brain picks up what we call “psychic, or intuitive information” – this book is a must read. Nancy explains many complex theories in a down to earth way making the book extremely reader friendly."
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