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   Q: What is the difference between a Psychic and a Remote Viewer? 
     A: Psychics and Remote Viewers are two different types of practitioners. Psychic data is normally free-flowing, spontaneous, and undocumented. By contrast, Remote Viewing is pre-documented and follows a definite procedure for acquiring psychic info. Nancy defines it as "clairvoyance with protocols." Remote viewing uses all the same psychic senses. But the Remote Viewer must follow a very specific set of steps and rules. These are known as "protocols." They are part of the procedure for accessing and gathering psychic information. These are useful as objective evidence of psychic accuracy and time travel. Remote viewing techniques prevent psychics from subjectively retrofitting and adjusting their psychic data - with or without their awareness - to match the facts after they become known.

    Q: What is the difference between TSP and other types of remote viewing?
 A: Classical types of remote viewing, such as Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) and Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) were developed in the 1970's and 1980's on behalf of US intelligence and military agencies. TSP remote viewing was developed by Nancy to solve some of the problems she encountered with classical RV techniques. TSP allows the viewer to work alone and to get direct feedback from actual clients. TSP viewers are trained to navigate the subtleties of partially blind targets, incorporate synchronicities into their sessions, and acquire psychic data faster without being inhibited by many rigid protocols. TSP also adds more sensitive and specific scoring and judging mechanisms.

   Q: What can TSP remote viewing be used for in the "real world"?
    A: There are many possible ways to use TSP to get helpful information about the "real world." TSP can be used to describe places, people, objects, or events that are distant in terms of space or time (past, present or future). A TSP practitioner can view and identify events anywhere in the universe. For example, TSP can be used to find missing persons, homicide weapons, locate hidden objects, identify spirits or ghosts, access hidden underground structures, water, oil or mineral deposits, find license plate numbers, secret compartments, or star constellations. The universe of human consciousness is available to us. TSP is basically a tool to help any investigator pursue the answer to a mystery.

Q: What do Clients talk about in private sessions?
  A: Clients consult with remote viewers to find answers to a wide variety of issues and concerns. 
1) Practical Advice. This includes questions about romance, marriage, health, moves, career, finances, and family.

2) Psychic Detective. This often involves help with on-going criminal investigations, cold cases, missing persons, law enforcement issues, and lost or hidden objects like jewelry, valuables, and important documents.

3) Medical Intuitive/Energy Healing. These are psychic impressions of energetic imprints associated with the client that frequently reflect physical mind-body interactions. These can often provide unique or novel insights for clients. Energy healing works with a person's "qi" or "life force" energies.  

4) Paranormal. This frequently involves issues of ghosts, hauntings, curses, possession, black magic and how to resolve these other-worldly encounters.  

5) Mediumship. Remote viewing often involves different forms of mediumship which is direct contact with spirits, usually of deceased loved ones.

6) Ufology. This involves inquiries about UFO hardware, piloting, abductions, contact experiences, missing time, mental downloads, mind control, healing, alien languages, implants, screen memories, and exo-consciousness issues. 

7) Spiritual Guidance. This category involves questions about spiritual matters including a client's life purpose, past lives, spirituality, consciousness, spiritual guides and angels.

 Q: Are there any books that explain how or why this kind of ability exists?
   A: Yes. Nancy has have written an award-winning book (in New Science categories) called "Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask but Were Afraid to Know" (New Page, 2012). The book explains psychic ability in terms of neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics. She also talks about her own unusual experiences to show how and why these abilities can be learned by anyone like her who had no prior psychic background or family history. 

  Q: Do I need to have psychic abilities or remote viewing training in order to take a TSP Remote Viewing course?
    A: No. No prior experience is necessary. Start with the TSP Basic Level One Remote Viewing course. You will learn the TSP method and enhance your innate intuitive and psychic abilities beyond what you believe possible!
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