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I am The Skeptical Psychic™. I advocate a new approach to psychic ability that combines intuitive imaging with rational feedback. I call this "TSP" - a form of tested ESP and clairvoyance. 

TSP is a new type of Remote Viewing. It combines our sensory experiences with certain flexible protocols. It is a concept of combining our intuition with our inner vision in order to access information about ourselves and our world that would otherwise remain invisible and matched against our verifiable reality. You don't need to believe. You just need to trust. Call it "suspended disbelief" if you like! There is a link between our minds and the world around us which is vaster and richer than we could have ever imagined. Our human organism is a finely tuned instrument which is capable of things beyond our wildest dreams. But this kind of information must be distinguished from pure fantasy. It must be verified. To hear how it works, click on the video presentation below.




September 29 - November 2, 2020

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Nancy's new book "How to Talk to an Alien"

  • Can aliens communicate with humans in our own languages?

  • Do aliens speak in alien language?

  • Do aliens have a written language?

  • Do they only communicate via telepathy and mental ESP?

  • With whom do they choose to communicate?

  • What are they trying to tell us?

Once again, Nancy has conducted serious well-documented research into what she calls "Exolinguistics" or the study of off-planet languages. A native English-speaker, Nancy is fluent in French and trained in German and Thai languages. She is in a unique position as both a linguist and a psychic to engage in this brand new field of study. She has also had her own UFO/ET contact experiences and has worked with abductees and contactees.

The critics are already raving about this unusual book! Please take a look at Nancy's new site


"How to Talk to an Alien takes a serious look at alien communication — a new field that Nancy du Tertre ’78 calls exolinguistics, the study of extraplanetary language. The author is a trained psychic, spirit medium, and attorney."

- The Princeton Alumni Weekly (December 2, 2015 issue)

"How to Talk to an Alien is a pick for any collection strong in UFO accounts and new age topics, and considers whether aliens exist and how their intentions towards mankind may be translated. It's an intriguing approach that neatly moves beyond the basic question of aliens on Earth and delves into communication processes and issues of intention, and comes from a securities litigation attorney who became a trained psychic detective and a remote viewer trained in military methods. Perhaps it's this background that lends an unusual flavor to How to Talk to an Alien, making it far more than a speculative work and lending to a discussion that thoughtfully delves into the mechanics of language and communication between disparate species. New age and linguistics readers alike will find it something different in the field of UFO studies."

- The Midwest Review/California Bookwatch Review (December, 2015)

"In spite of the constant interruptions, I just finished "HOW TO TALK TO AN ALIEN". Great book. Extremely well done, considers all the angles that most everyone else either missed or glossed over, and was so clearly written and structured that it was very easy to pick it up after each interruption and continue without having to refresh my memory on it. Excellent authorship."

- US Army Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Lyn Buchanan, currently Executive Director of Problems Solutions Innovations and former member of US Military's Remote Viewing Unit

“A fantastic read! Nancy du Tertre’s new book “HOW TO TALK TO AN ALIEN” takes ufology to a whole new level. She makes the strong case that if aliens can shut down our nuclear missile defense systems and abduct human beings, we’d better learn how to communicate with them – and fast!”

- George Noory, Radio Show Host of “Coast to Coast AM”


Are You Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Buy the gift of Wisdom!

"Psychic Intuition" by Nancy du Tertre

Psychic detective/ attorney Nancy du Tertre's groundbreaking, award-winning new book explains how psychic ability is a natural, trainable ability in terms of neuroscience, psycholgy and linguistics.

Want a scientific explanation for how psychic ability works?

Want to know why women are more intuitive than men?

Want to know why there is no such thing as a "Sixth Sense"?

Want to know if you have the potential to be psychic?

Want to know the difference between psychic and psychotic?

"Psychic Intuition" Answers All These Questions.

For more information about the book and how to purchase it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other independent book stores, click below.

Former Canadian Minister of Defense and Transport, Paul Hellyer, has this to say about "Psychic Intuition" - "IT IS A MASTERPIECE."  

Top rated book on Pacific Book Review Homepage

Featured Author Spotlight in March 2014 (2/12/14)

(Left to right: Elizabeth Lewis Watson, Nobel Laureate (DNA double helix discovery) Dr. James Watson, and Nancy du Tertre)

Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Psychologist/Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Wyoming, Condon Committee Consultant

Host Richard Beckwith discusses the nature of consciousness, extraterrestrial life, ET Disclosure and alien abductions with renowned psychologist Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, legendary alien abduction and UFO researcher recommends and discusses Nancy's book "Psychic Intuition" at 5:01 in this video.


"Approaching the subject of psychic intuition from a unique frame of reference, renowned author/ psychic detective/ healer Nancy du Tertre, indoctrinates readers to the distinctive theories in her book, Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted To Ask But Were Afraid To know. This is a comprehensive work, which broaches the subject from a completely intelligible standpoint based on evidence from her own personal experiences and meticulous research. Through this book, she shares her intimate journey from skeptic to psychic.

Author du Tertre is not a metaphysical guru expecting people to blindly follow her advice nor is she a specially selected human given the gift of psychic intuition. Instead she is a regular human being that discovered through training, it is possible to activate what she believes is the inherent capacity of all humans, the ability of psychic intuition. This book is an edifying work that truly goes well beyond the regularly discussed parameters of psychic intuition. This is a well organized documentation of the author’s experiences, the chapters are presented as lessons, each brimming with pertinent information and observations specifically geared towards the differing aspects of intuition while comparing both the psychic and physical facets. Also included at the end of each lesson are simple exercises that do help to expand your awareness. This book proposes some mind-boggling theories supported by both physical proof and scientific evidence including documented observations from various medical and psychological studies, and conclusive evidence drawn from her meetings with well-known psychics, psychologists and scientists.

By sharing her vast knowledge and experiences, du Tertre stimulates a new curiosity to an age old postulation about psychic ability. What I found to be especially interesting about this book is the fact that she trained herself to become psychically intuitive (a theory that I fully subscribe to) and the conclusion that humans have more than forty possible senses. Another premise that stands out is the revelation that the mind perceives much more of the world around us than we realize and we have to retrain our minds to recognize more of the information we are receiving, which leads to using our inherent ability to be psychically intuitive.

I was thoroughly captivated by this book; it was an engrossing read that I enjoyed which works as a superlative tutorial, taking readers on an illuminative journey into the enigmatic realm of psychic intuition by exploring from the viewpoints of science, psychology, and logic. I highly recommend this as a “need to read” book for skeptics and believers alike as it will definitively change your perceptions about psychic intuition."

Lisa Brown-Gilbert, Pacific Book Review

"Psychic Intuition" is a remarkable breath of fresh air on the question of there being more to the notion of humankind that what is readily visible or audible. It opens the door on a new vision of who we are. 

Stanton T. Friedman Nuclear Physicist & Lecturer

"Excellent! Nancy du Tertre shows balance in her writing: rational and scientific in her review of the evidence: intuitive and compassionate in her sharing of her experience. She provides the reader with a marvelous opportunity: To view psychic intuitive both from the 'left brain' of observation and the 'right brain' of participation. Any reader can continue to view him/herself as a debunker, skeptic, believer or knower in regard to his or her own psychic abilities. However, any rational reader of Nancy's book can no longer be a debunker of the existence of psychic phenomena."

R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Psychology Counseling Services, University of Wyoming & Pioneer in Alien Abduction Investigation

"I have read Psychic Intuition. I am enthralled by it and feel that you got it right again and again, chapter after chapter (Lesson after Lesson). Your psychic intuition has aided you in framing every argument, developing every concept, and making the case clearly with so many convincing examples. I agree with your well-stated conclusions."

Paul Davids

Hollywood Producer/Director/Screenwriter

(Golden Globe-nominated "Roswell," "The Life After Death Project," "The Sci-Fi Boys," "Transformers")

"In my dual roles as economist/businessman and student of indigenous practices, I've found that hard-nosed corporate executives often practice something akin to shamanism. They don't refer to their abilities as "psychic," but rather describe themselves as being "good judges of human nature," having "a feel for the market," or "flying without radar" -- as though psychic skills are forbidden genies that must be hidden in the proverbial closet. Psychic Intuition opens the door to that closet. Nancy du Tertre backs up her ideas with well-researched answers to age-old questions and inspires us all to go deeper into this amazing subject."

John Perkins

New York Times Best Selling Author

"Confessions of an Economic Hitman," "Hoodwinked," "Shapeshifting"

"Psychic Intuition is clearly the result of a tremendous amount of work by the author researching the topics she covers. It is intelligent and thoughtful and altogether a most impressive effort."

Jim B. Tucker, M.D.

(Bonner-Lowry Associate Professor of Personality Studies

Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

University of Virginia Health System)

"Psychic Intuition by Nancy Du Tertre is a bold thrust into the unknown area of perception, clairvoyance and psychic phenomena. The author attempts to explain these concepts using known scientific precepts. The analysis succeeds in some areas like thermoception, proprioception, echolocation and intuitive judgment calls. Du Tertre's analysis awaits further investigation by science in the all-important area of causality. The implications of Cayce's ability to literally absorb knowledge could have revolutionary implications for how students could learn in future educational settings."

Dr. Joseph S. Maresca, CPA, CISA (Computer Info Systems Auditing)

Psychic and Mediumship Services

Nancy offers a variety of services designed to help you understand and reap the benefits of spiritual energy and intuitive insight are offered on this site. These services include the following:

  • Private Psychic Readings. This includes psychic readings, mediumship and spirit contact, psychic detective work, medical intuitive and energy healing work, and paranormal investigations. All types of readings can be done in person at Nancy's office in New Jersey, by phone, email, or Skype. Distance is not an issue when working with energy vibrations and patterns.

  • Psychic Development Workshops. See "Workshops and Classes" page for more details. To learn about setting up a regular workshop in your area, contact

  • Personal Appearances. Nancy also gives presentations, book signings, readings, and lectures to private groups, universities, paranormal teams, clubs and associations. Call or email for more specific information and how to tailor a program to your needs. Contact for specific fees and availability


Available to Police & Law Enforcement Agencies

100% Confidential"

Please click HERE for more information.

Reproduction in any form without express permission is prohibited (Oct. 2009).

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