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Talk Alien

  Discover ways to communicate with Aliens

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Why would you want to communicate with aliens?


There are lots of (well-documented) reasons! 

1. Aliens are able to shut down and restart nuclear missile defense stations in the United States and Russia, creating a threat to our international security.

2. Aliens are able to violate our commercial and military airspace with impunity, and often avoid radar detection, creating a threat to our civilian and military air travel.

3. Aliens are able to abduct people from their beds and perform genetic experiments on them at will, creating a threat to our public health and security.

4. Aliens have demonstrated familiarity with advanced technologies and evolved mind control techniques far beyond our current scientific knowledge, which would be useful to know.

These are just a few of the very important and compelling reasons why we should be interested in communicating with our interstellar, inter-dimensional and chthonic (underground or undersea dwelling) visitors to 3-dimensional planet earth. Read on!

Alien Languages


Talk Alien was created as a global forum to exchange and acquire data about alien communications.

Talk Alien is an organization interested in Exolinguistics, or the study of languages "alien" to planet earth. This includes evidence such as actual written objects and documents, recollections of witnesses, or channeled automatic writing techniques.

Talk Alien is also interested in actual recordings or video of alien speech - however this may manifest itself (by phone, ambient sound, channeled speech, computer, other electronics).

Alien writing samples

Do you write in "alien" languages?

Contribute to our worldwide database of alien writing samples - actual artifacts, recalled memories, and channeled writing.


This is a sample of channeled alien writing by Dr. Christopher Viggiano, a New Jersey chiropractor and master martial artist. He claims to have started this channeled writing after several contact and abduction experiences as a child. The writing is "asemic" and he has no knowledge of the meaning but sometimes feels compelled to start writing it down. However, Dr. Viggiano feels that the writing can be read in several directions and may be, in some sense, multi-dimensional.


This is a sample of channeled writing by professional graphic artist Eric Hope from New York who began writing and speaking in alien language immediately following his abduction experience in 1987. Although the writing looks superficially like Chinese characters, the writing is not related to Chinese. Further, it is written and intended to be read from right to left, not vertically from top to bottom. Eric does not know the meaning of the language but feels comfortable translating Eng

This is a sample of channeled "asemic" star writing by Tati Tati from Greece. She writes in many different styles, does not know their meaning, and adds a highly artistic flair to the composition of the writing. Some of her writings have been shown to share characteristics with dead languages from the Middle East.

Founder of Talk Alien
Nancy du Tertre

Nancy du Tertre first became interested in alien languages (with extraterrestrials, visitors, light beings, inter-dimensionals, hybrids, time travelers, off-world intelligences, and other types of nonhumans) after she and her daughter had an extraordinary sighting of a football-field sized, boomerang shaped UFO/UAP at a New Jersey mall in Parsippany in 2011. For the next nearly two years, both would receive telephone interruptions, and a strange cold electronic voice speaking in an unknown language would seize control of the telephone lines and hang up both parties when it was finished. It was impossible to call back the other for at least ten minutes.


This launched Nancy’s interest in understanding alien communications – spoken, written, and telepathic. Nancy, who speaks fluent French, and some German and Thai, wrote a book called “How to Talk to an Alien” using comparative linguistic analysis to try to understand these strange communications with human beings. As a psychic and spiritual medium, Nancy has been able to receive telepathic communications from non-human species.


Many people have claimed to have seen Nancy on board ET spacecraft, although she has no recollection of ever having been abducted or invited on to alien craft. Nancy has been invited to present at many ufology conferences and seminars including the International UFO Congress, MUFON International, the Brazilian War College alumni, Exoconscious Humans TV, and many state MUFON chapters. She is also a frequent media guest on this topic. She has given presentations on topics such as “ET Downloads,” “Remote Viewing ETs and ET bases on earth and other planets,” “ET languages,” and “Remote Viewing to help Abductees.” She gives private readings to contactees and abductees.


Nancy is also co-director of the Institute of Exoconsciousness (I-Exo), founded and organized by Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, a former associate of astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. I-Exo promotes co-creation of ideas with ETs using our natural human consciousness abilities for the betterment of the planet. Nancy is also a member of several online discussion groups with top scientists in the field of quantum physics, consciousness research, and UFO/UAP transportation systems – all of which are interrelated topics.

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